3 Main Types Of Printers


  • Multi-Function Printers (MFP)

What is a MFP printer?

A MFP Printer is a device that combines the functionality of a printer, scanner and copier into one machine. They are the best printers for businesses who want to stay on a budget and reduce costs whilst still maintaining and improving workflow.

HP Printer

The best voted Multi-Functional printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

Here are some of the cartridges that will work best for this printer:


Another great Multi-Functional printer is the Brother HL-L2340DW

Here are some of the cartridges that will work best for this printer:


  • Inkjet Printers

What is an Inkjet Printer?

An Inkjet Printer works through computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling drops of ink onto paper.

The best Voted Inkjet Printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015

Here are some of the cartridges that will work best for this printer:


Another great Inkjet printer is Canon PIXMA GM4050

Here are some of the Cartridges that will work best for this printer:


  • Laser Printers

What is a Laser Printer?

Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality graphics/Images and text.

The best Voted Inkjet Printer is the Brother MFC-L2750DW

Here are some of the cartridges that will work best for this printer:


Another great Inkjet printer is Xerox VersaLink B600DN

Here are some of the Cartridges that will work best for this printer:


4 things you should know before buying an Ink Cartridge.


Here are some things we believe you should know before buying your first Cartridges:

  1. Are you interested in an Original (OEM) Cartridge OR a compatible cartridge (Non Original)?

Before buying a cartridge, it is important to understand all of the cartridge types available in the market for your printer. Some printers may accept a compatible cartridge, whilst others may not. Nevertheless, they are both as reliable as one another are; it is still good to know before buying. To clarify the difference, an Original is manufactured by the same brand as your printer.

E.g. if you own a Canon printer, you will find that Canon has already manufactured a specific cartridge for this printer. A compatible cartridge is when a cartridge is manufactured by a third-party for your printer.

E.g. a Canon cartridge that is not manufactured by Canon. Some may argue that buying a compatible is much better if bought from the right place, as it is the most common and most affordable option for many.

2. Will using an InknToner UK non-genuine original cartridge affect my printer’s warranty?

No, using non-genuine original cartridges will not void your printer’s warranty. All of our cartridges will match or exceed the performance of OEM cartridges. In addition, they will be at a significantly lower price, giving you the best value possible.

3. Are page yields important to look into before buying a cartridge?

What are page yields?

Page yields are an estimate of how many pages can be printed with your printer cartridge. These page yields will always vary depending on the ink or toner coverage of the documents you are trying to print.

The page yield will be determined by how often you replace your cartridges. The higher the page yields the less replacements you will need. This makes it more cost efficient for you in the end and will help your printer running smoothly.

4. Should I buy standard or high capacity?

The difference between High Capacity and standard capacity is that a standard capacity contains less ink and is less expensive than the high yielded cartridge (high capacity). This is because a high yielded cartridge contains more ink and will usually print more pages at a better value.  

Schools, Colleges and Universities


Finding a place that sells a variety of printer supplies for schools, colleges and university can be quite difficult. This industry is very competitive and everyone vouches that their cartridges are the best to buy from. This could be true but the biggest issue you might find is having a trusted source to buy your supplies from. At InknToner UK, we offer the best-valued printer supplies to educational institutions and government bodies. However, what makes us different?

School Kids

Why us?

We have many reasons why we are different from other printer supply companies, one being that we praise our knowledgeable reputation for providing the best approach to our printer supplies. We also offer the best-valued supplies and always update our prices so that you can receive the best cartridges for your printers, whether it be Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges or Label Tapes. You will find that we offer a service that is the best in the industry.

We even offer a reorder option; this means you do not have to try to remember your printer model all of the time and it makes the process of ordering much faster. In terms of educational institutions and government bodies, your credit account can be arranged promptly for your orders, meaning you can place your order directly from our website or by phone.

