The summer holidays are almost over!

Its been a weird summer holiday this year in 2018, but at the same time its been the most enjoyable (for some) we were blessed with scorching temperatures and even greater occasions, things like The Muller 2018 games, religious occasions such as Eid, and also recently the great Reading and Leeds festival! What ever summer has been for you, we at Ink N Toner UK hope you have had a great one!

But now once again we’ll have to say goodbye to the summer and welcome in the autumn months which also means-to those of you who are students especially- that its time to buckle under and begin work for the new academic year! This will inevitably mean you will need things like stationary, books, bags, uniforms, And Ink of course!

This week we will have a 10% off of all compatible ink products(expires 7th of September), meaning it will be easier for you to stock up on those inks you will need to print all that coursework and homework assignments with!

As well as that, think about looking at our memory storage range, where we have USBs and Memory SD cards, and Portable Hard Drives. For all your essay storage needs! And don’t think we are forgetting the adults, all our deals and low low prices still apply to you! and you can even lower them further if you use the points you accrue with us!

So we hope you’ve had a great summer! Now the real grind begins!

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