CMYK & RGB Colour Models for Print & Digital Design


CMYK vs RGB for print and digital

If you are familiar with working with digital or print design, you will probably be aware of the different colour models to utilise. RGB is an additive colour model, which means white is produced by combining all the primary coloured lights and black is the absence of light. CMYK is however a subtractive colour model and refers to the ink colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black).

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

The CMYK model works by partially masking the colours on a lighter, usually white background. The ink, which reduces the light that would have been reflected, therefore ‘subtracts’ the colours red, green and blue from white light. This distinction between the models makes the RGB prefect for digital and CMYK ideal for print; CMYK sometimes refers to the printing process itself.

However, the range offered by RGB (its colour gamut) is larger than that of the CMYK which explains why sometimes although you design looks good on screen in RGB, the CMYK usually lacks vibrancy. Also, some colours cannot be reproduced using CMYK. As a result your print out may look a little muddied. If you are a professional photographer for example, this is obviously not the result you want.

Many constraints exist when trying to achieve the reproduction of colours that are perceived by the eye in nature. However, there are many printing processes that have be devised such as offset and lithographic printing processes, which though are still in development, already produce a more natural look.

One good advice is to make sure you only work with colours that can be printed (that is, within the CMYK gamut). For example if you are working in Photoshop, you can opt to work in the CMYK mode. However, with today’s wide format printers that have 12 ink colours, you may be able to achieve a spectrum closer to that of RGB. Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO printer range has good options for this. You can buy printing supplies for these printers in the InknTonerUK website. Ideally, if you are concerned about the colours looking good you would opt for original inks. But, this can be very expensive, so we provide you with multipack options which will give you great savings. For example, we sell multi-packs for the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 and more.


Busting the Myth that Printing is not Sustainable!


Printing is sustainableThe digital revolution has meant a switch over to non-paper-based communication, increasingly reinforced by penalties and supplementary charges for using paper. But has misinformation been the driving catalyst for this change? Did you know that one of the main reasons companies want to shift to electronic delivery is to save money and not necessarily be environmentally responsible. It is a well-known fact that people understand, retain and use information better when in print on paper, and paper is in fact sustainable when consumed responsibly. For example, double-sided printing in the office and collection schemes will reduce costs as well as improve sustainability. There are software packages available such as GreenPrint that isolate blank pages for example, thus reducing the number of binned sheets of paper. If companies want to save money, then investing in a printer that takes compatible cartridges easily is a good idea (most printers do). As it is often the cartridges that add to the running costs of printing, knowing your cartridge options for your particular printer becomes of paramount importance. You can search for cartridges by navigating using the make and model of your printer on the InknTonerUK website on the quick search toolbar.

The European paper industry recycles at the rate of 72% (2016 figure) – and with recycling collection systems improving this rate is set to increase. As you know, the main raw material is wood; if harvested in a carefully controlled and sustainable way, it makes printing a sustainable industry. In some countries, in particular, in the tropics, the conversion of forests to industrial plantations is a cause for concern, but that is not the case in Europe where most of our paper is sourced. In fact, European forests have increased in size by an area the size of Switzerland in just ten years. The paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters or greenhouse gasses, accounting of 1%of global emissions. And with many customers still valuing paper-based communication, it might be wise to not go entirely digital.

If you want to print in an environmentally friendly manner, but worry about the quality of your prints, rest assured that buying remanufactured cartridges from a trusted vendor like InknTonerUK would guarantee that your remanufactured cartridges would perform as well as a new cartridge. Look our for the pink ‘premium’ label on the products on the site for premium remanufactured products. Compatible cartridges on the other hand are great value alternatives for everyday use.

Minimise environmental impact by printing consciously

IBM Replacement Toner Cartridges are Better Alternatives to Original Cartridges


IBM Ultimate is a better alternative

IBM is a renowned technology company known for their quality products. Beginning as a computer hardware company in 1911, they have established themselves as one of the top leading companies. As you may know IBM produce their own printers and offer cartridges; now they have ventured into manufacturing a true likeness toner cartridge for HP and may produce more of other brands like Brother, Samsung and Canon in the future.

