Mother’s Day Card – Print It Out!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! What are your kids getting you for this Mother’s Day?

If you have kids, who are not old enough to buy you anything, why not get your kids thinking about you and what mother means to them by printing out this special Mother’s Day Card using your printer. You can choose to print this pretty Mother’s Day card in black and white or in colour using your ink cartridges from your printer.

All you need to do is print out this lovely card and fold it in half and give it to your special cute mommy this Sunday. We hope this card appeals to your mother and touches their heart as you are thinking about your mother by giving this sweet card. This card is best printed using the borderless settings on your printer and using the premium compatible ink cartridges from inkntoneruk that delivers more pages, uses less energy, provides premium quality finishes and is 100% compatible with your printer.

Use the back of the paper to right in your lovely message to your mother. If you require any photo paper to print out this A4 card (which you fold in half to make a card) you can purchase the premium quality photo papers from here:

Print out this lovely printable Mother’s Day Card now!

mothers day card

Holi Festival: It’s time to dance in colour!

Today is Holi which is the Hindu spring festival celebrated all over the world in honour of Krishna.

As Holi is the festival of colours, it reminds us of the tri-colours from an inkjet cartridge from inkntoneruk because colours are important when celebrating Holi. You will see loads of cyan, magenta a d yellow colours in Holi festival just like you would see the colours from a toner cartridge.

If you are getting your hands messy with Holi powder and throwing it on people for fun, make sure you leave out your furry friends. Involving your pets in Holi celebrations can be a little bit tricky when you are trying to wash all the colours off as well as it can cause harm to certain pets.

We would strongly suggest that you do NOT cover your face with the colours from the ink cartridges to celebrate Holi. Just go out and buy some colour powder paint and experience the Holi festival in this bright sunny day.

Unfortunately we do not supply colour powder paints, however if you do require ink cartridges to print out this lovely poster below, you can get them for very cheap from inkntoneruk as we offer all top brands of inkjet cartridges at very low prices to get you saving money when you shop online.

Print out the Holi poster below to mark the celebration of the Holi festival and get celebrating!

colourful holi

Back to School Essentials!

To help you go through college, school or university terms we have created a list of essential products that you need to get from inkntoneruk if you have forgotten to purchase them when you went back to school this week. It’s never too late, so order them as quickly as you can before leaving it last minute when you need it the most. Even if you do leave it too late, you can still get the product next day as we offer next day guaranteed delivery on a whole range of products.

Our Compatible Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are an essential consumable for any students as they require it the most to print of their homework and coursework. So students will be using a lot of inks during school terms as they will be busy on their printer. We at inkntoneruk can offer you the cheapest way to save money on your printing supplies. The best way to save money on printer ink cartridges is to order the compatible (remanufactured) ink cartridges for your printer machine. You can save a significant amount of money by switching over to compatibles from original branded as our compatible inks will provide you with premium quality prints for your course-works and home-work at a low price.

Ink Re-fill Service

If you just need cheap ink cartridges and you just want to pay as little as possible to print of your homework, you can order the refill service option for re-fill inks for your printer at inkntoneruk. We offer re-fill services on a vast range of printer ink cartridges. So visit our website and check to see if we do refills on your printer and you will be paying the cheapest option to have printer inks for your printer.

Memory Sticks

Isn’t it annoying when you have loads of folders of work on your PC that you can’t email them across to your school email because of the size, type and purely because there’s multiple files in a folder. It’s a real struggle when you can’t take your work with you to school to continue carrying on with it at school. The problem is solved by using a USB memory stick (also known as a flash drive) to store all your work on to the pen drive so you can take it with you everywhere you go. The memory sticks also makes a great backup device to backup your coursework in case you lose your important files on your PC. You can order all the sizes you need from including 4GB pen drive, 8GB USB stick, 16GB memory stick, 32GB flash drive, 64GB magic stick and even a massive 128GB capacity memory stick. With so many premium brands of memory sticks to choose from, you will be saving a lot of money as the memory sticks are offered at a low price at inkntoneruk and the prices shown includes free delivery and VAT included.

