Brother Inobella Ink

Ever wondered what goes into your Brother ink cartridges? We have, and know a thing or two about it. Now we know you’re probably thinking that we should know being a retailer of Brother ink and toner cartridges but at inkntoneruk we like to go one step further and help keep our fantastic customers informed and up to date with everything to do with the printing world. So on that note, what actually is Inobella ink and what’s it got to do with Brother ink cartridges? That, is where we shall begin..

As Brother eloquently put it, “Inobella is a mark of excellence in print quality and reliability”. As we would put it, it’s what Brother put in their ink cartridges to give you the printing results you are so used to getting.

Brother say the word inobella,” derives from the words “Innovation” and “Bella” (meaning “Beautiful” in Italian) and is a representation of the “innovative” technology providing Brother customer’s with “beautiful “and “long lasting” print results.

Combined with the printing technology in the cartridge and its parent printer, inobella ink gives you:

·Print Longevity

·Richer Colours

·Sharper Images

Our Brother ink cartridges for the DCP series and MFC series can be found in these two links:

Brother DCP Ink Cartridges

Brother MFC Ink Cartridges

So there you have it, a short but sweet summary of what Brother inobella ink formulation actually is. Any additional information you require regarding inobella’s qualities can be found here. Enjoy!

Epson DuraBrite Ultra Ink

Ever wondered what goes into your Epson ink cartridges? So have we, in particular we have noted the use of Epson’s DuraBrite Ultra ink which Epson put in some of their ink cartridges. We think it’s great stuff, that’s why we wrote this little article to tell you all about.

What is it?

Epson’s DuraBrite Ultra ink formulation is used in many of its specialist ink cartridges to give professional printing results. DuraBrite Ultra ink produces laser quality printing and is also ideal for everyday printing. It has taken Epson many years to develop but DuraBrite Ultra now produces lab quality printing which will last up to 200 years in a photo album which is quick to dry and can be handled immediately.

What it does

  • Gives your printing 200 years of light resistance in a photo album
  • Is highlighter resistant
  • Is quick to dry and can be handled immediately
  • Prints on every type of plain and photo paper from recycled to premium
  • Produces laser quality text and graphics
  • Prints double-sided without bleed through
  • Has a glossy finish
  • Has better durability than normal dye based inks

What is it Ideal For?

  • Photographs
  • Graphical reports
  • Presentations
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Brochures
  • Handouts

Epson Ink Cartridges Which Use It

Epson T0711 Epson T0712 Cyan Epson T0713 Magenta Epson T0714 Yellow Epson T0715 Multipack Epson T0711H Black 2-Pack

Epson T0611 Black Epson T0612 Cyan Epson T0613 Magenta Epson T0614 Yellow Epson T0615 Multipack

Epson T0891 Black Epson T0892 Cyan Epson T0893 Magenta Epson T0894 Yellow Epson T0896 Multipack

Epson T1001 BlackEpson T1002 Cyan Epson T1003 Magenta Epson T1004 Yellow Epson T1006 Multipack

Epson T1281 Epson T1282 Epson T1283 Epson T1284

Epson T1291 Epson T1292 Epson T1293 Epson T1294 Epson T1285 Epson T1295

Epson T7031 Black Epson T7032 Cyan Epson T7033 Magenta Epson T7034 Yellow

Epson T7021 XL Black Epson T7022 XL Cyan Epson T7023 XL Magenta Epson T7024 XL Yellow

Epson T7011 XXL Black Epson T7012 XXL Cyan Epson T7013 XXL Magenta Epson T7014 XXL Yellow

Web Based Printing and ePrinter’s

Nowadays with more and more electrical hardware coming web enabled, printers which come ready to surf the internet are the next logical step in the world of printing. Long gone are the days where cables connected printers to P.Cs. Manufactures like HP and Lexmark have developed printers with sophisticated touch screens which allow you to browse and print from the internet; removing the need for a p.c.

