The Truth About Compatible Printer Cartridges

Money – is the driving force behind everything we do nowadays. But when such conversational subject as “Original against Compatible cartridges” is in question, quality becomes equally as important.

As a “printerer” (person who prints) all you can ever wish is for is a high quality cheap ink cartridge. Who cares what box the cartridge is in? As long as it fits the bill – you will go for the “kill” and purchase the cartridge again and again. Right?

Well, not quite. Not always anyway. In order to understand the truth behind the complexity of the issue there are 4 printer consumables commandments that almighty Toni B came up with in order for you to be a wise “Printerer”

4 Toni B Commandments for Printerer’s who actually want to save cash.

  1. Buy originals only if the quality of the prints is paramount. If you are printing photos or highly important presentation documents then just stick to the original, if not then continue reading.
  2. Never buy compatibles of eBay. Mostly likely its some “cowboy” in his garage pumping the cartridges with ink without any proper equipment. It’s just not worth the risk.
  3. Ensure compatible ink/toner cartridge satisfaction by checking the returns policy of the company. Are they willing to give you money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the compatible cartridge?
  4. This one might be a bit pushy but avoid the risk and buy compatible ink/toner cartridges from Inkntoneruk. Cheap high quality compatibles are sold on a daily basis at Inkntoneruk with thousands of happy customers.
compatible 540 ink cartridge

The problem is not the problem. The problem is the way you perceive the problem.

Manufacturers are telling about the damage that compatibles can inflict on to your printer. Beware!!! This is total bollocks!! It’s the same cartridge just without the brand name printed on it.

So there you have it folks. Money saving tips right here! The ball is in your court. You can choose to save or let go of your precious sterling.

Now that you are a clever printerer please also remember that nothing will save you more ink than not printing at all. So print only when you must.

If you didn’t learn anything from this article at least remember one thing. The compatible cartridge from Inkntoneruk will do a stellar job, guaranteed.

Over and Out

Sincerely Yours


Toni B


5 New HP Laserjet Pro Machines

HP has introduced the latest top of the range laser printer machines to take care of all the office printing the right way.New printers means new hp laserjet pro toner cartridges.

The names of the new HP laserjet printers are as follows:

HP Laserjet Pro M125nw Printer HP Laserjet Pro M125rnw Printer
HP Laserjet Pro M127fn Printer HP Laserjet Pro M127fp Printer
HP Laserjet Pro M127fw Printer

These engineering beauties are designed to handle medium and large office workloads. However if you are an ambitious printing enthusiast – feel free to purchase these HP devices too.



The HP laserjet boasts great cost-per-page ratio. It offers much more than just sparkling result and fancy box design. One of the main attributes of the HP laserjet pro’s is that they have the cutting edge mobile technology integrated to make the productivity a bit smoother and the busy office life much more convenient.

Whenever the manufacturers make bold claims such as this printer will save 50% of your energy, it has to be backed up by something solid. In this case hp is claiming that too and they prove it to the consumers with the feature that switches the printer off when it is not in use.

You cannot beat the HP Laserjet Pro M125/M127 when it comes to convenience. It is a time saving device which allows to print whatever from wherever and whenever using your smartphone.

Google buy Smartphone Printer Patent

One of the latest patent additions from Google is a smartphone printer patent. Okay well what does it mean? It means that Google are developing a smartphone that can print.

The smartphone printer seems to be linked with Google’s latest invention Google Glass.

Google Glass” are simple high technology glasses that turn a person into a superhuman. They present the user with the user-interface similar to the one in the “Iron-man” movie.

Once you put the glasses on you can search the Internet, get directions, measure distance, instantly translate languages and much more. The device works by detecting the the eye movement and speech recognition. The everyday life will never be the same with these amazing goggles from Google.

The smartphone printer will most likely be linked to it, enabling you to print anything and anywhere just by looking through a pair of glasses or by simply stating a command.

The search engine giant Google has been progressively expanding and multiplying the shares by an impressive 800% in the last 10 years. With this latest addition to their arsenal who is to say that they can’t do the same in the next decade? This makes Google, a viable investment opportunity.