Memory Cards

Do you require memory cards for your college project or personal use? We offer fantastic prices on a huge range of the best selling Compact-Flash Cards, Micro SD, SD Cards, Smart-Media Cards and xD Cards of all sizes at You can order them here and save a lot of money rather than going elsewhere. Save now and order the type of memory cards you need from here.


Without paper you can’t use your inks to print on to. It is an essential consumable for a printer. We offer all sorts of photo papers from different sizes and top brands, as well as quality affordable unbranded paper to get you started with your course-works. Whether you need A3 paper or even paper rolls for your school projects, we have it all. We even sell normal multifunction paper that is used for everyday printing in our store in Barnet which you can come and take it away straight away.


A printer is important to have at home, so that you can print of research, homework, course-works and other relevant work for your school. If you live close by to Barnet, you can pop into our store at EN4 8RN and collect a printer that we sell at a very low cost price, to get you back into printing. Currently we have the Epson Expression XP-225 printer in stock that takes the affordable Epson 18XL cartridges. We have limited stock of this small-in-one printer so get your hands on them now while stocks last.


Print out this ‘Back to School Checklist’ so you that you don’t forget to purchase these essential products for your school or college work. You can print out this picture using your printer and stick it on your bedroom notice board or use a magnet and put it on your fridge. This way, when you wake up every morning, you will remember to have these essential items at your home so that you can do your homework and course-works during the school periods. Just tick the checkbox once you have bought these items offered at inkntoneruk.


Make your own Pancakes with this Easy Recipe!

If you are one of those people that went to your local supermarket to buy pancakes on Pancake Day, you should start making your own pancakes by using our simple recipe. It’s more fun and enjoyable when you make your own food as you appreciate it more, so get stuck in!

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday (the other name for it that marks the last day before Lent) is when pancakes are traditionally eaten, so be prepared for next time and print off and use this recipe to master the techniques of making the perfect pancake. Make your mum proud by making a pancake for her this weekend, even though everyone are probably fed up of all the pancakes they stuffed themselves on Tuesday 17th.

Follow our fail-safe pancake recipe that was designed by the inkntoneruk team to get you busy frying in the kitchen.

It’s a great activity for your kids to join in and not only will it be fun it will tickle your taste buds as they are delicious. You can be inspired and use the pancake to add your favourite toppings and flavours to it. Trust us, it will be eaten in a few seconds.

Treat yourself with the Pancake Recipe by printing off the image below using your HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, Samsung or other branded printers that you own:

Print Pancake Recipe:

pancake recipe

The Best Gifts to Buy for Valentine’s Day!!!


Valentine’s Day is only one day away, whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone can relate to pressures associated with getting a good Valentine’s Gifts. Most presents that people receive or get are either lame or meaningless. Here are some phenomenal gift ideas that you can get for your significant other. We hope you like these great gift ideas and appreciate why they are better than getting generic Valentine’s gifts such as teddy bears, cards and flowers.


Chocolate…! Who doesn’t like chocolate?! It is mandatory to get chocolate on Valentine’s Day for your girlfriend or boyfriend. If someone gave their girlfriend a Ferrari, they would be like ‘Awww thanks’ but is the chocolate in the glove-box or something. I could not stress how much that it is mandatory to get chocolate for your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Practical Gift Ideas

Practical gifts are better that any other gifts as they show that they are meaningful to your partner. Things that your significant partner can use make wicked gifts. It shows that you know your partner really well and the struggles they go through. These can include;

  • An iPhone charger – everyone’s charger can break all the time so get one for them that they would use on a daily basis.
  • Chopsticks – If your partner is into Chinese food
  • USB Flash drives are a brilliant idea as your partner can use it whenever they don’t have one to use.
  • Printer Ink Cartridges – Printing consumables that your partner will use on a daily basis can help them appreciate why you got it for them. You can get all the printer inks for your partner from inkntoneruk and they will guarantee to work with their machine.