With the guaranteed print quality and page yield of an original cartridge, the IBM Ultimate cartridges come with a Total Performance Warranty. That means that not only will the print quality and page yield meet or exceed the originals’, but that the product also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee that the last page will look as great as the first! All this comes with no risk to your printer’s warranty whilst offering amazing savings against original cartridges, which makes IBM Ultimate cartridges a great alternative. Offering cost savings to the enterprise user and certified by IBM, these high quality cartridges make great replacement toner cartridges!

Here is an example comparison for a toner cartridge where we offer the originals, compatible, remanufactured and IBM Ultimate. You can view the cartridge types for this particular product by clicking this link. As you can see, if you require a true alternative to originals you should consider going for the IBM Ultimate. Rather than paying £152.99, you are paying £65.99; that is a total saving of £87. You could even buy two IBM Ultimates and still have saved!

If you don’t like using compatible cartridges and prefer the original, we highly recommend to try the IBM Ultimate cartridges, which are made by the IBM company and you will be 100% satisfied and won’t go back to the originals. That is a guarantee!


Example: HP 05X Black High Capacity Toner Cartridge (CE505X) Originals Compatible (brand new copy) Remanufactured (renewed original) IBM Ultimate
Page Yields 6,500 pages 6,500 pages 6,500 pages 6,500 pages
Quality Produces the highest Quality Good quality printing for everyday use Premium quality which close to originals True Alternative to originals
Price (as of 22/1/19) £152.69 £16.99 £34.99 £65.99
Compatibility HP LaserJet P2050, P2055, P2055D, P2055DN, P2055N, P2055X Same as Originals Same as Originals Same as Originals
Risk to Printer None None None None

To view all toner cartridges that are offered by IBM at Ink n Toner UK, you can click this link.

IBM Ultimates are better alternatives to originals

A Quick Printing Guide for Photographers (Beginners & Professionals)


A quick printing guide for photographers by Ink n Toner UK

For all photographers, it is important to ensure a combination of having the right printer, suitable inks and the correct photo paper. However, with the abundance of available choices, it is often confusing to pick out exactly what you need. Ideally, you would need a printer that has the right balance of quality, cost and specific features depending your photo printing demands, and whether you are an amateur or a professional, you want feel satisfied with your work so you need to choose options that show your work in the best light.



For an aspiring photographer a printer such as the Canon PIXMA iP8720, would allow you to experiment with colour as well as black and white prints. And, it supports up to a 13” x 19” print size. For a relatively low cost option, it has an incredible 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution, which is perfect for those highly detailed photos.

A higher cost option (at double the price) is the Canon Pixma Pro 10, which allows for 10 pigmented inks offering an great range of colours. Pigmented inks last longer whereas dye-based inks produce more vivid colours but do not last as long. Also supporting a 13” x 19” print size and wireless capabilities, it is a good option if you can afford the 10 replacement cartridges. Compatible cartridges are a viable alternative. Click here for suitable ink cartridges:


For professional photographers out there, the Epson SureColour P800 is a great option. Not only is it relatively cheap, but has great print quality and a good page yield. Allowing for a wide-format use, it enables printing up to 17” x 22”. Great for printing border-less photos.


Most printers have universal compatibility, but it is important to see what type of photo paper your printer can take. As for high quality photographs Inkjet printing is ideal, so we will discuss now discuss Inkjet photo paper.

There are various photo paper finishes, which is the translucent chemical coating that improves appearance of the print. From glossy and matt to satin and pearl and luster and various other finishes, you need to choose the correct one for your particular print job. Glossy paper ranges in glossiness, however there may be glare in the resulting image from high glossy papers which make viewing challenging. Nevertheless, glossy paper is the most widely used type of photo paper for a quality finish. Matt has no glossiness, making it a cheaper option (due to the lack of the expensive coating), but ideal for black and white photos. Satin paper has ‘semi-gloss’. Pearl and Luster has a textured feel to it and is a type of satin finish. A high paper density (GSM weight) is ideal for a luxury look, for example on greeting cards, but is often not cost effective.

Ink n Toner UK are doing an offer this week of 2 free packs of glossy photo paper when your order comes to £20 or more! Ends midnight on Friday the 18th of January 2019.


