Lets Print!

Printing has come along a long way since its inception. You can now transmit documents to printed through the air, professional paparazzi photographers can instantly send images they have just taken to newspapers for them to print, yes indeed printing has come a long way indeed. So too has the methods of reproduction of text, images and graphics onto your page. With the advent of the technological revolution we have seen consistently more advanced and environmentally friendly ink and toner cartridges being produced for your consumption. Ink and toner cartridges these days boast sophisticated ink and toner delivery systems which use increasingly small, microscopic ink and toner particles to give you enhanced image quality and reduction of graininess being produced onto your page.

In the beginning there were metal plates and woodblock printing, primitive and crude forms of printing compared to the advanced ink and toner printing techniques we now use daily to produce all our documentation, presentations, images and graphics with. Customers are presented with a vast array of ink and toner printing choices when considering which printer to buy. There are machines tailored for all printing needs, from printing within the home setting to full, high definition graphical printing with machines that cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The main choice always boils down to one main factor though, cost. An initial heavy investment of a printing device can pay dividends over time because generally ink and toner cartridges for these machines give you more pages and higher quality printing than cheap machines which do the exact opposite. When looking for a printer the main considerations should be what you need it for, what functions do you require and what are the machines running costs. Once you have indentified these factors you should be able to narrow your choice down to a specific area with printers that are targeted towards your needs. Before you buy it is always a good idea to look at your printers printing consumables, specifically their cost and the number of pages your ink or toner cartridges produce. If you think your ink or toner cartridges for this machine are too expensive then there is most likely to be several other printers with identical functions and features for you to choose from.

In this day and age you should probably consider the impact that your printing has on the environment, a litre of ink going into the manufacture of one ink cartridge should not only turn heads but make you more environmentally aware of the impact your consumption has on the environment. If your ink or toner cartridges are not recycled the plastic will sit and land fill from 450 to 1000 years and many plastic’s are not biodegradable anyway and could theoretically last forever. Many manufactures these days promote the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of their ink and toner cartridges and some claim to use manufacturing processes which result in a reduction of C02 gasses released into the atmosphere. Gel ink and solid ink cartridges are now available with their manufactures paving the way for more environmentally friendly printing. Although Gel ink or solid ink cartridges are not well known to most people they are well worth consideration for all the fantastic benefits that they bring to the printing consumables market. The main one of these is that they still enable your printing to look great, with rich, vibrant colours and crystal clear image detail.

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