Apple Pay, the Wallet in your Smart Phone

On the 9th September Apple introduced three new breakthrough technologies, the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. There was a lot of buzz leading up to this live event with speculations and rumours of what the next big thing from Apple will be. We are more interested in the software side rather than the hardware, and in this article we will briefly touch on the new Apple Pay (the wallet on your phone). We at are very excited about this new concept as it will improve the way we shop.

Apple Pay (also referred to as iWallet, iPayment, Apple Payment) will let you pay for goods and services online and at a physical shop by only using your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the latest Apple Watch. Apple has launched a new category of wearable technology to their portfolio called the Apple Watch which also features Apple Pay. So for example when Apple Pay is launched in the UK and we decide to integrate it to our store, you can pop into the inkntoneruk shop in East Barnet or visit and purchase toner cartridges and ink cartridges by using your Apple device.

To pay for goods using Apple Pay is extremely fast, you can be in and out from a shop in seconds. To pay for goods/services just hold your Apple device to the contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID to authorise the payment. And that’s it, quick and simple as that. When Apple Pay gets launched worldwide, you can also use it on the iPhone in a similar manner to pay for goods online by using your fingerprint and its ‘One-touch checkout’. No more filling out personal details or billing details and you don’t even have to carry your wallet around.

Apple Pay uses the latest design, touch ID security, and NFC technology to provide a 100% secure and hassle-free online shopping experience as payment happens in a single touch with a device that you will carry with you all times. No need to give your personal details or expose your card and pin number.

Here we have done some mock-ups of how Apple Pay’s ‘One-tocuh checkout’ may look like when you purchase ink cartridges from If we decide to integrate Apple Pay at inkntoneruk in the near future, it will provide you with the perfect shopping experience making it quick and easy to purchase printer cartridges.

Remember how Apple changed the way we print by introducing AirPrint technology on to printers so that we can instantly print from our iPhone and iPad devices. Many more new printers nowadays features Apple’s AirPrint and the new cartridges that we sell at inkntoneruk works with AirPrint, so that your Apple device automatically connects to your printer without setting up any drivers or downloading any software or applications. This makes it easy to print on the go and has changed the way we print without connecting to a laptop or computer. In the same way we believe that Apple Pay will completely change the way we shop in-store and online giving us a better shopping experience overall.

Here is a good diagram that explains how Apple Pay works:

What Type of DVDs Should I Buy?

inkntoneruk dvd

At inkntoneruk we have an extensive range of storage media to choose from. You have a wide variety of choice from CDs and DVDs to BluRay discs from the top leading brands.

With so many different types of DVDs that you can buy, how do you know which one is right for you? It’s easy to be confused as there is a big selection of DVDs that you can choose from inkntoneruk. The following checklist will help you to make a decision on the type of DVDs you need to store your movies and multimedia files in.

DVD Disc Type

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD types;
Verbatim DVD+R Discs (43556)
Sony DVD-R Discs (10DMR47SP)
Imation DVD+RW Discs (I19008)
Verbatim DVD-RW Discs (43552)
Panasonic DVD-RAM Discs (LM-AF120LE10)

But what do the +R, -R , +RW, -RW and –RAM after the DVD mean?

When purchasing your blank DVDs you need to check what type of DVDs your DVD player or your DVD burner can take, as all of these disk types are not interchangeable. Depending on your DVD burner, some might just burn DVD-R and DVD+R and not burn DVD-RW and DVD+RW. DVD-R and DVD+R is a onetime DVD recordable format and are commonly used to burn movies and multimedia files.

The ‘-RW’ and ‘+RW’ from DVD-RW and DVD+RW means that the DVDs are rewritable so you can re-use the DVD over again by erasing the content and adding new data to it. DVD-RW and DVD+RW are normally used to save data and make backup copies of your data. DVD-RAM works in a similar manner but with a better advantage that they can be rewritten 100,000 times, 100 times more than DVD-RW and DVD+RW.

DVD Size

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD sizes;
Sony 4.7GB DVD-R Discs (50DMR47PP)
TDK 8.5GB DVD+R DL Discs (T19924)

A typical DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7GB. You can also purchase a higher capacity DVD that contains an 8.5GB capacity to accommodate for HD videos and large/lengthy videos. These 8.5GB DVDs are referred to as Dual Layer, Double Layer or simply as DL as it features two recordable layers with each storing less that 4.7GB on each side.

