New Firmware Blocking Device Prototype in Testing

What is a firmware update you ask?

Firmware updates are updates printer companies like HP, Brother, Canon and other companies bring out every now and then for your printers to do. However, there is a twist.

One big reason why your printers want you to update them is so that you do not purchase any more compatible ink cartridges and sway towards their own original cartridges, which is not ideal considering they are considerably higher in cost.

Ready for another shocker? Most of the time the latest firmware upgrade can actually downgrade not upgrade features or even functionality and when you’ve gone through with the update theres no coming back. Really and truly firmware updates are made to actually try stop or at least limit the use of third party products but again if you prefer OEM products this won’t affect you.

But don’t worry because this problem wont be around for much longer because The Recycler is going to be testing out a number of prototype devices that will override firmware updates and enable you to continue using none original and cheaper cartridges. They are currently in the testing phase and will be presented at The Recycler Firmware forum on January 2020 during Remanexpo and Paperworld.

Firmware update