How to Save Printer Ink with Print Preview

inkntoneruk preview

Printing from home can become costly when you are having to replace your empty ink cartridges because you are printing things that you don’t want. So to save ink and paper, it is good to print only what you want to print and you can achieve this using the print preview window that can be found on most browsers. Here we will look at how to be print-savvy with the browser’s ‘print preview’ mode when you click Ctrl + P so you can save ink as well as paper and therefore your ink cartridge and paper supply will last longer. We know that ink and toner cartridges cost you money and it’s an essential supply that you will need to buy when your inkjet cartridges run out. Even though you are spending a little bit of your money at, you can reduce your cost further by tweaking the print preview option and therefore reducing the number of inkjet cartridges that you use and dispose off.

When you click Ctrl + P it brings up the print preview window. Stop right there! Before you click print, there are some settings in the print preview mode that you can amend to reduce the amount of data that you print and therefore saving ink and paper. Many people just click ‘Print’ and prints the whole webpage out with unnecessary text and images being printed, which could’ve been avoided.

print preview inkntoneruk


Pages – The default option is ‘All’. The print view will show all the pages of the website that you are about to print. This is an accurate visual display of what you are about to print. Sometimes you will notice that everything won’t fit into one page and there may be some text on page 2 of the documents which you can do without. You can simply get rid of page 2 from being printed by defining the number of pages you want to print in this print preview mode. Maybe you need just the first page or the last page of a website, if you select the second radio button, you can just type in 1 for page 1 or 2 for page 2 and so on. You can also put for example 3-4 which means that it will print pages 3 to 4 and the print preview will change to reflect what you will be printing, giving you an accurate display of what you are going to print. By changing the number of pages you print you can reduce the number of paper that you use for printing as well as saving ink from being wasted that you don’t need to print.

Copies- The default is 1. Once you have the right settings applied, to save time and you want many copies of a website, you can just choose the number of copies that you want by changing the figure on the box.

paper size

Paper Size – Majority of the time people print in A4 paper which is the default in the print preview. If you have an A3 printer that can print up to A3 sizes, by all means you can you change the settings to A3 to fit everything into one page which can save you on your paper supplies.


Layout – Keep it on portrait mode as almost all websites have a portrait view and if you change it to landscape, you will notice that the total number of sheets of paper will increase as more paper is needed to print the webpage.


Margins –You can play around with the margins by selecting customised and change the margins to your preference and print off only the bits that you want. This way you can change the way you want the printed content to be displayed on the printed paper and get rid of unnecessary content that may appear on a site that you don’t want printed. It’s a good idea to change the margins for students who would like to print out web pages for research purposes. For example you can alter the margins to keep the printed text on one side and have blank space on the other side so that you can use the empty space to handwrite notes on.

Options - You have three more changes that you can make here. The first one is ‘headers and footers’ which you can un-tick it, so it doesn’t display the date, the title of the website, the url and the number of pages. Every little helps, the more you can take away from the printed paper, the more ink you will save. The second one is ‘two-sided’ which is great for those that own a duplex printer that can print on two sided paper. Selecting two-sided will mean that you can cut the cost of your paper supplies by 50% as you are making use of the other side of the paper rather than having it blank and making it go to waste. The last one is ‘background colours and images’, keep this un-ticked and you will notice that it gets rid of unnecessary images and background colours (turning them into a blank white space) saving you ink from being wasted to print it out.


So here it is the full comprehensive list of using the print preview mode to save you ink and paper when printing web pages from your browser. Remember if you are just printing websites it is much better to use compatible ink cartridges as they cost way less than the originals and therefore you are saving money further.

Fun Halloween Freebies!

As inkntoneruk specialises in ink and toner cartridges, we thought we will let you get the most out of your printer for this Halloween. We understand that throwing a Halloween party can get costly, but there are loads of ways to reduce the cost to zero by taking advantage of all the free stuff that you can download from the internet and print, than having to buy ‘fun and games’ from the shops. So if you have a printer at home you can save time and money by printing off these Halloween fun freebies to celebrate this spooky day.

Here is a good collection of spooky Halloween freebies that you can print off using your printer.

Print Owl Invitations

inkntoneruk owls

With these spooky invitation cards, you can throw a party for less by printing these cards out for free. Instead of buying invitation cards from your local store, you can just download the template for free and print them out using your inkjet printer. The cards can be customised to your needs. If you print them out in colour on to heavyweight matte paper, they will look like the invitation cards that you buy from the stores. We would suggest that you replace your ink cartridges with our premium ink cartridges so that you get a better quality for less, as our high quality ink cartridges are unmatchable.

