A look back at 2014 & sneak peak of 2015 at InknTonerUK

2014 was a busy year for all of us at inkntoneruk, from new product offering and launches to new features added to the site. Here we look back at the great things we have done at inkntoneruk to make your shopping experience better and there is a quick sneak peak at the end of what’s coming at inkntoneruk this year.

New Product Launches

3D printers have created quite a storm in the printing industry in 2014 and have become a big hit. It is a huge growing market with loads of potentials as there are more demands for them. If you are looking for the best prices on 3D cartridges then look no further than inkntoneruk. We are proud to say that we offer amazing low prices on 3D cartridges making them affordable to use. The reason why our prices are the cheapest is that we at inkntoneruk have an amazing relationship with our suppliers and therefore we can offer 3D printer cartridges to our customers at an incredible price. We have selected a few lines of popular 3D printers and are offering the cartridges that go into these printers at a great price. To check our full range of 3D cartridges that we have to offer please follow this link here: www.inkntoneruk.co.uk/printers/3d-cartridges

3d cartridges

As well as selling printer ink and toner cartridges, we have added a vast range of products to our Stationary Department where you can find cheap affordable office equipments and accessories such 3D Printing Pens, Calculators, Blank CDs & DVDs, Cleaning Products, Computer Mouse & Keyboards, Headsets, Laptop Cases, PC Speakers, Refill Kits, SD Cards, Shredders, Adhesives & Tapes, Books, Pads & Albums, Desktop Accessories, USB Hubs, USB Memory Sticks, Webcams and many more.

Quantity Discounts

In addition to our value packs that we have to offer which gives you a discount when purchasing inks and toners that comes as a combo pack, twin pack, triple pack, multipack and colourpack we also let customers save more money and get a greater discount when ordering more of the same item and we call this Quantity Discount. This is where you buy more and pay less with us. Every product listed on our site will let you save money when you buy 3-4 of the same item and when you buy more than 5 items you save further. Our inks and toners are already cheap as it is, but there are occasions when consumers want to save even more money just because they are spending more and buying more. This is the reason why we provide ‘bulk buying discounts’ as an incentive for our customers. Our website will let you know how much you will pay for the item individually when you purchase 3-4 items or 5+ items as shown below.

quantity discounts

Exclusive Discount Codes

If you have signed up for our email newsletter or following us on our social media like facebook, twitter, google+ or you are a customer of us (who have opted in to receive emails) then you will receive our exclusive discount codes which you can use the coupon code to save big on your next order at inkntoneruk. Aside from getting discounts from your next order we also give out free items with your order. The current promotion that we have running at inkntoneruk is where we send out a FREE 16GB Verbatim Memory Stick worth £6.99 on any orders that you place at inkntoneruk worth £45 or more. It’s a cracking deal and all you need to do is enter the coupon code: MEM115 at the checkout and we will post the free gift with your order.

memory stick offer

Social Integration

Since last year our social media have been growing vastly. We like to keep people updated with the latest trend and news with anything to do with the printer industry as well as offering exclusive promotions and incentives when you purchase from us through social media. We like to promote our special offers via our social media so it’s worthwhile to follow us on our social media platforms. To make it easier for you to find us on your preferred social media, we have integrated our site so that you can easily follow us. Check the image below which shows how you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Remember to stay in touch with our exclusive promotions by making sure that you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Google+. We currently have over 14,800 followers on twitter who gets our special offers; 2,877 followers on facebook who gets our special offer and 357 followers on google+ who gets our special offers (with over 1 million views). If you are not one of our followers, you are missing out on our promotions, so do follow us to maximise your benefits when ordering online.

social media

We can carry on listing all the positive things that we have done at inkntoneruk in 2014 but it will be never-ending. So here’s just a quick sneak preview of what’s to come in 2015 at inkntoneruk. To get full details of all the changes in the coming next few months do follow us on our social media network where we will keep you updated.

What’s in store for Inkntoneruk in 2015:

  1. Big changes to the site design to make it easier to search and identify products
  2. Bigger Discounts on your printer ink and toner cartridges by offering value packs for every single product e.g. combo pack, twin pack, triple pack, multipack and colourpack (where applicable).
  3. A huge range of compatibles (budget and premium remanufactured) toner cartridges will be added to the site, so that hopefully with majority of the printers you have 3 options to choose from i.e. budget compatible, premium compatible and original branded products (OEM).
  4. More exclusive discounts and free gifts will be given when placing an order at inkntoneruk.co.uk and you will be notified of this via email or social media.
  5. New product offerings with a huge range of products to choose from.

