Inktober in October!

It’s October which means for you art heads its Inktober! These 31 days enable everyone and anyone to let their creative juices flow, and at Ink N Toner UK, we want to tell you all there is to know!

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker. It focuses on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October, anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it online. Remember to use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2018 if you want your art appreciated by everyone.

Everyday a new word in a list of prompts are given, for example todays prompt is “spell”. This prompt can be interpreted in many different ways; you could choose to do calligraphy with this, or maybe go down the harry potter route of the word. There is so much you can do with each prompt and the possibilities are endless!

Inktober rules.

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it*

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018

4) Repeat


Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with it. Inktober is about growing, improving, and forming positive habits, so the more consistent you are the better.

Does it have to be Ink or can I draw digitally?

Initially, the challenge of Inktober was focused on traditional inking. Although learning how to ink digitally is a skill separate from traditional inking it is no less valid. If you want to improve your digital inking skills, then doing Inktober digitally is a great way to challenge yourself. Just be cool to those who want to use traditional inks. In addition, traditional inkers, be cool to those who are trying to improve with their digital inking.

You can use the ink you buy from us to print out the list of prompts. As well as any digital work you have done, as well as that, you can use them to scan your drawings so you can post then online on your social media.

So from us at Ink N Toner UK happy drawing and have an even better October, especially with Halloween on the way.

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