The making of Ink


Most of us have used a Colour Printer at least once in our lives and it’s self-explanatory that a colour printer requires Ink Cartridges, but do you know how the cartridges are made?

The CMYK colours that are used to reflect light are completely different to RGB colours that are used to transmit light; instead, the Ink Cartridges in CYMK colours consist of; Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. They are used to create Black. These colours are often the colours found in printers. On the other hand, all colours for any display that transmits light are Red, Blue and Green, which are RGB models; RGB models are displayed on your TV’s and computers by using the colours to transmit light.


Similar materials in Ink are used in art and identifying what right colours to use and what to mix is important in creating vivid images. Ink and paint are very alike. Ink is not just used for printing; it’s used for writing and drawing also. It’s crazy to think that Ink dates back to the ancient Egyptians with their hieroglyphics, or the Chinese with their calligraphy or even the Romans!

Primarily… what is Ink and how is it made?

A combination of ingredients are incorporated with the makes of Ink, these include; resin, a variety of pigments, varnish, lubricants and wax. All of these are mixed at high temperatures to form a mixture that is alike. Titanium dioxide is used to lighten the pigments whilst carbon black pigments are made from Black Ink, meanwhile varnish is used for any base of any Ink. The pigments are used in the mixture to break any clumpy parts formed from the resins (which secure the ingredients together). An oil is a common base used in the making of printer Ink.

In simpler terms, it goes a bit like this:

  1. Varnish Manufacturing
  2. Premix
  3. Grinding
  4. Dilution
  5. Packaging

The heating process differs for certain printers like Brothers or Epson, as a substitute a material called piezoelectric is used and an electrical current then changes the shape of the piezoelectric. The pressure forces the ink to form a droplet into the nozzle.

Did you know…?

  • Did you know that certain fonts use more Ink?

Certain fonts like ‘Arial’ use more Ink due to It being much larger, meaning the cartridges and Ink run out faster than fonts like Garamond, Times New Roman or Courier.  

The Ink You Can’t See


The existence of invisible ink is the stuff of romantic tale. For decades, it has been used by spies and clandestine lovers to send secret messages to their mates. Although invisible ink is still used for similar reasons today, it has recently taken on a variety of new and interesting applications.

Hundreds of liquids can be utilised as invisible ink, ranging from fruit juices to carefully designed chemicals. We’ll look at seven of the more intriguing and approachable kinds. We hope this article has sparked your interest in making your own invisible ink at home. You, too, can become a master of steganography (which is the art of creating secret messages, in case you didn’t know!) with a little practise.

Invisible ink

How much does printing a page actually cost?


When purchasing printer inks and cartridges, the first thing to consider is how much each page will cost. The terms page yield, duty cycle, and page coverage may appear in product descriptions, but what do they mean and why do they matter?

Ink Toners

The maximum number of pages you can print with one ink cartridge or toner is called page yield (also known as duty cycle). Because not all pages will print with the same quantity of ink, calculating the precise page yield on an ink cartridge can be difficult.

To address this problem, the Office of Fair Trading mandated that the product description of ink cartridges include a measurement of ‘page coverage,’ which provides buyers with a general idea of how many pages they can print. Page yields for ink and toner cartridges may also be calculated using the Industry Standard (ISO) test with 5% coverage on each page. People sometimes get confused when it says 5%. When it says 5% its talking about 5% of the page.

The High Demand of HP Ink Cartridges


With this current pandemic, it is clear to see that a lot of companies and manufacturers are struggling in the production and distribution of their products due to the many restrictions and hurdles in their way. This has caused a massive shortage in ink cartridges and toners. However, there is a specific company that has continuously had this problem and just can’t seem to keep up with the demand from the customers. I am of course talking about HP and their extremely popular ink cartridges for example the 304s and 305s just to name a few.

This issue has only increased with the pandemic and this year has reached an all-time high with the request for out of stock items increasing by 9000% which now means the top 10 most requested out-of-stock inks are all HP products which leads you to wonder as to why HP haven’t found a solution to this problem.

HP Logo

However part of the problem is also the amount of stress that has been put on the suppliers to send and deliver these products which obviously has also been a challenge due to everyone being stuck at home and ordering excessively.

Although these products are hard to get a hold of people are going with the alternatives which are compatible ink cartridges which are an excellent alternative seeing as they will save you a fortune and

Lockdown Wont Stop us From Providing Our Customers with Ink.


With all the things going on around the globe theres a huge frenzy and everybody’s worrying about what to load up on however you ought to never be stressed over getting low on ink when were here as our online order will be as if nothings changed. We will consistently be there for your printing needs and continually supply the best quality inks. Theres also no reason to stress over us raising our cost since we try our hardest to match our prices with different websites so you get the best price.

ink delivery

Regardless of what occurs, printing is constantly needed for most things and right now with every one of these strikes and individuals working from home there’s substantially more people printing from home, which implies theres more individuals that need more ink. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you’ll go through more cash, this isn’t as bad as you think that’s because we sell compatibles which work impeccably and are much cheaper and will for sure save you a fortune.

Have You Considered Any Other Ways to Save or Recycle Your Paper?


Have you ever been sitting in the office and wondered how many tree you’ve destroyed that day with all the printing? Well most likely you have but the point is have you thought about doing any thing about it?

Recycling paper

There is so many different things you can do, not to completely save mother earth yourself but to do your part but this isn’t something new you probably already have some sort of recycling system in the office or at home.

The real question is how can you guarantee that you paper or plastic or whatever you recycling to going through the right process? There is so many companies that can help with that and that offer great services and take pride in their work.

Examples of these companies are Waste Concern Ltd, Capital Waste and many more profound companies

The process of recycling paper is relatively simple. It begins with gathering the waste materials and ends with new paper products. Here’s how it works:

1-Contaminants are removed at the recycling center. This typically includes paper clips, staples and pieces of plastic from packing materials.

2-Paper is sorted by grades, baled and shipped to the processor.

3-Pulpers at the processing mill shred the paper and mix it with water and chemicals to break down the fibers. Heat is applied to speed the breakdown of the wood fibers in the paper and create a slurry of wood fibers.

4-The pulverized paper and fibers are screened to remove any remaining contaminants.

5-It is then cleaned, and the inks are removed by spinning the pulp in a cone-shaped cylinder.

6-The pulp is then sprayed onto a conveyer belt, and the water is allowed to drip through the screen on the belt. This causes the fibers in the pulp to begin to bond.

7-Heated rollers then dry the paper and bond the fibers.

8-The paper is placed on large rolls that will be used to make new paper products.

Fun Halloween Pintables For The Kids This October


Spooky season is now upon us and soon you’ll be running around grabbing costumes and accessories for the kids trick or treating nights or their little school Halloween parties. However there’s no need to worry because weve got some ideas for you that can be printed from the comfort of you bed and also save you those extra pounds.

All that is required is a piece of string and a printer. Weve also got some fun activities for the kids that are planning a indoor stay for the night and we guarantee it’ll keep them busy.


Here are two puzzles that will have the kids thinking hard

Scream mask

The first one is quite the mask and is inspired by the famous film Scream


This is more of a younger kids mask and is sort of a green witch

scary skull mask

Heres another scary one to finish it off

The Devastating Effects That Ink Has on The Planet


A survey by Capgemini has shown that people are rethinking their choice of cartridge after coming to the realization that some cartridges are very uneconomically friendly and have a devastating effect on the environment.

Ink cartridges Recycling

Capgemini says that Covid has had a great impact on peoples awareness and commitment to sustainable shopping.

Ink printers and their ink are made up of several ingredients, most of them chemicals that have the potential to be damaging to you and the environment. Some of these include butyl urea, which prevents your paper from curling; cyclohexanone, which helps ink adhere to polymers; several dyes including reactive red 23 dye, acid yellow 23 dye and direct blue 199 dye, which contains sulphur; ethoxylated acetylenic diols which modify the surface tension of the water and colours; Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) which is full of contaminants and ethylene glycol.

The unsafe ecological variables of ink cartridges can be felt since they are made. At the point when you produce another laser cartridge, you expend multiple quarts of oil. For inkjet cartridges, you require around three ounces of oil.

However we at InkNToner are doing our best and working extremely hard to do our part and try to protect this earth. We actually recycle all ink cartridges that are eligible for recycling. We also tend to reuse cartridges in order to limit the amount of plastic we use. On top of this our prices are unmatched. So definitely check out our compatible ink cartridges to SAVE MONEY WHILE SAVING THE PLANET.

The HP ENVY Photo 7830 And Why its a Great Printer to Have For The Kids


We all know what time it is, its back to school time and we all what that means. Its time to put the printer to use and get ready for all the homework and projects printing. However we’ve got your back with our amazing prices and offers and incredibly good quality inks and toners.

Back to school

Weve also got a printer that we think is a must get if your in the market for a printer. The HP ENVY Photo 7830 is a wireless printer that is an All-In-One printer that costs around £149, Now thats already convincing itself but theres more to it.

HP ENVY Photo 7830

This printer is extremely easy to use with its 2.65 in touch screen and its feature that allows you to print doubled sided with out all the hassle of taking out the paper and flipping it.

Even with these great features it doesn’t stop there. This printer includes a 1.2 GHz Processor and prints out the first paper in 16 seconds and with great resolution (4800 x 1200 optimized dpi). To make this printer even more convenient, its includes Bluetooth connection and an SD and USB port to make it that little bit faster to use.

This printer is already on the cheap side but if you want to save that penny more you can switch to compatibles which are sometimes half the price and its also something we sell and with our weekly deals you can grab your compatible cartridges for a great price. So head down to InkNTonerUK and grab your cartridges.

The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw And Its Amazing Features


HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw

Now a days a printer is useless if it doesn’t include a printer, copier and scanner and to be honest that’s now the norm and should be expected. That’s why when reviewing a printer we only look at printers that are at the top of the market and that have unmatched features.

The printer we have our eyes on lately is the amazing HP LaserJet Pro MFP M428fdw which is one of the best printers around at the moment. It is an All-on-One printer that has countless features to offer.

First and for most is the price which is around £299.99 HOWEVER when putting it into perspective that price is amazing because although the price tag is a bit high it means that the cartridges wont set you back too much because of the fact that the more expensive the printer the more you save on the cartridges. What’s even better is that if you opt for the compatible versions or as they are sometimes referred to as Remanufactured you will save a fortune.

Now onto the great features of this printer. First of all not many printers can print faster with it printing 38 pages per minute and 6.3 seconds for the first page. Second is its capacity which will save you tone of time with it holding 350 papers 100 in the first tray and 250 in the second. Already this printer sounds incredible but there’s more. It takes USB, Network, Wireless and even Wi-Fi directly. Its even compatible with Windows and Mac and comes with a interactive touch screen which is always convenient. So when discussing this printer you can easily tell its very modern and advanced and is just perfect for either home or office use.

If you do choose to go with Compatible cartridges then the place to shop at is definitely InkNTonerUK where we do offers every week and not just that but have one of the best prices in the industry.