These gifts make sense to get for your significant other because if you get a generic item like a teddy bear, it shows that you don’t really know them well.

Experience Gift Ideas

Experiences make fantastic gifts as experiences create memory and memory makes the perfect gifts. Real experiences are way much better than material gifts. Experience gifts can include going to;

  • Concerts
  • A comedy show
  • Archery class
  • Horse riding
  • Ice Skating
  • Trying out a new restaurant or a new type of cuisine
  • Baking together will bring you closer to your partner

Food Gift Ideas

Food is foolproof gift idea for any partner. Gifts that you can eat bring pleasure and makes sense to give to someone. But be spontaneous by doing the following;

  • Pizza- who doesn’t like pizza! Order a pizza for your valentine’s partner
  • Cupcakes are another great food gift
  • You can also get creative, instead of giving someone a bouquet of flowers; give them a bouquet of cupcakes!

Other Gift Ideas

Gifts don’t always have to be about giving material items to your partner. It can be about taking away something negative that your partner experiences. A great gift idea will be about acts that take away stress. You won’t need cupid no more if you do something that makes a positive change to your partner’s life. An act that takes away stress is something like doing your significant other’s essay for them. Be like here you go I have done your 20 pages essay, so you can relax tomorrow and don’t have to worry about. Another act that will take away stress is fixing your partner’s printer if they can’t get it to work when trying to print out their 50 page coursework. For any advice on getting our compatible ink cartridges to work just contact us at and we will advise you on how to install your printer cartridges. Imagine your partner is stressing as they have run out of toner cartridges and can’t print their dissertation, help them out. You can rely on us at inkntoneruk to get speedy delivery on your printer cartridges when you need it the most.

Don’t stress too much over Valentine’s Day. If your significant other is upset over not getting a gift or is not entirely impressed with the gift that you gave them as it’s nothing fancy or expensive, don’t stress about it. If they don’t appreciate it then they don’t know what Relationships are about. What matters the most is that your partner is loving you on the other 364 days. These are the things that matters and not just one day, February 14th. If someone buys you chocolate or the other gifts mentioned above on other days and not just on Valentine’s Day, then that’s true love. Buying gifts for no reason and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day is the best way to go to make your significant other happy.

How to print letters to everyone in your Address Book

Have you ever wondered how to print letters to everyone in your address book. Say you want to send out the same letter to so many people, that means you will have to manually enter each one of your addressee’s contact details and click ‘file’ and ‘print’ for each one you change. This is OK if you had like 1 or 5 contacts but imagine you having to do that for 200 contacts or more, it will do your head in and waste so much of your time!! Here we have a quick solution that will let you automatically populate each letter with contact details from your address book and you can simply print it in one go. We will do this using Microsoft’s Mail Merge that will let you send a letter to many people, therefore increasing your productivity as you won’t have to do it manually.

What you need:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Printer like; HP, Canon, Brother, Dell, Samsung, Epson etc.

Step-By-Step Guide:

Make an Excel spreadsheet with all your Contacts with the following headers and then fill in ALL your contact details. Then save the file, I called it ‘sampleaddress’. This is what it should look like:

contact address

spreadsheet saved as 'sampleaddress’

1. Open up Microsoft Word
2. Under the Mailings tab on Word, Click on Start Mail Merge and choose Letters

3. Click on ‘Select Recipients’ and choose ‘Use Existing Lists…’

5. Find your ‘sampleaddress’ spreadsheet and Open it. Then in the dialog box Press OK to select Sheet1$

7. Click on Insert Merge Field and then Insert all the fields that you want it to appear on the letter. You can tidy up the fields afterwards by pressing the Enter (Return) to keep the fields on a new line.

