Happy Birthday Harry Potter

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November 4th 2001 marks the premiere of one of the biggest movie franchises in the world: Harry Potter.

On this day, 14 years ago, the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had it’s world premiere in London. Since then, we’ve seen 7 books, 8 films and more to come. With the new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, soon to open in London theatres, is there a better time to be celebrating the incredible series?

Why not celebrate with us here at Ink n Toner UK!

Please enjoy some of the funniest Harry Potter photos I could find:







To celebrate this anniversary, here at Ink n Toner UK, we think it’s appropriate to print out the official movie poster for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and plaster it all over the office, so why not do the same?

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Click the image below to print out your Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie poster!


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