It is often the question whether it is better to produce your photos with dye or pigment based ink. Dyes are colourants dissolved in liquid while pigments inks are microscopic specks of solid colours that are suspended in liquid. You might use dye as it is cheaper and great for vivid prints. Dye is ideal for album photography, and the best results are on high gloss paper. But they could take a while to dry and will fade over time. Photos printed using dye inks last for about 25 years if protected by glass. Pigment inks are only for the top-end printers, and can produce high quality on a range of paper. They give long lasting and consistent results but lack in vibrancy.

So the choices your make will depend on your printing needs and budget. If for example you require colourful and vivid photographs then a combination of glossy paper and dye ink would be the best option. Also make sure your ink is compatible with your printer! Use our easy-to-use search tools to navigate the inks that match your printer on:

A quick guide to printing for photographers

Printing for Business Made Simple


Business Printing

If you are a business, the ongoing running costs of a printer can often eat into a business’ utilities budget as costs increase with high volume everyday use. With businesses tending to demand a lot from their printers, even smaller Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), finding a cost-effective all-in-one printer with low upfront as well as running costs becomes of paramount importance.

For bulk printing, businesses should consider laser printers with attributes such as automatic double-sided printing. An all-purpose printer that scans and copies as well would be ideal, like the Epson Workforce printers for example, and for larger businesses, a printer that offers stapling is a bonus. Brother, HP, Canon and Samsung printers are among the very best brands for businesses.

However, which one of the range should you go for? Wireless and network printers are perfect for businesses environments with a large workforce. However, at this point, it is important to consider the running costs which boils down to the type of toner cartridges you decide to choose. Ink n Toner UK offers a wide range of cartridges that are compatible with thousands of different laser printers so by visiting the site and browsing through the options (on you become well equipped to make a strategic choice about your printer.

Remanufactured Cartridges vs OEM

Original toner cartridges ensure that you produce outstanding quality prints, and are perfect for professional business designers where the quality of the graphics and images are essential. However, whereas buying original toner cartridges repeatedly may cost you a fortune in the long term, premium remanufactured or value compatibles are far more affordable options that do not infringe on quality. (So before you buy your printer, consider the compatibility of different types of cartridges, and whether we offer compatible cartridges for your printer.) If however, you want the guaranteed match (at the very least) in print quality and page yield of an original cartridge, Xerox Ultimate and IBM Ultimate toner cartridges are also highly viable options as they still offer considerable savings against original cartridges. Click here for all Printer Toner Cartridges & Supplies.

Your very own Printer buying guide!


At Ink N Toner UK, we know it can be difficult at times when you want to purchase a printer, perhaps it is your first time buying, or maybe you are looking to upgrade. Well, rest assured we are here to help you with a guide on the kinds of printers you can find, if you would like a more detailed guide, you might want to look

Printer Types

There are varied types of printers depending on how much you would like to spend, as well as what you want out of your printer.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer, and range from small inexpensive consumer models to expensive professional machines. Inkjet printers tend to produce higher quality photographs than laser printers. If you like photography or are maybe looking to create some photo albums, a good quality inkjet printer makes the most of photos from DSLR and phone cameras.


Laser Printers

Laser printers are designed for consistent use and are able to reduce printing times in offices and homes that print in abundance. A fantastic choice for text documents and high-speed batch printing. Toners do cost more than inkjet cartridges. However, it will print out considerably more. The initial cost price of a laser printer looks like a taxing investment, but over time, the cost-per-page works out cheaper than inkjet printing.


All-in one Printers

An all-in-one printer is the amalgamation of a scanner, copier and printer in one device. They are available in both inkjet and laser varieties, offering the bonus from the reduced footprint, and the satisfaction of having a three in one printer. Some all-in-ones have a fax machine as well, which is extremely useful and the ideal printing solution for small or home offices, although of course faxing is very much becoming more and more outdated!


3D Printers

3D printers have recently become much more common and offer a diverse and innovative entry into prototyping and small-scale manufacturing. Whatever you design, you can make. This is great if you want to test parts before you manufacture expensive machining or maybe you want to design a custom phone case, or anything else that your mind thinks. A 3D printer makes once complex manufacturing easy and accessible.