I personally don’t think that the good old inkjet and laser printers can be replaced by the smartphone printer. The device will give freedom to print pictures straight after you took them but the prints will be too small to challenge the quality and efficiency necessary for everyday use that hp and Brother printers offer at the moment. Having said that, the smartphone printer will probably come handy for someone that is constantly on the go.

We can only speculate what type of device this will be. All I know, once it comes out it will be big – if it’s affordable of course.


Never Agree to Printer Updates

Why you should never agree to printer updates unless you want to stop using compatible ink or toner cartridges.

no updates for printer


Many printers use automatic firmware updates that force you to use the expensive original products rather than cheaper alternatives. This is often an option in your printer software that can be changed or refused. Never agree to firmware updates so that you are able to continue using alternative cartridges.

Firmware updates can lock your printer into only accepting original cartridges, which makes the original maker of your printer lots of money and costs you a packet ! The cartridge you’ve purchased from us is an environmentally friendly low cost alternative to an original cartridge and will provide you with the high print quality that you expect.

Your replacement cartridge is of the highest quality.The company that makes your printer would prefer you to buy a more expensive original cartridge from them. This is how they make so much money !

This is why certain messages may pop up when you insert a replacement cartridge into your machine. For example:

• “This is not a genuine product …… do you wish to continue?”

• “Your printer warranty may not cover repairs or service due to the use of non-original cartridges”

• “Ink / Toner level indicator will not work as this is not a genuine cartridge… ”

• “Warning Ink / Toner low …..”

Never pay any attention to the Ink / Toner level indicator, no matter what type of cartridge you are using. This is because the indicator only counts pages based on an assumption of a 5% coverage of Ink / Toner onto the page and does not accurately measure Ink / Toner levels.

It is not unusual for a customer to buy a replacement cartridge because the Ink / toner level indicator on their printer has told them to do so, even though their current cartridge is still half full! Do not worry because your replacement cartridge is filled to maximum capacity, which means there is more Ink / Toner in it than an original cartridge.

Please continue to use your cartridge (click the ‘OK’ button or hold down the ‘RESUME’ button if required to do so) and only replace it once the print quality starts to deteriorate.

Certain types of Canon printer will require you to press and hold down a button (with a red upside down triangle) on it for a few seconds. A non-original cartridge will not damage your printer and will save you lots of money on your printing costs. So when the time comes for you to purchase a new printer you will have saved hundreds, if not thousands, by sticking with us !

Merry Christmas Desktop Wallpaper

Don’t we all just LOVE Christmas!? The Christmas party, free drinks and dinner for everyone! The Secret Santa! (which turned out to be not that much of a secret) but that’s not the point. The point is that, It’s a time for celebration, joy and happiness.

It’s also a time to take a breather before that New Years Party and spend some quality time with our family. It’s a time to reflect on the last year’s achievements and to begin to dream BIG for the next, set ambitious goals and targets.

Impossible is nothing, because the possibilities are endless.

Here from Inkntoneruk on behalf of the whole Inkntoneruk team we would like to wish You a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



To “Download” our special Christmas wallpaper or “set as desktop background” click on the image and then right click and select “set as desktop backround” or “download”


Home Printer of 2013

Home Printer of 2013 Award goes to…

Canon Pixma iP7250 Inkjet Printer (buy the ink cartridges here)

Inkntoneruk has decided to award the printer of the year title for home users to Canon Pixma iP7250 printer. Coincidently, the device is available to purchase at Inkntoneruk retail shop for only £49.99.

So, how do you determine the best home printer of the year? With millions of printers to choose from, this will always be a debatable subject. However, by narrowing down the search criteria, we were able to discover that the Canon Pixma device is ideal for students and home users to print, scan and share their work with the world.

Such a prestigious title obviously cannot be given to every single machine, so why did we choose Pixma iP7250?

Well, first of all, it’s the actual price of the device that catches the attention and in most cases for printer consumers, that is what determines whether they by the printer or not.

Fifty quid, for a piece of machinery, that 50 years ago was beyond most peoples imagination – is more than a fair price in my opinion.

