Best Canon Printers in 2021 (Covid-19 Edition)

During Covid-19, we have experienced many hardships, one of them being working remote and needing paper to print with. These issues are essential and for it to be successful, you need a good functioning printer. According to reviews, the best printer to use is the Canon PIXMA TR8550. Nowadays many printers include Bluetooth and touchscreen, but this printer includes both and Wi-Fi connectivity and includes five Ink cartridges to enhance the quality of the printing. ‘Canon’ best known for their cameras also made sure to include an SD card Input. The Canon PIXMA TR8550 offers a 4.5-inch touch screen making it much easier and clearer to read thus making this the best printer to buy.

It does come with some disadvantages though… one being that the duplex printing can be a lot slower than other printers, there are no USB ports at the front of the printer which is odd considering almost all modern printers now include this. The cartridges are pricier if you are in need of replacements. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with this printer than rest assured that Canon has recently launched two new wireless photo inkjet all in one printers as a part of their PIXMA MG line.


This printer has incredible FINE print technology allowing your prints to have the best print quality. It comes with six ink tanks that can be replaced without disrupting the other tanks. Also comes with apps such as Air print that can connect with the printer making it quick and easy to print. This means no drivers needed, no software and most importantly no cables. This printer cannot get any better right. Wrong. This printer also has cloud printing, so if you own any apple devices, then you can print directly from social media such as Twitter or Facebook or even use Dropbox. It also supports Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet. This is perfect for those who have worked or are working remotely from home and need fast ways to print. If you are trying to print on DVDs or CD is than this printer can offer printing on both.

Canon’s are one of the best in the technology industry but are they better than HP?

Graphically, HP produced better quality Inkjet and Laser printers than Canon. In terms of copying and scanning, the HP printers are the best for this as they produce detailed transitions that are more apparent on plain paper than the Canon printers are. The Canon printers produce more rougher copies but they produce copies that are more detailed.  Both printers produce on Glossy Photo Prints but if you are after more natural looking prints than I recommend going with Canon. Canon produce quality and speed with their printers. They are more reliable and less expensive than HP printers are. HP printers are also harder to use than Canon and less clear.