Click here to download the Owl Invitations

Print Halloween Masks

Kids love dressing up and wearing masks on their face during Halloween. But buying costumes and masks can set you back from anything from £5 to £50 and if you have many kids in your household, this can get a bit expensive when you need to buy masks for everyone. Do it for free with this printable Halloween masks that kids will love wearing them. These masks will look great with your homemade costume. As they are going to be worn on the face, buying ordinary office paper won’t do, you will have print them out on a photo paper using high quality premium ink cartridges e.g. like the HP 301XL High Capacity Black & Colour Ink Cartridge Combo Pack.

Click here to download the Printable Halloween Masks

Print Treat Box

These cute (dare I say) owls look amazing. They will make a perfect treat box to put your treats in when kids come knocking at your door for trick or treating. Use the template of the cool owl box to print them out on to some good quality paper and fold the templates to create your own trick or treat box.

Click here to download the template for the treat boxes

The Printing Industry Awards 2014


Welcome to inkntoneruk’s Printing Industry Awards 2014. Well it’s not exactly the Oscars, but we like to acknowledge those industries for providing excellence in printers and consumable supplies and credit people for their achievements.

Guinness World Records

Yes, printers have made a mark on the Guinness Book of World Records and here are a few achievements:

In 2012 the HP Officejet Pro X551dw has set the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest office colour desktop printer! It managed to print 500 colour sheets in 7 minutes and 18 seconds beating Lexmark, Xerox, and Brother Printers.

In 2012, a company called Liechtensteinische Post AG (Liechtenstein) was awarded for achieving the fastest time to print a postage stamp with a record of 57 minutes and 50 seconds.

This month the World’s largest digital printer goes to the Dip-Tech AR18000 printer which is a digital ceramic in-glass printer. Measuring at 18 metres (about 59 ft in length), it is a massive printer and surely deserves to be in the Guinness World Records.


We like to pick out certain manufacturers who get recognised for achieving excellence in their printing solutions. Here are a few printer brands that have achieved awards:

The Canon Pro 10 Pixma Printer has received Photography’s Outsanding Products (POP) award for 2013.

Samsung is always coming up with printers that are made for your business and bringing out printing solutions that provide outstanding business quality and productivity so that you can have a peace of mind when printing from a machine. Here are a few Samsung printers that have achieved the independent Buyer Lab BLI Awards for Printer Reliability and Highly Recommended awards:

Samsung ML-6510ND Printer
Samsung CLX-6250FX Printer
Samsung CLP-670ND Printer
Samsung SCX-8040ND MultiXpress Printer
Samsung SCX-5737FW Printer

Saving energy is beneficial not just to the consumer but to the environment as well as your utility bill will be low and also you’re protecting the planet. Epson Printers are the first inkjet printers to be accredited to the ‘Energy Saving Recommended scheme’ which is widely recognised benchmark for excellence in energy conservation and highlights the most energy efficient products in the market. Here are a few printer models that have been recognised for Energy Efficient Printing Products:

HP Deskjet 1012 Printer
Xerox Phaser 3610 Printer
Brother HL-3150CDW Colour Laser Printer
Dell C2660dn Colour Printer
Epson Stylus SX235W All-In-One Printer

The Cubify 3D Printer has won various awards for being the hot product of the year, scooping first prize for GITEX Hot Stuff Awards, and Kids@Play KAPi Award (Children’s Technology Award).

Samsung has launched a range of super smart printers that features intuitive mobile printing and is the industry’s first printer to run Android platform which brings you customisation as the platform lets you install all sorts of apps to suit your business needs. Samsung has been awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen as supplier of televisions and audio-visual equipment, as they have regularly supplied goods to the Queen and the Royal residence. Samsung must have some high standards of quality and service, if the royal family are using them!


With all these awards and recognition, we are proud to say that has been awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval for its excellence in customer service from supplying the best prices on compatible toner cartridges, original ink cartridges, and budget refill cartridges to getting your cartridges out to you on time for free, when you need it the most!

