The New Way to Keep Your Amazing Memories Close To Your Heart

HP Sprocket

Ever wanted to capture all the funny and amazing moments with you and your friends or from a holiday or even from your graduation party? Well now, there is a great way to keep all these memories close to you in a very special way. The HP Sprocket is one of the latest gadgets that is essentially a portable mini printer that you can print photos from your mobile phone on 2 x 3in photo paper.

This isn’t just a gadget that can print out amazing quality photos but it allows for the photos to be more then photos and make them personal treasures because it brings the images to life not like your tablet or phone where it’s just a digital picture.

The Sprockets have many more amazing features for example they are extremely convenient because they only take up as much space as your phone. They also need no ink cartridge and most importantly, all you need is Bluetooth to print out those brilliant pics.

If you have a HP Sprocket or are thinking of getting on you should defiantly check out our website where we sell photo paper for the Sprockets for a great price.