In addition, we always have a new offer on the website so that you can save as much money with our products as possible! Whether it is a discount code or reward points, we do our absolute best to aid our customers as much as we can and assist them with any queries they have. For rare days where you do not see a discount or reward points up, we have a permanent offer for new customers and an additional 300 reward points within 24 hours of your initial purchase! Your subsequent orders will be simple and straightforward as afterward. If you are in any doubt thinking of what you need, check out the site and even create an account with us if you would like!

How to place an order

We offer top of the market printer supplies, from Lexmark to Epson, HP to Canon and we offer free delivery! We can also supply you with compatible cartridges as a cheaper alternative. If you would prefer to place an order by phone than you are more than welcome to give us a call 020 8216 5571 and we will work towards helping you place your order.

Are Brother Inks as good as HP, Canon and Epson?


Brother had originated before the First World War back in 1908. Originally, the brother brand was known for its sewing machines and they are a Japanese brand that is now popular for its printers and electronic goods.

Brother is a well-known brand that is efficient and practical in terms of their printers. They design well-built printers with high page yields for a great value. The Brother cartridges are known for their longevity cartridges and do not often need replacing until the Ink runs low. This actually makes the Inks cheaper in the end if you are a person who often prints. HP on the other hand is able to provide easily accessible printers and requires you to do less so that your printers can keep running and take lesser time to print.


Ultimately, all these big brands are reliable however, one may always be better than another. This industry is extremely competitive and is always coming out with new printers and cartridges. One very popular brand that you just cannot miss is Epson and Canon. Canon is great when yielding black pages while Brother is known for yielding more colour pages.

We all know how popular Canon is to Brother, but what are the advantages over the Canon? To start with, the Brother has a better cost per print and it prints in both colour and black and white faster than the Canon printer does. In addition, the average Brother printers lasts up to 3-5 years with its proper upkeep and maintenance. This does not mean that you should not upgrade your printer.

With any printer you will find that their might be a new feature added as the years go on. This is so that printing is made easy for you, however most of the time, we do not have issues with the printers; we have issues with the Ink and Toners and the compatibility of the cartridges with your printers. However, when you buy from a reliable brand, you are more likely to deal with less problems and manage your prints better.

Electricity Bills going up!


As you may already know, our electricity bills are increasing. Should we aim to live our lives like everyone else in the 18th / 19th century? The most reliable times being when electricity was just invented and social media never existed… any power cuts? You could still read a newspaper; still write letters, submitting your homework by hand etc. Not to say that either of these are bad things, it is just better to be reliable, especially when you have an important task to complete. The good thing about investing in paper is that you would not be facing any of these issues when the electricity bill increases.

Light Bulb

Not only is electricity bills increasing but also due to inflation, everything has gone up by 5% in the market. Realistically, it feels like the inflation has gone up by 20%! This has influenced everyone greatly by this, whether you own a business, work in a business or if you are just a buyer. Why not save some money and invest in compatible cartridges? Whether you need to print your homework or even photocopy your documents! We value your time and money because we always aim to consider our customers and do our best to assist you on buying the best-valued products on our market/industry.

However, how can you tell if an Ink Cartridge is a compatible?

On our website, we label the compatibles through the titles of the product but you may miss this so the best way to identify a compatible cartridge is from the box design. You will notice that original cartridges will have all the details including the logo but the easiest method would be to type in your printer model or cartridge on our search or quick finder. When you do this, then all of your options should appear – look for the compatible cartridge and when you do than adding your cartridge to the cart should be straight forward. You could easily save yourself a lot of money and your compatible inks will fit into your printer the same way as an original. The quality is almost identical, you are saving the planet and you get more prints!

Here are the most popular Ink and Toner cartridges that may fit well with your printer;-

  • HP 12A (Q2612A) Toner Cartridge
  • HP 21 C9351 Inkjet Cartridge
  • Epson 603 Ink Cartridge (Starfish)
  • HP 65 / HP 304XL Cartridge

The list goes on…

We sell all the originals too so if you want to be safe and still rely on original cartridges theirs still the option to do so too. We hope that this blog helped in terms of affordability and time management.