And there’s many more, so keep in touch with us where we will announce any changes that we make that will benefit you, when you shop at inkntoneruk.co.uk.

New Year Sale Now On At Inkntoneruk

New Year Sale Now On At Inkntoneruk

We at inkntoneruk.co.uk wish you a very happy new year! Hope everyone was counting down to midnight and enjoyed the countdown to the start of the New Year..!

It’s a nice new fresh start to the New Year and we would like to Welcome any new customers to visit us. If you have been experiencing unsatisfactory service from other online retailers of ink and toner supplies it’s time for a change and try inkntoneruk where you will be 100% satisfied. Our service from product to order to dispatch to delivery is excellent and once you use us you will stick with us, we can guarantee it. Our dedicated customer service will take care of all your needs whether you have problems ordering and using reward points or you have issues with your printer we can help you to resolve this very quickly, so that you can get back to printing your daily documents.

Purchase from inkntoneruk and you will surely love our amazing low prices as your printer inks will be highly affordable as we are one of the cheapest online retailers for printer ink and toner cartridges.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get for being a new customer at inkntoneruk. First of well we would like to welcome everyone and think that by giving these benefits you will appreciate our warm Welcome;

£3 off your next order. As a first time buyer we will give you 300 Reward Points for FREE. You don’t have to use your 300 points as they never expire, you can just collect more and build it up so you get a greater discount next time you order from us. But remember to get 300 points added to your account you need to use the discount code NEW300RP and spend a minimum of £10 to qualify (new customers only).


You will be automatically added to our Reward system. This is an incentive where you collect points (like nectar points) which you can use anytime you want to get money off your next order. The more orders you place, the more points you earn.

We will only send you good stuff when you subscribe to our newsletter. We will let you know of all the latest promotions and activities that we have running at inkntoneruk. For instance for the New Year sale period we sent out an email to our customers giving them a 10% discount on all orders of compatible ink and toner cartridges. Throughout last year we also offered our customers to get Triple Reward Points added to their account using our discount code when you order products from us, which means that you have a much greater discount of your next orders.

Our prices are the cheapest. For the New Year we have slashed our prices right down so that we can make your toner and ink replacements as cheap as possible for you. With up to 3000 prices dropped and many more to drop soon, it is our biggest New Year sale. Don’t forget ALL our deliveries are free so you won’t have to pay a penny more for getting the item out to you fast (unless you want it for next day which you can pay a small fee).

If you want to find out more of the benefits and level of service that we provide visit inkntoneruk now for the cheapest high quality ink and toner cartridges for your printer.

Merry Xmas Desktop Wallpaper from Inkntoneruk

It’s the time of the year again where you will see people dressed up as Santa in the streets and shops will be packed with people fighting over last minute Christmas Shopping. Don’t we just love it, the festive season..!

Everyone deserves to feel special at Christmas and we at inkntoneruk are doing our bit to make people’s lives better. As you may be aware from the emails we have sent you the last few days, we want to help people that are not in a good situation during the Christmas period. Rather than as we would normally do during the Christmas period where we send out gifts to our customers as a token of appreciation for purchasing ink and toner cartridges from us, we will be donating our money to Caring for Kids. The funds normally spent on Christmas Gifts for our customers will be going to this lovely charity called Caring for Kids that does many things to improve lives of thousands of less fortunate children in the UK. Christmas is a time for joy and to make a difference to disadvantaged children during this time of year is a big thing for us as we would like to see people especially children celebrate and be happy.

On behalf of the whole dedicated Inkntoneruk Team we would like to thank each and every one of you for all your business this year. Here’s to a great festive season and a very Merry Christmas.

One last thing…if you need some toner and ink cartridges to fill up your stockings, order them now from inkntoneruk for delivery before Christmas. We also have some great gift ideas like 3D Pens, PC accessories, and Memory Sticks which will be ideal for filling your stockings.

Enjoy your Christmas week and download inkntoneruk’s festive season desktop wallpaper.

inkntoneruk wallpaper xmas 2014

To Download Inkntoneruk’s Christmas wallpaper and set as desktop background on your computer, right click on the image and click ‘Save image as…’ to download it, and then from where you have saved it on your computer e.g. on your desktop folder, right click on the image and select ‘Set As Desktop Background’ to set it as your desktop background.

