Schools, Colleges and Universities

Finding a place that sells a variety of printer supplies for schools, colleges and university can be quite difficult. This industry is very competitive and everyone vouches that their cartridges are the best to buy from. This could be true but the biggest issue you might find is having a trusted source to buy your supplies from. At InknToner UK, we offer the best-valued printer supplies to educational institutions and government bodies. However, what makes us different?

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Why us?

We have many reasons why we are different from other printer supply companies, one being that we praise our knowledgeable reputation for providing the best approach to our printer supplies. We also offer the best-valued supplies and always update our prices so that you can receive the best cartridges for your printers, whether it be Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges or Label Tapes. You will find that we offer a service that is the best in the industry.

We even offer a reorder option; this means you do not have to try to remember your printer model all of the time and it makes the process of ordering much faster. In terms of educational institutions and government bodies, your credit account can be arranged promptly for your orders, meaning you can place your order directly from our website or by phone.

In addition, we always have a new offer on the website so that you can save as much money with our products as possible! Whether it is a discount code or reward points, we do our absolute best to aid our customers as much as we can and assist them with any queries they have. For rare days where you do not see a discount or reward points up, we have a permanent offer for new customers and an additional 300 reward points within 24 hours of your initial purchase! Your subsequent orders will be simple and straightforward as afterward. If you are in any doubt thinking of what you need, check out the site and even create an account with us if you would like!

How to place an order

We offer top of the market printer supplies, from Lexmark to Epson, HP to Canon and we offer free delivery! We can also supply you with compatible cartridges as a cheaper alternative. If you would prefer to place an order by phone than you are more than welcome to give us a call 020 8216 5571 and we will work towards helping you place your order.