Buying Inks from other marketplaces.

Before buying anything, we all like to try to branch out to other websites for a cheaper alternative, or even to try to compare prices but just because things may appear cheaper doesn’t mean they are reliable to use. Many around the world very commonly use websites like eBay to buy what they need. Sometimes buying second-hand items such as furniture can be a cheaper alternative and with furniture, things can be re-worked on so that they are made to look brand new. Others may find it suitable to buy second-hand clothes or even brand new clothes that are unwanted. All in which was once owned by someone else. However, this is not necessarily the same with things such as Ink Cartridges or Toner Cartridges.

The issue with buying any type of Ink or Toner from eBay or any market place is that it is as simple as being incredibly unreliable. Trusting a seller to send out Cartridges to you, especially if they have used an image that is not their own on their listing is one of the many swindles and traps in which people fall into. Buying cartridges from a seller on eBay can also ruin your printer and prints as these sellers can fill up cartridges with their own Ink and make you believe that you bought the product as a ‘brand new’ item.

When you tend to buy products like these, they tend to have a negative impact on your print quality as well; your print quality will not be as affective compared to if you were to buy products from our shop. Important thing to remember is that buying anything that is cheaper may disappoint. Many of the time people who buy from eBay have the same issue of the seller not responding to them if problems arise. As frustrating as it may be, buying an Ink Cartridge that is from a different market place like eBay and Facebook Marketplace can be dangerous and come with consequences. What I think is Important to know is that the seller’s or certain vendors do not offer any warranties on the items. It can also be a hassle to be opening up disputes and constantly have to follow it up.

Comparison of Graph

As you can see from this graph, if you buy Ink refills or Cartridges from eBay, than you are more prone to poor quality prints in comparison to the Genuine Originals you buy from a reliable website like our website Ink n Toner UK. Yes, there is a price difference; however, you are paying for reliability and quality prints. Alternatively, if you do not want to pay the price for the Originals, you can opt for the Compatibles, which are much cheaper but come with just as good quality prints. If you are not sure on what the best cartridge to get for your printer, you can always try to speak to our customer service team on our website via Live Chat.