Printing during the Christmas period

There are so many things that you can print during the Christmas period to keep your printer busy and get in the Christmas spirit. So if you have given your home printer a rest while you are away from work for Christmas, turn it back on and order some compatible ink and toner cartridges from inkntoneruk.co.uk and get printing these fantastic Christmas ideas to celebrate this festive season.

Christmas Cards

The first thing that comes to mind when printing during Christmas is Christmas Cards. It’s an obvious one. Printing your own Christmas cards makes it more personal to whoever you give it to as they will appreciate the personalised message more and also the design as it will cater to them. Of course you can go to Clinton Cards and buy your cards but the printed design and message will not be unique as anyone can go and get the exact same card. Some people may also go to MoonPig and pay a premium for having personalised cards designed. It’s ok if you need one card from them, but what if you need around 10-30 so you can give it to your close friends and family which can set you back a few pounds. You can save a tremendous amount of money and time if you print out your own Christmas cards as you won’t have to pay any one to design and print it for you. You just have to use your own equipment which is your printer and your ink cartridges. To design your cards you can simply browse Google where they will offer loads of online photo editors and card designs and you can quickly make it there. There are so many sites out there that will offer images like Google images that you can use to get Christmas pictures and put them on your card. Printing your own Christmas cards is a fun and free way to send our festive cards to the people you love and you don’t even have to wait for your cards to be delivered to you or having to pick it up from a card retailer. So if you are in a tight budget during Christmas and want to save money then print out your greeting cards for free. Order some ink cartridges (for the cheapest and quickest option buy our remanufactured inks) now from inkntoneruk so you can print your cards out straight away.

Dear Santa Letters

Encourage your Children to write to Santa so Santa knows what to get for them. As Santa is very busy this time of year and with billions and billions of presents he needs to get for everyone he might miss yours if you haven’t written him a letter. To get your kids prepared we have these cute templates that you can print off and get your children to write their letter to Santa. We love encouraging children to write and develop their skills that’s why we at inkntoneruk are working closely and supporting the charity: Caring for Kids.

There are many other Christmas printable that you can find across the web to print for you and your children to enjoy. Some of the popular ones are;

Printable Christmas Colouring Pages
Printable Christmas Wish List
Printable Christmas Advent Calendars
Printable Christmas Gift Tags
Printable Christmas Paper Ornaments
Printable Christmas Games e.g. Jigsaw Puzzles and Memory Card Games.
Printable Christmas Props (cut out and use them on your face e.g. Santa’s hat and beard)

Keep the Christmas Spirit alive and encourage your friends and family and your children to enjoy this festive season by printing out the above free Christmas printable before Christmas Day!! Enjoy from inkntoneruk.co.uk

Concept Futuristic Printers

Isn’t technology amazing!! The things that we can do today that if we look back thousands of years ago, we cannot even imagine that these things will be possible. People will laugh at us or call us mental if we told them that there will be a mobile device that we can talk through it to someone who is 100 miles away and they can hear and communicate back to us (mobile phone). They would think that we are crazy as they can’t imagine such a device will exist. But for this generation we take things for granted and believe that these technologies ‘always existed’ as we cannot imagine without it. So when new technologies come out, people aren’t as such surprised today as how people might be if they found a mobile phone like in the early 90s. We have progressed so much, and there are more new innovations coming out in the near future. Here we have put together a list of concept printing technologies that we would like to see come out in the near future.

Pencil Printer

A printer can be improved several ways by changing its size and making it more compact, less noisy, and portable. Check out this environmentally friendly printer by Hoyoung Lee, Seunghwa Jeong and Jin-young Yoon called the Pencil Printer. This printer uses black pencil lead instead of toners to print out on to the paper. As pencil lead is used the benefit of it is that you can correct mistakes by rubbing them out, therefore the paper is recyclable.

Laptop Printer

Wouldn’t you love to have a mobile printer that you can take with you anywhere with your laptop. Simply connect this Trak printer (designed by Hung Chih Wang) to the USB slot of your laptop and attach it to the back of your laptop and print your documents out. The portable printer is detachable and acts as the perfect accessory for your laptop, as it is ideal for printing quick print jobs on the go.

