Print Origami Designs

Origami is the Japanese art of folding a piece paper into shapes and objects to create a beautiful design. If you are a fan of origami and would like to create a beautiful artwork, have a look at the video below to make an origami sea turtle. It is a pretty easy origami to make so it’s perfect for new beginners.

All you simply need to do is choose a turtle design and print it using your printer. There are different variants of designs and fun colours to print. There is a small dotted grey outline to cut out from the printed paper to make it into a square design. Follow the instructions in the video to fold the sea turtle. You can print as many as you like and have a collection of those turtles sitting around in your home.

Some useful tips when printing the turtle designs;

You can use any paper and any printer of your choice to print this. We would advise you to not to use special photo paper with a thicker gsm as it may be harder to fold and also you don’t want to use them papers up when you can be using them for other high quality photos like family pictures.

Use an inkjet or laser printer to print the designs. It’s entirely up to you to choose what printer to use to print the designs. If you want to print the designs in really high quality, then use an inkjet printer, for normal decent quality a laser printer will do the job well.

Whether you have a printer that takes ink cartridges or a printer that takes toner cartridges, choose the right type of consumable supplies for your printer to print the designs. If high quality printing is a high priority then use the original manufacturer cartridges to print the designs. If you prefer to save cost then choose the premium compatible ink/toner cartridges for your printer which gives you almost the same quality as the original branded cartridges. For those that high quality does not matter, and wants to save on ink, choose the budget compatible ink or toner cartridges. All the different type of cartridges will give you the end results but quality will slightly vary. Visit our website for more information on compatible cartridges for your printer and you will see how much you will be saving.

If you want more origami to make and to print new designs visit happypuppytruffles
Many thanks to heather lynne shida for the designs.

We hope you enjoy having fun making these turtles and let us know how you get on by commenting on our twitter, facebook or google+ pages.


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Toni B

Would you like a Pocket Printer? A Kickstarter Project

Pocket Printer

Would you like to own a pocket printer that fits comfortably in your pockets and you can carry it around with you anywhere in the world just like you carry your Smart Phone with you? Well you only have to wait until next year for the new release of the Pocket Printer into the printing industry market.

Zuta Labs (an Israeli start-up company) plans to release this new pocket printer early part of next year. This unique and innovative printer can fit snugly into anyone’s pocket and works with all different sizes of paper. This is because the robot (i.e. the printer) will move around a page while printing ink as it goes on to the paper. The team behind this pocket printer reports that the printer would be 11.5cm wide, 10cm high and weigh only 300grams. This printer would be ideal for anyone who is looking to print urgently, maybe on one or two pages on the go. For example it is perfect for printing a small contract, memos, notes, and electronic tickets for flights or train. You can already see the huge benefits this printer can provide.

Having raised over £260,000 of funding for this project, the company behind this pocket printer has given the thumbs up to proceed with it.

How does it work?

Click Here to Watch the Video

Pocket Printer Mechanism

So you know that the device moves around a page and prints on to it as it goes. Simple. But how does it work. This compact pocket printer is fitted with an ink cartridge to a small robot inside the outer shell that crawls over a paper to portray the written texts, unlike a traditional printer that feeds paper through the printer.

At the base of the pocket printer there are a number of wheels that turns and drives in different directions so that the texts can be printed on to the paper in different lines. Even though the current prototype requires a wired connection in order to work, the team behind this innovative product states that the final product will be controlled by a computer or Smart Phone via the use of Bluetooth technology.

The printer is likely to cost around £140 when it goes on sale to the public in 2015.


Pocket Printer Inside

Even though it is only a prototype the portable printer has a very slow speed, and is no way as fast as an inkjet printer or even a laser printer. It is reported that the current prototype by Zuta Labs can only print approximately one page per minute. Now compare this to for example the Samsung SCX-6322DN Colour Multifunction Printer that can print up to 22 pages per minute.