You can now print remotely from a host of electronic gadgets which are connected to your printers network or even as with HP anywhere in the world which has a internet connection. That’s because HP’s new e-range printers come with their own email address; giving you remote printing access from anywhere in the world. Its called ePrint.

Now why would you want to be able to do any of this with your printer? Consider how potentially useful removing the need for a pc to print something is. Quickly printing off a recipe, map, boarding pass or document from your phone or printer is a superbly useful function is it not?

Printing off a photograph which you have taken for your loved ones to share while you are away on a business trip or holiday is another reason which has been marketed by printer manufactures but realistically there are a lot more practical uses than meets the eye.

Of course with every craze there are all trimmings which come with it, in our case its printing Apps (applications) and social media plug-ins which integrate printing ‘niches’ into your smart phone, tablet P.C and the printer itself. Amazing, trend setting stuff useful for businesses or an over elaborate use of networks and internet connections, that is something which I will leave you to decide.

Two Web Enabled Inkjet Printers Leading the Field

The Lexmark Genesis S815 £149.99

Lexmark Genesis S815 Ink Cartridges

Main features:

  • Web enabled
  • Fast Scanning “FlashScan Technology
  • 4.3 inch touch screen, internet connected control panel
  • SmartSolution apps allowing photographic printing from Facebook and management of your twitter feed
  • Includes print, copy, scan, fax and Web-connectivity

HP Photosmart eStation All-in-One£189

HP Photosmart eStation Ink Cartridges

Main features:

  • Detachable 7” tablet style touch screen panel which can be used for surfing the web, as an e-reader and comes with a host of printing APPs which runs on Google’s Android operating platform.
  • Access to news, weather forecasts, maps, movie tickets, greeting cards, calendars
  • Browse Facebook, Snapfish or Yahoo while using its touchscreen tablet and print from anywhere.
  • Includes print, copy, scan, fax and Web-connectivity.

So where does that leave us?

Well these printers really are the first incarnations of web enabled printers of which I’m sure there will be many more. Many of the features seen on these two printer models will eventually become standard later on. The question I guess you’ve got to ask is if it is necessary and for users who would not utilise these additional features why would you want to pay for them.

Samsung Release New Mono Printers

Samsung have released two new mono laser printers which feature powerful processors capable of handling the high demands of busy network printing. Anti paper jamming technology comes with both models which are targeted at medium sized business office settings where productivity is emphasised with promises of minimal downtime and maintenance with both models. They are the Samsung ML-4510ND mono laser printer and the Samsung ML-5015ND. Both printers take the same Samsung toner cartridges with the exception of ML-5015ND which also takes an additional extra high yield Black toner cartridge.

There is little to distinguish between each model with the ML-4510ND taking care of most users needs. Both claim to be simple, easy to use mono laser printers which give high quality, reliable printer performance at pace.

The more expensive Samsung ML-5015ND features a 4.3” colour touch screen while the ML-4510ND doesn’t but does have, Samsung claim an equally easy to use and efficient OP panel which gives ease of navigation but perhaps is not so pretty on the eyes.

There are a few other subtle differences between the two models but both share keystone Samsung technology like “eco” mode; billed as an economical, 21st century answer to eco-friendly printing which when selected automatically gives you double sized printing (duplex), halving paper consumption and apparently also reducing toner used.

Features and toner cartridges for both models

Samsung ML-4510ND Mono Laser Printer

Retails for £448.80


  • A4 Mono Laser Printer
  • 43ppm Print Speed
  • 1200×1200 Optimised dpi Resolution
  • 128MB Memory
  • 100 Sheet Multipurpose Tray
  • 520 Sheet Input Tray
  • PostScript 3 Emulation
  • Duplex Unit
  • Gigabit Networking, USB


Samsung MLT-D307S Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge (MLT-D307S/ELS) 7000 Pages

Samsung MLT-D307L High Capacity Black Toner Cartridge (MLT-D307L/ELS) 15,000 Pages

Samsung MLT-R307 Imaging Unit (MLT-R307/ELS) 60,000 Pages

Samsung ML-5015ND Mono Laser Printer

Retails for £640.75


  • A4 Mono Laser Printer
  • 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
  • 48ppm Print Speed
  • 1200×1200 Optimised dpi Resolution
  • 256MB Memory
  • 100 Sheet Multipurpose Tray
  • 520 Sheet Input Tray
  • PostScript 3 Emulation
  • Duplex Unit
  • USB Port for Direct Printing
  • Networked, USB

Printer TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

What Is It?

