Electricity Bills going up!

As you may already know, our electricity bills are increasing. Should we aim to live our lives like everyone else in the 18th / 19th century? The most reliable times being when electricity was just invented and social media never existed… any power cuts? You could still read a newspaper; still write letters, submitting your homework by hand etc. Not to say that either of these are bad things, it is just better to be reliable, especially when you have an important task to complete. The good thing about investing in paper is that you would not be facing any of these issues when the electricity bill increases.

Light Bulb

Not only is electricity bills increasing but also due to inflation, everything has gone up by 5% in the market. Realistically, it feels like the inflation has gone up by 20%! This has influenced everyone greatly by this, whether you own a business, work in a business or if you are just a buyer. Why not save some money and invest in compatible cartridges? Whether you need to print your homework or even photocopy your documents! We value your time and money because we always aim to consider our customers and do our best to assist you on buying the best-valued products on our market/industry.

However, how can you tell if an Ink Cartridge is a compatible?

On our website, we label the compatibles through the titles of the product but you may miss this so the best way to identify a compatible cartridge is from the box design. You will notice that original cartridges will have all the details including the logo but the easiest method would be to type in your printer model or cartridge on our search or quick finder. When you do this, then all of your options should appear – look for the compatible cartridge and when you do than adding your cartridge to the cart should be straight forward. You could easily save yourself a lot of money and your compatible inks will fit into your printer the same way as an original. The quality is almost identical, you are saving the planet and you get more prints!

Here are the most popular Ink and Toner cartridges that may fit well with your printer;-

  • HP 12A (Q2612A) Toner Cartridge
  • HP 21 C9351 Inkjet Cartridge
  • Epson 603 Ink Cartridge (Starfish)
  • HP 65 / HP 304XL Cartridge

The list goes on…

We sell all the originals too so if you want to be safe and still rely on original cartridges theirs still the option to do so too. We hope that this blog helped in terms of affordability and time management.