Other downsides of this current prototype are; it can only print in greyscale and has lower resolution than traditional inkjet printers. Therefore the quality of the output won’t be clear and sharp like the normal standard printers. The current prototype uses an old HP Black Ink Cartridge; therefore it can be justified why the quality is poor as the pocket printer is not yet suitable to be used with the new, smart, and smaller cartridges.

Although these are just initial prototypes we at inkntoneruk believe that the engineers at Zuta Labs will be able to produce pocket printers that give out higher resolutions and prints quickly too.


Pocket Printer Zuta

If this pocket printer becomes a success, the team at Zuta Labs plans to launch a colour version of this printer that can print pictures and even print on different surfaces such as clothing, walls and tiles. However those would require a special type of ink to produce outputs on to those surfaces.

We at inkntoneruk are very excited over the whole idea of how this pocket printer works because when you can control a robot like this one with a smart phone to do a task for you, imagine the possibilities that it opens.

We can assume that the pocket printer will be supported by major printer brands such as Epson, Canon, HP, and Samsung, therefore they might initially only take OEM’s cartridges to start off with. It won’t be long before when we start supplying premium ink cartridges and budget ink cartridges for the new pocket printers. We might also be able to refill the ink cartridge that goes inside the pocket printers.

Look out for the pocket printers when they launch in 2015 and don’t forget to check out inkntoneruk to see if we offer the original, budget, and premium compatible ink cartridges for your pocket printer.

Feel free to comment on our twitter, facebook or google+ pages and get the word out of this new technology.

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The ONLY Travel Good you need on your Holiday

holiday iphone

At inkntoneruk we hope that you have had a fantastic Easter Break or even a long Weekend away. Whether you stayed at Home, or went away in the UK or even swimming in the Bahamas, we hope you really enjoyed a decent Break from your work life or taking the stress out from other issues in your life.

I am writing this post today because I realised when going away to travel on your holiday, the question that popped in my head a few times was; what is the best type of travel good should you take with you. While I was packing away for my long weekend to go abroad I was struggling to decide if I should take all my devices with me such as a camera, iPad, Smart Phone and also my Mac book. Having considering the advantages and disadvantages of each device, I realised that you have to consider loads of factors and issues in arising of what or how much stuff you can take with you abroad. For example you should avoid taking expensive equipments with you on a holiday and also consider how much you take with you as you will need to consider the luggage requirement sizes. The golden rule is to not to take something with you if you don’t use it at all.

From my conclusion I only decided to take my iPhone with me abroad. And to be honest that is the only gadget you need (and don’t forget to take your charger and even better a spare battery pack for your iPhone). Leave behind those unnecessary things or expensive items that you think you will need on your travel but in fact when you’re enjoying the sunshine in the holiday resort, you would wish that you didn’t bring that expensive item e.g. a DSLR Camera with you on your holiday. Because one, you didn’t really make use of it and two, you are always having to keep an eye on it because you don’t want to lose it or damage it.

holiday gadgets

Here is a list of a few technological items that you should avoid taking with you on your next holiday that you travel to:

• A Tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad, Microsoft Surface Tablet or Blackberry Playbook – you may use it to take photos, browse the internet, social media, and gather your photos so that it is ready for print. Tablets are expensive and it’s your own personal device that the thought of losing it or being stolen sends shivers down your spine.

• A Camera. Digital Camera, Camcorder, Instant Camera, DSLR Camera – To take pictures. Instant cameras don’t require any ink cartridges however they do require film packs. Cameras can get damaged and it’s just an excess item that you always have to carry around with you.

• A Laptop – to manage your holiday photos. It’s too risky to take a Netbook or laptop as it is bulky and expensive therefore there is a high risk of it being stolen.

• A Portable Printer – this device will require ink or toner cartridges in order for it to print out documents or photos. Again taking a printer with you (well a portable one), you have to decide if it is necessary to take one. Can you not wait till you’re at home to print your files or if needs must find a local shop on your holiday that accommodates for in-house printing and you can simply print from your mobile device rather than carrying a printer with you.