DVD Burning Speed

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD speeds;
Sony DVD+R 16X Speed (25DPR47SP)
Verbatim DVD+R 8X Speed (43541)

The higher the burn speed of a DVD that your DVD player can burn the faster you can store your data. At single speed (1X) a DVD recorder writes 1.32 MB of data per second. So you can work out from that how much a 16X or 8X speed will take. 16X speed will write 21.13MB while 8X speed will write 10.57MB of data per seconds. These maximum speeds will only work if your DVD is capable of burning at those high speeds.

DVD Labelling

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVDs;
Maxell DVD+R Printable (275702.40.TW)
Verbatim DVD+R DL Inkjet Printable (43665)

If you want to make your DVDs look professional and presentable then choose printable DVDs, so you can print customised labels on the face of the DVDs. Certain inkjet printers lets you print directly onto the label face of inkjet printable discs, so you don’t have to use sticky labels on them.

To see our full range of CD and DVD accessories please click the link below;

New 3D Printer Cartridges Launches at InknTonerUK


3d printer cartridges inkntoneruk

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new 3D printer cartridges at presents the world’s most affordable 3D Printer cartridges for the new generation personal 3D Printers!

Cubify brings the world’s most affordable 3D Printer Cartridges range for your personal Cubify 3D printer to market with and they are;

Cube 3 (Generation 3)

Experience 3D printing with the Cube 3 Gen3 printers as these powerful and fast 3D printers in this range is simple and real easy to use making it child-friendly for everyone to enjoy printing 3D items and objects that you will love. It’s your own personal 3D printer beautifully designed for home use and we can assure you that you would love and appreciate what you make with it when using the 3D printer cartridges from

Cube 3D Printer in Grey Colour (Gen3)
Cube 3D Printer in White Colour (Gen3)

Cube Pro

The Cube Pro range of 3D printers takes 3D printing to a different level as they are powerfully designed and long lasting so you can experience the full power of 3D printing and create multi-material and triple colour printing with super high-resolution with ease with the Cube Pro range. This premium range of 3D printers lets you print big and precise due to its size and ultra high-resolution. Get more fun out of 3D printing by using the 3D printer cartridges from for your Cube Pro 3D printers.

Cube Pro 3D Printer
Cube Pro 3D Duo Printer
Cube Pro 3D Trio Printer

To view the full range of 3D Cartridges for the Cubify Cube 3 and Cube Pro 3D Printers Click the link below;

There are a whole range of vibrant colours to choose from for the 3D cartridges at like red, green, neon orange, teal, purple, glow in the dark green, gold, bronze, pale yellow, navy blue, tan, magenta and many more…

There are two types of materials to choose from for the cartridges and they are Plastic ABS filament and Plastic PLA filament. The differences are show below:

3d printers filaments

To launch this exciting range of 3D products is offering free fast delivery on all 3D printer cartridges. In addition to this offer, are promoting every 3D printer cartridges with Reward Points to get money off your next order and 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products.

Order online now or if you would like to speak to one of our team, please call us on 020 8216 55711. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact our dedicated customer services team by emailing us at Alternatively, please feel free to return to our website and browse through our 3D product range. We appreciate your interest on 3D Cartridges and always look forward to welcoming you back to our site soon.

How many pages can I expect from a cartridge?

We get many enquiries from our customers asking us how many pages that they can expect from their ink cartridge before it runs out of ink and won’t print. We also get some customers asking us what does page yield means when we tell them that this toner cartridge has a page yield of 80,000 pages. Have a look at the example below taken from our website which shows the number of pages that a cartridge can print.

Next to the product title we list the number of pages (otherwise known as page yield or sometimes referred to a duty cycle) you can expect to print from your cartridge before it runs out of ink or toner. So for example the Dell 593-10293 can print up to 4,000 pages while the Dell 593-10289 can print up to 9,000 pages before it runs dry because it is a higher capacity version of that toner cartridge. It makes more sense to buy a higher capacity cartridge rather than the standard capacity as you can see from the above extract that you save more money and get more pages out of it. These page yield numbers aren’t made up; they have been given to us directly from the manufacturer of them ink/toner cartridges as enforced by the Office of Fair Trading. The number of page yield has been tested and calculated by the manufacturer at 5% coverage. In other words how many pages their cartridge can print at 5% coverage of a paper before it runs dry. For example the Samsung CLT-K4072S Black Toner Cartridge for the Samsung CLX-3185FW Colour Printer can print up to 1,500 pages at 5% coverage before it runs dry of toner.

