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Make the Perfect Ice Lolly!



Summer and the weekend is here! Yes, it is time for you to relax and make some home-made ice lollies to eat!

With our quick and easy to make recipe you can cool down this summer by making some home-made ice lollies for you and your kids to enjoy while you are sitting back and relaxing outside in the sun.

Unlike some of the supermarket bought lollies, you know exactly what’s going into your ice lollies, so they are healthy and also it ensures that your kids get the right nutrition which is very important on a hot day!

Get printing the following ice lolly recipe and stick on to your fridge so that you remember to make it for your kids to enjoy.

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What Will You Be Printing This Summer?

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Everyone must be loving today’s sunny weather? If you love summer and also love being creative then we have just the right thing for you.

Using your 3D printer and our 3D cartridges you can print out these wonderful objects to show off in the sun.

Before you set off in the hot weather get printing these colourful 3D objects to make the most out of your day.

So what will you be printing in this hot summer weather? Here is inkntoneruk’s round up of the best 3d printed object for the hot sunny weather.

Print out the following objects using affordable and reliable 3D plastic cartridges from inkntoneruk.

Cool 3D printed glass

Cool 3D printed glass.

A 3D printed comb when your hair is wet from the seaside, and 3D printed case to put your possessions in,

A 3D printed comb when your hair is wet from the seaside, and 3D printed case to put your possessions in.

3D Printed snack box for picnics.

3D Printed snack box for picnics.

How to use coupon or discount code at inkntoneruk


Save More Money With Coupon Codes Or Receive A Free Gift At INKNTONERUK.

Here will we will show you step by step guide how to enter discount or coupon codes at the site.

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  3. Click add to basket.
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  5. Login to your account or create a new account if you are a new customer.
  6. Where it shows you the Basket Totals, enter a valid Coupon code (where it says enter Coupon Here). Click on the blue arrow to apply the code.
  7. You will see that it says Offer Applied.
  8. Choose how you would like to pay for your shopping items under payment and order confirmation.
  9. Click the checkbox ‘Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions’ and click on the ‘Submit Order’ button.

AND THAT’S IT SIMPLE AS THAT. You discount code has been applied. Depending on what the offer is, you will be saving money on your order or receiving a free gift item from InkntonerUK.

You can also watch a step-by-step video here which will show you how to apply coupon codes at inkntoneruk.

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Top Useful Gadget Keyrings!


Here’s a list of top 15 useful gadget keyrings you can find online. These are some keyrings ideas which you can find online, which can come into use.

1. Shopping Trolley Keyrings – use it for when you don’t have a pound coin to use a shopping trolley and you can just use the ‘coin’ from your keyring.

You can get one for FREE from when you spend over £25 on ink cartridges, toner cartridges, label tapes or any other consumables from inkntoneruk. Use the coupon code below; KEY15 by this Friday to claim your free gift item.


2. USB Memory Stick Keyrings – keep a handy USB memory stick keyring at all times with you to save and transfer documents.

3. Bottle Opener Keyrings – for opening bottles

4. Tool Keyrings – e.g. for builders such as ruler, measuring tape etc.

5. Torch Light Keyrings – a small battery operated torch

6. Pen Keyrings – small pen on a keyring

7. Hidden Money Keyrings – a small tube to put £10 or £20 note in for emergency cash

8. Utility Knife Keyrings – pen knife and multi tool keyring

9. Emergency Whistle Keyrings – a small whistle keyring

10. Alarm Keyrings – a personal attack alarm keyring

11. Clock Keyrings – a handy clock on your keyring

12. Battery Tester Keyrings – a small tester to check your batterys on a keyring

13. Compass Keyrings – a small compass on your keyring

14. Calculator Keyrings – a fully functional keyring

15. Keyfinder Keyrings – a keyring that finds your keys!

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Great Savings This Pay Day Weekend!


