Why You Should Always Check Your Cartridges When Buying From eBay

Ink Cartridges

Ever bought an ink cartridge from eBay or even amazon and were not satisfied with the quality or even the amount of prints you were able to get out of the cartridge itself. Well there could be a very easy yet upsetting reason for this, which is that the person or company you are purchasing your inks from could possibly be scamming you.

Recently retailers selling on such sites as eBay and Amazon have been tricking their customers into buying high capacity ink cartridges which are actually standard capacity ink cartridges by replacing the sticker of the standard capacity with a high capacity sticker which is very wrong and extremely against the rules and regulations of eBay and Amazon.

There are a couple of ways of finding out if your ink cartridges are genuinely high capacity cartridges. One way of finding out is by checking the size of the of the sponge which is located inside the cartridge and if it does not fill the cartridge most likely the cartridge is a standard capacity. Because of this a lot of people have not chosen to not buy compatibles and move over to original products which are super expensive especially compared to the compatible products.

So remember, every time you buy an ink cartridge from a seller that isn’t verified always check for these tiny details or even better you can just check us out and get an even better price with better quality.