Inks Used in Newspapers

One of the many issues with the Ink industry is the amount of waste and paper that accumulates and as a result ends with them being wasted however, in recent years the main objective for many suppliers and companies were to help reduce this. As mentioned in the other blog posts, paper that is wasted is one of the greatest issues we face today. The rise in global warming since 1981 has been greater today so as a community we need to care more about these issues by recycling and reusing more. Just like paper, many people forget that they can recycle Ink too. With the waste of Ink on the rise, Ink Suppliers and Print companies have made it a number one priority to include more environmentally friendly and sustainable Ink types such as Soy Ink.

What is Soy Ink?

Soy Ink is an Ink is an Ink produced from Soy Beans. This kind of Ink is supposedly a better alternative than the Petroleum-based Ink that is used much more often. The reason for Soy Ink being a better alternative to Petroleum based Ink is that it not only is more environmentally friendly but it can also provide precise and accurate colours. It is also easier to recycle even though it is slower to dry. If you’re looking for Soy based Inks or toners, HP is a company that sells Soy toners and Inks for their printers now.


Soy Ink became highly popular with agencies due to the higher demands of petroleum; there was also an increase in price with petroleum, therefore after 2000 different Vegetable oil formulations, Soy beans were the most successful of them all. Some people have reported that when they use Soy Inks for their printers they needed less Ink compared to Petroleum based inks. This could be evolutionary for those who are in need for more Ink but want better clean-up costs.

We have learnt about how Soy Ink can be beneficial to you but let us discuss the negatives and how it can affect you.

One of the main issues that sets Soy Ink low is that the Ink takes quite a long time to dry. Due to its evaporative solvents, this can make things more difficult for coated papers rather than uncoated papers that’s used in newspapers.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that many people tend to only need black inks. However, with Soy based black Inks costs 25% more that Petroleum based Ink. The reason why Soy based Inks tend to be pricier due to its pigment to oil ratio. Soy based Inks uses more pigment than oil.

Overall, if you are unsure of the Ink and toner types that you are looking for then try to base it off your printer’s compatibility first. If you have a printer that accepts Soy based printers and would like anything that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly then go for the Soy based Ink.