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Inkjet Tattoo paper is a great way to transfer temporary images or text on to your body, so that you can design and print out your own tattoo and apply it on to your body. Rather than buying temporary tattoos, you can be creative and make your own designs by printing the tattoo designs using your own printer ink cartridges on to the inkjet tattoo paper.

This is great fun for your kids to do on any occasions such as when they are celebrating their birthday party or just to keep them busy. They are fun for the entire family as you can choose any design you want and print using your ink cartridges on to the special tattoo paper.

The temporary tattoo paper is suitable for any Inkjet Printers including Samsung printer, Brother printer, Canon printer, Dell printer, Epson printer, HP printer, Kodak printer, OKI printer, Xerox printer and Lexmark printer.

Don’t worry the tattoo are temporary and will wash off easily by washing your skin with soap and water.

All you need to do is simply print an image or text on the special paper and apply!

Check out some of the designs that we have found that you can print out on your temporary tattoo paper and start applying them on your body. Or if you want you can search for your own tattoo designs on google and print them out using your inkjet cartridges from inkntoneruk.









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