10. Now Right down the date in a new row, then Dear and Insert the name field;

11. Add the content of the letter with your signature.

12. You can click on preview results to check how it looks with the actual names

13. Finally Click on Finish & Merge and click on Print Documents. Click OK to print ALL records on the ‘Merge to Printer’ Dialog box.

Now you know how to use mail merge to successfully print a letter to everyone in your contact book. Remember you can save on your ink cartridge or toner cartridge to print of those 200 letters using our compatible cartridges (remanufactured cartridges) as they cost so much less than buying the originals (almost up to 75% off!!!). As well as costing you so less, they even last much longer that the original OEMs and you will have enough ink left over after you have printed 200 pages. For instance check out the savings and how much inks are filled in the following ink cartridges at inkntoneruk.

ORIGINALS OEMs: Epson 16XL High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge (C13T16314010)
Page Yield: 500 Pages
Cost: £14.22 (still much less than any other competitors you will find online)

PREMIUM COMPATIBLES: Epson 16XL High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge (C13T16314010)
Page Yield: 845 Pages (345 pages more than the Original branded inks)
********Cost: ONLY £3.84 (TOTAL SAVINGS you make is £10.38)********

So you Save over £10 Off and you get EXTRA 345 pages for FREE when you buy our compatible ink cartridges over the original branded cartridges.

Pay Day – Spend your Money Wisely

There was a good quote we found that said ‘Work Until Your Bank Account Looks Like A Phone Number’, but it’s very difficult not to spend money specially when its pay-day on the last working day of the month. However you should spend your money wisely by only using your money for the lists on our pie chart and in that way you won’t run out of money quickly. We all know that feeling that we have on the last week before pay day where we are just scraping by and counting our pennies as we have run out, and have no choice to dip into our overdrafts in the last week before pay day to buy the essential things. Yes it is a very miserable experience when that happens because you have worked really hard last month and all you want to do is SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. If you look back you will realise that you have used up all your money by blowing it on drinks at the pubs and nights out every Friday. Our pie chart should help you to give you a rough indication on how much money you should spend on certain things.

Instead of blowing all your payday money straightaway to the pub or nights out, just plan ahead and buy the essentials before you run out of money before next payday. We have made a budget chart of products that are necessary to buy so that you don’t end up broke and can’t afford to buy them. Use the pie chart and that way you can spend money on things that are necessary as well as have some savings.

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

Put printer inks on your list of items to buy. Without inks you can’t print and it is an essential consumable in a household that use printing for various things like printing your bills, course-works, home-works, cv, documents and many more. So it’s a good idea to keep some spare money aside from your payday to buy printer inks.

For the cheapest ink/toner cartridges, reduce your costs on printer inks by visiting inkntoneruk and purchasing from this premium online retailer. You will find that by spending your money with us, you can cut your costs by up to 50% on printer consumables rather than buying inks from other retailers. You will be surprised how much you save in a year when you shop with us compared to your current supplier or when you buy from elsewhere. Try us today and we can guarantee that you will be pleased on how much you have cut down on your budget for printer inks and toners. Spend your money wisely and purchase ink cartridges first before you run low from your payday money.

If you want to lower your costs on printer ink cartridges even more we would recommend to try our compatible ink cartridges or budget compatible or premium compatible toner cartridges from inkntoneruk which cuts your expenditure right down. Just compare the savings you make from original cartridges to compatible cartridges (it’s a lot!!!) and that way you have more money left over from your payday.

Providing you’re sensible and you cut back on luxuries, here’s how you should budget every month before the next payday:

piechart budget

Removing Printer Ink Stains

Picture this moment, you’re in your office working on some projects and you got a business meeting to go to later so you want to appear presentable. You are rushing around and getting your documents printed quickly. The toner cartridges become low as you have run out, so you try to change your printer cartridges quickly, however by not removing thwe cartridge correctly you have spilled a little ink on your hands. What are you going to, who you going to call? You don’t want to look like a mess! First of all, don’t panic as you will NOT get ink poisoning. Ink poisoning on your skin is absolutely false, as ink poisoning can only occur if you orally ingest large quantity of ink. Again no need to panic when inkntoneruk are always here to give you free advice and tips on how to remove printer ink stains so it would look like you never had marks in the first place.

