Fallout 4 Release Day!

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The day gamers across the country have been waiting for has finally come. After years of waiting and months of excitement, today is the day Fallout 4 comes out.

For those of you unaware of what Fallout is, it’s a series of post-apocalyptic, role-playing video games, set in s retro-futuristic world influenced by the post-war culture of 1950s America. Originally created by Interplay Entertainment, now owned by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout is one of the most successful role-playing game series’ around.

Bethesda are an incredibly successful games developer with titles such as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3 and now Fallout 4 under their belt.

Most of your time playing Fallout 4 will be devoted to playing the main storyline, but if you want to get more out of your gamer, we’ve found some things you can do alongside the storyline:

  1. Make a loot map
    When you start the storyline, your skills are gonna be minimal. So when you come across locked away loot, you should probably take a note of where it is so you can return when your lockpicking skills are higher
  2. Become a private detective
    Along your travels, you’re bound to come across some NPC’s (non-playable characters) who need your help. There is a set of quests called the Detective Files, where you essentially get to become a private investigator… looking for clues, interrogating witnesses and hunting for Holotapes.
  3. You get a dog, why not dress him up?
    Dogmeat may not have access to as many outfits as your character, but there are a few items he can wear, such as some awesome goggles and bandannas, which come in a range of different designs.
  4. Join a faction
    Getting lonely? Join one of the four factions roaming around the Commonwealth who have a keen interest in you, but make sure you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before signing up
  5. Become a leader
    Find a settlement you’re fond of, win over the locals and then you’ll be able to use their workshop to craft almost anything. With the local leader perk you can establish supply lines between your settlements, building stores to bring in a heap of caps.

There has been mass excitement across the globe for Fallout 4 and today is the UK release date. Want to celebrate? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re printing out this Fallout 4 poster… Why not do the same and plaster on your wall so you can look at it whilst playing?

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