On the rare occasions we might list next to the product title the capacity of the ink in ‘millilitres’ instead of the page yield in ‘pages’ as the manufacturer doesn’t have that information to supply to us as it has not been tested yet e.g. Epson 79XL High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge Twin Pack 2 x 41.8ml.

There are many factors that can affect the page yield and you may not be getting the number of pages that you can print as stated. For example the number of texts on the page or the number of images you have will impact the page coverage; therefore you won’t get the page yield that you were expecting to get from the ink cartridge.

If you feel your ink or toner cartridge runs dry quickly because you print a lot of pages, here are some tips to help you save you money.

1. Buy compatible ink or toner cartridges as they last longer than the originals and give you more page yield as they are filled up with more ink. Manufacturers don’t fill up the cartridge tank to the maximum capacity on their branded original cartridges as the manufacturer wants the ink to run out quick so you can buy more from them. At inkntoneruk, in some cartridges where a budget or premium compatible is offered we state that the compatibles give you a higher page yield than the originals as they do last longer.

2. Re-fill your ink cartridges as it’s much cheaper and we also put more ink in the empty cartridges (we fill it right to the top) so that you get more pages out of it than stated.

3. Buy high capacity (XL) or extra high capacity (XXL) versions of the cartridges as they provide you with a much better page yield and they are great way of saving more money when you print a lot.

4. Don’t throw away your toner cartridge when it is running low and you get alerted that your toner needs replacing. Get the maximum usage of your toner cartridge by giving it a good shake so that the toner particles spread evenly inside. Once you’ve done this one or two time and it’s not printing properly then you know that the cartridge is empty and needs replacing.

We hope this clarifies things and helps you to understand more about page yields. If you do have any further questions or would like to comment on this post, feel free to comment below or on our twitter, facebook or google+ pages.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

Interesting Facts about Printers

You must now be familiar with ink cartridges and the different type of cartridges you can buy like compatible toner cartridges or re-manufactured ink cartridges for your printer but how well is your knowledge of printers? Here are some interesting facts about printers that you may not know about.

1. Did you know that the laser printer was invented by a woman, according to some websites? But there is no truth to that as laser printers was invented by Gary Starkweather in 1969 who worked at Xerox. So we can say that the Xerox printer was the first ever laser printer in the market. Well done Xerox for being the first.

2. Did you know that the inkjet cartridge that you receive free when you purchase a printer is only half filled. But why do large companies like Epson, Canon, and HP do this? There can only be one explanation for this. Firstly companies that make your printer want you to buy ink cartridges from them because they only make money from selling consumable supplies for their printers. They don’t make any profit from selling their printers, they start making money from the inks that you buy from them. And by half filling the ink cartridges means that the ink cartridges runs out quicker and you will end up buying more. It’s a sneaky way for printer manufacturers to get you to buy more ink cartridges. It only costs them about 10p more to fill the ink cartridge to its maximum capacity. It’s appalling that the printer manufacturers do this. At inkntoneruk, we are the opposite as we fill the empty ink cartridges to its maximum capacity so that they hold more ink that the original cartridges and lasts longer in your printer. We can also supply you with compatible ink cartridges so you won’t have to send us your empty cartridges to us to be refilled, we will just provide you with a remanufactured inkjet cartridge.

3. Laser printers are hot. When you are using a printer the fuser unit in the laser printer can reach up to a massive 204 degrees Celsius! Now that’s hot, so glad there is a thick casing around the printer. The fuser unit is what produces the heat and fuses the toner particles on to the paper.

4. We all buy ink cartridges to print on paper. Did you know that you can buy special ink cartridges to be used with special printers that are edible. Imagine printing something that you can eat. Yummy!

5. If your old printer has had its days and is broken and knackered, dispose of it correctly my taking it to a skip. Don’t go crazy and start smashing it up into pieces. Here is a video of how not to dispose of a printer. Be sensible like the printer company Brother where recycling is important to them as they recycle millions of toner cartridges each year to protect enough trees for Koala bears in Australia.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

Print out the Commonwealth Country Flag Bunting

Get into the spirit of the Commonwealth Games this year by using our printable flag buntings for the Commonwealth Games 2014. The flags contain all the 71 countries that are competing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. To create a flag bunting, all you need to do is print out the following pages from the pdf and cut them out and string them along a piece of string for a beautiful fancy display. The handy foldable tabs on each of the flags can easily be attached to the string. Do you know your flags? Which country is the flag with the red circle inside the green background?