Canon ip7250 Pixma Ink Cartridges

The second reason why we have nominated the Canon iP7250 printer, is the iP7250 ink cartridges. Designed to be compact, the smooth iP7250 offers great ink tank compatibility. With single cartridge replacement you are able to replace each of 5 ink cartridges separately. It means that the energy star device will save you ink too, due to the fact that the user requires to replace only the inks that are empty.

The cartridges come in standard and high capacity and in black, cyan, magenta yellow, and pigment black colours for super sharp photos and documents.

Compatible Canon ip7250 Pixma Ink Cartridges

If you are keen on saving some serious money my recommendations are to go for the compatible Canon iP7250 inkjet cartridges. Have a look at Canon iP7250 ink prices below.

The genuine/original ink cartridge multi pack costs £61.69 which is cheap, considering what you are getting for your money but the compatibles cost only £24.99!!! That is less than £5 per cartridge which produces approximately up to 500 pages per cartridge, giving you an outstanding value for money at 1 penny per page.

Specifications and Features

Supported by Mac and Windows operating systems the iP7250 Canon printer weighing 9 kg has some brilliant features on offer. Featuring wireless printing, 5 single inks, auto duplex, direct disk print, my image gallery and full HD movie print. The iP7250 from Canon shoots out images like a cannon at the speed of 15 ipm for black and 10 ipm for colour.

All in all, the all in one device is simply a winner.



The First 3D Printer in Space

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The first 3D printer in space is here and ready to print all sorts of objects in zero gravity conditions. The United States Space Agency NASA has obviously spotted the potential benefits of 3D printing and are wasting no time whatsoever, as they will be deploying the first 3D printer to a space station as early as next year.

CEO of NASA Aaron Kemmer said “Imagine an astronaut needing to make a life-or-death repair on the International Space Station, rather than hoping that the necessary parts and tools are on the station already, what if the parts could be 3D printed when they needed them?”

The parts and objects are not the only topics that are discussed by NASA. 3D printing could also help to print food for astronauts which would increase space traveling time even further.

Dave Korsmeyer, director of engineering at Nasa said “If you want to be adaptable, you have to be able to design and manufacture on the fly, and that’s where 3D printing in space comes in”

This is definitely the step in the right direction from NASA and from the humanity. With 3D printers advancing as we speak it is extremely exciting time for the explorers of the universe. However astronauts will have to make sure that they have at least two or three 3D printers on board just in case one of the printers break down.

In conclusion, nobody knows whether 3D printing will save human species but one thing for sure it will make things easier for the astronauts by opening different types of possibilities.

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Toner Cartridges that Smell Good

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From now on toner cartridges will not only produce top quality output but will smell good too. Thanks to a Polish company DSM we will no longer have to put up with that strange toner smell that usual laserjet cartridges produce. Instead the you will be able to select your desired fragrance and enjoy it every time you print. This is a great way to improve your office aroma especially if you have smelly colleague or bad air conditioning in your office.

It is something different and unique as the idea of printing flowers and then smelling them is a lively one indeed. However this is just only one of the reasons for OEM’s to consider producing the fragrance toners world wide. As we all know, we associate smell with many different things in our life and very often smell brings us wonderful or no so wonderful memories. The DSM has recognised that fact and produced a fragrance toner cartridge which is currently sold in Poland only. It could potentially increase brand awareness and loyalty of the customers for brands that decide to introduce fragrance toner cartridges and sell them world wide.

When asked about the benefits of fragrance toner cartridge Pawel Hrymowicz from DSM said:

“Distinction from the competition, improvement of the mood, concentration and customer loyalty.”

“Together with my partner – a manufacturer with 20 years experience in developing fragrances – we are able to develop and adjust individual fragrances for each client. The most important sucess of our company is the satisfaction of our customers with our quality powders and individual approach to each client. Thanks to the smell, we can build strong brand. A recognised brand, unmistakably associated with the product is a goal of every business owner. Gaining brand advantage in the market by scent strategy can be crucial for success. It has been scientifically proven tnat the level of the customer’s loyalty to a particular brand or product will increase significantly in the case where generated message affects as many senses as possible. The customers perception is mainly affected by sight, smell and hearing.”

