Buying Inks from other marketplaces.


Before buying anything, we all like to try to branch out to other websites for a cheaper alternative, or even to try to compare prices but just because things may appear cheaper doesn’t mean they are reliable to use. Many around the world very commonly use websites like eBay to buy what they need. Sometimes buying second-hand items such as furniture can be a cheaper alternative and with furniture, things can be re-worked on so that they are made to look brand new. Others may find it suitable to buy second-hand clothes or even brand new clothes that are unwanted. All in which was once owned by someone else. However, this is not necessarily the same with things such as Ink Cartridges or Toner Cartridges.

The issue with buying any type of Ink or Toner from eBay or any market place is that it is as simple as being incredibly unreliable. Trusting a seller to send out Cartridges to you, especially if they have used an image that is not their own on their listing is one of the many swindles and traps in which people fall into. Buying cartridges from a seller on eBay can also ruin your printer and prints as these sellers can fill up cartridges with their own Ink and make you believe that you bought the product as a ‘brand new’ item.

When you tend to buy products like these, they tend to have a negative impact on your print quality as well; your print quality will not be as affective compared to if you were to buy products from our shop. Important thing to remember is that buying anything that is cheaper may disappoint. Many of the time people who buy from eBay have the same issue of the seller not responding to them if problems arise. As frustrating as it may be, buying an Ink Cartridge that is from a different market place like eBay and Facebook Marketplace can be dangerous and come with consequences. What I think is Important to know is that the seller’s or certain vendors do not offer any warranties on the items. It can also be a hassle to be opening up disputes and constantly have to follow it up.

Comparison of Graph

As you can see from this graph, if you buy Ink refills or Cartridges from eBay, than you are more prone to poor quality prints in comparison to the Genuine Originals you buy from a reliable website like our website Ink n Toner UK. Yes, there is a price difference; however, you are paying for reliability and quality prints. Alternatively, if you do not want to pay the price for the Originals, you can opt for the Compatibles, which are much cheaper but come with just as good quality prints. If you are not sure on what the best cartridge to get for your printer, you can always try to speak to our customer service team on our website via Live Chat.

Best Canon Printers in 2021 (Covid-19 Edition)


During Covid-19, we have experienced many hardships, one of them being working remote and needing paper to print with. These issues are essential and for it to be successful, you need a good functioning printer. According to reviews, the best printer to use is the Canon PIXMA TR8550. Nowadays many printers include Bluetooth and touchscreen, but this printer includes both and Wi-Fi connectivity and includes five Ink cartridges to enhance the quality of the printing. ‘Canon’ best known for their cameras also made sure to include an SD card Input. The Canon PIXMA TR8550 offers a 4.5-inch touch screen making it much easier and clearer to read thus making this the best printer to buy.

It does come with some disadvantages though… one being that the duplex printing can be a lot slower than other printers, there are no USB ports at the front of the printer which is odd considering almost all modern printers now include this. The cartridges are pricier if you are in need of replacements. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with this printer than rest assured that Canon has recently launched two new wireless photo inkjet all in one printers as a part of their PIXMA MG line.


This printer has incredible FINE print technology allowing your prints to have the best print quality. It comes with six ink tanks that can be replaced without disrupting the other tanks. Also comes with apps such as Air print that can connect with the printer making it quick and easy to print. This means no drivers needed, no software and most importantly no cables. This printer cannot get any better right. Wrong. This printer also has cloud printing, so if you own any apple devices, then you can print directly from social media such as Twitter or Facebook or even use Dropbox. It also supports Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet. This is perfect for those who have worked or are working remotely from home and need fast ways to print. If you are trying to print on DVDs or CD is than this printer can offer printing on both.

Canon’s are one of the best in the technology industry but are they better than HP?

Graphically, HP produced better quality Inkjet and Laser printers than Canon. In terms of copying and scanning, the HP printers are the best for this as they produce detailed transitions that are more apparent on plain paper than the Canon printers are. The Canon printers produce more rougher copies but they produce copies that are more detailed.  Both printers produce on Glossy Photo Prints but if you are after more natural looking prints than I recommend going with Canon. Canon produce quality and speed with their printers. They are more reliable and less expensive than HP printers are. HP printers are also harder to use than Canon and less clear.

Are Wireless Chargers better than normal chargers?


Wireless Chargers have been out for a while now but what are they and what do they do? A Wireless Charger will allow you to charge your device(s) without actually needing to plug them into an outlet. This can be beneficial for those who cannot handle clutter because it comes cordless, so you do not have to deal with loose cords around. Having no cables is reliant, it can be more worrying if you had to think about how damaged cables can be worn out quickly and stop working. It’s also great if you’re looking for a wireless charger for cars. There is little to no risk of any electrical liabilities as it is less likely for any corrosions to take place due to no exposure to oxygen or water.