Why The HP ENVY 5055 is The Printer You Need For Working at Home


The HP ENVY 5055 Wireless All-in-One is the printer you need right now and heres why.

HP ENVY 5055

As we all know these times are rough and working from home is the way everyone is doing it currently so having a perfect printer that can produce images or whatever you printing in quality and most importantly with no technical problems and that’s where the HP ENVY 5055 comes in.

Its one of if not the most reliable printers out there right now and with all its features it doesn’t stop there, it’s a printer that contains all the features that someone working from home needs. This includes a scanner, printer and a copier. It is also wireless and is compatible with apple print, which makes it even more convenient.

It has excellent features from how fast it prints to how cheap its cartridges are. The printer goes for about £160 which in the long term is amazing when you take into consideration that the more expensive the printer is the cheaper the cartridges are. This is because companies make their money not of the printers but off their ink cartridges. Not just that but to save you even more money you could switch to compatibles which are cheaper and more often then not have more ink then originals.

When it comes to compatibles InkNTonerUK is the place to go for compatibles. We have great quality compatibles and prices and also have offers on a regular bases so definitely check us out if you are interested in taking the cheaper route.

Why we Recycle Toner And Ink Cartridges And How They Effect The World


Did you know that 375 million ink and toner cartridges are binned every year and more then 70% of them aren’t recycled, that’s approximately 262,500,000 ink cartridges and to be even more precise that’s 5 ink cartridges per second being dumped in landfills which is crazy to think about. However there is something you can do to help this problem and that’s taking them into your local ink shop for them to refill them and resell them or you could recycle them yourself.

Ink cartridges if not recycled could effect our planet quite a bit because of the ingredients they contain, for example cyclohexanone, sulphur and even ethoxylated acetylenic diols, which are incredibly harmful to us humans, and our planet. That’s why recycling cartridges is so important.

Luckily, there are now laser cartridges, which are more eco-friendly then others and could help reduce the waste produced from cartridges. Laser cartridges also don’t dry up even if left for a very long time, this makes it an even better option when buying toner cartridges for your printer.

Recycling Cartridges

The Amazing Portable Canon ZoeMini Review


The Canon Zoemini is a new light pocket-sized portable photo printer. The Canon Zoemini came out in September 2018 going for a price around £119.99/€139.99.

Canon ZoeMini

The Zoemini uses the latest ZINK technology, which means it is great to carry around with you. You can also get creative using the Canon Mini Print app by adding filters, frames and AR effects. All you need to do is connect to a smart device via Bluetooth to print out your amazing memories anywhere you go.

What makes the Zoemini as convenient is that whether your at a special family occasion, holiday or simply meeting up with friends you can capture the moment. The Canon Zoemini encourages creativity, with its easy to print, peel-and-stick photos that can be used to personalise your phone case, bags or even your bedroom walls!

Not just that but the Canon Zoemini can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand its also available in three bold colour combinations: Rose Gold/White, White/Silver and Black/Slate Grey.

Why the Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer is a great purchase


Epson Workforce WF-3620

Thinking of getting yourself a printer? Well have you thought about the Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer? This printer is doing great on the market because of its amazing features for example its perfect for busy office environments because it can print up to 20 pages per minute and retains a consistently high level of performance throughout all its prints.

This printer has many more great features and one of them is that its compatible with Apple Airprint and Google Cloud Print which in this day and age is highly required because everyone has a mobile device or tablet and would like to print whenever however. So this feature is the first thing people look for now a days.

The second quality of this printer is that it has 3-in-1 meaning it can scan, copy and fax. This makes it very useful seen as it is compact but has everything a printer could possibly have.

The main feature of this printer is the fact that it can use compatible ink cartridges which can save you fortune and is quite a deal breaker for some. At InkNTonerUK we have great quality compatible products with great prices. To give you an idea on how much you could possibly save. An Original Epson 27XXL / 27XL Multipack cost £102.24 however the compatible version goes for only £13.49 which is astonishing.

So if your thinking of purchasing an Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer you should most certainly check us out.

You Wont Have a Problem Stocking up on Ink we Assure You


With all the things going on around the world theres a lot of panic and everyone’s stressing over what to stock up on however you should never be worried about getting low on ink when were around. We will always be there for your printing needs and always delivering the best quality inks and theres no need to worry about us raising our price because we try our hardest to price match other companies for the best price for you.

No matter what happens, printing is always required for most things and at the moment with all these strikes and people working from home theres much more printing which means theres more people that need more ink. However this doesn’t mean you’ll be spending more money, this is because we sell compatibles which work perfectly but are less then half the price which will save you a fortune.

Here are some fun things you could print while sat at home…

Survival Kit

Printer of the Week: Epson ECOTANK ET-2750



The new ECOTANK ET-2750 from Epson is excellent and it’s what we recommend. Its new features are very useful and they make printing much more convenient and easy with its new cartridge free printing which is made for mess free printing and means you can just fill and print and don’t expect any leaks because it comes with leaking protection. This however is not the only great feature it has many more like amazing quality results because of its micro piezo printhead, which gives you a clear and crisp image and a built in scanner and double-sided printing. Just think of all the hassle and time this printer saves you.

Want an affordable yet fantastic printer? The Epson ECOTANK ET-2750 can save you an average of 90% on ink costs, which is impressive. This gives you an extremely low cost-per-page, it also produces 5,200 pages in colour and 14,000 pages in black. Talk about economical.

The ECOTANK ET-2750 printer is also wireless so no matter where you are in the house just connect and print easily from your mobile devices such as iPhones and androids. This feature makes it even easier and less stressful to use. There is also a slot for an SD card and a 3.7 cm screen which means you can print without a PC which is pretty handy.

The ECOTANK ET-2750 machine has the ink tank at the front of the printer which makes it easier to see when a refill is needed. It is also smaller and more compact and easier to use than ever before on top of that the new bottle refill system ensures only the correct colours can be inserted.

It is easy to refill the ink in your printer by simply just buying the ink bottles from To save money we also sell compatible ink bottles for your printer. To see all the options for your printer click here to buy.

Why You Should Always Check Your Cartridges When Buying From eBay


Ink Cartridges

Ever bought an ink cartridge from eBay or even amazon and were not satisfied with the quality or even the amount of prints you were able to get out of the cartridge itself. Well there could be a very easy yet upsetting reason for this, which is that the person or company you are purchasing your inks from could possibly be scamming you.

Recently retailers selling on such sites as eBay and Amazon have been tricking their customers into buying high capacity ink cartridges which are actually standard capacity ink cartridges by replacing the sticker of the standard capacity with a high capacity sticker which is very wrong and extremely against the rules and regulations of eBay and Amazon.

There are a couple of ways of finding out if your ink cartridges are genuinely high capacity cartridges. One way of finding out is by checking the size of the of the sponge which is located inside the cartridge and if it does not fill the cartridge most likely the cartridge is a standard capacity. Because of this a lot of people have not chosen to not buy compatibles and move over to original products which are super expensive especially compared to the compatible products.

So remember, every time you buy an ink cartridge from a seller that isn’t verified always check for these tiny details or even better you can just check us out and get an even better price with better quality.

The New Way to Keep Your Amazing Memories Close To Your Heart


HP Sprocket

Ever wanted to capture all the funny and amazing moments with you and your friends or from a holiday or even from your graduation party? Well now, there is a great way to keep all these memories close to you in a very special way. The HP Sprocket is one of the latest gadgets that is essentially a portable mini printer that you can print photos from your mobile phone on 2 x 3in photo paper.

This isn’t just a gadget that can print out amazing quality photos but it allows for the photos to be more then photos and make them personal treasures because it brings the images to life not like your tablet or phone where it’s just a digital picture.

The Sprockets have many more amazing features for example they are extremely convenient because they only take up as much space as your phone. They also need no ink cartridge and most importantly, all you need is Bluetooth to print out those brilliant pics.

If you have a HP Sprocket or are thinking of getting on you should defiantly check out our website where we sell photo paper for the Sprockets for a great price.

A Card For Valentine’s Day That’ll Surely Put a Smile on Their Face.


Valentine’s Day Card

What to impress your loved one this Valentine’s day?

Valentines is round the corner, you only have a few days left so get your act together and impress.

Well we have exactly what you need, we have created wonderful cards you can print out and gift to your other half with a box of chocolates and some roses and we can guarantee it will impress.

This is a simple printable card which wont use much ink. All you need is your inkjet printer to print and you can print as many as you like.

Also if you like please share with your friends to give them a chance of making their loved ones feel special too.

We also know this time of year is costly so if you are spending a fortune on ink you should definitely check us out at because we have amazing quality cartridge for a very affordable price.

Talking About The Canon Pixma TS6150 And Why it’s Worth Buying


Canon Pixma TS6150

The New Year is here and so are schools and work however here at InkNToner we’ve been looking for the best printers around this year and we’ve found the perfect one.

This Canon Pixma TS6150 is a very efficient and affordable printer that would be great for office work because of the fact it is an All-in-one Printer, which means it consists of a scanner, copier and a printer. This is essential now a days when looking for a printer.

The second feature that is quite convenient is the size of the machine, which makes it wonderful to have in your home or on you office desk. However what makes this printer even better is it comes with a 7.5cm touchscreen and can connect with smart wireless and cloud connectivity which makes it so much easier to use and work with.

Despite all this, there is still one amazing feature, which is this printer takes compatible cartridges and can save you a fortune on inks. At InkNToner we have great prices on compatibles so if you do purchase this printer you should definitely check us out.

Festive Decorations You Can Make Yourself Using Just a 3D-Printer.


The festive time of the year is here and so are the Christmassy decorations, but we know Christmas can be quite costly but not only that, what if you cannot find anything that catches your eye? Then you’re reading the right blog because here’s a couple Christmas decorations you can make yourself using a 3D printer.

  1. Tiny Christmas Tree

This one is the sort of tree you get when you just don’t have time or money to go get yourself an actual Christmas tree. This is perfect if you’re looking for something small to put beside your bed or your office desk.

Small Christmas Tree
  • The Spinning Star

Are you struggling to find the perfect piece to put on top of the tree to give it that final touch? Well you’ll love this, it’s a spinning Christmas star that can be mounted on top of the tree or hung from the branches. Its made from 3 different stars that rotate separately from each other and it looks amazing.

Spinning Christmas Star
  • Santa and Rudolph ornaments

These are little balls with little figures in them, these look very nice and festive and it’ll be wonderful to put up in the kids room or even hang on the tree.

Santa Ornament

check out our site InkNTonerUK for amazing prices on great 3D-Printers

Why the Canon Pixma TR8550 is an ideal printer to buy this Christmas.


Canon Pixma TR8550

Like many of the Canon Inkjet printers. This compact all-in-one machine takes five different ink cartridges to provide vivid and high quality photographs on glossy paper. Not only this but it also has An SD card reader for photographs however it also has the facilities to be used in an office. It is equipped with a fax machine for the people that need it and an automatic document feeder with a high-resolution scanner.