Cool and fun ways to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


Who is St. Patrick and why is the day so special?

Many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March as it marks the death date of the late Saint Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland. I have included some cool activities you and your family can do whilst enjoying your feast!

St Patrick Day Word Search
Use the word search to unlock some cool vocabulary!
Fun Game
Amongst these cool games, I’ve also included some cool stickers and badges that you guys can use for any St. Patrick’s parade or party you are planning to attend.
St. Patrick's Day Stickers

You can even pop by to our shop and we can help print these for you! Alternatively, you can purchase our paper from our site. We also offer transfer paper if you are interested in creating a St. Patrick’s day themed top!

Cool Facts about Label Tapes!


What are Label Tapes and how did they come about?

  • The word ‘Label’ originated from the 1300 old French word ‘label’ ‘lambel’ ‘Labeau’ which means ‘Ribbon, Fringe worn on clothes’ and was used as a term in heraldry.
  • There are two different kinds of Label Tapes. Label tapes are applied to the exterior of a tape cartridge or reel. The second kind is when the date reordered is on the tape itself.
  • It has rumoured that the Ancient Egyptians invented stickers to advertise their daily market rates. In Tutankhamen’s tomb, detailed wine labels were discovered that were almost identical to present day wine labels.
  • The primary method of sticker production was in the 1800s. The labels were printed on a treated flat surface that repels ink from places where it is not needed. This method is known today as Lithography. In the late 1800s, they used to advertise goods using paper bonded by animal glue.
  • In World War II, Labels were used as bumper stickers as part of a propaganda scheme.
  • We use or see labels almost every day of our lives. We use labels to communicate. Label tapes are also used to look up information about products whether it is a drink or food we buy, the labels are still there to help use. Labels are often used in transport or even recycling.
  • Using labels is extremely helpful for a lot in of industries, especially the retail industry. Bar codes on labels help identify a product for many companies.
  • The birth of the inkjet printer in the 1980s was responsible for an explosion in the use of labels across all commercial sectors
Box with tape

What does the future hold for Label tapes?

Due to environmental concerns, the industry has been successfully developing a range of sustainable label production technologies and materials including biodegradable labels.

Best Quality Compatible label Tapes

Not everyone requires Label Tapes, some customers who have bought Label Tapes elsewhere have often complained about their labels being ripped or of poor quality. If you tend to use a lot of Label Tapes, saving money isn’t such a bad idea and you should aim to get a compatible Label Tape. Branded options can get a tad expensive. However, branded options are always more reliable than compatibles. It’s best to stay safer with an Branded Label Tape than a compatible. If you are still wanting a compatible, here are the different types you can buy.

  • Fabric Tape – Printable iron-on tapes that are made from cloth that enables you to easily label on uniforms.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing – with the help of a heat gun, printable tubes are shrunk to fit around cables.
  • Flexi Tape – Different colours available, flexi tapes, commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

I hope that this blog covered all of your queries about Label Tapes.

Plan Your Half Term with InknToner UK


Make the most out of your half term by printing your important documents. We understand how overwhelming this time of year can be. We would like you to make the most out of this time by printing or finding the relevant cartridges. Going back to school means our cartridges are in high demand. Whether you’re printing your homework or are in need of some printing supplies you can visit our InknToner UK website.

Apple on books

Why buy from us?

With InknToner UK, we ensure that all of our Inks and Toners are of the best quality. We offer refunds within 7 days of purchase if you manage to find your bought products cheaper elsewhere. We can action a Price Match Promise, by refunding you 100% of the difference. You are always guaranteed to pay the lowest price. This is part of our price promise guarantee. We even offer to exchange your faulty goods or refund you within 6 months if you are not satisfied.

There are so many benefits buying from our website e.g. We try to make our products as affordable as we can. We have offers up on our website or social media page (@Inkntoneruk) every week. You can also sign up to our newsletter. This will ensure that the first to know of any offers we have up on our website.

