Transfer Fabric Paper

With Christmas just around the corner, this time of year has everyone running around whilst spending time with their families and picking out the best Christmas outfits to wear. Of course, let us not forget the most exciting thing about Christmas is… decorating your Christmas trees/homes, and of course buying and unwrapping your gifts!

A common issue people usually face during Christmas is what gift others with. It can be difficult to decide on what the best gift to get someone can be, especially with the year(s) we have had battling the pandemic and all. It has been one of the hardest years for us all, social distancing and being further away from our loved ones.

However, I’ve found a fun way for you to reconnect and enjoy this time with your family AND create cool Christmas shirts using Transfer Fabric Paper.

What is Transfer Fabric Paper?

Transfer Paper or ‘T-shirt paper’ is used with text or imagery to transfer onto fabric. It can be used on anything like tablecloths, pillowcases, bags and obviously shirts. In this case, we would use it for Christmas jumpers and sweaters. For reference, transfer paper is used by 100% cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. You have to make sure that you transfer everything correctly, as they can last an amazingly long time.

You can add on any design you would like but if you cannot think of any, let me help you out with these super cool designs!

Christmas Reindeer
Winter Penguin
Christmas Tree

The Aftercare

Remember! You can print these images anywhere on the jumper/sweater. The front, the back or both. Printing on fabric means it is washable too! Therefore, you can keep using this method to create amazing new designs every year and save your coin! If you want, you can create funny jumpers or t-shirts as gifts for your family this Christmas.   

Remember if you want to wash, your prints then make sure that you wait 24 hours and before doing so turn them inside out. Make sure that the water temperature is mild. The best thing I can suggest after washing them is not to twist or try to drain the excess water out. If you want them then at the best quality then tumble-drying would be the safest bet, as you want them to dry quicker than hanging them up. If you keep washing it, the images on your Christmas jumper might come out as stiff, to fix this, simply use silicon paper and re-iron the image.

I hope this blog has helped you think of creative ways to go about this years Christmas!