Food Printer

The food printer is essentially a 3d printer that prints out food by mixing the stored ingredients together. For those that might not be a great cook, and wants to rustle up a quick meal with your favourite ingredients, let the food printer mix, heat and serve your food on the plate.

Stick POP printer

Everyone appreciates gadgets, and this is one gadget that will make people want one as they can easily put it in their pocket and carry it around. This very small printer can connect to USB port slots and is able to print out paper in small quantity. It looks like one of them small label laminators that you may have one in your office. The Stick POP Printer is very cool for fashionable people.

Instant Cartridge Printer

Remember those days of buying disposable cameras? This instant cartridge printer takes its inspirations from disposable cameras. Instead of buying a printer, why not buy the different type of cartridges and literally print from it. For example if you want to print 800 pages in black and white, then buy an instant mono cartridge printer, use up all the 800 pages capacity and then once depleted throw it away and buy another instant cartridge whenever you need to print.

Roller Paper Printer

Although it looks like a roll of toilet paper, it isn’t! With this roller paper printer you can continue printing as much information as you need, then use the cutter to cut the paper when you want to, therefore reducing paper wastage as you won’t be throwing away blank spaces (unprinted paper).

Black Friday Deals at inkntoneruk

black friday inkntoneruk

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year where many retailers slash their prices and offers some amazing deals on their products. It comes the day after Thanksgiving Day and marks the start of the holiday shopping season for the Christmas period. This is why there is no surprise when people will stand in line hours before store is opened to grab the bargain of the year. But why wait in a queue at our shop, when you can just shop online for printer inks and get the best deals that you can find by visiting us, inkntoneruk.co.uk

When you shop at inkntoneruk.co.uk you ALWAYS will get the best deals as we have the lowest price for ink and toner cartridges, so you don’t have to shop elsewhere. Whether it’s Black Friday or Mothers Day or just a boring Monday you can always expect to get the best prices for printer inks as we lower our prices every day, beating other retailers that offer printing consumables.

On our home page, we display the number of products that we have reduced our prices for this Black Friday Sale. For this year’s Black Friday at inkntoneruk.co.uk, we have lowered over 1,400 products, giving you the best deals on ink and toner cartridges and making them much more affordable than any other online retailers. If you look at Toni B on our home page, you can see that ‘Today I’ve lowered the price of 1433 products, so that means 2200 cheaper prices this week!’

There are many sites that claim they are low but if you investigate the product offering of these sites you will realise that the quality of the item is poor and there are hidden charges which you will only realise in the checkout process page before you submit your order. For example some sites show the prices exclusive of VAT. So when you add the ink cartridges to the basket, you will notice the displayed price is actually incorrect (as it was showing without VAT), but in your shopping basket, you will see it added the VAT cost on top of the product price. This is how some retailers try to trick consumers into thinking that they are cheaper than inkntoneruk, because they don’t clearly show all the charges. You will only notice the charges once you have wasted time filling out your billing and shipping details and before you submit your order…you see these charges. How annoying is that..! Remember some sites might ‘appear’ cheaper by misinforming the customers, but in reality they aren’t as they can’t beat our fantastic prices for printing consumables.

Another hidden charge you will notice appear on the checkout process page is the Delivery Service Charge (which don’t show on the product page that displays the price). Add the delivery charge and VAT service charge with the cost of the product, you can see that if you stick with inkntoneruk our ink and toner cartridges guarantees the lowest price, so you get the best deals when you purchase from us.

If you have been trying to shop online today to grab your Black Friday bargains you might’ve experienced difficulty getting into those sites because there to many people shopping on their sites, so you have to wait in a queue. For instance we got this message on the tesco site (see image). With inkntoneruk we spend fortunes on servers and have our own dedicated servers to make online shopping experience pleasurable, and we can guarantee you that our inkntoneruk site won’t put you in a queue; you can shop with us anytime 24/7.


Another frustrating thing, people will experience when shopping online today is ‘sorry, currently unavailable’ or ‘no stock’. This is because retailers might have a limited quantity of stock that they have put on sale for Black Friday, and once that stock is gone, they won’t display it any more until tomorrow with the original RRP. With inkntoneruk, we are the opposite. If we put a product on sale for black Friday, we will put all of the available stock for that product in sale, so that everyone can get a bargain. And the good news is that we never run out of stock on our popular lines, as we have a system in place where we re-order items that reaches our minimum quantity level. Therefore we always have stock for your printer ink cartridges!

