What happens when your Ink dries up

As bizarre as it sounds, Ink can “expire”, It all depends on the temperature, whether it is stored in cold or hot conditions. We never think to check to see if our pasta noodles have expired because we know that it usually lasts long, but regardless of how long it lasts, the quality of the pasta is not so great over some time. Like pasta noodles, Inks and Toners can last up to a very long time. They carry preservatives that make the shelf life last much longer. You can expect Toners to last longer than Ink, as with Toners the electro-magnetic process in laser printers is more precise.

Ink Cartridges dry up slow. Therefore, it is best to print out your documents when you know the Ink is still wet. For any reason you may find that the quality of your prints are going bad, it is because the wet ink is drying up and you have parts that are wet and you have parts that are dry. If it is too dry than, the print job will not go through.

Ink Cartridge

Your cartridges should be stored in good conditions and if it is, than it should still be able to work after the “expiration date” has passed. The best way to take care of your printer cartridges is to have your cartridges stored upright so that the sponge stays moist and in a sealed airtight container. As obvious as it may sound, keep your cartridges away from sunlight! Your cartridges have many very harmful chemicals and you do not want to risk having to deal with any possible hazards from this. So if you are storing them somewhere than it should be stored in a dark space like a cabinet, or inside a drawer.

Although you can save money by buying online from online retailers like eBay, it is important to be certain that you can use them and that they are not faulty. Your printer should let you know if there is something wrong with your Ink or Toner cartridges. It is always safer to buy from a reliable Ink shop. With InknToner UK, you are promised quality Originals and Compatible Inks and ‘Money Back or Exchange Warranty’ on your products.

The Money Back or Exchange Warranty allows you to receive warranty within 6 month when you purchase our products, including compatibles! All of the products you are returning must be discussed with us prior. All returns have to be in their relevant packaging and include a note, which states your order number. It is important to also note down if you would prefer an exchange or a refund.

Even though warranty is available, it is still important to take proper care of your Inks, as it will have a longer shelf life and there will be less of a hassle to deal with for you.