If you enjoy watching the athletes at the Commonwealth Games, then get printing now. You will need the black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink or toner cartridges to print these pages out. If you are running low on your ink cartridges for your printer, you can order the cartridge supplies from inkntoneruk with a choice of getting your inkjets re-filled with our high quality ink or buying a compatible / re-manufactured cartridge from your printer that is cheaper to buy than the original cartridges. Alternatively if you prefer to use the original manufacturer ink cartridges, you can get them from us too. Our vast product offering means that thousands of inks and toners and maintenance kits are available from stock at any one time. We stock everything from HP ink cartridge, Brother toner cartridge, Canon ink cartridge, Lexmark toner cartridge, Samsung toner cartridge to unknown ones such as Ricoh toner cartridge, Xerox toner cartridge, Panasonic toner cartridge and OKI toner cartridge.

Click here to download and print out the Commonwealth Country Flag Bunting!

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

Summer Holiday Printing!


Every summer has a story, write yours with the printable story paper.
School’s out for Summer! It’s alright for the kids while some of us still have to continue working (this is where I wish that I was still back in school so I had 6 weeks summer holiday). If your kids are already thinking or uttering the words “I’m bored” in the first few days of the Summer Holiday, then don’t worry help is at hand with our printable summer holiday story papers.

We all love to do something in the summer and get away from home, whether we catch a plane and go to a holiday resort, visit safari parks, go to funfairs, catch a tan at the beach, eat some marshmallows while camping or go for a road trip, you will find some useful story papers to print out and write about your fun day. You can print out our summer holiday story papers for your kids and they can start getting creative and write about their holiday. This is great for the kids to write about their summer holiday experience at home or at school. Your children will love using our story paper as they can enjoy some colouring in too, as the story papers comes with drawings for the kids to colour in as well.

Get your printer turned on now and start printing the summer holiday story papers now. Please use our re-manufactured ink cartridges to print the story papers out, as we want you to save money and pay less for ink or toner cartridges. If you have never tried our compatible ink cartridges visit and pay up to 50% less than the price of the original ink cartridges for your printer. I hear you say ‘but the quality is going to be poor’. You get your money’s worth with the compatible cartridges as the quality is premium quality. They are ideal for everyday printing, like the story papers. The only time you will require original cartridges that gives the best quality possible is when you need to print high definition photos and albums.

Click the images below to enlarge and you can start printing them out for your kids.

Away Abroad on Holiday

At the Zoo

At a Theme Park

At the Beach


Family Trips

Have a safe summer holiday and don’t leave your lions bored this summer, get them to do some fun activities by printing the above summer holiday story papers.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

The Benefits of Buying from InknToneruk!

To get the most out from inkntoneruk and to take advantage of all the benefits that we can offer to you, follow all the instructions in this article.

Follow our Social Media Pages
If you have been following and liking our social media pages like facebook, then you’re in for a treat. Here we advertise special offers and coupon codes. For instance on facebook you can enter our free prize draw every month by liking our facebook page. The prize is simply £50’s worth of free cartridges of your choice. All it takes is a like and the winner will be announced on the 15th of every month. You have got nothing to lose, just like us on facebook. This month’s lucky winner was T Gaziova who got £50’s worth of free cartridges. There are some offers that are only exclusive to social media pages so do check us out by clicking on the following links below.

Sign Up to our Free Newsletter
Be the first to hear about our special promotions running at by signing up to our Free Newsletter. We won’t fill your mail with junk stuff, we will only send you good stuff that are relevant to you to save you money when buying from inkntoneruk. These emails can be new coupon codes, discount voucher codes, prizes and competition or unbelievable hot offers on ink and toner cartridges. To sign up to our free newsletter click here.

Create an Account
The most important thing to do is to create an account with us. That way you can benefit from re-ordering your items easily as well as staying in touch with our latest offers and collecting reward point. You get your own personal profile when you register with From your profile we can monitor how often you buy from us and reward you each time you purchase toner or ink cartridges from us. To create a profile with us click here.