Halloween Bats – Print Your Own!

inkntoneruk bat

Here we will show you how to print out your own Halloween Bats, and there are 3 ways you can do this;

If you own a 3D printer, then head straight to our site where you can purchase Plastic ABS and PLA 3D cartridges and print out your own bat by downloading a 3D file and printing the object out. You can download 3D model of bats from various sites. Here’s a Bat 3D Model we found on a site:

If you want to become really creative then purchase your own handheld 3D Printing Pen from inkntoneruk and design the bat in 3D instantly. It don’t cost you the earth compared to how much a 3D printer will cost. Simply buy the 3D pen and draw the bat out in the air and you will be left with a 3D bat.

For those that just want to stick to paper, ink cartridges and toner cartridges then you can also make your Halloween bat by printing it out using your laser or inkjet printer. Here we will show you how to make a Halloween bat that you can give to your kids to celebrate this Halloween 2014.

As you know Halloween falls on Friday October 31st, so you have plenty of time to either Print the 3D bat out using your 3D printer and ABS cartridges; Design the bat using your Handheld 3D Doodler Pen; or Print the Bat out using your ink or toner cartridges from your inkjet or laser printer and fold it to make an Origami bat.

We hope you enjoy creating these bats with whichever method you choose, and have a SCARYYY HALLOWEEEEN!!! From

Watch the Video that will show you how to make your own Origami Halloween Bat (thanks to happypuppytruffles):

Print your own Halloween Bat design to fold by clicking the link here:

Download and Print Origami Bat Designs

The 3D Printing Pen by 3Doodler at a SPECIAL PRICE OF £77*

buy 3doodle 3d pen

Get your hands on the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen by 3Doodler and start drawing out your 3D objects from the comfort of your home. It’s so simple you don’t even need a 3D printer to make 3 dimensional objects as this clever handheld pen can do it by the power of your hand.

If you ever wished you had a 3D printer, but can’t afford one due to their hefty price tag, buy yourself a 3D printing pen for only $77* at inkntoneruk that will fit comfortably in your pocket. Who needs a 3D printer when you have the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen (3DOOD-V1). The 3Doodler pen is a 3D printing pen that can draw in the air. To get started using the 3D pen, just plug it in a power socket and away you go, you can create objects and draw anything within minutes.

The 3Doodler pen is compatible with both PLA and ABS plastic filaments of sizes 3mm strands. It is advisable to start off with using ABS plastic for newbies as they provide the maximum flexibility and then once you are comfortable with it experiment with PLA plastics. The 3Doodler printing pen works by extruding the thin plastic filament and within seconds the heated plastic cools down, allowing you to draw 3D objects in real time. The plastic that comes out of the 3D pen is warm but touchable when it emerges from the tip of the 3Doodler.

3doodler inkntoneruk

This 3D product is awesome and you can make some really cool stuff. From animals to landmarks you make anything with this printing pen. Explore your creative skills and start making gifts and presents for your loved ones with the 3Doodler 3D pen. You can also make your doodles look colourful by painting them with acrylic paint. The 3D printing pen looks like it’s going to be popular amongst kids but it doesn’t have to be just for kids as adults can use it too. The 3D printing pen is great to create models and prototype of your projects. For example you can design how your product will look like before you send it off to a real printer.

Don’t worry if you can’t draw because practice will make you better and everything that you create with this product will be an Art piece so don’t give up. Here are some quick tips to sort out your rough ‘Doodles’:

  1. Cut off any unnecessary bits or sharp edges using scissors
  2. Smooth out edges by heating the plastic with a hair dryer and using a small knife to smooth out the hot plastic. Or you can use the side of the hot nozzle tip to smooth out the plastic (without pressing the pens extrusion button).

Get your first ever 3D printing pen at inkntoneruk now by clicking here for a special price of £77.62p*: BUY 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen (3DOOD-V1) HERE!!!

* The price shown is subject to change at any time without notice as it is an introductory offer.

You can watch how the 3Doodler works here by clicking the video below:

Rewards at Inkntoneruk


Shop at inkntoneruk and collect reward points that you will actually use!

We at inkntoneruk know that when you buy toner or ink cartridges on a regular basis for your printer because you print frequently, you will be spending more money on them. This is why we have a inkntoneruk Rewards Program. If you are not aware of the inkntoneruk Reward Programs, here you will find all the information you need to get your ink/toner cartridges even cheaper.

inkntoneruk are committed to giving every customer rewards points with each and every purchase which can be redeemed to reduce the cost of your next purchase. Purchasing your products with your reward points is really great and beneficial to our customer as they will get their cartridges at a discounted price. For example the more toner cartridges you buy, the greater the number of points will be added automatically to your account and soon you can use your reward points to get the toner cartridge for free or at discounted price.