At inkntoneruk, our advice would be that the only technological item that you should take with you is your Smart Phone. A Smart Phone such as a Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5s or Sony Xperia Z1. This mobile device can meet the requirements of the above technologies (well apart from the portable printer that lets you print out physical hard copies of documents). The Smart Phone will be able to let you take photos, stay in touch with social media, manage your photography into albums so that it is ready for print when you come back home.

With useful features such as Apple AirPrint on your Apple iPhone 5s that lets you automatically connect to your printer and NFC functionalities that lets you print just by tapping your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your printer, printing your holiday photos has never been easier before. But don’t forget for those ‘special capabilities’ you will require a printer that includes these features. Samsung has launched the Samsung Xpress C460 and 410 Series of printers that are NFC enabled. The HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer features Apple AirPrint as well as other mobile printing capabilities such as HP ePrint and HP wireless direct printing.

nfc printer

So it’s been finalised that the only travel good you need on a holiday is your Smart Phone e.g. an iPhone 5s (or you can wait till the iPhone 6 releases as there might be advanced technologies on the iPhone 6 to make taking photos even better or adding other printing capabilities).

We hope this article has been useful to you and we would appreciate anything else you would like to add by commenting below or on a twitter, facebook or google+ pages.

Yours sincerely;


Toni B

Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards

Have fun this Easter with our easy to do printable Easter card sets. As a family, this egg hunt is a brilliant idea for your children to participate in and have fun this Easter. See below some Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards that have been designed to print out using your lovely printer whether you got an Epson, Canon, Brother, Dell, HP or Lexmark Printer.

Remember you don’t have to use the original ink cartridges from your inkjet printer to print these. As the cards will be disposable and one time use, to save money and for those in a tight-budget you can use our budget compatibles or premium compatible ink cartridges to print your Easter card sets. Even better if you didn’t know, you can send your empty ink cartridges to us using our Freepost and we will fill them up for you (this is the cheapest option to get printing those cards).

Once you have printed the 3 cards out, simply write a clue of the places where you have hid the eggs. Make sure to scatter the eggs everywhere around your home.

easter card hunt 3

Cyan Easter Egg Hunt Card (click to enlarge + print)

easter card hunt 1

Magenta Easter Egg Hunt Card (click to enlarge + print)

easter card hunt 1

Yellow Easter Egg Hunt Card (click to enlarge + print)

When the egg hunt is over, give out prizes for the achievements; you can give out prizes for the following:

1. Getting a specific colour e.g. the prizes varies depending on who got the most (blue) cyan, (red) magenta or yellow eggs.
2. Getting a specific size. Smaller eggs are harder to find so the prizes will be better for them.
3. Who collected the most eggs? Quantity also matters so the winner will be who got the most eggs.

Here’s an idea what you can write on the Egg Hunt Clue Cards;

CLUE: With 3 colours I can make you a rainbow, anything you want I can give it to you…

ANSWER: A Printer.

The 3 colours refer to the tri-colour inks used in colour printers i.e. Cyan, Magenta and Rainbow which can be used to produce a printed colourful rainbow. ‘The anything you want bit’ means that if you want anything e.g. a luxury car or the Taj Mahal the printer can give it to you (well a printed version of it).

Great Hiding Place: Now you can hide the mini eggs inside of the printer, by simply opening the printer and putting it inside the printer. Or you can also hide it in the paper tray or other convenient place of the printer. Remember to turn your printer of whilst doing this as you don’t want the printer to start turning on while the eggs inside….that could get messy!

All the best, and have a lovely Easter scavenger hunt with your family and friends;


Toni B

Print your own Amazing T-Rex illusion!