The consumers will be able to choose from over 250 different scents which are made from special oils.

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Author: Donatas Ivaskevicius

From Landfill to Refill

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In a day where whales are dying from polluted oceans and bees are vanishing at alarming rate for unknown reasons. It is more vital then ever before to consider the environment and go green. It is clear that our actions affect everything around us and we are being affected by everything around us at the same time. Over 45 million printer cartridges that are non bio-degradable end up in the landfill each and every single year. Some of the chemicals in the printer cartridges can take up to 900 years to dissolve causing the soil to be intoxicated. A very Wiseman once said “do not spit in the water – because you might have to drink it later”. Even though the birds in the picture below seem to be loving it, by ignoring these serious indicators we are ignoring the future of the planet. If everyone does their bit, I’m sure we can make a huge difference.

What can we do to help to keep the environment cleaner?

The idea of 100% clean environment is a nice one indeed, however it isn’t really feasible in the foreseeable futue. The simple fact of the matter is that we cannot just stop living. We must eat and we must print, otherwise we won’t survive, but we are at a stage where in the battle of survival of the fittest, the fittest survivor is the biggest threat to himself and those around him. So what can we do? There are many things that we can do. We can start from little things because little things make big difference.

Here is the list of only 4 things that we can do to keep the pollution to a minimum.

  1. Print Less and when Necessary.
  2. Use compatible and/or Recycled Ink cartridges and Toner Cartridges.
  3. Refill ink cartridges Professionally.
  4. Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges.

If we follow these simple rules, we as printer consumables consumers can easily say and be proud that “we have done our bit for the environment”.



For more information on recycling and refilling your inkjet cartridges professionally call Toni B on 0208 216 5571

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Written By: Donatas Ivaskevicius

Samsung Launch ProXpress MFPs

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Samsung are continuing to make leaps towards becoming the biggest technological giant the world has ever seen. After successfully developing the mobile phones it’s not a bad idea to develop the printers too. After releasing the Xpress printers Samsung have now announced the release of ProXpress printers. Seems like they are keen to step up their “technology game” and keep up with HP and Epson by releasing the following ProXpress models;

  • M3370FD 
  • M3870FW 
  • M4070FR 
  • M3320ND 
  • M3820DW 
  • M4020ND

General IT sales manager Varma Raj from Samsung said;

“Small to medium sized businesses and professionals are seeking lower operating costs for a maximum profitability without sacrificing on high performance. The printer ProXpress and the multifunction ProXpress series are built to offer and efficient experience with fast speeds and high quality images at a reasonable cost.” Mr Raj Varma continued “ProXpress series is a great choice for small to medium business environments offering the perfect combination of speed and exceptional output quality and low cost of ownership. The ProXpress also helps to save the environments with its green features as standard duplexing and Easy Eco Driver”

Speed and Resolution

These new ProXpress machines were manufactured for small offices and small businesses to produce prints between 25 pages per minute and 42 (ppm) in a maximum 1200 x 1200 dots per inch graphical resolution.


As usual when such massive line of printers is released some of them will be better than the others and the price will obviously reflect that too. The M3870FW and M3820DW printers have the integration of wi-fi allowing up to five devices to be connected to the printers at a time.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing has been a hot topic in the printing industry arena for a while now. You can place your bets all day long on Samsung to produce the goods and reliable performance when the mobile printing is concerned. They have already proved that they are the masters of mobile phone technology. Samsung mobile print app will allow instant printing from your mobile phone. In fact, if you have a Google account you can print from any smartphone device you desire.

Eco Friendly

If ProXpress devices would not be eco friendly, they would not be useful to the targeted audience as much. Apart from duplex printing capabilities the ProXpress printers Samsung easy Eco Driver. Once the button is pressed the ProXpress printer goes into energy saving mode saving paper, toner, and money. The ProXpress Samsung toner cartridges are available in a range from 3,000 to 15,000 pages giving the freedom to the consumer to choose if they want to save even more.

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Author: Donatas Ivaskevicius