There is a slight twist because the printing speed isn’t the fastest but on the other hand it is very easy to use thanks to its large touchscreen feature and its ability to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Not only that but this printer is also compatible with Apple Airprint and Google Cloud print which makes it fantastic as it is so simple and convenient. It can also take compatible cartridges which are an excellent way to save money on ink cartridges and at InkNTonerUk we have great prices on compatibles so if you are considering buying this printer you should definitely check us out.

Taking all these features into consideration this printer would be a great buy for Christmas with an average price of £120 its quite a bargain especially for a unit that could fit inside a filing cabinet.

New Firmware Blocking Device Prototype in Testing


What is a firmware update you ask?

Firmware updates are updates printer companies like HP, Brother, Canon and other companies bring out every now and then for your printers to do. However, there is a twist.

One big reason why your printers want you to update them is so that you do not purchase any more compatible ink cartridges and sway towards their own original cartridges, which is not ideal considering they are considerably higher in cost.

Ready for another shocker? Most of the time the latest firmware upgrade can actually downgrade not upgrade features or even functionality and when you’ve gone through with the update theres no coming back. Really and truly firmware updates are made to actually try stop or at least limit the use of third party products but again if you prefer OEM products this won’t affect you.

But don’t worry because this problem wont be around for much longer because The Recycler is going to be testing out a number of prototype devices that will override firmware updates and enable you to continue using none original and cheaper cartridges. They are currently in the testing phase and will be presented at The Recycler Firmware forum on January 2020 during Remanexpo and Paperworld.

Firmware update

Why do we see yellow toner in non-yellow toner cartridges?


yellow toner in non-yellow toner cartridges

Prior to putting in the toner cartridge into your machine, some people may notice a coating of yellow or white toner powder showing on the developer roller of the Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow toner cartridges.

yellow toner powder thin coating

The skinny coating of yellow toner or white powder is a part of the manufacturing process and is utilised to all colour LaserJet cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) on the manufacturing unit.

HP OEM cartridges

As you can see from the original toner cartridge, the HP OEM cartridges will even have this coating.

Q:  Do all HP Original colour LaserJet cartridges have the coating of the yellow powder?
A:   Yes, the powder also appears on all HP original developer rollers, as shown on the image above.
Q:  What’s the purpose for the application of the yellow toner or white powder?
A:   The powder functions as a lubricant to the inside elements of the cartridge. It’s also used for testing functions to make sure the toner is of high quality.

Q:  How long will the yellow toner or white powder be present on the developer roller?
A:  It should disappear before the first few pages are printed. During the quick calibration if you set up your cartridge the powder will get eliminated.
Q:  Why specifically is the colour yellow or white used?
A:  As they blend in easily with the other colours of the toner.

Why you shouldn’t use Epson ReadyInk with Amazon Dash


Amazon’s Newest Product Will Attempt to Manipulate You, but don’t be fooled with opting in for this service.

Epson’s clients can now register to get Epson ink cartridges delivered routinely through Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Epson readyink

Sadly, Dash makes you pay for it’s comfort within the type of restricted choices, which removes potential discounts and offer and locks consumers into buying original cartridges therefore you are 100% not saving any money. As you know from purchasing from us, the compatibles and remanufactured inks are alot cheaper to buy than the originals.

There are solely a restricted variety of manufacturers to select from (Original inks rather than compatibles or remanufactured) and purchasing originals don’t supply the identical reductions you may get when shopping from Amazon’s web site.

Amazon is forgoing its regular optimisation for buyer satisfaction in favour of maximising earnings.

There are alot of drawbacks to using this new service: What if a toddler decides to press the button?
Is it sensible to have loads of those buttons for all the printers that you have and you may not want to replace the inks but paying for a service regardless?
Isn’t it simply as straightforward to order these merchandise out of your smartphone through other sites like
In conclusion, the Dash Button is an promoting marketing campaign disguised as an modern new service which will get shoppers to cease thinking about shopping for themselves.

Maybe this fancy new button is known as a means for Amazon to blind you to the amount of cash you’re spending.

Initially ReadyInk was explained by Epson as a “hassle-free and subscription-free service” which permits its clients to sign up with a chosen retailer once they buy their printer and join this automated system, which can provide “original ink cartridges” at any time when their ink depletes.

On 17 June Epson launched ReadyInk with Amazon Dash Replenishment which permits clients to register their Epson printer with Dash Replenishment in simply a couple of easy steps. Clients can activate Dash Replenishment, which works with Epson ReadyInk service to watch ink levels and routinely reorder when you run out of ink.

Epson states “clients are all the time in management as they solely spend money when new cartridge is required and might stop the subscription at any time.”

But this adds to inconvenience as you can’t shop around for cheaper inks. we are not that busy or lazy to do this, which Amazon and Epson thinks we are.

Samsung and Brother also enrolled to Amazon Dash Replenishment service very early on when the functionality was first launched by Amazon. Epson, HP and Kyocera joined in later on in 2018.

In January 2019 a lawsuit was efficiently filed by shopper centre, NRW, towards Amazon within the Greater Regional Courtroom Munich, with the case revolving across the Amazon Dash button.

As reported during that time, the Amazon Dash button “massively” violates legal guidelines as buyers had been “not sufficiently knowledgeable concerning the ordered commodity and their worth.”

Whereas Amazon’s Dash programme is of simple profit to each the retailer and the OEMs, in addition to offering a handy service for purchasers, it is usually prone to have a detrimental affect on the remanufacturing and compatible business by additional decreasing the demand for compatible printer cartridges.

To conclude; don’t use the Amazon Dash service as you will be able to source to products yourself cheaper with other retailers. It’s easier to shop around nowadays to find cheaper alternatives to your products.

Always buy compatibles or remanufactured ink (non-original products) if you want to save money. The best alternative to an original cartridge.

5 Creative Things to Do With Your Instagram Photos (in Pictures!)


You might have been using Instagram regularly for some time, constantly adding new content, but you will probably rarely scroll back down all the way to those precious first posts. Yet these posts are where it all started and deserve more than a throwback. They deserve to be cherished as more than an old Instagram post. Here are five creative ways to revive your old posts and cherish them forever!

Make printed Photo Books and Albums

make your Instagram post into a photo book

Make Photo Magnets

Make your Instagram photos in to magnets

Add to a Postcard Design

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Print on Canvas

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Make a Photo Calendar

Turn your Instagram photos into a calendar

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Printable Ludo and Snakes & Ladders!


Play the Ludo game indoors

In our current fast-paced lifestyles, social interaction is all the more important. And playing a game without staring at the screen comes with many holistic benefits. So, if you are wondering what you and your kids should do on a rainy day, here is a printable Ludo board! Print it on card and cut it out. Assemble the die and get ready to play with your friends and family. You need 2-4 people to play. We are sure you will love it as our team at Ink N Toner UK play it during their free time!


Printerable Ludo game with die and counters

Ludo Instructions:

Each player gets rolls the die, the roller who gets 6 begins the game. The other players start rolling the die in a clockwise direction. To win the game a player must move all their counters to the finishing centre square first.

To enter a counter into play, a player must roll a 6. If the player does not roll a 6, the turn passes to the next player. Once a player has one or more counters in play, they can take any of their counters in play and move them forward. The number on the rolled die will determine the number of squares the chosen piece moves forward.

When a player rolls a 6, they may choose to move a counter already in play forward, or alternatively, they may enter another counter from its stationary starting position to its starting square. The rolling of a 6 earns the player an extra roll. If the extra roll results in a 6 again, the player earns another additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the player may not move a counter, and the turn immediately passes to the next player.

If a player lands on a square they already occupy, the pair of counters form a block. Other players cannot pass or land on the block. If moving a counter forward means it ends on a square occupied by an opponent’s counter, the opponent’s counter is returned to its owner’s starting position. The returned counter may only be entered back into play when the owner rolls a 6 again.

Once a counter travels around the entire board and reaches its home column, it has to be moved towards the home. For this, a player has to roll the exact number the counter has to move in order to reach home. For example, if you roll a four, and your counter requires a move of only three squares, you have to move another counter or pass.

Want to play another game? Try this Snakes and Ladders game!

Snakes and Ladders:

Printable snakes and ladders with die and counters

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4 Recent Inspirational Indies to You Should Not Miss in Collages


Print out these fantastic collages as posters for indie films that are currently creating a buzz. For ink and toner cartridges visit


Colette Indie Film Collage

Set in Paris in the early twentieth century, this film as about a woman’s fight for creative ownership against constraints in society in her time.

6.8 on IMDB



Maya Mathangi M.I.A Documentary Collage

This film has a mine of personal footage, which form a documentary on the Sri Lankan artist and musician known as M.I.A.

7.6 on IMDB


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind Collage

When a school boy is kicked out of school for being too poor to pay his fees, he sneaks into the library to learn how to build a windmill to save his village from a famine.

7.6 on IMDB



Wildlife Film Collage

When his father goes off to fight a raging forest fire, leaving him behind with his mother, Joe witnesses his mother’s struggle as she tries to keep her head above water.

6.9 on IMDB

Printer Security: Why It’s Important and What To Do


Printer Security: Why It’s Important and What To Do

Printer security has been in the news over the last year, famously for the PewdiePie printer hacking incident, but is a wider issue than we seem to realise. Yet fewer than 50% of business currently protect personal identifiable information, especially in relation to printing-base processes. Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are in fact vulnerable to attacks and thus the General Data Privacy Regulation are requesting enterprises to protect their print infrastructure from cyber attack, which could range from malicious external cyber attack to documents being left on a shared device. In both cases sensitive printed documents can end up in the hands of unauthorised recipients. Pretty much every MFP currently on the market could be a target for hackers who aim to use them as a way to access corporate networks. However, print security is generally something which is overlooked by even the largest of firms, and personal identifiable information is rarely protected.

Ensuring security should be a twofold procedure when it comes to print security. Firstly, printers must be secured, and then the printing processes must also be secured. The latter usually entails a multi-faceted approach ensuring data is protected at the print environment level. Although there is a lot of focus on data privacy, it is usually at the digital level that measures are implemented. Most businesses forget about the security risks that poor control of print-reliant processes and working culture poses. This needs to change if we want to limit risk and demonstrate compliance. So how can enterprises secure printers from the potential threats? Here are some simple tips:

The first level of security is done by applying the latest firmware updates as manufactures are trying to fix vulnerabilities including serious security issues with their printers and they might also include other features that could make your printers more secure. You can also use admin tools to make this process simpler such as HP Web Jetadmin, which is not restricted to HP printers alone. The next step you can take is to ensure you printer has an internal IP address. You can also restrict connectivity to a specific LAN. Many business printers have a PIN system whereby you can enter a PIN to start the print job. Not only does this add an extra level of security but also ensures less paper is wasted. The next crucial step is to making sure that remote printing is secure. There are other levels of security that can be implemented, such as making sure your printer’s hard disk is encrypted and if you decide to scrap a printer make sure that the hard disk is professionally wiped. If the printer is administered over the internet, then enable SSL to ensure all communications take place over https. Hopefully these tips should ensure security to an acceptable level. However, there are additional ways to approach the process of securing your printer. Getting a Secure Print Analysis from HP is a good way to start.