TCO is an estimate of the total cost of owning something for the duration of its life, in this case it’s printers. Users may be surprised when they see the TCO of some printers is actually quite high, maybe a lot higher than what they thought it might be. Typically the TCO for a printer is estimated to be a three year period but some modern printers can have up to five years of operational use.

TCO is definitely something you should be considering when buying any printer. It takes into account its running costs and gives you an accurate figure which reflects the cost-efficiency of your printing. Printer TCO also takes into account the limits of a printers monthly due cycle which is the recommended maximum usage for that printer per month.

There are companies out there who don’t want you to figure out what we’re going to tell you because if you did, you wouldn’t buy their printer and ink cartridges in the first place. Luckily for you inkntoneruk are here to give you a helping hand in making an informed choice when it comes to keeping the cost of your printing down.

Let us use this simple TCO mono laser (black and white) printer example to illustrate the importance of considering TCO and of factoring in the hidden running costs.

TCO A4 Laser Printer Example

Usage: 500 Pages per month (1 Paper Ream) over a 3 year period

Example 1HP LaserJet P1005

  • Retails For: £84
  • Toner cartridge cost: £650 (over 36 months)
  • TCO £734

Example 2: Kyocera FS-2020D

  • Retails For: £295
  • Toner cartridge cost: £127.50 (over 36 months)
  • TCO £422.5

You can see, as it is almost always the rule of thumb with printers, the more you spend on buying your printer the cheaper your printer cartridges will be for it. Customers looking for a quick, cheap fix to their printing needs will quickly release it was a costly error when the time comes to replace their cartridges.

It’s worth pointing out that one Kyocera toner cartridge for the FS-2020D will last two years with a 500 page per month usage, while one HP P1005 toner cartridge will last three months! A massive improvement in efficiency all round from Kyocera not to mention to benefits to be had for the environment by curbing landfill waste and resources used in manufacturing and distribution.

How To Calculate Printer TCO

Its easy to calculate TCO for any printer you currently use or are considering purchasing, just add the following costs up:

(a) Purchase cost of the printer

(b) Cost of the replacement ink or toner cartridges

(c) Number of cartridges used (average ink cartridge usage is 20 per annum)

The resulting figure will be the TCO, voilà!


Any other consumables which may need replaced during a three year printing cycle should be added when calculating your TCO. i.e. print heads, waste toner cartridges, fuser units and drum units.

Ricoh Gel Ink Cartridges

What are Gel ink cartridges?

They are a type of ink cartridge which use a gel formulation to print with. Billed as an economical alternative to laser printing, gel ink cartridges bridge the gap between inkjet and laser printing and give you economical laser quality printing and operation.

Why the need for gel ink cartridges? Isn’t it just a fad?

More often than not the cost of running colour laser printers for small and medium sized companies is particularly high. Whereas the total cost of ownership (TCO) with colour inkjet printers can be high with the need for frequent, costly cartridge replacements. This is where Ricoh’s gel ink cartridges and gelsprinter technology comes into play by enabling affordable, laser quality printing output and operation.

Ricoh’s GelSprinter ™ Technology Explained

Rather than using ink or toner, Ricoh have invented a liquid gel which gives affordable laser quality prints and qualities. Gel ink cartridges dry instantly when contact is made with paper, enabling high speed printing which are also waterproof and sunlight resistant. Print speeds of 30 pages per minute are attainable in both black and colour printing with gel ink cartridges.

