The High Demand of HP Ink Cartridges

With this current pandemic, it is clear to see that a lot of companies and manufacturers are struggling in the production and distribution of their products due to the many restrictions and hurdles in their way. This has caused a massive shortage in ink cartridges and toners. However, there is a specific company that has continuously had this problem and just can’t seem to keep up with the demand from the customers. I am of course talking about HP and their extremely popular ink cartridges for example the 304s and 305s just to name a few.

This issue has only increased with the pandemic and this year has reached an all-time high with the request for out of stock items increasing by 9000% which now means the top 10 most requested out-of-stock inks are all HP products which leads you to wonder as to why HP haven’t found a solution to this problem.

HP Logo

However part of the problem is also the amount of stress that has been put on the suppliers to send and deliver these products which obviously has also been a challenge due to everyone being stuck at home and ordering excessively.

Although these products are hard to get a hold of people are going with the alternatives which are compatible ink cartridges which are an excellent alternative seeing as they will save you a fortune and