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Printer Security, why is it important and what do you do to secure your printer

Advantages of Toner with Drum Unit Combos


advantages of toner with drum combo

There are essentially two ways to buy consumables in the market when you consider how the toner and drum units are sold. Either they are sold together or the two components are sold separately and therefore are replaced separately.

So how do you know when it is time to replace the toner? The toner cartridge contains powder used for creating the image. When the toner is running out you will notice your prints are being inconsistent or too light, and sometimes even blank. However, the drum is the component that transfers the toner to the paper. You will know when it is time to replace the drum, as when the drum is at the end of its life, you will begin to see lines or similar errors repeated across the page. So, the obvious advantage of buying a combo is if you see both of these happening (therefore implying both need replacement) However, if only one or the other has reached the end of its life then you may believe it would be advantageous to buy separately, that is buy just the one you require, but actually you may need to replace the other too further in time.

As drum units typically tend to last much longer than toner cartridges (though this is dependent on the design), you will probably find that in most cases, it is the toner that runs out. Also if you like to buy our own brand cartridges as opposed to the OEM products (i.e. made by the manufacturer of your printer) you will more likely spend less money as refilled and generic toner are less costly and have the same life span (last as long) as original toners. Only these instances, previously it was easier to find alternatives when the toner was separate from the drum. The reason behind this is that, the manufacturer is meant to refill the toner and refurbish the drum, but usually they only refill the toner and forget about the drum. You can also buy the OEM drum if you prefer that whilst getting any of the compatible toners for your printer when you buy from us. But we have made it easier for you by matching the compatible toner with its accompanying compatible drum. We would highly recommend buying the combo, as to be honest there are really not any disadvantages to buying the combo as both the toner and drum will run out at some point anyway!

Also, toner and drum combos are great value especially if you need to replace both, but also in the instances when you need to replace only one, as the other can be kept for when the one in your printer has reached the end of its life. Check out our great value top selling toner and drum combos for Brother, Xerox, Panasonic, HP, OKI and Samsung!

Toner and Drum Combo Brother

Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web!


World Wide Web is 30 today

The World Wide Web has grown to the extent that we cannot now image a world without it. From education to e-commerce, it is part of our everyday lives. And it was invented on this day (12th March) thirty years ago!

It all began when Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer at CERN, realised that information could be shared on the internet* by an emerging technology called HyperText. He made a visionary proposal and later developed three fundamental technologies that to this day remain the foundations of the web, namely, HTML (HyperText Markup Language), URI (Uniform Resource Identifier also known as URL) and HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), which is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web.

Realising that the web could be made accessible to anyone, people outside of CERN were invited to join this new web community. Revolutionary ideas originally produced by the web community have found applications beyond the technology sector, spreading into a number of different fields such as politics, education, scientific research and culture.

These principles included decentralisation, non-discriminatory ideals, a bottom-up design, consensus and universality. The World Wide Web Consortium was founded later in 1994, and Tim remains the director to this day, and continues its visionary approaches to continually build a better web that serves all of humanity.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) tackle issues such as the fact that more than half the world’s population is still not able to get online as well as the risks posed by the web to privacy, democracy and rights. Fighting for digital equality, women’s rights online as well as for affordability of the internet, they are rethinking the way things are done, which may again have positive impacts on other fields.

*(The terms internet and World Wide Web are often used interchangeably, by do not mean the same thing! The internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks whereas the World Wide Web is a global collection of resources linked by hyperlinks and URLs.)

Today, Google has dedicated a Doodle to the World Wide Web for its thirtieth anniversary!

google doodle world wide web

With resources readily available at your fingertips, finding the inks and toners for your printer is just a click away! At Ink N Toner UK, we are happy the WWW exists, which means that we not only have a physical store but also an online site. Check us out at we have a wide range of original and compatible inks and toners for you at great prices!

world wide web birthday

So You Want to be a Photographer – Advice on Buying the Tools


so you want to be a photographer - buying the tools

So you want to enter the world of photography but are wondering where and how to begin. Perhaps you are tight on budget, or you want to quickly accelerate to a professional level but are wondering which camera you want to start with. Though we won’t be able to explore the whole equipment range, this blog post gives you great general advice for starting out whatever your circumstances. There will obviously be other tools available but we will cover the very basics.

Firstly, you need a decent camera. Research the latest camera editions and remember to look at models just slightly older than the current ones, as they may be considerably cheaper with pretty much the same functionality.

Aside from the camera, it is vital you buy good quality lenses, as this one of the major factors that dictate the quality of the photo. Consider zoom lenses and research the effect of the different ranges offered by your viable options. A standard zoom lens might offer the focal lengths 18-55mm, which may be enough for your requirements, but if you want to take wildlife photography for example consider a greater range. As you may know the advantage of a zoom lens is the flexibility, however if you want better image quality, prime lenses should also be a part of your kit. Check out prime lens reviews and the clarity of images they would produce before you buy. Some great value lenses in the market sometimes come with slight tints, which may or may not be what you want. You may need to invest in more than one prime lens.

The next pieces of equipment are filters depending on the look you are going for. However also bear in mind that digital photos can be edited and have filters added in post-production to give the same look and feel as having used physical filters.

Next, invest in a tripod if the camera is going to be standing still in one position for a while for the photos; this may not always apply. If you need to move around a lot and need clear shots or want to record a video, consider options like a Steadicam.

Cleaning equipment and memory cards are essential but should not be difficult to choose from the options available. We sell a range of SD cards, which vary in size and capacity from 1GB to 256GB; choose one depending on you device and the quantity and quality of your photos. For a professional photographer, who usually takes photos rapidly, getting the fastest SD card is important. The same goes for if you would like to record video.

Now you are well equipped to take great photos, but what about post-production work such as editing? If you can afford an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription then the question is which of the suite to go for. Photoshop and perhaps Lightroom are essentials but are there other photo editors out there that are good alternatives. Do your research. If your objective is to print your work as opposed to post on digital channels, then make sure your editing software allows RGB to CMYK conversion so that your printout will have the colours optimised. For more information on this, read our blogpost on CMYK & RGB.

Printing out your photographs is the last but crucial step to get right. Experiment with colour and black and white prints, and invest in a good printer, photo paper, and cartridges. For a quick printing guide, checkout our blogpost ‘A Quick Printing Guide for Photographers’. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose from a range of available options. For example, for vivid photographs a combination of glossy paper and dye ink might be the best option. We sell quality compatible ink and toner cartridges at a fraction of the cost of the originals – these are a great alternative to original cartridges if you are short of cash. If you went for a HP printer, and want the quality of original cartridges and don’t want to go for compatibles, IBM replacement cartridges are great alternative.

Buying photography tools

CMYK & RGB Colour Models for Print & Digital Design


CMYK vs RGB for print and digital

If you are familiar with working with digital or print design, you will probably be aware of the different colour models to utilise. RGB is an additive colour model, which means white is produced by combining all the primary coloured lights and black is the absence of light. CMYK is however a subtractive colour model and refers to the ink colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black).

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

The CMYK model works by partially masking the colours on a lighter, usually white background. The ink, which reduces the light that would have been reflected, therefore ‘subtracts’ the colours red, green and blue from white light. This distinction between the models makes the RGB prefect for digital and CMYK ideal for print; CMYK sometimes refers to the printing process itself.

However, the range offered by RGB (its colour gamut) is larger than that of the CMYK which explains why sometimes although you design looks good on screen in RGB, the CMYK usually lacks vibrancy. Also, some colours cannot be reproduced using CMYK. As a result your print out may look a little muddied. If you are a professional photographer for example, this is obviously not the result you want.

Many constraints exist when trying to achieve the reproduction of colours that are perceived by the eye in nature. However, there are many printing processes that have be devised such as offset and lithographic printing processes, which though are still in development, already produce a more natural look.

One good advice is to make sure you only work with colours that can be printed (that is, within the CMYK gamut). For example if you are working in Photoshop, you can opt to work in the CMYK mode. However, with today’s wide format printers that have 12 ink colours, you may be able to achieve a spectrum closer to that of RGB. Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO printer range has good options for this. You can buy printing supplies for these printers in the InknTonerUK website. Ideally, if you are concerned about the colours looking good you would opt for original inks. But, this can be very expensive, so we provide you with multipack options which will give you great savings. For example, we sell multi-packs for the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 and more.


Busting the Myth that Printing is not Sustainable!


Printing is sustainableThe digital revolution has meant a switch over to non-paper-based communication, increasingly reinforced by penalties and supplementary charges for using paper. But has misinformation been the driving catalyst for this change? Did you know that one of the main reasons companies want to shift to electronic delivery is to save money and not necessarily be environmentally responsible. It is a well-known fact that people understand, retain and use information better when in print on paper, and paper is in fact sustainable when consumed responsibly. For example, double-sided printing in the office and collection schemes will reduce costs as well as improve sustainability. There are software packages available such as GreenPrint that isolate blank pages for example, thus reducing the number of binned sheets of paper. If companies want to save money, then investing in a printer that takes compatible cartridges easily is a good idea (most printers do). As it is often the cartridges that add to the running costs of printing, knowing your cartridge options for your particular printer becomes of paramount importance. You can search for cartridges by navigating using the make and model of your printer on the InknTonerUK website on the quick search toolbar.

The European paper industry recycles at the rate of 72% (2016 figure) – and with recycling collection systems improving this rate is set to increase. As you know, the main raw material is wood; if harvested in a carefully controlled and sustainable way, it makes printing a sustainable industry. In some countries, in particular, in the tropics, the conversion of forests to industrial plantations is a cause for concern, but that is not the case in Europe where most of our paper is sourced. In fact, European forests have increased in size by an area the size of Switzerland in just ten years. The paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters or greenhouse gasses, accounting of 1%of global emissions. And with many customers still valuing paper-based communication, it might be wise to not go entirely digital.

If you want to print in an environmentally friendly manner, but worry about the quality of your prints, rest assured that buying remanufactured cartridges from a trusted vendor like InknTonerUK would guarantee that your remanufactured cartridges would perform as well as a new cartridge. Look our for the pink ‘premium’ label on the products on the site for premium remanufactured products. Compatible cartridges on the other hand are great value alternatives for everyday use.

Minimise environmental impact by printing consciously

IBM Replacement Toner Cartridges are Better Alternatives to Original Cartridges


IBM Ultimate is a better alternative

IBM is a renowned technology company known for their quality products. Beginning as a computer hardware company in 1911, they have established themselves as one of the top leading companies. As you may know IBM produce their own printers and offer cartridges; now they have ventured into manufacturing a true likeness toner cartridge for HP and may produce more of other brands like Brother, Samsung and Canon in the future.