As well as that, there is a plethora of extra features and jargon that you may not understand or even knew exists today!

Wi-Fi Direct/WirelessDirect:

Wi-Fi Direct provides a wireless connection between a printer and device, even if no Wi-Fi signal is present – perfect for homes and offices without a wireless network or in an office as a backup if the network fails.

Apple Airprint:

AirPrint is an Apple technology that helps you create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers. With AirPrint, it’s easy to print full quality photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to install additional software (drivers).

Google Cloud Print:

Google Cloud Print (GCP) is a service that allows you to print from any web-connected device. Google Cloud Print routes print jobs between your computer, smartphone, or tablet and sends it to an Internet-connected printer.


Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other.Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new feature to printers.

Email Printing:

Settings for email notifications. You can print to any printer that is Email Print compatible printer from any device that can send email, such as your smartphone, tablet, computer, or mobile phone. To use this service, you need to register your printer and account to the brands account first.

Print Quality DPI:

DPI is used to describe the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print and the printing resolution of a hard copy print dot gain, which is the increase in the size of the halftone dots during printing. This is caused by the spreading of ink on the surface of the media.

Whatever you may need, we have a printer to suit all of your needs, if you want to learn more visit our buying guide on our site at:

We hope you have a great day and we hope we have made it even better helping you get your dream printer.

Its World Quality Day!


There are days in the months of there year where celebrations happen and our customers here at ink N Toner UK would be none the wiser! Therefore, we are here to help you become aware about the obscure holidays that we have to celebrate.

Ever picked up a product, excited to get it home, only to find out that when you open the box and put it to its intended task for the first time it just falls apart? Or called in to get technical support and you pretty much just get a set of read out responses rather than the assistance of people who are actually knowledgeable in their subject? These terrible experiences just enhance the absolute necessity of quality in every aspect of business.


History of World Quality Day

Quality Day was established in 2008 at the Imarsat Conference Centre to create a place and time to discuss techniques of innovation, inspiration, and creative ideas. With Quality serving as a fundamental part of the GDP of first world economies, striving to improve customer satisfaction while finding ways to reduce the cost involved with increasing quality have been an essential part of business strategy.

The time of being able to foist off a substandard product to customers has passed, and with the increased communication among customers has come the return of a demand for high quality lasting products. Quality is primarily increased through collaboration, innovation, and working to improve the output quality at every level of business and manufacturing.


How to Celebrate World Quality Day

Celebrating World Quality Day is best done by working together with your corporate leaders to create a plan for improving quality in your business. Whether it is working on improving the efficiency of your system to create more time to focus on the growth of quality within your business.

You can also organize with the official celebration of the day by focusing on the topic of that years “World Quality Day”. In 2012, the theme was Delivering a Competitive Advantage, while in 2014 it was “building a quality world together”. Working with the organized events will lead to you being able to collaborate with companies all over the world to bring a better level of quality to your business. This year the theme is “Trust”.

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

At Ink N Toner UK, you can trust us to provide with the best in quality original and compatible inks at toners, as well as any other products we bring to you! And if you do have any problems with any of our products you can always get in contact with us, whether it is on our website at Alternatively, you can contact us on our number at: 020 8216 5571!

Happy World Quality Day!

Its Movember at Ink N Toner UK!


moustache movemberIt is the 1st of November and that means for a lot of us out there it is Movember at Ink N Toner UK!  This is a time where we look help men in both their mental and physical health. During this month, anyone who can is encouraged to grow a moustache to raise awareness for various men’s issues


movember menHistory of Movember

It all got started in 1999 in Australia when a group of young men decided that the middle of summer was a fantastic time to grow a beard (seasons are backward down there, remember). It all started, as most great ideas do, in a local pub and quickly came to contain a group of 80 men dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues and spreading this around the world. While it started out just focusing on raising awareness for prostate cancer and depression, it would soon grow to include all men’s health issues.

