The Ink You Can’t See


The existence of invisible ink is the stuff of romantic tale. For decades, it has been used by spies and clandestine lovers to send secret messages to their mates. Although invisible ink is still used for similar reasons today, it has recently taken on a variety of new and interesting applications.

Hundreds of liquids can be utilised as invisible ink, ranging from fruit juices to carefully designed chemicals. We’ll look at seven of the more intriguing and approachable kinds. We hope this article has sparked your interest in making your own invisible ink at home. You, too, can become a master of steganography (which is the art of creating secret messages, in case you didn’t know!) with a little practise.

Invisible ink

How much does printing a page actually cost?


When purchasing printer inks and cartridges, the first thing to consider is how much each page will cost. The terms page yield, duty cycle, and page coverage may appear in product descriptions, but what do they mean and why do they matter?

Ink Toners

The maximum number of pages you can print with one ink cartridge or toner is called page yield (also known as duty cycle). Because not all pages will print with the same quantity of ink, calculating the precise page yield on an ink cartridge can be difficult.

To address this problem, the Office of Fair Trading mandated that the product description of ink cartridges include a measurement of ‘page coverage,’ which provides buyers with a general idea of how many pages they can print. Page yields for ink and toner cartridges may also be calculated using the Industry Standard (ISO) test with 5% coverage on each page. People sometimes get confused when it says 5%. When it says 5% its talking about 5% of the page.

HP DeskJet Plus 4130 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer

We know these times aren’t easy and many people are still working from home which means everyone is looking for a printer that can print with quality and with no problem and this is why the HP Deskjet Plus 4130 is the printer you need.

HP DeskJet Plus 4130

It’s one of, if not the most, dependable printers on the market right now, even with all of its features, it doesn’t stop there; it’s a printer with all of the features that a home worker needs. A scanner, printer, and copier are included. It is also wireless and Apple print compatible, making it even more convenient.

It has a lot of good features, from the speed at which it prints to the low cost of its cartridges. The printer costs about £60, which is a bargain when you remember that the more costly the printer is, the less expensive the cartridges are. This is due to the fact that businesses profit from ink cartridges rather than printers. Not only that, but you could save even more money by switching to compatibles, which are less expensive and also have more ink than originals.

When it comes to compatibles InkNTonerUK is the place to go for compatibles. We have great quality compatibles and prices and also have offers on a regular bases so definitely check us out if you are interested in taking the cheaper route.

The High Demand of HP Ink Cartridges


With this current pandemic, it is clear to see that a lot of companies and manufacturers are struggling in the production and distribution of their products due to the many restrictions and hurdles in their way. This has caused a massive shortage in ink cartridges and toners. However, there is a specific company that has continuously had this problem and just can’t seem to keep up with the demand from the customers. I am of course talking about HP and their extremely popular ink cartridges for example the 304s and 305s just to name a few.

This issue has only increased with the pandemic and this year has reached an all-time high with the request for out of stock items increasing by 9000% which now means the top 10 most requested out-of-stock inks are all HP products which leads you to wonder as to why HP haven’t found a solution to this problem.

HP Logo

However part of the problem is also the amount of stress that has been put on the suppliers to send and deliver these products which obviously has also been a challenge due to everyone being stuck at home and ordering excessively.

Although these products are hard to get a hold of people are going with the alternatives which are compatible ink cartridges which are an excellent alternative seeing as they will save you a fortune and

Going Back to Work isn’t too Bad With PremiumCompatibles

premium compatibles

Everyone’s back at work again and the printing has begun. But this isn’t something that should be worrying you because we haven’t gone anywhere and are here to help regardless of if your working from home or if your back at the office.

We have all you may need for your printing, all the way from from compatible ink cartridges to label tapes and not just that. We know the effects that covid would have had on most businesses so our compatibles are still at the best possible price.

So how about you come over and restock for the year and save yourself a fortune rather then buying originals. We even got an offer up when you spend more then £25 or more.

Lockdown Wont Stop us From Providing Our Customers with Ink.


With all the things going on around the globe theres a huge frenzy and everybody’s worrying about what to load up on however you ought to never be stressed over getting low on ink when were here as our online order will be as if nothings changed. We will consistently be there for your printing needs and continually supply the best quality inks. Theres also no reason to stress over us raising our cost since we try our hardest to match our prices with different websites so you get the best price.

ink delivery

Regardless of what occurs, printing is constantly needed for most things and right now with every one of these strikes and individuals working from home there’s substantially more people printing from home, which implies theres more individuals that need more ink. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you’ll go through more cash, this isn’t as bad as you think that’s because we sell compatibles which work impeccably and are much cheaper and will for sure save you a fortune.

