Cool Facts about Label Tapes!

What are Label Tapes and how did they come about?

  • The word ‘Label’ originated from the 1300 old French word ‘label’ ‘lambel’ ‘Labeau’ which means ‘Ribbon, Fringe worn on clothes’ and was used as a term in heraldry.
  • There are two different kinds of Label Tapes. Label tapes are applied to the exterior of a tape cartridge or reel. The second kind is when the date reordered is on the tape itself.
  • It has rumoured that the Ancient Egyptians invented stickers to advertise their daily market rates. In Tutankhamen’s tomb, detailed wine labels were discovered that were almost identical to present day wine labels.
  • The primary method of sticker production was in the 1800s. The labels were printed on a treated flat surface that repels ink from places where it is not needed. This method is known today as Lithography. In the late 1800s, they used to advertise goods using paper bonded by animal glue.
  • In World War II, Labels were used as bumper stickers as part of a propaganda scheme.
  • We use or see labels almost every day of our lives. We use labels to communicate. Label tapes are also used to look up information about products whether it is a drink or food we buy, the labels are still there to help use. Labels are often used in transport or even recycling.
  • Using labels is extremely helpful for a lot in of industries, especially the retail industry. Bar codes on labels help identify a product for many companies.
  • The birth of the inkjet printer in the 1980s was responsible for an explosion in the use of labels across all commercial sectors
Box with tape

What does the future hold for Label tapes?

Due to environmental concerns, the industry has been successfully developing a range of sustainable label production technologies and materials including biodegradable labels.

Best Quality Compatible label Tapes

Not everyone requires Label Tapes, some customers who have bought Label Tapes elsewhere have often complained about their labels being ripped or of poor quality. If you tend to use a lot of Label Tapes, saving money isn’t such a bad idea and you should aim to get a compatible Label Tape. Branded options can get a tad expensive. However, branded options are always more reliable than compatibles. It’s best to stay safer with an Branded Label Tape than a compatible. If you are still wanting a compatible, here are the different types you can buy.

  • Fabric Tape – Printable iron-on tapes that are made from cloth that enables you to easily label on uniforms.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing – with the help of a heat gun, printable tubes are shrunk to fit around cables.
  • Flexi Tape – Different colours available, flexi tapes, commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

I hope that this blog covered all of your queries about Label Tapes.