External Hard Drives Better Than Flash Drives?

I think what important to know about both drives, is the lifespan. Which one lasts longer? Generally, the majority of flash drives (Memory Sticks) are used for 2 years. A flash drive is a type of technology that stores data. When the disk is turned off, the Memory stick remembers all the data and the data is saved. Memory Sticks have many advantages that can optimise your storage better. Many of the advantages include; keeping your data safe, it’s also compatible with many different devices and being portable. They are small and easy to carry around. If you’re looking for a fast way to save your files than I suggest you take a look at our website. We do many types of flash drives, from 4GB to 256GB. Unlike the external Hard Drive, the Memory Sticks used are durable and does not contain any moving parts.

Hard Drive

Just like many other things, there are many weaknesses that memory sticks have, one of them being it’s cost. They are usually quite pricey as they are more costly in manufacturing. A flash drive may be small and easy to carry with you but it can definitely be harder to find when it’s lost. This makes it more susceptible to damages and it’s worse if you have important files or data saved on it. Memory sticks are also at risk of viruses and programs that can cause data corruption. You cannot access your files once the Memory Stick is corrupted.

Similarly to the Memory Sticks however, the External Hard Disk drives are also portable and easy to carry, can be used with any computer that has a USB port, your data can also be backed up as the storage capacity on a hard drive is the most common reason people tend to buy Hard Disk Drives. Hard Disk Drives can also be longer lasting, which is convenient and much better than Memory sticks as a Memory stick is more prone to corrupt and break faster. Did you know that an external hard drive could also improve the performance of certain computers such as Mac’s?

The external hard drive can also have issues that can affect you negatively, these include the hard disc drive that can be damaged or broken easily if it’s not taken care of, it’s not password protected, and so files can easily be accessed if you lose it. The External Hard Drives can also come chunky and heavier so it can be harder to carry around.

Ultimately, there are many positives and negatives for an External Hard Drive and a Memory Stick but personally, the Memory Stick holds more vulnerability for me. It’s a lot easier to lose a memory stick than to lose an External Hard Drive, as a Memory Stick is a lot smaller. I definitely recommend having a hard drive especially if you have many data to store. If you decide to go for a flash drive than I recommend going for a branded one like Sandisk Flash Drive This could help keep your files more organised and leave you more satisfied than having a Memory Stick that can be corrupted at any time.