With the guaranteed print quality and page yield of an original cartridge, the IBM Ultimate cartridges come with a Total Performance Warranty. That means that not only will the print quality and page yield meet or exceed the originals’, but that the product also comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee that the last page will look as great as the first! All this comes with no risk to your printer’s warranty whilst offering amazing savings against original cartridges, which makes IBM Ultimate cartridges a great alternative. Offering cost savings to the enterprise user and certified by IBM, these high quality cartridges make great replacement toner cartridges!

Here is an example comparison for a toner cartridge where we offer the originals, compatible, remanufactured and IBM Ultimate. You can view the cartridge types for this particular product by clicking this link. As you can see, if you require a true alternative to originals you should consider going for the IBM Ultimate. Rather than paying £152.99, you are paying £65.99; that is a total saving of £87. You could even buy two IBM Ultimates and still have saved!

If you don’t like using compatible cartridges and prefer the original, we highly recommend to try the IBM Ultimate cartridges, which are made by the IBM company and you will be 100% satisfied and won’t go back to the originals. That is a guarantee!

Example: HP 05X Black High Capacity Toner Cartridge (CE505X) Originals Compatible (brand new copy) Remanufactured (renewed original) IBM Ultimate
Page Yields 6,500 pages 6,500 pages 6,500 pages 6,500 pages
Quality Produces the highest Quality Good quality printing for everyday use Premium quality which close to originals True Alternative to originals
Price (as of 22/1/19) £152.69 £16.99 £34.99 £65.99
Compatibility HP LaserJet P2050, P2055, P2055D, P2055DN, P2055N, P2055X Same as Originals Same as Originals Same as Originals
Risk to Printer None None None None

To view all toner cartridges that are offered by IBM at Ink n Toner UK, you can click this link.

IBM Ultimates are better alternatives to originals

A Quick Printing Guide for Photographers (Beginners & Professionals)


A quick printing guide for photographers by Ink n Toner UK

For all photographers, it is important to ensure a combination of having the right printer, suitable inks and the correct photo paper. However, with the abundance of available choices, it is often confusing to pick out exactly what you need. Ideally, you would need a printer that has the right balance of quality, cost and specific features depending your photo printing demands, and whether you are an amateur or a professional, you want feel satisfied with your work so you need to choose options that show your work in the best light.



For an aspiring photographer a printer such as the Canon PIXMA iP8720, would allow you to experiment with colour as well as black and white prints. And, it supports up to a 13” x 19” print size. For a relatively low cost option, it has an incredible 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution, which is perfect for those highly detailed photos.

A higher cost option (at double the price) is the Canon Pixma Pro 10, which allows for 10 pigmented inks offering an great range of colours. Pigmented inks last longer whereas dye-based inks produce more vivid colours but do not last as long. Also supporting a 13” x 19” print size and wireless capabilities, it is a good option if you can afford the 10 replacement cartridges. Compatible cartridges are a viable alternative. Click here for suitable ink cartridges:


For professional photographers out there, the Epson SureColour P800 is a great option. Not only is it relatively cheap, but has great print quality and a good page yield. Allowing for a wide-format use, it enables printing up to 17” x 22”. Great for printing border-less photos.


Most printers have universal compatibility, but it is important to see what type of photo paper your printer can take. As for high quality photographs Inkjet printing is ideal, so we will discuss now discuss Inkjet photo paper.

There are various photo paper finishes, which is the translucent chemical coating that improves appearance of the print. From glossy and matt to satin and pearl and luster and various other finishes, you need to choose the correct one for your particular print job. Glossy paper ranges in glossiness, however there may be glare in the resulting image from high glossy papers which make viewing challenging. Nevertheless, glossy paper is the most widely used type of photo paper for a quality finish. Matt has no glossiness, making it a cheaper option (due to the lack of the expensive coating), but ideal for black and white photos. Satin paper has ‘semi-gloss’. Pearl and Luster has a textured feel to it and is a type of satin finish. A high paper density (GSM weight) is ideal for a luxury look, for example on greeting cards, but is often not cost effective.

Ink n Toner UK are doing an offer this week of 2 free packs of glossy photo paper when your order comes to £20 or more! Ends midnight on Friday the 18th of January 2019.


It is often the question whether it is better to produce your photos with dye or pigment based ink. Dyes are colourants dissolved in liquid while pigments inks are microscopic specks of solid colours that are suspended in liquid. You might use dye as it is cheaper and great for vivid prints. Dye is ideal for album photography, and the best results are on high gloss paper. But they could take a while to dry and will fade over time. Photos printed using dye inks last for about 25 years if protected by glass. Pigment inks are only for the top-end printers, and can produce high quality on a range of paper. They give long lasting and consistent results but lack in vibrancy.

So the choices your make will depend on your printing needs and budget. If for example you require colourful and vivid photographs then a combination of glossy paper and dye ink would be the best option. Also make sure your ink is compatible with your printer! Use our easy-to-use search tools to navigate the inks that match your printer on:

A quick guide to printing for photographers

Printing for Business Made Simple


Business Printing

If you are a business, the ongoing running costs of a printer can often eat into a business’ utilities budget as costs increase with high volume everyday use. With businesses tending to demand a lot from their printers, even smaller Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), finding a cost-effective all-in-one printer with low upfront as well as running costs becomes of paramount importance.

For bulk printing, businesses should consider laser printers with attributes such as automatic double-sided printing. An all-purpose printer that scans and copies as well would be ideal, like the Epson Workforce printers for example, and for larger businesses, a printer that offers stapling is a bonus. Brother, HP, Canon and Samsung printers are among the very best brands for businesses.

However, which one of the range should you go for? Wireless and network printers are perfect for businesses environments with a large workforce. However, at this point, it is important to consider the running costs which boils down to the type of toner cartridges you decide to choose. Ink n Toner UK offers a wide range of cartridges that are compatible with thousands of different laser printers so by visiting the site and browsing through the options (on you become well equipped to make a strategic choice about your printer.

Remanufactured Cartridges vs OEM

Original toner cartridges ensure that you produce outstanding quality prints, and are perfect for professional business designers where the quality of the graphics and images are essential. However, whereas buying original toner cartridges repeatedly may cost you a fortune in the long term, premium remanufactured or value compatibles are far more affordable options that do not infringe on quality. (So before you buy your printer, consider the compatibility of different types of cartridges, and whether we offer compatible cartridges for your printer.) If however, you want the guaranteed match (at the very least) in print quality and page yield of an original cartridge, Xerox Ultimate and IBM Ultimate toner cartridges are also highly viable options as they still offer considerable savings against original cartridges. Click here for all Printer Toner Cartridges & Supplies.

Your very own Printer buying guide!


At Ink N Toner UK, we know it can be difficult at times when you want to purchase a printer, perhaps it is your first time buying, or maybe you are looking to upgrade. Well, rest assured we are here to help you with a guide on the kinds of printers you can find, if you would like a more detailed guide, you might want to look

Printer Types

There are varied types of printers depending on how much you would like to spend, as well as what you want out of your printer.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printer, and range from small inexpensive consumer models to expensive professional machines. Inkjet printers tend to produce higher quality photographs than laser printers. If you like photography or are maybe looking to create some photo albums, a good quality inkjet printer makes the most of photos from DSLR and phone cameras.


Laser Printers

Laser printers are designed for consistent use and are able to reduce printing times in offices and homes that print in abundance. A fantastic choice for text documents and high-speed batch printing. Toners do cost more than inkjet cartridges. However, it will print out considerably more. The initial cost price of a laser printer looks like a taxing investment, but over time, the cost-per-page works out cheaper than inkjet printing.


All-in one Printers

An all-in-one printer is the amalgamation of a scanner, copier and printer in one device. They are available in both inkjet and laser varieties, offering the bonus from the reduced footprint, and the satisfaction of having a three in one printer. Some all-in-ones have a fax machine as well, which is extremely useful and the ideal printing solution for small or home offices, although of course faxing is very much becoming more and more outdated!


3D Printers

3D printers have recently become much more common and offer a diverse and innovative entry into prototyping and small-scale manufacturing. Whatever you design, you can make. This is great if you want to test parts before you manufacture expensive machining or maybe you want to design a custom phone case, or anything else that your mind thinks. A 3D printer makes once complex manufacturing easy and accessible.

As well as that, there is a plethora of extra features and jargon that you may not understand or even knew exists today!

Wi-Fi Direct/WirelessDirect:

Wi-Fi Direct provides a wireless connection between a printer and device, even if no Wi-Fi signal is present – perfect for homes and offices without a wireless network or in an office as a backup if the network fails.

Apple Airprint:

AirPrint is an Apple technology that helps you create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers. With AirPrint, it’s easy to print full quality photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to install additional software (drivers).

Google Cloud Print:

Google Cloud Print (GCP) is a service that allows you to print from any web-connected device. Google Cloud Print routes print jobs between your computer, smartphone, or tablet and sends it to an Internet-connected printer.


Near-field communication is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm of each other.Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new feature to printers.

Email Printing:

Settings for email notifications. You can print to any printer that is Email Print compatible printer from any device that can send email, such as your smartphone, tablet, computer, or mobile phone. To use this service, you need to register your printer and account to the brands account first.

Print Quality DPI:

DPI is used to describe the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print and the printing resolution of a hard copy print dot gain, which is the increase in the size of the halftone dots during printing. This is caused by the spreading of ink on the surface of the media.

Whatever you may need, we have a printer to suit all of your needs, if you want to learn more visit our buying guide on our site at:

We hope you have a great day and we hope we have made it even better helping you get your dream printer.

Its World Quality Day!


There are days in the months of there year where celebrations happen and our customers here at ink N Toner UK would be none the wiser! Therefore, we are here to help you become aware about the obscure holidays that we have to celebrate.

Ever picked up a product, excited to get it home, only to find out that when you open the box and put it to its intended task for the first time it just falls apart? Or called in to get technical support and you pretty much just get a set of read out responses rather than the assistance of people who are actually knowledgeable in their subject? These terrible experiences just enhance the absolute necessity of quality in every aspect of business.


History of World Quality Day

Quality Day was established in 2008 at the Imarsat Conference Centre to create a place and time to discuss techniques of innovation, inspiration, and creative ideas. With Quality serving as a fundamental part of the GDP of first world economies, striving to improve customer satisfaction while finding ways to reduce the cost involved with increasing quality have been an essential part of business strategy.

The time of being able to foist off a substandard product to customers has passed, and with the increased communication among customers has come the return of a demand for high quality lasting products. Quality is primarily increased through collaboration, innovation, and working to improve the output quality at every level of business and manufacturing.


How to Celebrate World Quality Day

Celebrating World Quality Day is best done by working together with your corporate leaders to create a plan for improving quality in your business. Whether it is working on improving the efficiency of your system to create more time to focus on the growth of quality within your business.

You can also organize with the official celebration of the day by focusing on the topic of that years “World Quality Day”. In 2012, the theme was Delivering a Competitive Advantage, while in 2014 it was “building a quality world together”. Working with the organized events will lead to you being able to collaborate with companies all over the world to bring a better level of quality to your business. This year the theme is “Trust”.

