The New Way to Keep Your Amazing Memories Close To Your Heart


HP Sprocket

Ever wanted to capture all the funny and amazing moments with you and your friends or from a holiday or even from your graduation party? Well now, there is a great way to keep all these memories close to you in a very special way. The HP Sprocket is one of the latest gadgets that is essentially a portable mini printer that you can print photos from your mobile phone on 2 x 3in photo paper.

This isn’t just a gadget that can print out amazing quality photos but it allows for the photos to be more then photos and make them personal treasures because it brings the images to life not like your tablet or phone where it’s just a digital picture.

The Sprockets have many more amazing features for example they are extremely convenient because they only take up as much space as your phone. They also need no ink cartridge and most importantly, all you need is Bluetooth to print out those brilliant pics.

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A Card For Valentine’s Day That’ll Surely Put a Smile on Their Face.


Valentine’s Day Card

What to impress your loved one this Valentine’s day?

Valentines is round the corner, you only have a few days left so get your act together and impress.

Well we have exactly what you need, we have created wonderful cards you can print out and gift to your other half with a box of chocolates and some roses and we can guarantee it will impress.

This is a simple printable card which wont use much ink. All you need is your inkjet printer to print and you can print as many as you like.

Also if you like please share with your friends to give them a chance of making their loved ones feel special too.

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Talking About The Canon Pixma TS6150 And Why it’s Worth Buying


Canon Pixma TS6150

The New Year is here and so are schools and work however here at InkNToner we’ve been looking for the best printers around this year and we’ve found the perfect one.

This Canon Pixma TS6150 is a very efficient and affordable printer that would be great for office work because of the fact it is an All-in-one Printer, which means it consists of a scanner, copier and a printer. This is essential now a days when looking for a printer.

The second feature that is quite convenient is the size of the machine, which makes it wonderful to have in your home or on you office desk. However what makes this printer even better is it comes with a 7.5cm touchscreen and can connect with smart wireless and cloud connectivity which makes it so much easier to use and work with.

Despite all this, there is still one amazing feature, which is this printer takes compatible cartridges and can save you a fortune on inks. At InkNToner we have great prices on compatibles so if you do purchase this printer you should definitely check us out.

Festive Decorations You Can Make Yourself Using Just a 3D-Printer.


The festive time of the year is here and so are the Christmassy decorations, but we know Christmas can be quite costly but not only that, what if you cannot find anything that catches your eye? Then you’re reading the right blog because here’s a couple Christmas decorations you can make yourself using a 3D printer.

  1. Tiny Christmas Tree

This one is the sort of tree you get when you just don’t have time or money to go get yourself an actual Christmas tree. This is perfect if you’re looking for something small to put beside your bed or your office desk.

Small Christmas Tree
  • The Spinning Star

Are you struggling to find the perfect piece to put on top of the tree to give it that final touch? Well you’ll love this, it’s a spinning Christmas star that can be mounted on top of the tree or hung from the branches. Its made from 3 different stars that rotate separately from each other and it looks amazing.

Spinning Christmas Star
  • Santa and Rudolph ornaments

These are little balls with little figures in them, these look very nice and festive and it’ll be wonderful to put up in the kids room or even hang on the tree.

Santa Ornament

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Why The Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer is a Great Christmas Purchase


Epson Workforce WF-3620

Thinking of getting yourself a printer this Christmas? Well have you thought about the Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer? This printer is doing great on the market because of its amazing features for example its perfect for busy office environments because it can print up to 20 pages per minute and retains a consistently high level of performance throughout all its prints.

This printer has many more great features and one of them is that its compatible with Apple Airprint and Google Cloud Print which in this day and age is highly required because everyone has a mobile device or tablet and would like to print whenever however. So this feature is the first thing people look for now a days.

The second quality of this printer is that it has 3-in-1 meaning it can scan, copy and fax. This makes it very useful seen as it is compact but has everything a printer could possibly have.

The main feature of this printer is the fact that it can use compatible ink cartridges which can save you fortune and is quite a deal breaker for some. At InkNTonerUK we have great quality compatible products with great prices. To give you an idea on how much you could possibly save. An Original Epson 27XXL / 27XL Multipack cost £102.24 however the compatible version goes for only £13.49 which is astonishing.

So if your thinking of purchasing an Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer you should most certainly check us out.

Why the Canon Pixma TR8550 is an ideal printer to buy this Christmas.


Canon Pixma TR8550

Like many of the Canon Inkjet printers. This compact all-in-one machine takes five different ink cartridges to provide vivid and high quality photographs on glossy paper. Not only this but it also has An SD card reader for photographs however it also has the facilities to be used in an office. It is equipped with a fax machine for the people that need it and an automatic document feeder with a high-resolution scanner.

There is a slight twist because the printing speed isn’t the fastest but on the other hand it is very easy to use thanks to its large touchscreen feature and its ability to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Not only that but this printer is also compatible with Apple Airprint and Google Cloud print which makes it fantastic as it is so simple and convenient. It can also take compatible cartridges which are an excellent way to save money on ink cartridges and at InkNTonerUk we have great prices on compatibles so if you are considering buying this printer you should definitely check us out.

Taking all these features into consideration this printer would be a great buy for Christmas with an average price of £120 its quite a bargain especially for a unit that could fit inside a filing cabinet.