We offer refill services on a whole range of ink cartridges where you send us an empty inkjet cartridge that can be refilled, and we fill it up with our top quality inkntoneruk ink. Our specialist warehouse team who manages the refill service, re-fill and test refilled inkjet cartridges everyday to make sure high quality standards are met to a high specification. They are the expert in handling ink cartridges, and once in a blue moon, they may come across with ink stains on their skin. Our warehouse team knows every single method to get of ink stains out from their skin; they are the expert after all. When you refill ink cartridges yourself using our refill kits, as you are not experienced enough you may be left with some stains from spillage if you are not careful and not using protective gloves.

99% of the time your printer cartridges won’t spill because we use the highest and strongest quality cartridge container which holds the ink securely in place. We are known for providing superior premium range ink/toner cartridges that eliminates these problems that you may come across when using other retailers. In the rare occasions when you do get a little mark in your hands, it’s probably because the cartridge wasn’t removed and handled properly. But no need to worry as the ink stains can be removed.

Here we will share with you some easy methods to get ink marks out from your skin. This list has been compiled from getting expert advice from our warehouse team who handles ink on a daily basis.

Tea Tree Oil – This idea came from removing permanent marker pen marks from surfaces and it works perfectly with printer ink stains. You can pick one of these up for about £2-£3 and it is one of the quickest, safest and natural ways to remove printer ink stains from your skin. Just drop a few drops in the affected area and wipe with a kitchen towel. Repeat the method until the ink is completely gone from the area.

Nail Polish Remover – Only use this to remove ink or toner from your skin because if you use it in other surfaces, it may discolour the product. Nail varnish removers works great as well to remove ink marks, and the proof is there as you can see how quickly women use nail varnish remover to remove nail paintings. All you need to do is put a tiny amount of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rub it where the stain is and you will see how quickly it vanishes away.

Alcohol – Most households have alcohol lying around somewhere in their cabinets. You can also use this in the same way as nail polish remover by adding a tiny amount on a cotton ball and rubbing it to remove ink stains. Just remember not to use the expensive branded alcohols as it will be a waste.

Face Wipes – You can also use face wipes that includes alcohol as its ingredient. Just simply wipe the affected area to remove the marks. This is also a quick and simple way to remove ink cartridge stains.

Baby Oil – baby oil or olive oil can be used to remove some of the ink but it’s not as affected as the others above, but can help when you have a small amount of ink in your hands.

Sugar – Sugar helps to absorb the ink, so you can use it in combination with tea tree oil, nail polish remover or alcohol to scrub the affected area and this helps to remove the dead skin cells that contain some of the ink.

Others remedies that you can try and has been successful in removing printer ink and toner stains:

  • Soap
  • Bleach
  • Hairspray
  • Milton Steriliser Fluid
  • Baby Wipes
  • Washing up Liquid
  • Toothpaste
  • Clorox Cleaning Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser
  • Salt and Lemon Juice

So here you have it, the most common remedies for getting printer ink stains out from your skin. You don’t have to panic no more and cover the marks up with makeup and foundations, just use any of the solutions above when you do somehow manage to get ink marks on your skin and you will successfully be able to get rid of it.

Dos and Don’ts of Your Office Printer

dos&dontsprinter inkntoneruk

Here you will find the complete list of things or we call it Rules that you should follow when you start your new job at the office. Don’t mess up your first day at your workplace and create a bad impression with your boss and your work colleagues by doing the following things with your office printer. The rules are simple and you should follow all of these guidelines so you don’t put yourself in a situation.


