Festive Decorations You Can Make Yourself Using Just a 3D-Printer.

The festive time of the year is here and so are the Christmassy decorations, but we know Christmas can be quite costly but not only that, what if you cannot find anything that catches your eye? Then you’re reading the right blog because here’s a couple Christmas decorations you can make yourself using a 3D printer.

  1. Tiny Christmas Tree

This one is the sort of tree you get when you just don’t have time or money to go get yourself an actual Christmas tree. This is perfect if you’re looking for something small to put beside your bed or your office desk.

Small Christmas Tree
  • The Spinning Star

Are you struggling to find the perfect piece to put on top of the tree to give it that final touch? Well you’ll love this, it’s a spinning Christmas star that can be mounted on top of the tree or hung from the branches. Its made from 3 different stars that rotate separately from each other and it looks amazing.

Spinning Christmas Star
  • Santa and Rudolph ornaments

These are little balls with little figures in them, these look very nice and festive and it’ll be wonderful to put up in the kids room or even hang on the tree.

Santa Ornament

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