Collect Reward Points
When you shop at inkntoneruk you can watch how your reward grows. When you place your first order with us you will automatically be enrolled to our reward scheme. With every purchase, you earn reward points that you can use to get money off from your next purchase. Each product you purchase will display the number of reward points you can earn. Each reward points earned have a cash value of 1p and they never expire so you can use them anytime you want. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough points to make a purchase as you only need to input the amount of points you wish to redeem, and our checkout process will offer you the item at a discount price. For instance if you have a total point balance of 2528 (which equals to £25.28 savings), you can choose to use all your points at checkout and get £25.28 off your next purchase or you can choose to use some of your points and get the product at a discounted price and pay the remaining balance off.

Buy Now Pay Later
If you are an invoice business customer of us, you can buy now and pay nothing for up to 28 days and we won’t even charge you any interest. It’s like having your own credit card with no interest. If you are a school, college, university or any other government organization you are automatically eligible for an invoice account and you can benefit from paying by invoice. For business customers to apply for invoice account, click here.

Price Promise
Take advantage of our price promise policy. We regularly check our prices, but there are some rare occasions when another retailer has changed their prices quickly to make it slightly cheaper than us. If you do purchase an item from another retailer within 7 days of purchase from us that works out to be a better deal than us, let us know. As a goodwill gesture we will give you your money back by refunding double the difference, so that way you can still agree that we are the cheapest for printer inks and toners in the market.

Win a Free Prize
When you hear FREE, it feels good as you get a product for free without any blood, sweat, and tears. Whenever you see a prize draw competition running on our website or advertised on our twitter, google+ or facebook page, just enter it via to win yourself a product absolutely free. Last month a lucky winner who entered one of our prize draws won himself a free iPad Mini 16GB in white. Want to win a big prize, keep your eyes open next time at

Get £5 off by Referrals
Sharing is caring. If you want to share your lovely experience with your friends and family and want them to save money on ink and toner cartridges, then send them over to Not only that your friends will benefit but you will as well. For each person that you recommend and they buy from us, you will automatically get £5 off your next purchase (you get 500 reward points added to your account). So if you want you can for example recommend 500 of your friends from facebook to buy from us at inkntoneruk and if all your 500 friends do buy from us you get 250,000 reward points allocated to your account which equals to £2,500 of cartridges to buy from us!! You won’t have to spend another penny if you keep on referring your friends to us and they buy from us by clicking here Refer a Friend.

The above are only some of the benefits that you can enjoy from inkntoneruk. To experience the full benefit of choosing InknToneruk as your favourite retailer for ink and toner cartridges visit us now and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

Printer and Cartridge Buying Guide

Are you confused with all the terminologies used on printers and don’t even know what half of them actually means. Then you have come to the right place as we will go through some of the common questions we get asked when our customers calls us seeking for advice to help them to choose the best kind of printer or cartridges for them. Here are some basic printer specification that you should understand before deciding to purchase a printer.

Printer Buying Guide

Processing Speed – If you need a speedy printer then you have to decide how many pages per minute you want your printer to print. The higher the pages per minute (ppm) specified on a printer, the faster your printer is, as you will receive your printed documents quicker. Print speeds can vary depending on what type of printing you do e.g. duplex printing or printing high resolution graphics will slow your printer down.

Resolution - Dots per inch (dpi) – You hear resolution a lot, but what does it actually mean? Resolution is basically the number of dots the printer can fit onto a square inch of a paper. The higher the resolution the better it is for professional photographers as they will get more detailed image printed from their printer.

Internal Memory (RAM) – If you work at a busy environment where your workforce prints in high volume, then choose a printer with a high gigabyte of RAM. The more RAM you have in your printer the less likely you will receive errors when printing large files or files in high volume. The RAM stores and processes your print jobs when you send documents to print from your computer, and when printing is complete, the memory is cleared to allow for more print jobs to be added to the printer. The more RAM you have the more print jobs you can send to your printer at once.

Monthly Duty Cycle – This is a number that indicates the number of pages your printer can print in a monthly basis without any faults. So never go over that monthly cycle. The amount you print per month should fall way below the monthly duty cycle specified by your printer. The higher the number of the monthly duty cycle the better it is, as this determines the quality and durability of your printer.

Networking – Look for network or wireless capabilities on your printer as you might want to share your printer across the network, using Ethernet cables or wirelessly. Most businesses will use a business printer that features Ethernet connections so that every team member can print from their workstations.

Automatic Duplex Printing – also commonly known as two-sided printing is a good feature to have as your printer will automatically print in both sides of the sheets if you choose the two-sided printing option before printing.