Earning reward points at inkntoneruk is as easy as 123

Step 1 – Each cartridge will display the number of reward points you can earn. Simply add the product to the basket.
Step 2 – Click Checkout and pay for the item that you want to purchase.
Step 3 – Your rewards points will be added to you account and it will show on your invoice.

rewards at inkntoneruk

Using your reward points to pay for products is easy too!!

Step 1 – Login to your account and proceed to select the items you wish to buy.
Step 2 – In the ‘Payment and Order Confirmation’ box select Reward Points. Enter the number of reward points you wish to redeem and Click the arrow button.
Step 3 – Your discount will be applied. The system will calculate the cash balance you need to pay.

use rewards at inkntoneruk


Here are some frequently asked questions about the inkntoneruk Rewards Scheme:

1. How do I signup?
inkntoneruk will automatically add you to the reward system when you make your first purchase and sign up as a new customer. Alternatively you can create a profile by clicking ‘Your Account’ and ‘Register Here’ and you will be automatically added to the reward scheme.

2. How do I earn reward points?
Reward points are automatically earned when you buy any products from our site, so you won’t have to do anything. On the product detailed page you will see the number of reward points that you will earn before you purchase that product.

3. How long do I have to use my points?
The points never expire. So don’t worry if you forget to use your reward points as you can use them whenever you want to get discounted prices on ink and toner cartridges.

4. What is the cash alternative?
Points have a cash value of £0.01p per point. So if you have a total reward points of 5000 collected in a few months by buying toner cartridges from us, the cash value of your points is £50 which you can use to get another free set of cartridges from us.

5. How do I redeem my points?
You can use your reward points on any products, there are no restrictions. See the step by step above.

6. What happens if I don’t have enough points to make a purchase?
After you have used some or all your reward points, you might not have enough to complete your purchase. Don’t worry, the system will tell you the total amount remaining to pay after the reward discount has been applied. Simply select the payment method from the ‘Payment and Order Confirmation’ and submit order to pay for the product at a discounted price.

Rewards at inkntoneruk

At we appreciate your custom because we know you have chosen us for the level of service and discounted products that we have to offer. The inkntoneruk Reward Scheme has been set up to thank every customer of us who come back to us to buy ink and toner supplies for their printer machine.

inkntoneruk…discounted prices on all ink and toner supplies for your printer!!

How to quickly Re-Order your Cartridges


At inkntoneruk we are committed to offer you with the complete shopping experience. That is why we like to keep things simple. Did you know that we are the only retailer to list the cartridge types side by side so that it makes it extremely clear to see if refill, budget compatibles, premium compatibles, or manufacturer originals are offered for that particular cartridge. Unlike other online retailers, they list it as an individual product; therefore you have to scroll down and read it carefully to know if compatibles are offered, otherwise you will get confused of what you have ordered and most likely to order the wrong cartridge type. We on the other hand have an intuitive system that makes it easy to understand what type of cartridge is available for your ink/toner cartridge.


Have you ever needed toner and ink cartridges for your printer and you can’t remember your printer model number or the cartridge number? Or maybe you are not at home and realised you have run out of ink and want to quickly re-order but don’t know what cartridges your printer takes. It’s frustrating that you have to wait till you are at home to check the printer specification and find this information out! We’ve all been there. Well there is no need to worry anymore as with our ‘Easy Re-Order’ button you can quickly re-order cartridges for your printer, as our clever system saves every single order that you have placed with All you have to do is place one order with us so that the system records which ink/toner cartridges you have ordered for your printer and when you next return you can take advantage of our Easy Re-Order to quickly place and order for your printer.

If you are in a hurry and want to just re-order the same cartridges as last time then this is the quickest method to use. Of course you can still use our 123 Quick Finder to find your printer model number from the drop-down list and that will display all the ink or toner cartridges your printer takes. But the simplest way is just to click that Easy Re-Order button.