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

At Ink N Toner UK, you can trust us to provide with the best in quality original and compatible inks at toners, as well as any other products we bring to you! And if you do have any problems with any of our products you can always get in contact with us, whether it is on our website at Alternatively, you can contact us on our number at: 020 8216 5571!

Happy World Quality Day!

Its Movember at Ink N Toner UK!


moustache movemberIt is the 1st of November and that means for a lot of us out there it is Movember at Ink N Toner UK!  This is a time where we look help men in both their mental and physical health. During this month, anyone who can is encouraged to grow a moustache to raise awareness for various men’s issues


movember menHistory of Movember

It all got started in 1999 in Australia when a group of young men decided that the middle of summer was a fantastic time to grow a beard (seasons are backward down there, remember). It all started, as most great ideas do, in a local pub and quickly came to contain a group of 80 men dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues and spreading this around the world. While it started out just focusing on raising awareness for prostate cancer and depression, it would soon grow to include all men’s health issues.

Competitions for the greatest moustache are held around the world, with 21 national winners being selected, and then one of their number being immortalized as the International Man of Movember. Much has not stopped this movement, either, in spite of Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand attempting to suppress it by banning those men who were participating from end-of-the-year prizes from the school.

Today it is one of the most respected men’s health awareness organizations and has branches and participants all over the world. Everyone from sports teams to educational professionals can be found sporting a moustache during Movember, and on one notable occasion, a Boeing 737-800 that belonged to the Australian National Rugby Union Team!

How be a part of Movember

It all starts with throwing out your razor and letting your facial hair grow wild! Man or woman, or something less defined, it makes no difference! In Movember, if you can grow facial hair, it is time to let grow wild! Style it or leave it untamed, colour it or leave it natural, wax it or pomade it, whatever you do just make sure you spend Movember growing a magnificent moustache and beard. Movember is a great movement that has accomplished incredible things in the area of men’s health awareness!

moustache movemberIf you cannot grow a moustache do not fret, use the inks you buy from us at Ink N Toner UK to make your own! Just print this image out to get started!

So from us at Ink N Toner UK, happy moustache growing, and good luck on any money raising endeavours you may have.

Halloween is round the corner!


With six days to go until Halloween, we at Ink N Toner UK hope you are getting ready to be a part of the spooky season! We have a number of great ideas for our readers as to what you could possibly do for Halloween, but before all that we want to give you, a little history lesson in case you don’t fully know what Halloween is supposed to represent.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve is a celebration observed in a number of countries every year on the 31st of October. Traditionally it is a time dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and the all faithful departed.

Halloween activities usually include carving pumpkins into Jack o Lanterns, lighting bonfire, apple bobbing, attending Halloween costume parties and of course trick-or-treating! For Christians observances of all hallows eve, including attending church services and lighting candles on graves of the dead, remain popular to this day.

So you must be thinking, what can I do to celebrate? Well Ink N Toner UK is here to help! We have great ideas to help you, and even ways to use paper to help you boost the spook factor this Halloween!

Create paper masks

There’s a hell of a lot that you can do with just coloured paper, some glue and some scissors! If you don’t feel like any of the regular masks like scream, or Jason from Friday the 13th is ticking your spooky tastes, try making your own, it’s fun for the kids and gives your creative freedom over your costumes!

Create trick-or-treat baskets

You could even attempt to make your own trick-or-treat baskets to put your sweets in. Depending on your creative choices, you could easily make them as colourful and spooky as you would like! You can even use the inks you buy from us to print out patterns you could use on those baskets

Halloween costumes

Of course this is a given, in Halloween you get the chance to wear whatever monster or character you want without being judged so go ahead and go all out! You could be spooky monsters like Frankenstein or the mummy, to movie characters like the ones above!

So from us at Ink N Toner UK have a fantastically scary Halloween! We hope you get treated more than you get tricked!

Its National Spreadsheet day today!


Today is National Spreadsheet day! And InkNTonerUK are celebrating!

A holiday that is more likely going to appeal to IT Techheads than the general public, Spreadsheet Day commemorates the date that VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for PC’s, was released (October 17th 1979). Since it started, Spreadsheet Day has grown into a day where the advantages and aggravations of working with spreadsheet software are celebrated.

Celebrating spreadsheet day

It is all to do with recognizing how ubiquitous spreadsheets are for all of us in the modern day and age as well as how much it helps us get by in our work settings daily, without spreadsheets, compiling lists or making calculations at work for massive amounts of products or lists would be a complete drudgery to do. Every business uses them to manage their books, and data for everything including names and phone numbers of members and much more.

Why Spreadsheets are useful.

It is useful for anyone to try to learn how to make/use a spreadsheet. It can be very useful for day-to-day life, not just business. For example, being a parent and planning day-to-day events in your head can normally be very difficult, so why not use spreadsheets to help you! You can easily map out shopping and to-do lists for you and the family. You could even make a spreadsheet calendar for the year. The possibilities are endless!


You can use the inks you buy from InknTonerUK to print out whatever you decide to make with your spreadsheets we have many great priced inks, original or compatible, you will be sure to find the best prices for your inks. From us at InkNTonerUK, have a great spreadsheet day!

Inktober in October!


It’s October which means for you art heads its Inktober! These 31 days enable everyone and anyone to let their creative juices flow, and at Ink N Toner UK, we want to tell you all there is to know!

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker. It focuses on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October, anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it online. Remember to use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2018 if you want your art appreciated by everyone.

Everyday a new word in a list of prompts are given, for example todays prompt is “spell”. This prompt can be interpreted in many different ways; you could choose to do calligraphy with this, or maybe go down the harry potter route of the word. There is so much you can do with each prompt and the possibilities are endless!

Inktober rules.

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it*

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2018

4) Repeat


Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with it. Inktober is about growing, improving, and forming positive habits, so the more consistent you are the better.

Does it have to be Ink or can I draw digitally?

Initially, the challenge of Inktober was focused on traditional inking. Although learning how to ink digitally is a skill separate from traditional inking it is no less valid. If you want to improve your digital inking skills, then doing Inktober digitally is a great way to challenge yourself. Just be cool to those who want to use traditional inks. In addition, traditional inkers, be cool to those who are trying to improve with their digital inking.

You can use the ink you buy from us to print out the list of prompts. As well as any digital work you have done, as well as that, you can use them to scan your drawings so you can post then online on your social media.

So from us at Ink N Toner UK happy drawing and have an even better October, especially with Halloween on the way.

Its World Tourism day!


Happy World Tourism Day!

On the 27th of September the world comes together to celebrate world tourism day. With each year coming with a new theme. This year the theme is “Tourism and the Digital Transformation”, this is a unique opportunity for us to raise awareness on the potential contribution that digital technology has and will make to sustainable tourism development.

Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. The event seeks to address global challenges outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and to highlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals.

The timing of World Tourism Day is particularly appropriate in that it comes at the end of the high season in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the season in the southern hemisphere, when tourism is on the minds of millions of people worldwide.

At Ink N Toner UK, we want to help to celebrate this occasion by giving you ideas on what you can do!

Print your own logos.

The WTD logo and banner are also online and can be downloaded for the web and printing. Feel free to upload the logo on your website, linking back to the World Tourism Day page. you could also use the logo to make your own WTD-themed materials, such as t-shirts, stickers, posters etc. You can get all the ink you need from us at

Saving energy.

If you are a traveler, simple steps such as switching off the lights in your hotel rooms and unplugging appliances when not in use can make a huge difference. Save energy and water by taking a shower instead of a bath, or choosing not to have your bed linen and towels changed every day.

Taking a trip.

What better way to celebrate WTD than enjoying being a tourist yourself? Whether it is around the world or within your own country, with your family or your classmates, read the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism before you go to make sure your trip is as sustainable and responsible as possible.

On previous WTDs, a number of destinations and sites have offered free entry or special discounts to the public, so look out for special offers!

From us at Ink N Toner UK, happy world tourism day!

How to clean a print head!


At Ink N Toner UK, we understand that an awful lot of you will occasionally run into difficulties when using your printers. From updates, restricting what kind of inks you may use to tips and tricks to help you navigate your printers various functions. While these can be found on the troubleshooting section of our site, there are other things that we have not included that should be talked about. So today, we want to talk about what you should do when your printer’s print head requires cleaning.

First, we want to explain the reasons why a print head will need cleaning:

  • Lack of printing – If the printer sits around for long periods of time the ink can dry inside the print head and result in clogged nozzles. If you want to avoid this make sure you use your printer once in a while so it doesn’t clog up at all


  • Not changing cartridges when prompted by the printer – this is also a leading cause of print head clogs. If you print for too long on a near empty cartridge, you will start introducing air into the print head, which in turn helps dry any remaining ink inside the print head and results in clogged nozzles. It is a no brainer really, when your ink runs too low change it for a fresh one, we have many inks for you to buy from us at !


  • Using low-grade generic cartridges – low-grade cartridges with the wrong ink viscosity can also quickly clog the print head. Make sure that you purchase your non-genuine cartridges from a reputable source. Like Ink N Toner UK for example! We make sure we use the best quality in our compatible inks, so you will not be disappointed.


  • Dirty or faulty purge pump or pads – If your printer has very dirty pads on the purge pump then the printer will be unable to effectively run cleaning cycles. During the automatic cleaning cycles that your printer does periodically, large amounts of ink are sucked through the print head and out into the waste pad. This helps to clear any dried ink or residue that may cause print head blockage. If either the pump is faulty or the pads very dirty then little cleaning occurs and blockage is highly likely.


  • Cartridges not breathing correctly –Sounds odd to say on paper but cartridges require the removal of the breather tape so the ink can freely pass through into the print head. If one or more cartridges do not have, the breather tape fully removed then the ink will not flow properly from the cartridge and into the print head.

So how do you clean a print head?

  • To successfully clean a print head manually you’ll need some basic supplies. Gather a bottle of water and a lint-free cloth or a paper towel.


  • Make sure the printer is off and unplugged to prevent damage to the device and yourself.


  • Open the printer, locate the cartridges and remove these.


  • Remove the tray the cartridges sit in – this is the print head unit. It will have several holes in the bottom.


  • Some printer models, such as a HP, will have the print head on the cartridge, if this is the case, it won’t have a tray to clean. So, move onto step 5 and 6.


  • Lightly dampen the cloth with water.


  • Gently brush this over the foil, electrical contact area with the damp cloth until no new ink shows up on the cloth. Remove all dried ink debris from the print head contacts, edge and ramps. Make sure you clean the electrical contacts inside the printer as well.


  • If you’ve removed the print head unit, soak in a bowl of shallow water for around five minutes. This will loosen any dried ink. Dab the print head unit on a paper towel to remove any ink and moisture. Make sure it is completely dry before inserting back into the printer.

After everything is cleaned and back in place, perform a nozzle check to see the quality of the printing.

So now you know! We hope we have helped in your printer cleaning endeavors.

New compatible PGI-580XXL and CLI-581XXL available for the Canon TS and TR range!