With rising petrol prices and the harsh cold winter, you are better off to shop online with inkntoneruk.co.uk and grab the online deals, in stock with free fast delivery service. If you miss the deals today at inkntoneruk, no problem! We highly recommend that you visit us every day as you will see Black Friday like deals throughout the year as our prices are VERY good…like we are literally giving the items away for free.

Every day is like Black Friday at inkntoneruk.co.uk so please bookmark and visit us when you need printer inks.

Moustache Styles to rock this Movember!

inkntoneruk movember

Have your moustache for this Movember month grown to a point where you can style it? Thousands of men are participating in this great cause, so it’s time for inkntoneruk to give you some ideas on how to groom it and get the coolest style. It’s for a good cause after all.

What is Movember?

Movember is simply an event during the whole month of November where you grow just your moustache (no beard allowed) to raise awareness for men’s health. All you need to do is start off with a clean shave on the 1st of November, then grow and groom your moustache till the end of the month. You are called a ‘Mo Bro’ when you get involved. Remember to register on the Movember site to get involved, and check out their rules.

Here are some cool styles that you can get some inspiration from for your moustache. You can print these out using your printer ink and take it with you to the bathroom so you can groom your moustache.

For those that can’t grow a Moustache?

Yes we are talking about children and women who can’t. If you are passionate about raising awareness you can get your female friends and children to get involved by printing out these cool moustaches that are available to download and print for free. Be creative and stick them on to your face so you can tell the rest of the blokes to grow a moustache for Movember next time if they haven’t done it this year!

Whatever printer you have, whether it’s HP, Dell, Epson, Samsung or even those weird ones like Ricoh and Konica Minolta, just use any printer to print these trendy Movember. If you need affordable inks to get printing head over to inkntoneruk where you will find a selection of premium compatible ink cartridges, budget compatible toner cartridges, premium remanufactured toner cartridges and original ink/toner cartridges to choose from. The prices are so cheap you won’t think twice of using other retailers again. We even have a Black Friday Bonanza Sale that started today and will run till the end of the month!! Get your ink and toner cartridges even cheaper at the number one ink and toner store; inkntoneruk.co.uk and start printing the Movember Moustaches.

If you’ve got an incredible moustache that you have grown for this Movember month, we would love to hear from you! You can send videos and pictures of your Movember on our Twitter and Facebook page or tag us on your pictures / videos.

Print out Your Moustache Style !!

Why you shouldn’t use HP Instant Ink Delivery Service

Have you heard of HP’s Instant Ink Delivery Enrolment scheme? If you haven’t then we will explain why you should avoid signing up to their subscription service because it doesn’t save you any extra money which they claim it does.

What is Instant Ink by HP?

Instant Ink is basically a monthly subscription based service from HP where you pay a fee each month and HP will deliver new ink cartridges when your printer tells HP that you have run out of ink and needs replacing.

There are a lot of problems with this monthly plan price service, which are highlighted below.

Let’s look at a printer that offers HP Instant Ink service, the HP Officejet Pro 6830 e-All-in-One Printer which is the first of its kind to offer this subscription scheme in the UK.

You should always work out the cost of the ink cartridges that you purchase in comparison with HP’s new Instant Ink Subscription (which can get a bit confusing).

If you want to purchase a high capacity colour rainbow pack (that’s a complete set of high yield colour ink cartridges called the 935XL) for this HP 6830 printer it will cost you £35.31 giving you 825 pages to print in colour. So that works out to be 4.3p per page for colour printing. This is a very good money saving offer from inkntoneruk.co.uk letting you print in colour for as little as 4.3p per page. The high capacity 934XL black ink cartridges priced at a special price of £20.38 gives you 2p per page which is a reasonable offer from inkntoneruk for the HP Officejet Pro 6830 business printer.

Now let’s work out the cost of the ink cartridges if you use HP’s Instant Ink Subscription Scheme.

So what happens when you sign up for HP’s services? This Instant Ink service will take a direct debit payment each month from your bank account of a flat fee that covers a number of pages per month and these are as follows: £1.99 for printing 50 pages per month, £3.49 for 100 pages and £7.99 for printing 300 pages per month. Your HP Officejet Pro 6830 printer will monitor its own ink levels and automatically order replacement cartridges when the ink level system shows its low. The cartridges that will be sent to you won’t cost you as they come out from your monthly subscription fee.