Wireless Chargers can also be applied on many other devices, making it a universal item to buy e.g. Apple Watches or Apple Air pods. Another proven fact is that Wireless Chargers are not that harmful to your devices’ battery. The biggest misconception that had everyone originally avoiding Wireless Chargers was that it can ruin your device and damage your battery, however when you buy a good quality Wireless Charger, the chances of it damaging your battery are very low as it automatically shuts off your device. This means more battery life, less energy and no overheating.

Are Wireless Chargers better than normal chargers?

If you are on the go, there are many Wireless Chargers, if you’re looking for the best wireless chargers out there in the market. They’re specifically made to prevent you from having to carry your charger with you and looking for a charging port. We have all been through the struggle with chargers and battery life, but with Wireless Chargers on your phone case, it can help prevent that issue. If you’d prefer, You could charge the phone case, which would leave you with 100% battery life for a while. Even after your case charger runs out of charge, your phone would be completely charged and you would not have to wait, you could go about your day. This wireless technology has helped us grow drastically in the last few years, there’s now Wireless Chargers installed in furniture!

All good things also have limitations. For one, you would have to align your device(s) directly on the charger as well as check if it moves. Wireless Chargers can also be more expensive than regular cable chargers especially paying almost £60 for a charger that can easily be misplaced or taken by anyone. Compatibility is a major issue with wireless charging. Many people have faced issues with compatibility, as it is harder for some chargers to draw in power. When you draw in power, most- if not ALL the chargers release 20% of power into the air, which is ultimately energy waste.  

Personally, I would stay on the safe side and keep a regular cable with me; I would only buy a wireless charger if I were travelling abroad or going on a long trip but even then, I would still bring my regular charger.

External Hard Drives Better Than Flash Drives?


I think what important to know about both drives, is the lifespan. Which one lasts longer? Generally, the majority of flash drives (Memory Sticks) are used for 2 years. A flash drive is a type of technology that stores data. When the disk is turned off, the Memory stick remembers all the data and the data is saved. Memory Sticks have many advantages that can optimise your storage better. Many of the advantages include; keeping your data safe, it’s also compatible with many different devices and being portable. They are small and easy to carry around. If you’re looking for a fast way to save your files than I suggest you take a look at our website. We do many types of flash drives, from 4GB to 256GB. Unlike the external Hard Drive, the Memory Sticks used are durable and does not contain any moving parts.

Hard Drive

Just like many other things, there are many weaknesses that memory sticks have, one of them being it’s cost. They are usually quite pricey as they are more costly in manufacturing. A flash drive may be small and easy to carry with you but it can definitely be harder to find when it’s lost. This makes it more susceptible to damages and it’s worse if you have important files or data saved on it. Memory sticks are also at risk of viruses and programs that can cause data corruption. You cannot access your files once the Memory Stick is corrupted.

Similarly to the Memory Sticks however, the External Hard Disk drives are also portable and easy to carry, can be used with any computer that has a USB port, your data can also be backed up as the storage capacity on a hard drive is the most common reason people tend to buy Hard Disk Drives. Hard Disk Drives can also be longer lasting, which is convenient and much better than Memory sticks as a Memory stick is more prone to corrupt and break faster. Did you know that an external hard drive could also improve the performance of certain computers such as Mac’s?

The external hard drive can also have issues that can affect you negatively, these include the hard disc drive that can be damaged or broken easily if it’s not taken care of, it’s not password protected, and so files can easily be accessed if you lose it. The External Hard Drives can also come chunky and heavier so it can be harder to carry around.

Ultimately, there are many positives and negatives for an External Hard Drive and a Memory Stick but personally, the Memory Stick holds more vulnerability for me. It’s a lot easier to lose a memory stick than to lose an External Hard Drive, as a Memory Stick is a lot smaller. I definitely recommend having a hard drive especially if you have many data to store. If you decide to go for a flash drive than I recommend going for a branded one like Sandisk Flash Drive This could help keep your files more organised and leave you more satisfied than having a Memory Stick that can be corrupted at any time.

The making of Ink


Most of us have used a Colour Printer at least once in our lives and it’s self-explanatory that a colour printer requires Ink Cartridges, but do you know how the cartridges are made?

The CMYK colours that are used to reflect light are completely different to RGB colours that are used to transmit light; instead, the Ink Cartridges in CYMK colours consist of; Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. They are used to create Black. These colours are often the colours found in printers. On the other hand, all colours for any display that transmits light are Red, Blue and Green, which are RGB models; RGB models are displayed on your TV’s and computers by using the colours to transmit light.


Similar materials in Ink are used in art and identifying what right colours to use and what to mix is important in creating vivid images. Ink and paint are very alike. Ink is not just used for printing; it’s used for writing and drawing also. It’s crazy to think that Ink dates back to the ancient Egyptians with their hieroglyphics, or the Chinese with their calligraphy or even the Romans!

Primarily… what is Ink and how is it made?