We offer 300 Extra Reward Points. InknToner UK rewards gives you the added bonus of reward points when buying anything. We offer discounts on future orders or even pay for your purchase in full if you have enough points available.

More about our offers

Your reward points do not expire, therefore they will be here waiting for you whenever you return to InknToner UK. Our 300 Bonus Point giveaway is for new customers only. As long as you have not purchased from us before, then grab your 300 points bonus when you place your first order.

We can supply to schools and universities. We also have a 100% money back guarantee another benefit is that we have an easy to use website. Our products have the best value in the market. We look out for our customers and help them save as much as we can. We also make sure to donate to charities and are in partnership with ‘Caring for Kids’.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Valentine’s Day Ideas 2022


Valentine’s Day. The day we get creative. The worst struggle is wondering what your partner loves and wants, romantic of course. Maybe a bunch of roses, flowers…, or a personalised chocolate box. Either way it is a day to enjoy! Why not create old school love letters or poems for your partner using our photo paper! This will make your partner feel loved, as it will feel more personal.

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be for your partners only. It can be for your parents too! Here is a list of ideas you can get or do that will help you, your partner or parents feel better this Valentine’s day.

  • A label printer – To save you some time having to print your labels at your local off license.
  • Flowers – To impress your loved ones.
  • USB flash Drives – To help you store your memories on this precious day.
  • IPhone Charger – To own a backup charger is always reassuring considering how many times people misplace, break or lose their chargers.
  • A Printer – to print out any of you and your partners favourite pictures.
  • Ink Cartridges – To add some colour to your printer.
  • A gift voucher – If you are not too sure on what to get them you can always play it safe and get a voucher.

I can think of these cool and creative gadgets, if you have anything else to suggest you can always make a suggestion on our twitter page @InknToneruk or pop us an email contact@Inkntoneruk.co.uk.

I have created some cool Valentine’s Day designs for you to choose from.

Valentines Day Card
Valentine's Day Card 2
Valentine's Day Card 3

We created these for you and your partner to enjoy. I do hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day cards to compliment your flowers and box of chocolates.

Print out your New Year’s Wish List


Firstly, Happy New Year from us to you! This year our goal is to continuously provide the best services to you as well as create easier and more efficient ways to enjoy using your cartridges, printing paper or even memory sticks. I have created a wish list of products that are in high demand this year and that are of exceptional quality. I’ve also listed some of our best sellers and their advantages.

Original HP 305XL Black & Colour Combo Pack High Capacity Ink Cartridges (3YM62AE & 3YM63AE)

We recommend getting yourself this HP 305 Black & Colour Combo as you save more money getting a combo rather than one. Having an Original Cartridge also, means that your printing quality will be exceptionally good compared to a compatible.

Original HP 304A Black Toner Cartridge (CC530A)

It is always useful to have a black Toner and black Ink. This Toner is popular and is always reliable to have. You can always check to see if they are compatible with your printers on our websites list view.

Epson has some great choices for their Ink and Toner Cartridges. One of them being the 18XL High Capacity Ink Cartridge. The Epson brand has been about for a very long time now and they are very reliable to use. These cartridges are also very affordable making it on the 2022 wish list.

Original SanDisk Ultra 256GB Silver Type-C Dual Drive Luxe (SDDDC4-256G-G46) – PC/MAC

What better way to start the year than to hold onto all of your memories from the year before by using this USB-C Type Memory stick/Flash Drive. Your storage on your PC or Mac may be a lot and if you are looking to create space than this is ideal for you! You will get 256GB of storage and it will be affordable compared to others, making it one of our favourites.  

Original Pro-Jet Matte A4 190gsm Photo Paper – 50 sheets

One of our most common Photo Papers is this Pro-Jet Matte A4 190gsm. Reason being is that the paper is great quality and for an amazing value.

Wish List