HP claims that by using this service, you pay less for replacing your cartridges as you would normally do. Wrong! The catch here is the ‘Cost per Page’ regardless whether you print in colour or black and white. With the Instant Ink Subscription scheme, the cost therefore works out to be as follows. The £1.99 subscription therefore works out at 4p per page which is very poor as you can reduce the cost by half by buying it for 2p per page. The £3.49 subscription fee works out to be 3.5p per page, and lastly the £7.99 subscription turns out to 2.6p per page. The instant ink scheme works out to be reasonable for colour printing but it doesn’t work out with the mono printing as you will be paying a lot more to print in black and white documents.

To summarise: if you purchase the black 934XL (1000 Pages)

Inkntoneruk – Pay £20.38 and get 1000 pages
HP Instant Ink Subscription – Pay £34.90 (based on choosing monthly fee of £3.49 for 100 pages) and you printed 1000 pages.

Total Savings: £14.52 if you buy from inkntoneruk.co.uk

There are also some catches that you should be aware of that will make you change your mind before signing up for HP services.

With the Instant Ink scheme, if you go over your monthly limit e.g. if you chose 300 pages monthly subscription for £7.99 and you ended up printing much more in that month as your business required to do so then you could end up paying even higher fees, depending on the number of extra pages you have printed.

The number of pages you print is based on 5% coverage on a printed A4 paper. Here’s what 5% coverage looks like. Depending on your printing needs you can be printing 10%, 20%, 30% or 50% ink coverage which can eat away ‘the number of pages’ from your monthly subscription and you can quickly exceed your monthly limit. It’s like your call & text allowance with your mobile bill, any minutes you use outside your allowance will incur a charge just like this instant ink service, any excess number of pages you print will incur additional charges to your monthly subscription fee.

With HP instant ink scheme it doesn’t take into consideration of what colour you are printing, rather it’s done on the number of pages you print regardless of the colour. With the normal way of ordering your inks you can get more out of your printing by printing in the colours that have not run out and order colours when you need it. The general rule of replacing your cartridges is to change the cartridges when you can see a colour is becoming faint and fading away on the printed paper rather than relying on HP instant ink service.

To conclude, stick with purchasing your ink cartridges from retailers rather than signing up to the monthly instant ink scheme offered by HP. And if you stick with inkntoneruk.co.uk you will:

Receive your ink instantly by ordering it quickly with our easy re-order system and the cartridges will be delivered to you for free.

Take originals out of the equations and get your ink cartridges refilled which works out to be much cheaper than the original manufacturer’s cartridges and even more cost effective than instant ink service.

Buy compatible ink cartridges which is a lot cheaper than instant ink service and is very popular amongst consumers due to their good value for money and product.

Remember when you are purchasing a HP printer don’t fall into the trap of agreeing to use their subscription based services as you will be paying more for your ink cartridges. It makes more sense to shop around for the best deals especially at inkntoneruk as our prices can drop on a regular basis unlike HP Instant Ink Delivery Service where their fees stays the same each month and you end up paying much more for your ink by opting for this service.

How to Save Printer Ink with Print Preview

inkntoneruk preview

Printing from home can become costly when you are having to replace your empty ink cartridges because you are printing things that you don’t want. So to save ink and paper, it is good to print only what you want to print and you can achieve this using the print preview window that can be found on most browsers. Here we will look at how to be print-savvy with the browser’s ‘print preview’ mode when you click Ctrl + P so you can save ink as well as paper and therefore your ink cartridge and paper supply will last longer. We know that ink and toner cartridges cost you money and it’s an essential supply that you will need to buy when your inkjet cartridges run out. Even though you are spending a little bit of your money at inkntoneruk.co.uk, you can reduce your cost further by tweaking the print preview option and therefore reducing the number of inkjet cartridges that you use and dispose off.

