Airprint Printing

What Is It?

It’s a function designed by Apple computers which allows users to print wirelessly from their IPad and IPhone without the need to buy a printing App or install a printer driver. Eventually the nuisance of having to install printers will be obsolete, the arrival of Airprint and other media cross compatibility networks herald this.


How do I use it?

Airplay is compatible with any printer on your Wi-Fi network which is Airplay enabled; giving you ease of use and access when you want to get the best from your printer and your ink cartridges.

What Can I use It For?

You can use it to quickly print off your documents and photographs from your Ipad or Iphone with your ink cartridges. Airprint is ideal for people who are always in a rush and usually need things done quickly.

Windows Play-To Verses Apple Airprint

Initially when Airprint was realised it was only compatible with 12 printers, all of which were manufactured by HP and represent some of the best value for money ink cartridges today. Compare that with Microsoft’s version of Airplay “Play To” which at that time had forty.  Airplay unlike Play-To, isn’t compatible with the hundreds of DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) enabled devices, media streamers and photo frames which would open up cross compatibility triple fold. In 2014 the number of DLNA-certified devices in circulation is estimated to reach two billion, Apples Airplay and Airprint compatibility on the hand will be microscopic compared to that.

Compatible List Of Air Print Printers

Since its release, Apple has expanded the amount of printers compatible with Airprint and has now introduced other manufactures to Airprint such as Epson (good value for money ink cartridges), Canon and Lexmark. For a full list of compatible printers available to use with Airprint and its ink cartridges please use this link.

Airprint used to only work with 12 HP printers and their ink cartridges which have ePrint – a service which allows you to print by sending an email to your printer. 5 of the 7 of these printers required a firmware update with only 7 working straight out of the box. Most printers which are compatible with Airprint should now work straight of the box but there will be some which require a firmware update to be Airplay enabled.