Want to get really creative? Amaze your friends, colleagues, and family members with this T-Rex illusion. Print off the T-Rex image and follow the instructions to start making it to create a T-Rex that will always follow you around. ROAAAARRR!!!! Jurassic Park is back! Watch the video to find out more before your print it.

What consumable supplies and stationary you need to make this T-Rex illusion:

1. A Printer (Epson printer, Samsung printer, HP printer, Lexmark printer, Canon printer, Dell printer etc)
2. Ink Cartridges for your printer (you can use our compatible ink cartridges to print the T-Rex if you want to save ink and money, rather than printing from the original cartridges)
3. 1 x Plain Paper
4. 1 x Scissor
5. 1 x Cello-tape or Glue

To create this T-Rex illusion, all you need to do is simply print any of the designs (at the bottom of this page), cut it out and stick it together. Leave it standing on a table and when you move around, the T-Rex’s head seems to follow you around the room (just stare at the T-Rex’s eye and you will see the illusion). If you can’t see it moving just close one eye and move back and forth and you will see the result. This effect is amazing and one of the coolest illusions ever.

Once you start printing it and making it, you can start experimenting with different designs and larger sizes e.g. A3 or go over the top and print a human sized one (like the one in the above video). If you want to print a large one you will need a special large format printer in order to do this such as the Epson SureColor SC-S30600 Printer. ALL ink cartridges for your printers can be found by visiting inkntoneruk. You can also make and design you own creature. Take a look at the images below:

optical illusions

We tried this on April Fool’s Day and put a few Dinosaurs in the shop and warehouse to scare people. It worked a treat and thought we’ll share it with our news readers.

Here are few different designs that you can print (Start off with the T-Rex design as this is the simplest one, then you can try on the others). Just click on the image to enlarge it and print from your printer and get creative!!! You can print it in colour, using a colour printer to give more depth on the dragon. Use the comment section below to let us know how well you get on.

If you need ink or toner cartridges for your printer to print this T-Rex illusion visit to find a wide variety of choices for your printer, such as budget ink cartridges, premium compatible ink cartridges and original ink cartridges. You can also send us your empty cartridges via Freepost and we will refill your empty cartridges for you.

Thanks goes to: Magician Jerry Andrus who created the dragon illusion

DOWNLOAD LINKS: (click image to enlarge, then right click and use the ‘Save image as…’ to save it and print it)

T-Rex green

Thanks to brusspup (Youtube channel)

t-rex red

Thanks to brusspup (Youtube Channel)

T-rex blue

Thanks to brusspup (Youtube Channel)


Thanks goes to

cat illusions

Thanks goes to

more dragon

Sincerely Yours


Toni B


A Quick Guide on Epson Printers

epson banenr

Epson, the proud official sponsor of Manchester United is a global imaging brand leader that is dedicated to bringing the best printing to your home or office environment using the latest high-precision technologies.

When it comes down to choosing the right type of Epson printer for you, have a look at the list of the main printer ranges from Epson;

Epson Stylus Printer Range

The Epson Stylus printers come in a massive range that is aimed for all type of consumers. The Epson Stylus range is broken down into several categories so that it is easier for individuals to identify which one is the right choice for them e.g. Epson Stylus Colour, Epson Stylus Office, Epson Stylus Photo and Epson Stylus Pro. So if you’re a normal average photo user or a professional photographer, or need a normal multi-purpose office printer the Epson Stylus range will have it all as each machines are designed for a specific purpose.