When you click Ctrl + P it brings up the print preview window. Stop right there! Before you click print, there are some settings in the print preview mode that you can amend to reduce the amount of data that you print and therefore saving ink and paper. Many people just click ‘Print’ and prints the whole webpage out with unnecessary text and images being printed, which could’ve been avoided.

print preview inkntoneruk


Pages – The default option is ‘All’. The print view will show all the pages of the website that you are about to print. This is an accurate visual display of what you are about to print. Sometimes you will notice that everything won’t fit into one page and there may be some text on page 2 of the documents which you can do without. You can simply get rid of page 2 from being printed by defining the number of pages you want to print in this print preview mode. Maybe you need just the first page or the last page of a website, if you select the second radio button, you can just type in 1 for page 1 or 2 for page 2 and so on. You can also put for example 3-4 which means that it will print pages 3 to 4 and the print preview will change to reflect what you will be printing, giving you an accurate display of what you are going to print. By changing the number of pages you print you can reduce the number of paper that you use for printing as well as saving ink from being wasted that you don’t need to print.

Copies- The default is 1. Once you have the right settings applied, to save time and you want many copies of a website, you can just choose the number of copies that you want by changing the figure on the box.

paper size

Paper Size – Majority of the time people print in A4 paper which is the default in the print preview. If you have an A3 printer that can print up to A3 sizes, by all means you can you change the settings to A3 to fit everything into one page which can save you on your paper supplies.


Layout – Keep it on portrait mode as almost all websites have a portrait view and if you change it to landscape, you will notice that the total number of sheets of paper will increase as more paper is needed to print the webpage.


Margins –You can play around with the margins by selecting customised and change the margins to your preference and print off only the bits that you want. This way you can change the way you want the printed content to be displayed on the printed paper and get rid of unnecessary content that may appear on a site that you don’t want printed. It’s a good idea to change the margins for students who would like to print out web pages for research purposes. For example you can alter the margins to keep the printed text on one side and have blank space on the other side so that you can use the empty space to handwrite notes on.

Options - You have three more changes that you can make here. The first one is ‘headers and footers’ which you can un-tick it, so it doesn’t display the date, the title of the website, the url and the number of pages. Every little helps, the more you can take away from the printed paper, the more ink you will save. The second one is ‘two-sided’ which is great for those that own a duplex printer that can print on two sided paper. Selecting two-sided will mean that you can cut the cost of your paper supplies by 50% as you are making use of the other side of the paper rather than having it blank and making it go to waste. The last one is ‘background colours and images’, keep this un-ticked and you will notice that it gets rid of unnecessary images and background colours (turning them into a blank white space) saving you ink from being wasted to print it out.


So here it is the full comprehensive list of using the print preview mode to save you ink and paper when printing web pages from your browser. Remember if you are just printing websites it is much better to use compatible ink cartridges as they cost way less than the originals and therefore you are saving money further.

Fun Halloween Freebies!

As inkntoneruk specialises in ink and toner cartridges, we thought we will let you get the most out of your printer for this Halloween. We understand that throwing a Halloween party can get costly, but there are loads of ways to reduce the cost to zero by taking advantage of all the free stuff that you can download from the internet and print, than having to buy ‘fun and games’ from the shops. So if you have a printer at home you can save time and money by printing off these Halloween fun freebies to celebrate this spooky day.

Here is a good collection of spooky Halloween freebies that you can print off using your printer.

Print Owl Invitations

inkntoneruk owls

With these spooky invitation cards, you can throw a party for less by printing these cards out for free. Instead of buying invitation cards from your local store, you can just download the template for free and print them out using your inkjet printer. The cards can be customised to your needs. If you print them out in colour on to heavyweight matte paper, they will look like the invitation cards that you buy from the stores. We would suggest that you replace your ink cartridges with our premium ink cartridges so that you get a better quality for less, as our high quality ink cartridges are unmatchable.

Click here to download the Owl Invitations

Print Halloween Masks

Kids love dressing up and wearing masks on their face during Halloween. But buying costumes and masks can set you back from anything from £5 to £50 and if you have many kids in your household, this can get a bit expensive when you need to buy masks for everyone. Do it for free with this printable Halloween masks that kids will love wearing them. These masks will look great with your homemade costume. As they are going to be worn on the face, buying ordinary office paper won’t do, you will have print them out on a photo paper using high quality premium ink cartridges e.g. like the HP 301XL High Capacity Black & Colour Ink Cartridge Combo Pack.

Click here to download the Printable Halloween Masks

Print Treat Box

These cute (dare I say) owls look amazing. They will make a perfect treat box to put your treats in when kids come knocking at your door for trick or treating. Use the template of the cool owl box to print them out on to some good quality paper and fold the templates to create your own trick or treat box.

Click here to download the template for the treat boxes