·Instantly dries

·4 times as viscous as ink

·No smudging or blurring

·Sun resistant and water repellent

·Print for longer with Gel ink cartridges high page yields

·No hazardous emissions as it uses soya based ingredients

·Works on all papers, with no requirement for pricey, coated paper

·Fast printing speeds

·Fast duplex (double sized) printing speed (85% of normal printing speed)

·No waste collection cartridge required

·Easy to maintain with the only need is for cartridge replacements

·Precision placement onto paper gives precision quality results

Ricoh Gel Ink Cartidges @ Inkntoneruk

Solid Ink

What is it?

Solid ink as the name implies is ink which comes in solid form. Although not very well known solid ink has been around for a long time, since 1991 in fact when its inventors Xerox first introduced it into the market.

Solid ink offers an alternative to laser printing and has made leaps and bounds in its development over the years since its introduction. Xerox say that solid ink is a, “very environmentally-conscious way to print.

How does it work?

Solid ink comes in shaped cubes which slot into the relevant loading bay of its printer. Each colour is shaped differently so there is no confusion when loading the different colours of solid ink. The solid ink is melted by the printer when needed to print and then eventually solidifies when not in use.

What is the print quality like?

A report conducted by the SpencerLab Digital Colour Laboratory, an industry-recognised image quality expert concluded, “”Our analysis supports Xerox’ contention that, in addition to its running cost and environmental benefits, solid ink technology can deliver competitive print quality for today’s office.



Typically over a four year period printing with toner cartridges will generate 450lbs of waste, the vast majority of which are toxic plastics which takes hundreds of years to decompose. Solid ink generates only 23lbs of cardboard waste during this same time frame which is easy to recycle and decompose.


Printing with solid ink leaves no empty cartridge to dispose of, which will eventually end up in landfill.

Xerox solid ink uses minimal packaging equating to less energy used manufacturing, minimal storage space, better transportation efficiency and fewer trucks on the road.

Solid ink uses non toxic materials unlike plastics found in toner cartridges.


Solid has a low running cost which is comparable to laser printing.

Media flexibility

Because of the formulation that solid ink uses, paper does not need to be brilliant white to obtain the best results. Xerox solid ink can be used on all grades of paper, from recycled, transparencies, envelopes, and heavy stock all the way to premium graded papers.

Compatible Xerox Solid Ink

Inkntoneruk stock an extensive range of compatible Xerox solid ink sticks for all your printing needs. Try them today and see how much you can save while still producing the same great printing results. Our compatible Xerox solid ink sticks use a high quality ink formulation to give you the best printing results for the duration of the solid ink sticks life.

Rewards Points

Here at inkntoneruk we like to think of ways in which our loyal customers can save even more money on their ink or toner cartridges. So we got together and came up with our rewards point scheme where customers can earn reward points on their ink or toner cartridges and can use them to get discount on future purchases.

That’s Great! So How Do I Do It Then?

In the check out section of our website you will see these two sections near the bottom of the page.

1.Payment and Order Confirmation

2.Shipping Methods

Select Reward Points in the Payment and Order Conformation box. You will then see your current points total and a box in which to enter the desired amount of points that you wish to use on your order.

The Shipping Methods box shows you how many points you have earned with your current order.

Every purchase will earn you rewards points which will then be stored on your account for future purchases. The more you spend the more you can save on your future ink and toner cartridge costs.

Double and Triple Your Reward Point Earnings!

Double Points on Compatibles!

Instead of the usual 1 point per pound earned for Original products, purchase any compatible goods and get 2 points per pound spent ! Maybe it’s about time you found out how great our compatible toner cartridges and ink cartridges actually are?

Triple Points On Refills!

Have you tried our refill service available on selected ink cartridges ? Well now’s the time because you will now also get 3 points per pound spent !

Claim Your Free 500 Reward Points!

Refer a friend = 500 points for you !

Just click here to add up to 5 friends & qualify for up to £25 worth of points on your ink and toner cartridges!