Don’t print personal stuff. You should avoid not to print documents of things that are not work related. You should only use your work printer to print work-related documents and not print personal things like concert tickets, bills etc. Your work is paying for the toner cartridges so you shouldn’t be eating away at their money. Using office equipments to print personal stuff not only costs your company money but it can also disrupt your actual work for other colleagues that need to print. It may be the case that some employers will be fine about you using the office printer to print one or two pages but you can’t assume that your employer will be fine with it.

Don’t scan your body parts. Sadly some people do this, they use the copier feature of the printer to scan and copy their butt as a practical joke. We don’t know why but some people like to copy their butts with the printer, it’s completely insane! You can get into a lot of trouble at your workplace for doing this so don’t ever try this. You can also damage the printer but we won’t go into much details, it’s disgusting.

Don’t kick your printer. Don’t’ take the frustration out on the printer if it doesn’t print. Yes, it may work on certain electrical equipments where you bang it and it works fine but don’t do it with an office printer as you can cause damage to something that is not yours, it’s work property. Instead look for solutions as to why it’s not printing such as paper jam, low toner, is it turned on?, driver issues and printer error messages etc.

Don’t play around with the printer if you don’t know what you are doing. If your office printer isn’t working, don’t start unplugging it and turning it off. The problem could be just with your computer and everyone else can print fine. This way you are not disrupting other colleague’s workflow. Check for solutions with your computer first or contact your technical department to assist you as to why you can’t print.

Don’t update your printer drivers. You should also not update any printer drivers on your computer, simply because your workplace maybe using compatible toner or ink cartridges and if you update your printer, new drivers and software can stop accepting compatible cartridges for your printer. This can double the cost of the printing supplies for your employer as they will be forced to just buy original cartridges (OEM) as the office printer can no longer accept re-manufactured toner cartridges or compatible inks. Your boss won’t be a happy bunny.


Keep spare toner or ink cartridges. Always keep a minimum of one spare ink cartridge or toner cartridge at your workplace. Printing is essential for any workplace and productivity can significantly drop if you run out of ink and can’t print no more. At inkntoneruk we emphasise this so much that we list twin packs and triple packs for every black ink or toner cartridges so that it makes ordering very simple and you save a huge amount for ordering multipacks. By ordering spare cartridges (twin and triple packs) you have peace of mind that you will never run out of ink as you have a spare one, so that when it’s time to replace your toner you simply just get it from your office shelf and replace them rather than waiting for a day or two for your new replacement cartridges to be delivered.

Find the cheapest supplier. To make a good impression to your employer suggest to your boss to try inkntoneruk for all their printing consumable supplies. We can guarantee that your boss will find the best price online and in-store for ink/toner cartridges, fuser units, drum units and other consumables for their printer. Once your employer has used us, you will see that your boss will continue to use us for many years as we provide many benefits for offices and businesses such as giving you the option pay by invoice/credit and earn loyalty scheme points which can be used to get more discounts from future purchases.

Use compatible cartridges. Want your workplace to save up to 70% on their cartridges? Inform your boss to get in touch with inkntoneruk by visiting us online where we can explain to them the full benefits of using compatible toner cartridges for their business and saving up to 70% of the cost rather than using original branded printing cartridges.

So here you have it, the things that you should and shouldn’t do at your workplace. Show your boss your professionalism and follow the above rules, as the above will be the right thing to do at your work office. Remember don’t be a printer abuser at your work place by ignoring our DON’Ts.

A look back at 2014 & sneak peak of 2015 at InknTonerUK

2014 was a busy year for all of us at inkntoneruk, from new product offering and launches to new features added to the site. Here we look back at the great things we have done at inkntoneruk to make your shopping experience better and there is a quick sneak peak at the end of what’s coming at inkntoneruk this year.