Also note that certain prefixes and suffixes are added to the end of the model numbers on the Epson Stylus printers to give consumers more details on the functionality of the printer. These includes;

‘X’ – means it’s an All-In-One printer
‘S’ – means the printer is a general-use purpose printer
‘P’ – The ‘P’ stands for photo-friendly printer
‘B’ – The ‘B’ in the suffix stands for business printer
‘F’ – always means that the Printer features faxing capabilities
‘W’ – means that the printer comes with Wi-Fi connectivity
‘D’ – stands for duplex printers that let you print on both sides of a paper

Popular Epson Stylus printers includes;
Epson Stylus Photo 1500W Printer
Epson Stylus Office BX625FWD Printer
Epson Stylus Pro 9500 Printer


Epson Expression Printer Range

The Epson Expression printer ranges are designed for home users who crave for a multifunctional printer in their home environment. For those who want matching features of a business printer, the Epson Expression printer range can offer you that as most Epson Expression printer range comes with print, copy, scan and connectivity to Wi-Fi features.

Have a look at the Epson expression printers that delivers high-quality, glossy photos and crisp, clear text when using the original ink cartridges with your all-in-one Epson expression printer:

Epson Expression Home XP-405 Printer
Epson Expression Premium XP-510 Printer
Epson Expression Photo XP-950 Printer


Epson Workforce Printer Range

The Epson Workforce printer ranges are business printers that are solely aimed for business and organisation use, as the name ‘workforce’ suggests this. With the mid to top-end Epson workforce printers you can successfully run your business at full speed and increase your workforce productivity with the compelling features that comes with the workforce range.

Take a peek at the latest inline Epson Workforce Pro business inkjet printers that came new into the market. The below Workforce Pro printers are speedy, all-in-one printers with high performance, built to meet any business needs:

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630DWF Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640DTWF Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-5110DW Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-5190DW Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-5620DWF Printer
Epson Workforce Pro WF-5690DWF Printer


In terms of the cartridges the Epson Workforce Pro printers take, the above printers take the Epson Tower of Pisa Inks which features Epson’s best DURABrite Ultra Ink that gives you special ink for first-class results. The above WF-4630DWF and WF-4640DTWF models take the Epson 79 Standard Capacity and Epson 79XL High Capacity ink cartridges for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow colours. Whilst the Epson Workforce Pro WF-5XXXX models take the same ink cartridges as above, as well as the XXL Extra High Capacity versions for all the colours.

All the original OEM printing supplies for the above ink cartridges for the Epson Workforce Pro Printer can be found at a great price by clicking on this link:

At inkntoneruk we are committed to providing the perfect online shopping experience; with the easy to use quick finder; an extensive range of cartridges all available from stock at special discounted prices including free delivery and a rewards program designed to save money on every purchase you make with us.

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Top 5 Tips on Printing Great Photos

photoprinting title inkntoneruk

Use Compatible Cartridges for normal everyday use.

Many businesses and individuals use original ink and toner cartridges for normal printing use e.g. printing business related documents such as invoices and receipts. If you are a business that prints those types of outputs then re-manufactured compatible toner cartridges are the ideal choice for you, as high definition quality won’t matter to you but saving money will. For everyday home use printing choose our refills or budget compatible ink cartridges that have been specifically designed to save a lot of money as they will do the job perfectly for you. Not a lot of in-house printing requires high definition printing quality and so it is worth trying out our cheap but decent quality compatible ink and toner cartridges. However, if you want to produce top-notch quality photographs, then the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges is the recommended choice. So remember to save cost:

1. Choose compatible ink/toner cartridges for everyday printing
2. Choose original ink/toner cartridges for high definition photo printing

Here are the top tips to consider when printing photographs from using the original manufactured cartridges.

1. Use an inkjet printer preferably a photo inkjet printer. Using an inkjet printer rather than a laser printer is a logical choice. Inkjet photo printers will cost much less than laser printers and will produce the same outcome. Remember what you pay for is what you get, so choose a high spec inkjet printer that can produce high quality photo images. For the best possible results look out for a high performing inkjet printers that features a 48-bit colour support and an optical scan resolution of at least 2,400 dots-per-inch (dpi). A dedicated photo printer will already be optimised to print photographs and will produce better quality photos compared to all-in-one devices. At inkntoneruk we can recommend the following inkjet printers to choose from: Canon MX870 Pixma Printer, Canon MG6220 Printer, Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer, HP Envy 4500 e-AiO Printer.