New Firmware Blocking Device Prototype in Testing


What is a firmware update you ask?

Firmware updates are updates printer companies like HP, Brother, Canon and other companies bring out every now and then for your printers to do. However, there is a twist.

One big reason why your printers want you to update them is so that you do not purchase any more compatible ink cartridges and sway towards their own original cartridges, which is not ideal considering they are considerably higher in cost.

Ready for another shocker? Most of the time the latest firmware upgrade can actually downgrade not upgrade features or even functionality and when you’ve gone through with the update theres no coming back. Really and truly firmware updates are made to actually try stop or at least limit the use of third party products but again if you prefer OEM products this won’t affect you.

But don’t worry because this problem wont be around for much longer because The Recycler is going to be testing out a number of prototype devices that will override firmware updates and enable you to continue using none original and cheaper cartridges. They are currently in the testing phase and will be presented at The Recycler Firmware forum on January 2020 during Remanexpo and Paperworld.

Firmware update

Why premium compatible cartridges are better than original cartridges.

Looking for cheap and reliable ink cartridges? Why don’t you switch to premium compatible cartridges. Premium compatible cartridges are brand new copy products and are made to the highest standards. They are simply a lower cost option that guarantees print quality and will meet or even exceed the quality and yield of the original ink cartridges and 3D filaments.

Premium compatible cartridges can save you a lot of money, which is very important especially if you consider the cost of original cartridges nowadays. For example, On InknTonerUK you could be saving approximately 45% on an Epson 603XL multipack, which costs £63.83. This also applies to single ink cartridges like the Epson 603XL black, which costs £25.24 if you purchase the original. However you could get it for an amazing £12.33 if you decide to go with the premium ones, which have double the page yield at 1,010 pages at 5% coverage and also come with free delivery and 100% guarantee if you get it from InknTonerUK. InknTonerUK also offer reward points which can get you discounts on your next order. So what are waiting for?

Premium compatible cartridge compared to original.

The cost isn’t the only great feature of the premium compatible cartridges. They have much more like having a considerably larger ink capacity then the original cartridges and in some cases more then double. So buying premium compatible cartridges is not just cost saving but will even last you longer then original cartridges by quite a large margin.

Epson 603XL Twin pack premium compatible cartridge and Epson 603XL multipack  premium compatible.

At InknTonerUK we sell a whole load of premium compatible cartridges for extremely reasonable prices and have made it very simple and quick for you to find what product you are looking for, for example the search bar at the top of the page allows you to see all related products. Another way would be to type in the printer model number which will tell you all the cartridges which can be installed in that specific printer. When browsing original cartridges on the InknTonerUK website you will be informed how much the premium compatible ink cartridges will cost and how much you will be saving, this saves you time and money.

Printer of the Week: Epson ECOTANK ET-2750


printer Epson ECOTANK ET-2750

The new ECOTANK ET-2750 from Epson is excellent and it’s what we recommend. Its new features are very useful and they make printing much more convenient and easy with its new cartridge free printing which is made for mess free printing and means you can just fill and print and don’t expect any leaks because it comes with leaking protection. This however is not the only great feature it has many more like amazing quality results because of its micro piezo printhead, which gives you a clear and crisp image and a built in scanner and double-sided printing. Just think of all the hassle and time this printer saves you.

Want an affordable yet fantastic printer? The Epson ECOTANK ET-2750 can save you an average of 90% on ink costs, which is impressive. This gives you an extremely low cost-per-page, it also produces 5,200 pages in colour and 14,000 pages in black. Talk about economical.

The ECOTANK ET-2750 printer is also wireless so no matter where you are in the house just connect and print easily from your mobile devices such as iPhones and androids. This feature makes it even easier and less stressful to use. There is also a slot for an SD card and a 3.7 cm screen which means you can print without a PC which is pretty handy.

The ECOTANK ET-2750 machine has the ink tank at the front of the printer which makes it easier to see when a refill is needed. It is also smaller and more compact and easier to use than ever before on top of that the new bottle refill system ensures only the correct colours can be inserted.

It is easy to refill the ink in your printer by simply just buying the ink bottles from To save money we also sell compatible ink bottles for your printer. To see all the options for your printer click here to buy.

Why do we see yellow toner in non-yellow toner cartridges?


yellow toner in non-yellow toner cartridges

Prior to putting in the toner cartridge into your machine, some people may notice a coating of yellow or white toner powder showing on the developer roller of the Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow toner cartridges.

yellow toner powder thin coating

The skinny coating of yellow toner or white powder is a part of the manufacturing process and is utilised to all colour LaserJet cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) on the manufacturing unit.

HP OEM cartridges

As you can see from the original toner cartridge, the HP OEM cartridges will even have this coating.

Q:  Do all HP Original colour LaserJet cartridges have the coating of the yellow powder?
A:   Yes, the powder also appears on all HP original developer rollers, as shown on the image above.
Q:  What’s the purpose for the application of the yellow toner or white powder?
A:   The powder functions as a lubricant to the inside elements of the cartridge. It’s also used for testing functions to make sure the toner is of high quality.

Q:  How long will the yellow toner or white powder be present on the developer roller?
A:  It should disappear before the first few pages are printed. During the quick calibration if you set up your cartridge the powder will get eliminated.
Q:  Why specifically is the colour yellow or white used?
A:  As they blend in easily with the other colours of the toner.