We at Ink N Toner UK are happy to announce to our customers that we now have PGI-580XXL Compatible and CLI-581XXL Compatible Ink cartridges available to order now at Ink N Toner UK. These compatible cartridges are the extra high capacity (high yield) which means that they would last much longer than the high capacity and the standard capacity versions. And more importantly, they are filled to the maximum capacity so they would last much longer. The cartridges that are available to order with free UK delivery and VAT included with the price are:

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581BKXXL Black Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1998C001)

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581CXXL Cyan Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1995C001)

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581MXXL Magenta Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1996C001)

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581YXXL Yellow Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1997C001)

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580PGBKXXL Pigment Black Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1970C001)

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581PBXXL Photo Blue Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridge (1999C001)

They are the Non-Original ink cartridges that are made to fit into your Canon printer. All these 6 cartridges will fit into the following machines:

There are also machines that do not take the photo-blue ink cartridge but takes the rest of the cartridges. E.g: Pigment black, black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Those printers are:

To save you money, we have two multipacks set up, one with the photo blue, and one without the photo blue. Therefore, you may order the right one for your printer. These two multipacks can be available by clicking on the below links:

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL PGBK, C, M, Y, K Multipack Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1970C001/ 1998C001/ 1995C001/ 1996C001/ 1997C001)

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6 Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1970C001/ 1998C001/ 1995C001/ 1996C001/ 1997C001/ 1999C001)

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6

For those who only print black and white documents or have run out of black really quickly, Ink N Toner UK offers you the compatible (Non-Original) twin packs of the black, and they can be ordered here.

Premium Compatible Canon CLI-581BKXXL Black Twin Pack Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1998C001)

Premium Compatible Canon PGI-580PGBKXXL Pigment Black Twin Pack Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1970C001)

Our compatible cartridges will last as long as the original and the print quality is exceptional and matches the original cartridges quality.

At a five percent page coverage, our cartridges will last like the original, and here are the page yield figures that you could expect to print:

  • 1 x extra high capacity black CLI-581BKXXL ink cartridge – 4,590 pages
  • 1 x extra high capacity cyan CLI-581CXXL ink cartridge – 830 pages
  • 1 x extra high capacity magenta CLI-581MXXL ink cartridge – 747 pages
  • 1 x extra high capacity yellow CLI-581YXXL ink cartridge – 830 pages
  • 1 x extra high capacity pigment black PGI-580PGBKXXL ink cartridge – 600 pages
  • 1 x extra high capacity photo blue CLI-581PBXXL ink cartridge – 9,140 pages

As an introductory offer, these compatible cartridges are offered at such a low price , that it’s a must-buy product and we advise that you place your order soon as initial stocks are low and there is a very high demand for these particular range of cartridges as many people do not want to purchase the high price of the original cartridges. However, if you do wish to place an order for the genuine cartridges, you can do so by clicking the two links below for the multipacks:

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL PGBK, C, M, Y, K Multipack Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1970C001 / 1998C005)

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6 Extra High Capacity Ink Cartridges (1970C001 / 1998C005 / 1999C001)

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6

Original Canon PGI-580XXL / CLI-581XXL Multipack Set Of 6

For more options for your printer, like if you want to buy the singles rather than the pack, we advise that you go to the list view on your printer by using our quick search and type in the model number of your printer, and selecting your printer (rather than the product itself) which would take you straight to the list view of your printer.

Top 3 Printers here at Ink N Toner UK


Today we at Ink N Toner UK are doing a different type of blog today. Sometimes we know our customers may not always know what the best printers are, we get it, and there are loads of printers to go through. Therefore, we want to help you by narrowing down to a top three of what we think are the best printers nowadays.

  1. Canon PIXMA TS9150

Image result for Canon PIXMA TS9150

If you are looking for a great all-round printer, which does not skimp on print quality for your photographs, then we won’t be disappointed by what the PIXMA TS9150, Canon’s flagship printer, has to offer. While it is certainly more expensive than some of the cheap two in one printers you can pick up, it is not a bad price for something, which produces high quality prints, especially if you only need to print at A4 or below.

  1. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630

The WorkForce Pro WF-4630 is a solid printer for small businesses and workgroups given its fast print speeds, solid print qualities and remote printing and scanning capabilities. Using the larger XL print cartridges, the WF-4630 delivers economical print costs that rival laser printers.

  1. Canon Pixma TS8050

Image result for Canon Pixma TS8050

Great for the traveling professional or someone who needs a small printer for occasional use, printing photos or using the scanner function. It’s a bit pricey to buy and run, but the flexibility and quality of the printouts is excellent.

So that’s all we have for you today, if you want to look at more printers, check them out on our website. Until next weeks blog, goodbye!

The summer holidays are almost over!


Its been a weird summer holiday this year in 2018, but at the same time its been the most enjoyable (for some) we were blessed with scorching temperatures and even greater occasions, things like The Muller 2018 games, religious occasions such as Eid, and also recently the great Reading and Leeds festival! What ever summer has been for you, we at Ink N Toner UK hope you have had a great one!

But now once again we’ll have to say goodbye to the summer and welcome in the autumn months which also means-to those of you who are students especially- that its time to buckle under and begin work for the new academic year! This will inevitably mean you will need things like stationary, books, bags, uniforms, And Ink of course!

This week we will have a 10% off of all compatible ink products(expires 7th of September), meaning it will be easier for you to stock up on those inks you will need to print all that coursework and homework assignments with!

As well as that, think about looking at our memory storage range, where we have USBs and Memory SD cards, and Portable Hard Drives. For all your essay storage needs! And don’t think we are forgetting the adults, all our deals and low low prices still apply to you! and you can even lower them further if you use the points you accrue with us!

So we hope you’ve had a great summer! Now the real grind begins!

Eid al-Adha 2018


It’s Tuesday the 21st of August and this year, it means that it is Eid! For Muslims across the globe, this means today marks the end of the month long fast of Ramadan and the start of a great feast that can last up to three whole days in some countries! Many Muslims also use this holiday period to attend communal prayers, listen to a khutba (sermon) and give out charity in the form of food. At Ink N Toner UK we want to make sure our customers have the best Eid possible so we want to give you some suggestions as to what you

Food you can make/try during Eid.

Red Meat

Most Muslims will consume red meat in some capacity, usually lamb, goat or cow. The animal will be divided into three parts, with one part given to the poor, one shared out amongst relatives and the final third cooked and eaten by the family. The meat is often roasted, barbecued or cooked in a curry.


This traditional dish is popular in Middle Eastern countries – it consists of fried vegetables, meat (usually chicken, turkey or lamb) and rice cooked together in a pot which is then flipped upside down to serve as a large savoury cake.

Rice and Couscous

From chicken biryani with saffron and sultanas to apricot-spiked couscous, grain dishes are an essential part of an Eid al-Adha celebration and often served to accompany the stews, tagine and curries.


In Afghanistan, Bolani is a popular food during Eid – it consists of flatbread stuffed with an array of fillings, from potatoes to green pepper, and is usually baked or fried to create a thin crust, before being served with yoghurt. Afghanistan Eid celebrations tend to be quite child-focused, and the whole family can enjoy bolani.

As well as that, you could use the inks you buy from from us to print out your own Eid related printables.

Have a Great Eid from us at Ink N Toner UK

HP’s new firmware update.


HP have released a new firmware update for their printers. This means that any cartridges manufactured before April last year may not be compatible with the HP Deskjet 2600 series, Deskjet ink advantage 2600, 5000, and 5200, HP Envy 5000 series, HP Officejet 5200  series printers made after may the 1st 2018, although the new cartridges will work with both old and new printers.

 hp compatible inkThis will also pose a risk of locking out any compatible cartridges we sell to you, as they will be cast into the “old” category.

If you want to continue, using your compatible cartridges for the above models is to make sure you do not accept the update when it appears on your printer another thing you can do is set your printer so it does not automatically load updates onto your printer. If you want to look at this in more detail, you can find our troubleshooting guide on our website.

HP’s guidance in finding out if cartridges are the updated model, or the old model with the same number, is to look for a line above the list of compatible printers on the side of the cartridge’s packaging, with the line signifying the updated cartridges.

You may want to check out the warranty end date printed on the cartridge itself against a list on HP’s website, to determine the status of the cartridge.

If you want to find out anything else you can look at our website at

Reading Festival is on the horizon!


The 2018 Reading festival is fast approaching and at Ink N Toner UK, we are living for it! With acts like Kendrick Lemar, Jax jones, and Travis Scott just to name a few 2018 is looking to be a great year for the annual festival.

At Ink N Toner UK, we want to make sure you are ready for the big event! And would like to impart our good to our readers. What to bring, what not to bring, and thinks you can use our inks and paper for of course!

This year the 3-day event will run from Friday, August 24th to Sunday August 26th, 2018.

To start there are some items that are banned from the festival.

  • Deodorant cans over 250ml
  • Air horns and Megaphones
  • All gas canisters of any size (including nitrous oxide)
  • Animals (other than registered hearing or guide dogs)
  • Any goods for unauthorised trading including unauthorised Reading festival logos
  • Any items that may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Drones
  • Firewood
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Glass

It is important you make sure you these guidelines as the items listed above WILL be confiscated on sight making your experience at Reading Festival less enjoyable.

 In terms of what you can bring.

  • Audio recorders
  • Camping equipment this includes cutlery, tin openers and multi-tools
  • Cans
  • Chairs
  • Fitted gas canisters in campervans
  • Flags
  • Gazebos
  • Cigarettes for personal use
  • Disposable barbecues and permitted cooking stoves
  • Bags larger than A4 Size

You can also use the paper and inks you buy from us to make your own custom fans and other paper related things that will help you get through the heat! Just make sure they can actually be taken in on the day.

Have fun at the festival and check out our site for more on Inks and other printer related product at!

What great weather we have in the UK!


This year in particular has been a whirlwind when it comes to our Great British weather. From the worst winters, we have had in a long time to what is easily the hottest summer we have experienced in a long time!

So depending on your stance about the weather this year you may be pleased (or extremely disappointed) to hear that we should be getting some rain over the weekend! Tell a lie though its likely going to be more stormy weather. Once again, one extreme to another.

We at Ink N Toner UK want to make sure that come rain, snow or shine that you are able to make the most of life by giving you advice on what you could do if it stays sunny and you get to go outside, or if it pours down this weekend and you have to stay in.

If the weather stays as it has been the last week then you should consider doing things like going to the beach, seeing the sites that the UK has to offer. Alternatively, you could even host a barbecue!

There many things you can make with the ink and paper you buy from us. From paper hats and fans to kites and flags! Honestly, the affordable but creative stuff you can do with what you buy from us are endless!

If it ends up being stormy tomorrow and you need to reconsider the route, you take in terms of recreation then there’s still plenty you can do! Organise or even make your own board games using paper and test your creative limits!  Make your own card games or, you know, just play video games with your mates!

We wish you the best during this summer season and do not forget the lunar eclipse is happening shortly before 9:00pm tonight! It is a blood moon so expect a hue of red cast over us tonight! It will also be the longest eclipse until the year 2123 so don’t miss it!