Competitions for the greatest moustache are held around the world, with 21 national winners being selected, and then one of their number being immortalized as the International Man of Movember. Much has not stopped this movement, either, in spite of Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand attempting to suppress it by banning those men who were participating from end-of-the-year prizes from the school.

Today it is one of the most respected men’s health awareness organizations and has branches and participants all over the world. Everyone from sports teams to educational professionals can be found sporting a moustache during Movember, and on one notable occasion, a Boeing 737-800 that belonged to the Australian National Rugby Union Team!

How be a part of Movember

It all starts with throwing out your razor and letting your facial hair grow wild! Man or woman, or something less defined, it makes no difference! In Movember, if you can grow facial hair, it is time to let grow wild! Style it or leave it untamed, colour it or leave it natural, wax it or pomade it, whatever you do just make sure you spend Movember growing a magnificent moustache and beard. Movember is a great movement that has accomplished incredible things in the area of men’s health awareness!

moustache movemberIf you cannot grow a moustache do not fret, use the inks you buy from us at Ink N Toner UK to make your own! Just print this image out to get started!

So from us at Ink N Toner UK, happy moustache growing, and good luck on any money raising endeavours you may have.

Halloween is round the corner!


With six days to go until Halloween, we at Ink N Toner UK hope you are getting ready to be a part of the spooky season! We have a number of great ideas for our readers as to what you could possibly do for Halloween, but before all that we want to give you, a little history lesson in case you don’t fully know what Halloween is supposed to represent.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve is a celebration observed in a number of countries every year on the 31st of October. Traditionally it is a time dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and the all faithful departed.

Halloween activities usually include carving pumpkins into Jack o Lanterns, lighting bonfire, apple bobbing, attending Halloween costume parties and of course trick-or-treating! For Christians observances of all hallows eve, including attending church services and lighting candles on graves of the dead, remain popular to this day.

So you must be thinking, what can I do to celebrate? Well Ink N Toner UK is here to help! We have great ideas to help you, and even ways to use paper to help you boost the spook factor this Halloween!

Create paper masks

There’s a hell of a lot that you can do with just coloured paper, some glue and some scissors! If you don’t feel like any of the regular masks like scream, or Jason from Friday the 13th is ticking your spooky tastes, try making your own, it’s fun for the kids and gives your creative freedom over your costumes!

Create trick-or-treat baskets

You could even attempt to make your own trick-or-treat baskets to put your sweets in. Depending on your creative choices, you could easily make them as colourful and spooky as you would like! You can even use the inks you buy from us to print out patterns you could use on those baskets

Halloween costumes

Of course this is a given, in Halloween you get the chance to wear whatever monster or character you want without being judged so go ahead and go all out! You could be spooky monsters like Frankenstein or the mummy, to movie characters like the ones above!

So from us at Ink N Toner UK have a fantastically scary Halloween! We hope you get treated more than you get tricked!

Its National Spreadsheet day today!


Today is National Spreadsheet day! And InkNTonerUK are celebrating!

A holiday that is more likely going to appeal to IT Techheads than the general public, Spreadsheet Day commemorates the date that VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for PC’s, was released (October 17th 1979). Since it started, Spreadsheet Day has grown into a day where the advantages and aggravations of working with spreadsheet software are celebrated.

Celebrating spreadsheet day

It is all to do with recognizing how ubiquitous spreadsheets are for all of us in the modern day and age as well as how much it helps us get by in our work settings daily, without spreadsheets, compiling lists or making calculations at work for massive amounts of products or lists would be a complete drudgery to do. Every business uses them to manage their books, and data for everything including names and phone numbers of members and much more.

Why Spreadsheets are useful.

It is useful for anyone to try to learn how to make/use a spreadsheet. It can be very useful for day-to-day life, not just business. For example, being a parent and planning day-to-day events in your head can normally be very difficult, so why not use spreadsheets to help you! You can easily map out shopping and to-do lists for you and the family. You could even make a spreadsheet calendar for the year. The possibilities are endless!


You can use the inks you buy from InknTonerUK to print out whatever you decide to make with your spreadsheets we have many great priced inks, original or compatible, you will be sure to find the best prices for your inks. From us at InkNTonerUK, have a great spreadsheet day!