laser vs inkjet photo

2. Take High Definition photos with a decent camera. Always print from the original image (this should usually have a high resolution of between 2,400 to 4,800 dpi and should be more than 1mb in file size). This ensures that your photos come out more crisp and clear and not blurry. You can always tweak your digital camera or photo device to increase the resolution settings.

photo camera

3. Ensure that the up-keeping and maintenance of your photo printer is met. Always take care of your printer as instructed in the user guides. This includes cleaning the head unit and printer alignment. Things like blocked nozzles and clogged printer heads can compromise on print quality. Also turning of the printer when it’s not in use eliminates exposure to dust particles on the printer heads. Exposure to dust particles can significantly reduce the quality of the printed photos. Remember do not upgrade your printing software and agree on printer updates as they have NO relation to the quality of the prints. If you update your firmware then the compatible ink or toner cartridges may not work with your device. More can be read on this topic by click here.

printer maintenance

4. Adjust the printer settings through the application that you use to optimum settings for print quality. Software plays a big part on photo quality. There are many changes you can do to optimise your photos before you print. Use the advanced settings on the application settings for your printer to adjust things like print speed to maximum available quality, choose the right type of paper size you want to print in, adjust the resolution settings on the printer to the highest possible dpi and adjust the print settings to determine the quality you need.

printer settings

5. Find the right type of consumable supplies you need. For high quality photo printing, choose the original manufacturer supplies. You can choose the original high capacity ink and toner cartridges to print your photos with which is better value for money that gives you much more yield than buying the standard versions. Purchase the right type of original photo paper that you require for optimum results. For true-photo quality images you can choose from Matte Photo Paper, High-Gloss Photo Paper and Resin-Coated Photo Paper depending on the type of photo look that you would like to produce. Likewise with ink cartridges it is important that you choose the right type of ink for the photos that you need. The common types of inks are dye-based and pigment-based inks. It is important that you are aware of the differences. Dye-based inks produce prints with vibrant colours but they can be slow to dry and sometimes the images can become blurry. On the other hand pigment based inks have a much quicker drying time, which results in prints with clearer images. There are also waterproof, pigment-based inks available that are used for photo printing and come in individual Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black cartridges that work together to print photographs.

oem cartridges and paper

Take care when printing photos so that when you print the first time you get it right and exactly how you want it. To ensure that you buy the right ink cartridges and photo paper, and in turn get a great deal out of it choose inkntoneruk who will help you to find the right type of consumable supplies you need to start printing photos from the comfort of your home with the best possible results possible. When you go to buy cartridges, make sure you don’t pay too much for them. Don’t pay high prices by buying the original cartridges directly from the manufacturer or high street retailers, we promise that you will get the exact same original cartridges from us at a significantly low price. Need ink or toner cartridges for photo printing, choose inkntoneruk.

Sincerely Yours


Toni B



Stay Safe, there’s too many ‘Phish’ in the Internet.

inkntoneruk safe fish

If your parents have ever told you ‘there’s too many fish in the sea, be careful’…the same principle can be applied to ‘there is too many “Phish” in the Internet’ – Get it…Phishing (act of attempting to acquire personal data such as usernames and passwords)… well the point is security is a big concern for growing businesses. As your organisation expands, you may be unaware of all the factors that occur when it comes to keeping your personal data secure from hackers, Phishing, and other malicious activities. The more your business grows, the more you realise your time is so precious, that your mind is occupied with other tasks. The reality is that you get lost in your own world, and you forget about the not so obvious security issues that can occur because all energy and focus is on maintaining and growing your business.

Security and protecting your personal data is the utmost important issue for any businesses and individuals. When it comes to security attacks, we all can say that the worse ones are the ones that we least expect to see happen…those silent ones that we don’t see coming. And not just that, we are unprepared for it and they can go undetected for much longer. Until we are aware of the different type of security issues out there, then we might consider investigating them.

