Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

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The official teaser trailer for Captain America: Civil War is finally upon us!

Are you excited? Check out the trailer below:

With this trailer, we see characters such as Captain America, Bucky (The Winter Soldier), Iron Man, Falcon, Black Panther, Hawkeye and Scarlett Witch, yet no Ant-Man. We also see the absence of the new Spider Man, which fans around the world have been dying to catch a glimpse of.

In this film, we’ll get to see Marvel superheroes fighting amongst one another, with no real villains. Or is there?


As a Marvel fan who has read the original comic, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with the trailer. Although I am excited to see this adaptation of one of my favourite comics, I felt as though the trailer was too focused on Cap and Bucky’s relationship, rather than the actual plot of the comic. Whether Marvel Studios has decided to stay true to the story of the comic or not is still a question to be answered, but I would be lying if I said this trailer impressed me.

For those who have not read the comic, firstly pick up a copy as soon as you can. Secondly, I have seen things on twitter where people have been calling Tony Stark a villain… Tony Stark is not the villain in this story. No one is (but some do argue the true villain in this story is the government). There are no villains, just bad decisions made by both sides.

In the original comic, this story begins with the government introducing the Superhero Registration Act, which in short means that all superheros have to give up their secret identities. This completely splits the superhero community in half, with Tony Stark backing the Act, and Captain America opposing it. Whilst Iron Man is backed by Hank Pym and Spider Man, Captain America is backed by Falcon and Luke Cage. In short, things escalate and amidst the fighting, Goliath is killed by a robot Thor clone, which causes some heroes to defect to the anti-registration side. Eventually Cap surrenders, marking the end of the Civil War. Captain America is then arrested and it is apparent (but not super clear) that Cap is executed by Crossbones on the day of his trial.

The trailer, however, leads me to believe that Marvel Studios has not decided to stay true to the comic, which is incredibly disappointing as the comic is incredible. I suspect that a lot of what is described above will not occur in the movie so whilst I have given spoilers for the comic, it is not clear whether these events will occur in the film.

So although I am disappointed with the trailer, I am still excited to see what is to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from this film.

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