Cartridge Buying Guide

Refills – This is the process where you send us your empty ink cartridges so that we can refill it with our high quality ink cartridges. A specific procedure is followed when refilling your ink cartridges so that it meets our standards and quality requirements so that and you get the best quality out from your printer. We will test the ink cartridges components to make sure that it will work fine and then after leaving the ink cartridge overnight, we will perform a final test to check that the print quality conforms to our high standards.

Compatibles – Compatible cartridge is the second cheapest option to replace your printer cartridges; first being refills (only available for ink cartridges). Compatible cartridges can come in budget compatibles or premium compatibles for toner cartridges. Whilst for ink cartridges they only come in premium compatibles. There are two types of compatible cartridges, one being a brand new copy of the original cartridge and the other being an original cartridge that has been remanufactured (in other words it’s been re-filled with ink).

Originals (OEM) – The original cartridges also referred to as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a brand new cartridge that has been manufactured and produced by the same printer company that made your printer.

Capacity – The higher the capacity, the more ink or toner can be filled inside the cartridges. Ink/toner cartridges can come in standard capacity, high capacity, extra high capacity, super high capacity, and even ultra high capacity. Some retailers use the word yield instead of capacity e.g. High Yield which means the same thing.

Page Yields – This is how many pages you can expect to print from your ink/toner cartridges until it runs out. The higher the number the better, for example a high capacity toner cartridge will give you a higher page yield than a standard capacity toner cartridge. Please note page yield is only an approximate number of pages that can be printed with 5% coverage on to your pages. This is the standard measurement created by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to inform customers of how many pages their product can print. For example a toner cartridge might give you 50,000 page yields at 5% coverage.

Colours – The type of colour that has been filled inside the ink cartridge. This could be Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Grey, Matte Black, Blue, Red etc. It is also common to see ink cartridges filled with a Tri-Colour which consists of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow in one single ink cartridge.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

What to Do When Printer Is Not Recognising the Compatible Cartridges

First of all, you should not panic when your printer is not accepting or recognising the compatible cartridges that you have brought from us because we guarantee that the compatible cartridges will work with your printer or give you your money back.

If your printer is not recognising the compatible cartridges that you have brought from us, there are some simple instructions to follow to get them working.


When you install your compatible ink or toner cartridges, you might see the following messages, which you should just ignore by pressing OK or RESUME to continue:

  • No cartridges are installed
  • Your ink or toner is low and empty
  • Other warning displayed e.g. this is not an original cartridge or using these cartridges will void the warranty


Just ignore all these messages as they have only been put there by the manufacturer to stop you from using the compatible toner or ink cartridges.

Please note: With Canon printers, you might be required to press and hold down an upside down triangle or stop button for a few seconds.

Be Aware: The above instructions does not apply to Epson printers. When any Epson cartridges become depleted and you get a message on your PC informing you that the cartridges are empty, DO NOT click OK to change the cartridges. If you ever do, say goodbye to compatible cartridges as your Epson printer will ONLY accept original cartridges and compatible cartridges will never again work with your Epson printer.

With Epson printers, when a message prompts you that the cartridges are empty, ignore the message, and click CANCEL. If there are no cancel button on the message just press cancel on the Epson printer and press the flashing button for a few seconds. This will make the printer slide the cartridges across for you to put the compatible cartridges in.

After following the above instructions, your printer should recognise your compatible cartridges. However if the new compatible cartridges still does not work do the following.


Follow our simple steps to take when your Printer Is Not Recognising the Compatible Cartridges:

1. Remove the new compatible cartridges from your printer
2. Turn off the printer and unplug from the mains power
3. Leave it for approx 15 minutes so that your printer reconfigures itself
4. Plug your printer back in and insert the new cartridges back into your printer
5. Follow INSTRUCTIONS 1 again and hopefully the above steps should make your cartridges work again.

What to do if the above steps do not work?

There isn’t any reason why our premium quality compatible cartridges should not work with your printer, unless the cartridge is not properly connecting with the printer, and there can only be two reasons for that:

1. You have not correctly installed it or
2. In the rare occasions the microchip on the cartridge might be not working properly as it has become damaged or faulty.

If the cartridges are not working after following these guidelines, you are covered with our 100% money back guarantee. So let us know and we can arrange to send a replacement out to you so that you continue to use compatible cartridges and pay much less than buying the original cartridges.

If the above worked for you let us know by commenting below or on our twitter, facebook or google+ pages.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B