Here is a quick step by step guide to show you how to re-order:

  1. Click on Easy Re-Order (top of the site on every page, above the inkntoneruk logo)
  2. Login to view your previous orders (Enter your e-mail/username and password)
  3. Click the Submit Button to view ALL previous orders
  4. This will list all your order that you have placed at Click on any last order number (#) e.g. #160178 to bring up what you have previously ordered.
  5. This will show your last invoice so that you can see what you have previously ordered. Click on Reorder complete order to re-order it again. (Or if you want to reorder individual items on this order, select them below from the invoice).
  6. Next page will show the current items in your shopping basket which you can review. Click Checkout to continue.
  7. The next step will show your pre-filled billing and shipping address (as per previous order). All you need to do is amend the shipping methods (e.g. if you want next Next Business Day Guaranteed) and choose a payment type from the Payment and Order Confirmation section.
  8. Tick the checkbox ‘Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions’ and click Submit Order and pay for your order in the next screen.
  9. Your order has been placed and you will receive an email to confirm your order.
  10. Now you know how, it’s so easy! Carry on re-ordering your printer cartridges by using our Easy Re-Order button.

Confused? Watch the video and it will show you how:

Hacking Canon Pixma Printers to run Doom Game!

You might have heard in the news last month of the leaked selfie pictures from some high profile celebrity’s iCloud account, where their account was hacked and the photos stored in their iCloud account was publicised. Imagine that, all your private pictures and videos being shown the whole world! Can you believe that anything can be hacked, even Printers!! Well you may ask what can you achieve by hacking a printer?

First of well what is a hacker? A hacker is basically someone who finds a way to find some weaknesses in a computer system and do what they want with it. For example you can say that jailbreaking your iPhone device is like hacking your phone as you are exploiting Apple’s weaknesses. In the same way, a hacker recently hacked a Canon Pixma Printer and run the classic game Doom on the printer’s LCD display screen to highlight security vulnerabilities on printers.

Michael Jordon (from Context Information Security) is the man behind running the Doom game on the popular Canon Pixma Printer. The point of this hack was to show us that any computer device can be hacked especially the ones that we least expect to be hacked e.g. Printers, which can be valuable to malicious hackers.

So what if a game can be put on a printer’s LCD display screen, what’s the big deal about that? Well the hacker was just opening our eyes of the security vulnerabilities on technological devices. If a printer can be hacked to run Doom then think about what other nasty things hackers can do to your printer. Hackers can intercept your printing and get hold of your personal data. What if you print some private data and personal photos to your printer and if someone is able to hack into your printer and transmits the printed job to their printer and they have access to it. With things like wireless printers and AirPrint printers this can be possible. You may think that you have sent a print job to your printer (but it’s been transmitted to a hacker’s printer) and because it didn’t print, you click print again without any question. You won’t even know that your printer has been hacked! This should be something what businesses and organisations should be aware of as no-one will suspect printers at their work environment.

If a hacker can change the settings on a printer, the hacker can tell the printer to ask for updates from a malicious server containing all sorts of threats and viruses and the person installing the update to the printer will not be aware of that and just assume that it is coming from the official source. With the malicious update installed into your printer, your printing network is compromised. But remember, as we tell all our customers you should never update your printer and switch of automatic updates. If you update your printer, your printer will only accept original cartridges as the manufacturer will have planted something new on the printer to stop compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges from working with your printer.

Canon was good to promise an update to fix the security flaw on their current Pixma range printers and also on all their new Pixma range of products e.g. Canon Pixma MG7550 Printer, Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer and Canon MX925 Pixma Printer will be updated to have a better security measure to prevent it from being hacked.

Canon Pixma Printers

But even though Canon have just updated this because of the latest security threat to their printers, we at still believe that printer manufacturers like HP, Brother, Dell and Samsung still don’t give enough attention to security on printers as they just ignore it as there has not been a big issue publicised about it. We hope that printer manufacturers do take this ‘Canon Pixma Hack’ seriously and spend more time and money on improving the security on their printers.

Apple Pay, the Wallet in your Smart Phone

On the 9th September Apple introduced three new breakthrough technologies, the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. There was a lot of buzz leading up to this live event with speculations and rumours of what the next big thing from Apple will be. We are more interested in the software side rather than the hardware, and in this article we will briefly touch on the new Apple Pay (the wallet on your phone). We at are very excited about this new concept as it will improve the way we shop.

Apple Pay (also referred to as iWallet, iPayment, Apple Payment) will let you pay for goods and services online and at a physical shop by only using your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the latest Apple Watch. Apple has launched a new category of wearable technology to their portfolio called the Apple Watch which also features Apple Pay. So for example when Apple Pay is launched in the UK and we decide to integrate it to our store, you can pop into the inkntoneruk shop in East Barnet or visit and purchase toner cartridges and ink cartridges by using your Apple device.

