Preparing for the Queens Jubilee

The second and third of June 2022 marks a very important and celebratory day for Brits! Her Majesty the Queen will be the first British Monarch to have been of service for 70 years! Celebrations will take place all over the UK and even across the world! Communities will come together to celebrate this joyous day. Her majesty the Queen has been reigning since the age of 25, she is the longest serving British Monarch in History. This means that her majesty the Queen is the most important figurehead for the UK during times of any enormous changes.

As expected there will be a numerous amount of events that will take place but other than the events, what else is there for you to do for the extended weekend?

You can create cards, invitations and even flags!

Queen Elizabeth

So what will happen on the 2nd June?

The 2nd of June will be when the festivities will kick off with the Queen’s Birthday Parade. This is the best opportunity to post up a card, create invitations and even print off the Union Jack flag. You can do this by visiting our store and we can print these off for you or you can visit our online store, order your printing paper as well as cartridges to print!

We offer a variety of products for you to look into. Some of which are cheaper alternatives such as compatible cartridges or even budget paper for your flags.

Here are some of our popular products!

For all the photo paper:

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We hope that you found this blog useful and enjoy this long weekend with your friends and family!