Have You Considered Any Other Ways to Save or Recycle Your Paper?


Have you ever been sitting in the office and wondered how many tree you’ve destroyed that day with all the printing? Well most likely you have but the point is have you thought about doing any thing about it?

Recycling paper

There is so many different things you can do, not to completely save mother earth yourself but to do your part but this isn’t something new you probably already have some sort of recycling system in the office or at home.

The real question is how can you guarantee that you paper or plastic or whatever you recycling to going through the right process? There is so many companies that can help with that and that offer great services and take pride in their work.

Examples of these companies are Waste Concern Ltd, Capital Waste and many more profound companies

The process of recycling paper is relatively simple. It begins with gathering the waste materials and ends with new paper products. Here’s how it works:

1-Contaminants are removed at the recycling center. This typically includes paper clips, staples and pieces of plastic from packing materials.

2-Paper is sorted by grades, baled and shipped to the processor.

3-Pulpers at the processing mill shred the paper and mix it with water and chemicals to break down the fibers. Heat is applied to speed the breakdown of the wood fibers in the paper and create a slurry of wood fibers.

4-The pulverized paper and fibers are screened to remove any remaining contaminants.

5-It is then cleaned, and the inks are removed by spinning the pulp in a cone-shaped cylinder.

6-The pulp is then sprayed onto a conveyer belt, and the water is allowed to drip through the screen on the belt. This causes the fibers in the pulp to begin to bond.

7-Heated rollers then dry the paper and bond the fibers.

8-The paper is placed on large rolls that will be used to make new paper products.

Fun Halloween Pintables For The Kids This October


Spooky season is now upon us and soon you’ll be running around grabbing costumes and accessories for the kids trick or treating nights or their little school Halloween parties. However there’s no need to worry because weve got some ideas for you that can be printed from the comfort of you bed and also save you those extra pounds.

All that is required is a piece of string and a printer. Weve also got some fun activities for the kids that are planning a indoor stay for the night and we guarantee it’ll keep them busy.


Here are two puzzles that will have the kids thinking hard

Scream mask

The first one is quite the mask and is inspired by the famous film Scream


This is more of a younger kids mask and is sort of a green witch

scary skull mask

Heres another scary one to finish it off

The Devastating Effects That Ink Has on The Planet


A survey by Capgemini has shown that people are rethinking their choice of cartridge after coming to the realization that some cartridges are very uneconomically friendly and have a devastating effect on the environment.

Ink cartridges Recycling

Capgemini says that Covid has had a great impact on peoples awareness and commitment to sustainable shopping.

Ink printers and their ink are made up of several ingredients, most of them chemicals that have the potential to be damaging to you and the environment. Some of these include butyl urea, which prevents your paper from curling; cyclohexanone, which helps ink adhere to polymers; several dyes including reactive red 23 dye, acid yellow 23 dye and direct blue 199 dye, which contains sulphur; ethoxylated acetylenic diols which modify the surface tension of the water and colours; Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) which is full of contaminants and ethylene glycol.

The unsafe ecological variables of ink cartridges can be felt since they are made. At the point when you produce another laser cartridge, you expend multiple quarts of oil. For inkjet cartridges, you require around three ounces of oil.

However we at InkNToner are doing our best and working extremely hard to do our part and try to protect this earth. We actually recycle all ink cartridges that are eligible for recycling. We also tend to reuse cartridges in order to limit the amount of plastic we use. On top of this our prices are unmatched. So definitely check out our compatible ink cartridges to SAVE MONEY WHILE SAVING THE PLANET.

The HP ENVY Photo 7830 And Why its a Great Printer to Have For The Kids


We all know what time it is, its back to school time and we all what that means. Its time to put the printer to use and get ready for all the homework and projects printing. However we’ve got your back with our amazing prices and offers and incredibly good quality inks and toners.

Back to school

Weve also got a printer that we think is a must get if your in the market for a printer. The HP ENVY Photo 7830 is a wireless printer that is an All-In-One printer that costs around £149, Now thats already convincing itself but theres more to it.

HP ENVY Photo 7830

This printer is extremely easy to use with its 2.65 in touch screen and its feature that allows you to print doubled sided with out all the hassle of taking out the paper and flipping it.

Even with these great features it doesn’t stop there. This printer includes a 1.2 GHz Processor and prints out the first paper in 16 seconds and with great resolution (4800 x 1200 optimized dpi). To make this printer even more convenient, its includes Bluetooth connection and an SD and USB port to make it that little bit faster to use.

This printer is already on the cheap side but if you want to save that penny more you can switch to compatibles which are sometimes half the price and its also something we sell and with our weekly deals you can grab your compatible cartridges for a great price. So head down to InkNTonerUK and grab your cartridges.