It’s here, the end of the month where we get paid our next salary cheque. This Pay Day Weekend you can enjoy discounts and money-saving deals on a whole range of printer consumables by visiting inkntoneruk for the most affordable toner and ink cartridges online.

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HP 932XL / 933XL Ink Cartridges

Canon PG-40 / CL-41 Ink Cartridge

Brother LC123 Ink Cartridges

Canon PG-512 / CL-513 Ink Cartridges

Canon CLI-521 & PGI-520 Ink Cartridges

Brother LC223 Ink Cartridges

Brother 127XLBK and LC125XL Ink Cartridges

Canon 728 Black Toner Cartridges

Canon PGI-550PGBKXL & CLI-551XL Ink Cartridges

Pitney K780003 Bowes Blue Ink Cartridge

HP 21 / 22 Ink Cartridges

HP 85A Toner Cartridges

Brother TN2220 Toner Cartridge

Brother TN241BK Toner Cartridge

Samsung MLT-D1042S Toner Cartridge

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Brother TN2010 Toner Cartridge

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HP 05X Toner Cartridge

Brother TN2320 Toner Cartridge

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Samsung MLT-D111S Toner Cartridge

Canon 725 Toner Cartridge

Brother TN2210 Toner Cartridge

Canon 728 Toner Cartridge

HP 128A Toner Cartridge

Brother TN-325BK Toner Cartridge

HP 130A Toner Cartridge

HP 78A Toner Cartridge

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We knows it’s Pay Day and you might not want to splash out all your money until the next pay salary. Sometimes it feels like pay cheque never seem enough to last the month as you might end up buying a new phone or iPad.

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Funniest Worst Photoshop Fails Ever!


We searched online to find you the funniest worst Photoshop fails ever! Some of them are really embarrassing, which will make you think ‘what were they thinking, if they thought they would get away with it’.

We know that you have just come back to work from the long bank holiday weekend, and you really don’t feel like working straight after the break, so here are some funny Photoshop fails to lighten your mood and get you smiling again.

Feel free to bring the joy back into the office after the bank holiday by sharing these photo-shopped images to your work colleagues by either printing them out using your after-market ink cartridges or toner cartridges from inkntoneruk or you can email this page to them.

Have a laugh with your colleagues over what some people are trying to do with Photoshop to edit their photos, trying to make them look realistic and posting them on their social media pages like Facebook or twitter, thinking they could get away with it.

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Funniest Worst Photoshop Fails Ever! Share via email or Print


Bank Holiday Weekend Ideas

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It has finally come, the bank holiday weekend, where all the hard workers will be relaxing for 3 days. Say goodbye to your alarm clock or your phone alarm and make sure that you turn your alarm off on Monday so you don’t wake up early in the morning. Have a lie in in this Monday but don’t forget to turn the alarm back on again after Monday.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, whether you will be having a BBQ or going out with your friends and family, just enjoy the long weekend break and make the most of it.

This is the ideal time to forget about your work and enjoy this late May bank holiday weekend with these great events that are lined up for you to choose from.

Just print out the following poster by inkntnoneruk using your ink cartridges or you can even email it to your friends and family and let them decide what they want to do during the weekend.

bank holiday weekend

5 Best iPhone Camera and Photo Editing Apps 2015


Here are our top 5 best picks for serious iPhone photographers who like to take selfies and want to edit them quickly using their iOS device.

Camera Plus – £1.49
This Camera Plus app is one of our favourite selfie app that captures your snaps instantly. It’s well worth the £1.49 to pay for this high end camera app as it lets you shoot photos and capture crisp shots with different focus modes. Packed with so many features you will want to print out your beautiful shots using your original ink cartridges. Some of the features of this Camera Plus app includes:

  • AirSnap – You can pair two iOS devices and use on device as a remote control to capture your picture.
  • 3 Focus Modes – You can select Macro, Normal or Far mode to get really sharp photos for a different perspective.
  • Focus Shift – You can direct videos by bringing subjects in and out of focus.
  • Unlimited Tweaks – Add filters, tweaks, designs and rotate your photos to bring out the true colours of your photos.
  • Private Folder – You can lock photos safely away from public view with this feature.
  • Download the app here: Link

