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The last few days have been big for DC fans as we saw a very short teaser for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film released on Tuesday night, and last night we have been blessed with a second full length trailer.

The new trailer features Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth. In this trailer, we also get a first glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, which fans across the world have been dying to see. We also get a good look at Doomsday. However, this trailer lacks the presence of Cyborg and Aquaman. A lot of people don’t like Aquaman but having read this comic, as well as plenty others, I’m quite fond of Aquaman and quite excited to see him in this interpretation.


It’s not clear or confirmed which comic the new Batman v Superman film is based on, but many in the comic book community are putting their money on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Picture this: it’s a dystopian future, and Bruce Wayne at 55 has been retired from fighting for 10 years, but the crime levels are rising. Bruce Wayne decides he needs to be Batman again and confronts Harvey Dent after he had plastic surgery to cure him of being Two-Face. After Dent holds the city ransom with a bomb and Batman defeats him, Batman realises that Dent is, and always will be Two-Face mentally. After saving 13 year old Carrie Kelly from a gang attack, she buys herself a mock Robin costume seeking to help Batman. She finds him in battle with the gang army, being beaten by the gang leader. She creates a diversion and helps Batman escape. Batman takes the new Robin under his wing (pun intended) and defeats the gang leader with the help of Commissioner Gordon and Robin. The gang, called the Mutants, disbands and some become “The Sons of Batman”, using extreme violence to bring down crime.

Meanwhile, Superman and the President are at the White House discussing what’s been going on in Gotham, and the President suggest that Superman might have to rein in the Batman.

The return of the Dark Knight causes the Joker to awaken from Catatonia in Arkham. The Joker then manipulates the careworkers at Arkham to allow him to go onto a TV talkshow where he murders everyone present with gas and escapes. Batman and Robin track him to a fair where he is brutally murdering people. Together, Batman and Robin defeat the Joker, snapping his neck, almost killing him and gauging out one of the Joker’s eyes. The Joker then sees an opportunity. To incriminate Batman for murder, he twists his own head, snapping the remainder of his spine, killing himself. Gotham police confront Batman and he escapes, marking the beginning of the mass manhunt for Batman.

Meanwhile, Superman is fighting Soviet forces in a conflict which may ignite WWIII. Superman diverts a nuclear warhead, which detonates in a desert. The US is hit by an electromagnetic pulse, causing a mass blackout. Batman then realises what has happened, and he and Robin turn the remaining Mutants and the Sons of the Batman into a non-lethal fighting force, leading them against looters and ensures the flow of essential supplies into Gotham. Gotham becomes the safest city in the midst of a Nuclear winter. The US government are extremely embarrassed by this and orders Superman to take out Batman. Oliver Queen, the former Green Arrow, tells Wayne this is going to end badly. He predicts that Batman and Superman will have a final confrontation. It’s one or the other.

Superman demands to meet Batman. Knowing this will probably end in his death, Wayne chooses Crime Alley, where he first became Batman. Superman tried to reason with the Dark Knight, but Batman was having none of it. They fight. The confrontation is brutal with Superman completely destroying Batman;s exoframe. However, Oliver Queen, who only has one arm may I add, shoots an arrow with an arrowhead loaded with Batman’s synthetic Kryptonite pill using his feet at Superman. It hits and Batman emerges as the winner. Shortly after, Batman dies of a heart attack and his secret identity of Bruce Wayne becomes public knowledge. However, his accounts had been emptied and Alfred destroys Wayne Manor, as planned for when Bruce died, destroying any evidence of Bruce Wayne ever being Batman.

At the funeral, Superman hears a heart beating inside the coffin and after winking at Carrie and leaving, she digs up Bruce’s body, revealing the Dark Knight had faked his own death using the pill. Bruce Wayne then begins a new life, leading Robin, Green Arrow and his new army through unexplored tunnels beyond the Batcave, preparing for a new war against the corrupt government of the United States.

So. That’s it. The comic is absolutely epic, but the fact that Oliver Queen isn’t involved leads me to believe that the film will not be as epic as the comic. However, I am still extremely excited to see what Ben Affleck has in store as the new Batman and I’m also just really excited for the film in general. It’s going to be a good one.

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