Why we Recycle Toner And Ink Cartridges And How They Effect The World


Did you know that 375 million ink and toner cartridges are binned every year and more then 70% of them aren’t recycled, that’s approximately 262,500,000 ink cartridges and to be even more precise that’s 5 ink cartridges per second being dumped in landfills which is crazy to think about. However there is something you can do to help this problem and that’s taking them into your local ink shop for them to refill them and resell them or you could recycle them yourself.

Ink cartridges if not recycled could effect our planet quite a bit because of the ingredients they contain, for example cyclohexanone, sulphur and even ethoxylated acetylenic diols, which are incredibly harmful to us humans, and our planet. That’s why recycling cartridges is so important.

Luckily, there are now laser cartridges, which are more eco-friendly then others and could help reduce the waste produced from cartridges. Laser cartridges also don’t dry up even if left for a very long time, this makes it an even better option when buying toner cartridges for your printer.

Recycling Cartridges

The Amazing Portable Canon ZoeMini Review


The Canon Zoemini is a new light pocket-sized portable photo printer. The Canon Zoemini came out in September 2018 going for a price around £119.99/€139.99.

Canon ZoeMini

The Zoemini uses the latest ZINK technology, which means it is great to carry around with you. You can also get creative using the Canon Mini Print app by adding filters, frames and AR effects. All you need to do is connect to a smart device via Bluetooth to print out your amazing memories anywhere you go.

What makes the Zoemini as convenient is that whether your at a special family occasion, holiday or simply meeting up with friends you can capture the moment. The Canon Zoemini encourages creativity, with its easy to print, peel-and-stick photos that can be used to personalise your phone case, bags or even your bedroom walls!

Not just that but the Canon Zoemini can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand its also available in three bold colour combinations: Rose Gold/White, White/Silver and Black/Slate Grey.