Monthly Reward Point Statement

At inkntoneruk we want you to use your reward points and being the kind and wonderful ink and toner cartridge specialists we are, we go out of our way to help you get more for your ink and toner cartridges. That’s why we’ll send you a monthly email to let you know how many points you’ve got to use at inkntoneruk, so you can get your ink and toner cartridges that bit cheaper.

Use Reward Points To Part Pay For Your Order

Not enough reward points to completely pay for your ink or toner cartridge order? Don’t worry because our checkout system automatically deducts your discount from your order and lets you select other ways to pay for the outstanding amount of your order. It really is that simple! So what are you waiting for? Go an claim your discount on your ink or toner cartridges today by using the superb rewards points scheme!

Caring For Kids

Caring for kids is a registered charity set up by inkntoneruk to help the lives of underprivileged children within the UK.

Every time you send back your empty ink cartridge for recycling inkntoneruk donates some of the money from that cartridge to caring for kids.

Inkntoneruk have donated thousands of pounds to key children’s charities who are helping to make the lives of disadvantaged children better.

Every time you send back your empty ink cartridge you are helping to make a difference to their lives and also to the environment.

Some of the beneficiaries of caring for kids are:

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Supporting families with life threatening or terminal illness.


Helping children in poverty, young carers and families looking to foster or adopt.


Charity granting wishes of children and young people aged between 3 and 17 living with life threatening illnesses.


National Society To The Prevention To Cruelty To Children

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

World-class medical support for children

Inkntoneruk send out recycling bags with orders where we would like the empty ink cartridge back. All you have to do is pop your empty ink cartridge into the bag and post it back to us. The bag comes with our freepost address so there are no postage costs for sending your ink cartridge back to us.

Your empty ink cartridges have value and some can be recycled. So rather than letting your empty ink cartridge go to land fill and take hundreds of years to decompose you can send it back to us and help make the lives of thousands of children better.

An ink cartridge can take up to 800 years to decompose and uses roughly a litre of oil in its manufacture. With over 45 million ink cartridges going to landfill in the UK alone you can see the amount of wastage there is of precious resources which can be easily recycled and their revenues channelled into worthwhile causes.

So remember the next time your ink cartridge runs out of ink, don’t bin it, recycle it and help make the lives of thousands of underprivileged children in the UK that bit better.

Future ink cartridge purchases can be found here: Remember to bookmark us for the next time you need to buy your ink cartridges online and let us take care of your printing needs with the click of a button.

Recycling Your Ink Cartridges

From time to time we get asked this question and thought we’d shed some light on this for all our dedicated and environmentally friendly customers.

Reasons Why?


The main reason is that recycling your empty ink cartridge is the environmentally friendly thing to do. Leaving your ink cartridge to rot in land fill will take up to 800 years to bio degrade, even then the chemicals from the cartridge go into the earth which can pollute ground water. To put that into perspective, that means if Christopher Columbus left his HP 21 ink cartridge lying around it would still be here today for all to see.


With each ink cartridge that is returned to us we give money to charity through our Caring For Kids scheme. Our most recent donation was five hundred and sixty pounds which we sent to great ormond street children’s hospital.

Saving Money

Help recycling through buying recycled products. Most of the time you’ll find more ink or toner in compatible cartridges than the originals and it will cost you less. All our compatible ink cartridges come fully guaranteed against faulty printing performance but if for whatever reason you are not happy then you can exchange or refund your order as you require.


With all ink cartridges which have value and we would like to have back we send a freepost recycling bag out with your order. All you have to do is put your empty ink cartridges into this bag and pop it in the post, then leave the rest up to us! Sending ink cartridges which we do not want back will cost the charity money so please do not send us back your unwanted ink cartridges unless your order came with a freepost recycling bag.

Final Thoughts

We’d like to thank all our customers who took the time to read this and are committed to making the world a cleaner place to live in. The next time your about to throw your ink cartridges away just remember that by returning your empty ink cartridge to us not only will you be helping the environment but you will be helping the lives of small underprivileged children better as well.