Here are the top 3 Tips to look out for;

Educate your employees
inkntoneruk educate
Highlight ‘Data Safety’ to all your employees. Just like how your employees want to keep their home safe by locking their doors and shutting their windows before they leave for the work. Educate your employees to keep the company data secure. E.g. don’t leave passwords lying around on a printed sheet on your desk.


inkntoneruk samsung safe printer

Stay safe with this Samsung Secure Printer:

All businesses will own and use a printer, either a single-function printer or a multifunction printer that has print, fax, scan, and copy capabilities. Did you know that almost all the printers and photocopiers in an office have a built in hard drive in the printer that stores every single document that we scan, copy, print or fax. Now what would happen if someone was to hack your printer over the network; especially if your printer has Wi-Fi capability and is a shared network printer? It is worrying the number of private documents that we scan, print, fax and copy every day. Keep your printed private documents secure and away from unauthorised access.


Last of all; always protect your most valuable assets in your business even if it costs more. Ensure that it is protected to the maximum level possible. Also think about other people’s data as well, protect your customers data too. That is why due to the significant growth of the e-commerce industry, many security measures have been placed to protect valuable customers’ data.
inkntoneruk safe secure
At inkntoneruk, we are proud to say that using our site to purchase ink and toner cartridges and other products is 100% safe and secure. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security every single time you use us. As part of this commitment inkntoneruk uses the latest security measures out there to provide you with 100% secure shopping. We use the industry leading ‘thawte SSL Web Server Certificates with EV’ to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.

Stay Safe, Be Alert, Protect Your Data…

Sincerely Yours


Toni B



From noodles to electronics, what’s new with Samsung today?

I am sure that everyone knows who Samsung are. Well it may come as a surprise to you if I said Samsung started off selling noodles. If you didn’t know, well now you do. Samsung started off trading noodles in 1938 and was founded by a guy called Lee Byung-chul, who is now considered to be one of South-Korea’s most successful businessmen.

So from noodles to electronics, what’s new with Samsung today?

Samsung Galaxy S5

All attention is already turning to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung that supersedes the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 looks good with its brilliant flawless design infused with superior Samsung and Android technology.

There is so much difference to the Samsung Galaxy S5 compared to its predecessors. Offering an impressive 2GB RAM with 2.5 GHZ Quad (S4 was 1.9 Quad), the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 16GB Memory and you can go up to 128GB with MicroSD Card.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with fingerprint sensor built into the home button (Yes I know, Samsung should stop copying Apple’s iPhone features. Shamesung); but unlike the iPhone 5s, the fingerprint on the Samsung S5 also lets you authorise PayPal transactions as well as performing other functions.

Check out the great new intro video for the Samsung Galaxy S5 here:

Also check out the next big thing, wearable products with the launch of Samsung Gear 2; the wearable Samsung Galaxy watch that links with your phone:

Samsung Innovation with Printers

Samsung Printers

With Samsung, you can be assured that quality is what you are going to get in a Samsung printer with a brand that you can trust. Samsung have made a huge difference and impression on the laser and inkjet printing industry by producing the finest printers with cutting edge technology.

Samsung offers Mono Laser Printers, Mono Multi-function Printers, Colour Laser Printers, Colour Multi-function Printers and A3 Multi-function Printers for all home and office use. Samsung printers are designed to provide consumers with a reliable and efficient office printing, with outstanding performance and enhanced output quality and colour.

Popular Printers

With the Samsung Xpress Series you can print fast with no waiting time, giving you high quality results at speeds of up to 28 pages per minute thanks to a powerful 600MHz processor and 128MB of memory. Check out the Samsung M2825ND Printer.

With the Samsung CLX-4195FN Colour Laser Multifunction Printer you can achieve high quality true colour documents at superfast speeds of up to 18 pages per minute. Check out the Samsung CLX-4195FN Printer.