A combination of ingredients are incorporated with the makes of Ink, these include; resin, a variety of pigments, varnish, lubricants and wax. All of these are mixed at high temperatures to form a mixture that is alike. Titanium dioxide is used to lighten the pigments whilst carbon black pigments are made from Black Ink, meanwhile varnish is used for any base of any Ink. The pigments are used in the mixture to break any clumpy parts formed from the resins (which secure the ingredients together). An oil is a common base used in the making of printer Ink.

In simpler terms, it goes a bit like this:

  1. Varnish Manufacturing
  2. Premix
  3. Grinding
  4. Dilution
  5. Packaging

The heating process differs for certain printers like Brothers or Epson, as a substitute a material called piezoelectric is used and an electrical current then changes the shape of the piezoelectric. The pressure forces the ink to form a droplet into the nozzle.

Did you know…?

  • Did you know that certain fonts use more Ink?

Certain fonts like ‘Arial’ use more Ink due to It being much larger, meaning the cartridges and Ink run out faster than fonts like Garamond, Times New Roman or Courier.  

The Ink You Can’t See


The existence of invisible ink is the stuff of romantic tale. For decades, it has been used by spies and clandestine lovers to send secret messages to their mates. Although invisible ink is still used for similar reasons today, it has recently taken on a variety of new and interesting applications.

Hundreds of liquids can be utilised as invisible ink, ranging from fruit juices to carefully designed chemicals. We’ll look at seven of the more intriguing and approachable kinds. We hope this article has sparked your interest in making your own invisible ink at home. You, too, can become a master of steganography (which is the art of creating secret messages, in case you didn’t know!) with a little practise.

Invisible ink

How much does printing a page actually cost?


When purchasing printer inks and cartridges, the first thing to consider is how much each page will cost. The terms page yield, duty cycle, and page coverage may appear in product descriptions, but what do they mean and why do they matter?

Ink Toners

The maximum number of pages you can print with one ink cartridge or toner is called page yield (also known as duty cycle). Because not all pages will print with the same quantity of ink, calculating the precise page yield on an ink cartridge can be difficult.

To address this problem, the Office of Fair Trading mandated that the product description of ink cartridges include a measurement of ‘page coverage,’ which provides buyers with a general idea of how many pages they can print. Page yields for ink and toner cartridges may also be calculated using the Industry Standard (ISO) test with 5% coverage on each page. People sometimes get confused when it says 5%. When it says 5% its talking about 5% of the page.

HP DeskJet Plus 4130 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer

We know these times aren’t easy and many people are still working from home which means everyone is looking for a printer that can print with quality and with no problem and this is why the HP Deskjet Plus 4130 is the printer you need.

HP DeskJet Plus 4130

It’s one of, if not the most, dependable printers on the market right now, even with all of its features, it doesn’t stop there; it’s a printer with all of the features that a home worker needs. A scanner, printer, and copier are included. It is also wireless and Apple print compatible, making it even more convenient.

It has a lot of good features, from the speed at which it prints to the low cost of its cartridges. The printer costs about £60, which is a bargain when you remember that the more costly the printer is, the less expensive the cartridges are. This is due to the fact that businesses profit from ink cartridges rather than printers. Not only that, but you could save even more money by switching to compatibles, which are less expensive and also have more ink than originals.

When it comes to compatibles InkNTonerUK is the place to go for compatibles. We have great quality compatibles and prices and also have offers on a regular bases so definitely check us out if you are interested in taking the cheaper route.

The High Demand of HP Ink Cartridges


With this current pandemic, it is clear to see that a lot of companies and manufacturers are struggling in the production and distribution of their products due to the many restrictions and hurdles in their way. This has caused a massive shortage in ink cartridges and toners. However, there is a specific company that has continuously had this problem and just can’t seem to keep up with the demand from the customers. I am of course talking about HP and their extremely popular ink cartridges for example the 304s and 305s just to name a few.

This issue has only increased with the pandemic and this year has reached an all-time high with the request for out of stock items increasing by 9000% which now means the top 10 most requested out-of-stock inks are all HP products which leads you to wonder as to why HP haven’t found a solution to this problem.

HP Logo

However part of the problem is also the amount of stress that has been put on the suppliers to send and deliver these products which obviously has also been a challenge due to everyone being stuck at home and ordering excessively.

Although these products are hard to get a hold of people are going with the alternatives which are compatible ink cartridges which are an excellent alternative seeing as they will save you a fortune and

Going Back to Work isn’t too Bad With PremiumCompatibles

premium compatibles

Everyone’s back at work again and the printing has begun. But this isn’t something that should be worrying you because we haven’t gone anywhere and are here to help regardless of if your working from home or if your back at the office.

We have all you may need for your printing, all the way from from compatible ink cartridges to label tapes and not just that. We know the effects that covid would have had on most businesses so our compatibles are still at the best possible price.

So how about you come over and restock for the year and save yourself a fortune rather then buying originals. We even got an offer up when you spend more then £25 or more.