Afterlight – £0.79
Coming second on the list, this Afterlight app is only £0.79 and is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Once you have finished editing your photos and making them look perfect, you can quickly print them out using your compatible ink cartridges. Packed with extensive features like:

  • 15 Adjustment Tools – this allows you to enhance your photos to perfection with ease.
  • 74 Filters – we all love filters on Instagram, but unlike Instagram this app is backed with a massive 74 filters to choose from.
  • 78 Textures – Go for a real or natural light leaks with so many textures to choose from.
  • Cropping and Transforming Tools – crop your photos quickly with the 15 different preset tools.
  • 128 Frames – make your photos more stylish and stand out by adding borders and frames to your pictures.
  • Download the app here: Link

Color Splash – £0.79
The Color Splash app for the iOS lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in colour. Features of this app includes:

  • Sharing Options – Allows you to share your edited images Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr or Dropbox.
  • Saving Options – Save multiple sessions to resume your work later
  • 4 Different Brushes – Hard or soft edged, opaque or transparent and you can also adjust the brush size.
  • Undo – To save you time you can quickly undo any number of accidental brush strokes.
  • Download the app here: Link

Squaready – FREE
This Squaready is a powerful free app that lets provides you with the easiest and fastest wa to post entire photos on Instagram without cropping them. It’s a lifesaver. Features includes:

  • Ready for Instagram – make your photos into square shape quickly.
  • Find your Colour – plain colour and beautiful blur effect to your photos.
  • Powerful Photo Editor – full featured but very easy to use.
  • Download the app here: Link

BeFunky – FREE
This BeFunky app is a photo editor and collage maker. This the most feature filled photo editing and collage making app that will let you create stunning pictures. Features include:

  • Dynamic Collage Maker
  • Fix Blemishes and More
  • Fantastic Font Collection
  • Add image overlays to your photos
  • Add overlays to your photos
  • Download the app here: Link

Bringing quality to your printing, inkntoneruk can supply you with the highest quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges in the market for your printer, to print out your edited pictures and selfies. We offer a wide selection of supplies for your printer which includes ink cartridges, toner cartridges, fuser units, drum units, transfer belts and other consumables. Our compatible cartridges are world class products that are manufactured using raw materials sourced from the best in the industry so that they provide state of the art, consistent professional printing for your photos. Let us make you add more savings on your piggy bank, by offering a huge amount of cost-savings on a whole set of quality compatible toner cartridges for your copier. Use our 123 quick finder below to find your cartridges for your printer and see how much you can save today!


Printable Superhero Masks for Super Hero Day

superhero mask


It’s Super Hero Day, and you can’t start of your adventure without a good mask to conceal your identify. Help is at hand with Ink n Toner UK the number one cartridge supplier, as we have created three superhero masks for you to print out using your ink cartridges or toner cartridges from your printer. Now with these slick and cool superhero masks you will have a mask to complete your outfit for Superhero day.

Since next week will be the season finale of the TV series The Flash, we decided to create a mask for the lightning speed superhero, The Flash aka Barry Allen. Also with the new release trailer for Batman V Superman, we had to design a mask for the dark knight, Batman / Bruce Wayne. And how can forget our favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-man (Peter Parker) that everyone loves.

We hope you enjoy wearing these superhero masks for Super Hero Day and remember you can donate to the charity Cash for Kids by clicking here, it’s for a good cause after all. If you do require affordable ink or toner cartridges whether its remanufactured copy cartridges or original branded cartridges for your HP printer, Canon printer, Brother printer or any other printers you have, inkntoneruk can supply you with the highest quality inks at the lowest price you can find online as our prices includes VAT and free fast delivery and is also backed by our 100% compatibility guarantee.

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