With the Samsung Xpress C460FW Printer, Samsung goes further by introducing NFC technology and Wi-Fi direct to tap your mobile device to your printer to give it commands to print. Check out the Samsung SL-C460FW Printer.

Samsung Printing Innovation

Samsung is getting smarter everyday and bringing out innovative products. With so many technologies out there and the launches of Samsung products, it’s hard to keep up with this fast growing company.

At inkntoneruk you can find all the accessories that are compatible with the Samsung printers and these includes; Samsung ink toner cartridge in high yield or standard yield capacity, imaging drum unit and fuser unit.

At inkntoneruk we are committed to providing the perfect online shopping experience; with the easy to use quick finder; an extensive range of cartridges all available from stock at special discounted prices including free delivery and a rewards program designed to save money on every purchase you make with us.

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The Advantages of MFPs

What is MFP? An MFP, short for Multi-Function Printer is an All-In-One Office Printer that incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one single device. An MFP such as the Canon MX525 Pixma Printer is normally a single machine with a combination of a Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, Fax, and Email in one. This necessarily does not mean an MFP includes all of those features; it can include a combination of them depending on what type of MFPs you buy. Here we will look at the benefits of purchasing an MFP for your business i.e. an All-In-One device that replaces a host of devices.

It’s All about Space!!

It is all about space for ALL businesses. Do you have enough space in your office for a printer, scanner, fax machine and a photocopier? Cut all this down as you can reclaim your office space by replacing it with an MFP such as the HP Laserjet Pro M125nw Printer. The added benefit of a Multi-Function Printer is that you can share your MFP with your work colleagues through wired or wireless networking. Eliminate the need to find space with a network capability Multi-Function Printer such as the Brother MFC 9840CDW Printer and Dell 3335dn Printer.

Functionality is the Key to Productivity!!

As your business grows you may decide that you want to purchase a scanner, to scan documents and send to your clients. You can purchase MFPs such as the Dell B5465dnf Printer that lets you ‘Scan to Email’ directly, which reduces the time to scan your documents, upload it to your PC and then open up your Outlook and email it over. MFPs increases productivity and simplify the tasks for you. Investing in a Multi-Function Printer means that you are thinking ahead to overcome the obstacles that you might have to tackle in your business. You may not use all the features of an MFP, but having those features such as a fax or scanner will come into use when you do actually need it. This will save time and money as you won’t need to go out to purchase another device to perform that functionality.

Time is precious!!

With MFPs such as the Samsung CLX-6220FX Colour Laser Printer you won’t have to use up your valuable time to maintain your product. With an MFP, as it is one device, you won’t have to update or patch firmware of every functionality of your device e.g. scan, fax, printer. Reduce the time needed to apply numerous updates for your device. Leave your machine as it is and focus on maximising sales for your business as you will never have to update it again. Just simple first time setup and that’s it, never update any firmware or software again. Say No To Printer Updates!!

Get Rid of Waste!!

With an MFP such as the Oki MC332dn Printer you can reduce your cost whilst helping the environment! Kill two birds with one stone is the phrase for it. You only need one set of consumable supplies for your MFP’s output options. You no longer need to stock up on different type of cartridges, as the same ink or toner cartridges provide printed, faxed and copied documents. Therefore saving you money rather than buying a separate ink or toner cartridges for each of the individual devices. This also reduces the amount of packaging, ink or toner cartridges you have to dispose of or recycle. You will also be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint as MFPs consumes less electricity than the host of devices it replaces.

To summarise, MFPs saves space, time and money as it lets your print, scan, copy, fax and email in one single machine. Although MFPs such as the Ricoh Aficio MP301SP Printer can offer huge benefits, there are some downsides like in the rare occasions of a fault developing in your MFP, you might not be able to use some of the features of it. Nevertheless the benefits of MFPs are huge and they are a great investment for any business.

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