New Product Launches

3D printers have created quite a storm in the printing industry in 2014 and have become a big hit. It is a huge growing market with loads of potentials as there are more demands for them. If you are looking for the best prices on 3D cartridges then look no further than inkntoneruk. We are proud to say that we offer amazing low prices on 3D cartridges making them affordable to use. The reason why our prices are the cheapest is that we at inkntoneruk have an amazing relationship with our suppliers and therefore we can offer 3D printer cartridges to our customers at an incredible price. We have selected a few lines of popular 3D printers and are offering the cartridges that go into these printers at a great price. To check our full range of 3D cartridges that we have to offer please follow this link here:

3d cartridges

As well as selling printer ink and toner cartridges, we have added a vast range of products to our Stationary Department where you can find cheap affordable office equipments and accessories such 3D Printing Pens, Calculators, Blank CDs & DVDs, Cleaning Products, Computer Mouse & Keyboards, Headsets, Laptop Cases, PC Speakers, Refill Kits, SD Cards, Shredders, Adhesives & Tapes, Books, Pads & Albums, Desktop Accessories, USB Hubs, USB Memory Sticks, Webcams and many more.

Quantity Discounts

In addition to our value packs that we have to offer which gives you a discount when purchasing inks and toners that comes as a combo pack, twin pack, triple pack, multipack and colourpack we also let customers save more money and get a greater discount when ordering more of the same item and we call this Quantity Discount. This is where you buy more and pay less with us. Every product listed on our site will let you save money when you buy 3-4 of the same item and when you buy more than 5 items you save further. Our inks and toners are already cheap as it is, but there are occasions when consumers want to save even more money just because they are spending more and buying more. This is the reason why we provide ‘bulk buying discounts’ as an incentive for our customers. Our website will let you know how much you will pay for the item individually when you purchase 3-4 items or 5+ items as shown below.

quantity discounts

Exclusive Discount Codes

If you have signed up for our email newsletter or following us on our social media like facebook, twitter, google+ or you are a customer of us (who have opted in to receive emails) then you will receive our exclusive discount codes which you can use the coupon code to save big on your next order at inkntoneruk. Aside from getting discounts from your next order we also give out free items with your order. The current promotion that we have running at inkntoneruk is where we send out a FREE 16GB Verbatim Memory Stick worth £6.99 on any orders that you place at inkntoneruk worth £45 or more. It’s a cracking deal and all you need to do is enter the coupon code: MEM115 at the checkout and we will post the free gift with your order.

memory stick offer

Social Integration

Since last year our social media have been growing vastly. We like to keep people updated with the latest trend and news with anything to do with the printer industry as well as offering exclusive promotions and incentives when you purchase from us through social media. We like to promote our special offers via our social media so it’s worthwhile to follow us on our social media platforms. To make it easier for you to find us on your preferred social media, we have integrated our site so that you can easily follow us. Check the image below which shows how you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Remember to stay in touch with our exclusive promotions by making sure that you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Google+. We currently have over 14,800 followers on twitter who gets our special offers; 2,877 followers on facebook who gets our special offer and 357 followers on google+ who gets our special offers (with over 1 million views). If you are not one of our followers, you are missing out on our promotions, so do follow us to maximise your benefits when ordering online.

social media

We can carry on listing all the positive things that we have done at inkntoneruk in 2014 but it will be never-ending. So here’s just a quick sneak preview of what’s to come in 2015 at inkntoneruk. To get full details of all the changes in the coming next few months do follow us on our social media network where we will keep you updated.

What’s in store for Inkntoneruk in 2015:

  1. Big changes to the site design to make it easier to search and identify products
  2. Bigger Discounts on your printer ink and toner cartridges by offering value packs for every single product e.g. combo pack, twin pack, triple pack, multipack and colourpack (where applicable).
  3. A huge range of compatibles (budget and premium remanufactured) toner cartridges will be added to the site, so that hopefully with majority of the printers you have 3 options to choose from i.e. budget compatible, premium compatible and original branded products (OEM).
  4. More exclusive discounts and free gifts will be given when placing an order at and you will be notified of this via email or social media.
  5. New product offerings with a huge range of products to choose from.

And there’s many more, so keep in touch with us where we will announce any changes that we make that will benefit you, when you shop at