To pay for goods using Apple Pay is extremely fast, you can be in and out from a shop in seconds. To pay for goods/services just hold your Apple device to the contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID to authorise the payment. And that’s it, quick and simple as that. When Apple Pay gets launched worldwide, you can also use it on the iPhone in a similar manner to pay for goods online by using your fingerprint and its ‘One-touch checkout’. No more filling out personal details or billing details and you don’t even have to carry your wallet around.

Apple Pay uses the latest design, touch ID security, and NFC technology to provide a 100% secure and hassle-free online shopping experience as payment happens in a single touch with a device that you will carry with you all times. No need to give your personal details or expose your card and pin number.

Here we have done some mock-ups of how Apple Pay’s ‘One-tocuh checkout’ may look like when you purchase ink cartridges from If we decide to integrate Apple Pay at inkntoneruk in the near future, it will provide you with the perfect shopping experience making it quick and easy to purchase printer cartridges.

Remember how Apple changed the way we print by introducing AirPrint technology on to printers so that we can instantly print from our iPhone and iPad devices. Many more new printers nowadays features Apple’s AirPrint and the new cartridges that we sell at inkntoneruk works with AirPrint, so that your Apple device automatically connects to your printer without setting up any drivers or downloading any software or applications. This makes it easy to print on the go and has changed the way we print without connecting to a laptop or computer. In the same way we believe that Apple Pay will completely change the way we shop in-store and online giving us a better shopping experience overall.

Here is a good diagram that explains how Apple Pay works:

What Type of DVDs Should I Buy?

inkntoneruk dvd

At inkntoneruk we have an extensive range of storage media to choose from. You have a wide variety of choice from CDs and DVDs to BluRay discs from the top leading brands.

With so many different types of DVDs that you can buy, how do you know which one is right for you? It’s easy to be confused as there is a big selection of DVDs that you can choose from inkntoneruk. The following checklist will help you to make a decision on the type of DVDs you need to store your movies and multimedia files in.

DVD Disc Type

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD types;
Verbatim DVD+R Discs (43556)
Sony DVD-R Discs (10DMR47SP)
Imation DVD+RW Discs (I19008)
Verbatim DVD-RW Discs (43552)
Panasonic DVD-RAM Discs (LM-AF120LE10)

But what do the +R, -R , +RW, -RW and –RAM after the DVD mean?

When purchasing your blank DVDs you need to check what type of DVDs your DVD player or your DVD burner can take, as all of these disk types are not interchangeable. Depending on your DVD burner, some might just burn DVD-R and DVD+R and not burn DVD-RW and DVD+RW. DVD-R and DVD+R is a onetime DVD recordable format and are commonly used to burn movies and multimedia files.

The ‘-RW’ and ‘+RW’ from DVD-RW and DVD+RW means that the DVDs are rewritable so you can re-use the DVD over again by erasing the content and adding new data to it. DVD-RW and DVD+RW are normally used to save data and make backup copies of your data. DVD-RAM works in a similar manner but with a better advantage that they can be rewritten 100,000 times, 100 times more than DVD-RW and DVD+RW.

DVD Size

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD sizes;
Sony 4.7GB DVD-R Discs (50DMR47PP)
TDK 8.5GB DVD+R DL Discs (T19924)

A typical DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7GB. You can also purchase a higher capacity DVD that contains an 8.5GB capacity to accommodate for HD videos and large/lengthy videos. These 8.5GB DVDs are referred to as Dual Layer, Double Layer or simply as DL as it features two recordable layers with each storing less that 4.7GB on each side.

DVD Burning Speed

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVD speeds;
Sony DVD+R 16X Speed (25DPR47SP)
Verbatim DVD+R 8X Speed (43541)

The higher the burn speed of a DVD that your DVD player can burn the faster you can store your data. At single speed (1X) a DVD recorder writes 1.32 MB of data per second. So you can work out from that how much a 16X or 8X speed will take. 16X speed will write 21.13MB while 8X speed will write 10.57MB of data per seconds. These maximum speeds will only work if your DVD is capable of burning at those high speeds.

DVD Labelling

At inkntoneruk you may see the following DVDs;
Maxell DVD+R Printable (275702.40.TW)
Verbatim DVD+R DL Inkjet Printable (43665)

If you want to make your DVDs look professional and presentable then choose printable DVDs, so you can print customised labels on the face of the DVDs. Certain inkjet printers lets you print directly onto the label face of inkjet printable discs, so you don’t have to use sticky labels on them.

To see our full range of CD and DVD accessories please click the link below;