Are Brother Inks as good as HP, Canon and Epson?

Brother had originated before the First World War back in 1908. Originally, the brother brand was known for its sewing machines and they are a Japanese brand that is now popular for its printers and electronic goods.

Brother is a well-known brand that is efficient and practical in terms of their printers. They design well-built printers with high page yields for a great value. The Brother cartridges are known for their longevity cartridges and do not often need replacing until the Ink runs low. This actually makes the Inks cheaper in the end if you are a person who often prints. HP on the other hand is able to provide easily accessible printers and requires you to do less so that your printers can keep running and take lesser time to print.


Ultimately, all these big brands are reliable however, one may always be better than another. This industry is extremely competitive and is always coming out with new printers and cartridges. One very popular brand that you just cannot miss is Epson and Canon. Canon is great when yielding black pages while Brother is known for yielding more colour pages.

We all know how popular Canon is to Brother, but what are the advantages over the Canon? To start with, the Brother has a better cost per print and it prints in both colour and black and white faster than the Canon printer does. In addition, the average Brother printers lasts up to 3-5 years with its proper upkeep and maintenance. This does not mean that you should not upgrade your printer.

With any printer you will find that their might be a new feature added as the years go on. This is so that printing is made easy for you, however most of the time, we do not have issues with the printers; we have issues with the Ink and Toners and the compatibility of the cartridges with your printers. However, when you buy from a reliable brand, you are more likely to deal with less problems and manage your prints better.