Print Your Guy Fawkes Mask

What is Guy Fawkes and why is the 5th of November a memorable day?

The Gun Powder plot was a scheme to kill King James I by a group of Catholics (Guy Fawkes being one of them) to restore the Catholic Monarchy in the UK. Guy Fawkes had the responsibility to deal with the explosives however; it was a failed attempt due to Fawkes being caught with Gunpowder under the House of Lords.

You may have seen many people wearing the famous Guy Fawkes mask on this important day as a way to commemorate the occasion. We have the best Guy Fawkes mask template available for you and your friend/family to enjoy.

Guy Fawkes Mask

You can print this mask off in black and white or colour if you prefer. In addition, if you are on a budget or want to save some more money off you can use compatible Inks for your printer as they perform just as well as originals. It is also better to do so for the environment. Now that you have your Inks, you need to pair this with a good quality printer. I will list a couple of printers so that you could get to print out the best quality masks as well as the pros and cons!

  1. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

PROS: Terrific printing quality and Excellent Mobile Connectivity Options

CONS: Quite a pricey printer

  • Brother HL-L6400DW

PROS: Fast Printing, Excellent Graphics and Photos, Small and Light to carry, Generous Paper Capacity, Low Cost Compared to other printers and High volume ratings.

CONS: No USB Memory Drive Support

  • HP Tango X

PROS: Small and Manageable, has Voice Control and perfect for smart homes, an impressive print quality

CONS: Small paper input, Scans and Copies can only be done via smartphones.

Now that you have an understanding on which inks to use and what the best printers to print your masks with, you will need:

A pair of scissors (Use sensibly or ask anyone to assist you),

Paper, your printer or printer of your choice,

A hole puncher or the use of your scissors to punch holes into it,

Lastly a string or a rubber band to wrap behind your ears.

We also have different printing papers for you to use such as glossy or matte, or you can potentially visit your local library or a friend’s house if you are trying to save money, as printing is not so common unless you have an office or work in one. I recommend buying a regular A4 paper from our website as we sell good quality paper. Once you have your mask printed and cut out, make sure to use an A4 paper to punch holes on the eyes and on the edge of the mask. You can then attach the rubber band, elastic band or string to the holes on the side of the mask and you are all done!