The Müller Anniversary Games are here!


muller 2018 games

The Muller Anniversary games will kick off tomorrow, and it will play host to the superstars of the sport across the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of July in the London stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. An event that has played host to the greatest of competitors over the years, including Usain Bolt and Sir Mo Farah.

Now returning for a two-day fixture in 2018, the muller anniversary games will continue to display itself as one of the best IAAF diamond league meetings when the world’s best track and field athletes return to London. As well as a host of para events, meaning well get to see some of Britain’s best para athletes shine.

Show your support for all of these greats by making your own British (or other countries) paper flags with the ink and paper you buy from us. If you really want to get involved there are volunteer opportunities for people who like to help in such events just go to the British athletics site to find out more!

As the weather is still blisteringly hot, go outside! Have barbecues with the family or friends while you watch the games or better yet, play some of your own track and field matches!

We hope this year’s games will be a good one and we at Ink N Toner UK wish you a great weekend leading into the summer holidays!

Its National French Fry-Day!


French Fries

Its National French Friday today and we are you are your eager to get your hands on those free fries wherever you might find them. We at Ink n toner UK are here with the facts you need just in case the need to have such knowledge arises!

belgian flag

French Fries are not actually French.

You may think that French fries are from France, but they are actually from Belgium. It was during the late 17th century that some smart Belgian villagers got the idea to slice up a potato and fry it the same way they fry fish (Who would have thought it!) and Voila! The French fry was born. During World War 1 American, soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to these tasty fried potatoes and they then named them French Fries. Hence why they were not created in France!

fish and chips

What you can make with French Fries.

Today, people all around the world enjoy French Fries. It’s a staple in quite a few American dishes, paired with things like Hotdogs and Cheeseburgers. In the UK, it is served with Cod in a dish known as Fish and Chips. In Canada, French Fries are covered with cheese curds and brown gravy in a dish known as poutine! As you can see, French fries is a very versatile comfort food!

Other Facts.

  • Americans eat over 30 pounds of French fries per person a year
  • French Fries are a good source of Potassium
  • Thomas Jefferson had his own French fry recipe
  • In Mexico, fries are often served with hot sauce and lemon juice
  • In the U.K., fries are called chips
  • In the U.S., chips mean potato chips – which are crisps in the U.K.
  • Sugar is often added to fries as well as salt
  • Fries come in over a 100 different varieties

How to Celebrate.

All you have to do to celebrate French Friday is pick your favourite French fry dish and eat it! It is as simple as that, and in some shops, it might even be free! Alternatively, if you like to do it yourself use the paper and ink you buy from us to make your own paper cones or boxes to put the fries in!

Have a great day from us at Ink N Toner UK!

Printer Updates and how to deal with them!


Epson printer

Today at Ink n Toner UK, we want to talk to our valued customers about a common feature that exists within printers everywhere. The dreaded printer updates. We are here to let you know the risks that are involved when updating your printers.

Printer drivers across all printers’ brands never seem that bad when you look at them. They normally are just there to fix any bugs or any other outstanding problems that have come up in the printer. That sounds great. So why are Ink N Toner UK trying to say otherwise?

While we think it is great that printing companies are paying attention to their customers, these updates often come as firmware updates that end up preventing your printers from being able to use any non-original cartridges. This means you are forced to buy their more expensive branded cartridges.

We believe that in the interest of our customers that these underhanded practises when it comes to brands like HP or Epson are very unfair on our customers. Therefore, we would like to tell you how you could avoid this or at least limit the chances of updates like these being automatically installed on your printer.

Regarding the recent Epson update, there isn’t currently a sure fire way of going back on yourself if you have downloaded it however it can be prevented by simply going into the software updates settings of your Epson printer and selecting “never”. This way you can control if your printer installs any more updates and you can keep using the compatible cartridges you buy from us!

In future, DO NOT ever accept any printer updates, your printer should be fine without them and you will not have any drawbacks to suffer with.

For more tips, tricks, and troubleshooting click this link where we have more info on how to look after your printers. Have a great summer. We know we are!

Its Scorching hot with us at Ink N Toner UK!


What a week its been, the Summer weather is in full force and the world cup is well under way with our England boys with 2 wins out of the 3 games they have been in since it started. (Well done England!).

But we spoke to you about the world cup last week! This week at Ink N Toner UK, we want to focus on whats going on in the UK, more specifically the weather. And what to do to take advantage of it before it inevitably turns wet and windy again!

Create your own kite

Yes it is possible to make once you have a little know-how and the willingness to DIY (do it yourself)!  Use the inks you buy from us to printed out your own custom designs onto pieces of printed paper. A little bit of tape, string, sticks and origami later and bobs your uncle! Your very own kite. The only other thing you need is a bit of consistent wind and then you have endless fun for all the family!

Go to the beach

If you can, definitely check out the beaches, in this weather the sand and sea would be bliss. You could even take that handmade printed kite there as there would most likely be enough wind to keep it in the air! Obviously you should take those buckets and spades to make those all important sand castles, you could even stick a paper flag in there to represent you you are rooting for in the world cup!

We hope you continue to have a great summer from us at Ink N Toner UK!

Download the latest 2018 Russian World Cup Wallchart!


England Flag

The world cup is well under way and all of the groups have completed their first match, teams like Russia and France have come out on top in their groups. And of course our boys in England have already started making us proud with their 2-1 win against Tunisia on Monday.

With their second match approaching England will be facing off against Panama in what we hope will be a great match for us. Maybe this year we might even win the world cup this time!

As usual if you want to support our boys during their time at the 2018 Russian World Cup you can use the inks you buy from us to print out your own England flags and other themed paper related items.

World Cup WallChart


If you want to stay up to date with the standings feel free to download and print our wall chart where you can watch the matches and then update the chart depending on who wins each match, all the way up to the finals on July the 15th!

And if you need new inks feel free to check us out at we have a wide range of original and compatible inks for you at great prices!


The 2018 World Cup is approaching…..


The 2018 Russian world cup is only 6 days away and we know you die hard football fans out there are anticipating its official launch greatly and of course, we want our boys in the England squad to win! We have a few facts for you if you do not feel you know enough about the upcoming games.

Did you know?

The 2018 world cup logo was actually unveiled by cosmonauts aboard the international space station. During this daring event, the cosmonauts counted down and then showed the logo. The Russian Sports Minister, Vitaly Mutko, says the logo was inspired by Russia and its rich artistic tradition and its history of bold achievement and innovation. FIFA President Sepp Blatter exclaimed it was the heart and soul of the country!

32 countries will compete in the 2018 World Cup, with Iceland and Panama making their debuts in the competition. Slovakia were the last team to make it past the group stage on their debut in 2010.

Brazil has won the World Cup more than any other side, with 25% of the titles (5/20). It is also the only country to have competed in every competition.

Show your love for your team by using our inks to print out your favourite countries that you would like to win the world cup. Visit us at Inkntoneruk where we have England flags you can get by spending over £25!

The EU and its new plastic waste legislation.


The EU Commission have laid out a new set of rules in a bid to tackle the issue that is our plastic waste, and the impact it is having on our environment. The new rules are aimed at single use plastics specifically, and has been described by the European commission as proportionate and tailored.

Plastic currently takes up 85% of all marine pollution, with devastating consequences for wildlife (in the ocean and out) as well as human health, with micro plastics entering our food chain and we are none the wiser. As well as this facing the issue head on from an ecological perspective, the EU commission’s new directive aims to bring about more opportunities economically, bringing in more opportunities for innovation, competitiveness, and job creation.

The single use items covered by the new legislation include but are not limited to things like, cotton buds, cutlery, crockery, straws, stirrers, and balloons sticks. All of which will now be required by law to use sustainable materials in their production.

At InknTonerUK, we already make sure that we do our part for the greater environment by recycling all of our waste ink and toner cartridges. This is to prevent the harm they could end up doing to the environment, and the money we make from doing so goes to the charity we support called Caring for kids.

Make sure you do your bit for the environment too; we all can help play a part in our worlds safe and clean for the future!



Bank Holiday Weekend at Ink N Toner UK!


Bank holiday weekend is almost upon us and we hope you will have a good one! In addition, to make it an even better one we wanted to let you know that if u buy your inks from us online, we will make sure it is delivered to you by bank holiday free! Now how’s that for some great news!

As well as that we have our refer-a-friend system that can grant you up to 500 reward points (worth 5 pounds). you get 100 points for each one friend you refer. with is a fantastic way to get money off our already cheap products.

We also have a couple of ideas of what you can do over this weekend to help make it a good one. Think about having a barbecue (if the weather holds up), invite your friends and family. you could even design your own paper plates or other paper oriented products using the inks you buy from us!

Have a great weekend and holiday Monday and we’ll see you next week!

Its International Nurses’ Day!


It is international Nurses Day! Today is the day that we show our appreciation to our hardworking nurses at the NHS. Organised annually international nurse’s day celebrates the contribution nurses make to our society around the world. The birthday also holds special significance as it the birthday of one of the most famous nurses in history, Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale

If you want to show your appreciation for the hard working nurses here in the NHS consider buying our inks so you can print out cards or other nice forms of appreciation. Make other creations out of paper, like flowers or other forms of origami!

Nurses' day card

Nursing in 2018 is a modern, dynamic and at times a very challenging career path. The roles you all carry out and the knowledge you have is vast. So this International Nurses’ Day we want to say thank you for dedicating your lives to help save ours!

Its Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!


At lightspeed it’s here again. Star Wars Day is upon us so let’s be the first to say, “May the 4th be with you!”

The much loved and legendary film series has been going strong since 1977, an incredible 41 years!

The first time the much loved phrase “May the 4th be with you” was used dates back to when the then newly elected Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was congratulated by the London Evening News on her election win.

The phrase is still said to this day and is meant to of course be conveyed as a wishing of good luck.


So, we thought we’d give you some iconic images to print off and stick on your wall or to send to friends and family in recognition of the most momentous day in the Star Wars calendar.

may the 4th

bb8 may the 4th

Avengers: Infinity War is finally upon us!


Image result for avengers infinity war

The Avengers Infinity War is finally out! We at Ink N Toner UK are in great anticipation for when we get to buy our tickets and feast our eyes on what we know will be a spectacle of a movie. Therefore, we are sure you are all looking forward to it! Meanwhile we know you are all thinking of ways to get yourselves ready. Aside from the obvious, buying tickets, popcorn and other condiments we know you want to do other things to make you feel the Avengers vibe. Therefore, here are a few ideas.

Image result for 3d printed avengers masks3D Printing

For those of you who can you should be able to print 3D versions of your favourite characters or even 3D masks! This will be great for you to make, as you will be able to bring those things into the cinema. As the film is going to include a huge cast of characters you can show who you are representing in the fight against Thanos (Or if you happen to like him, the fight against the avengers!).

Image result for paper hats avengers

Paper hats and masks

The same way you can show who you are rooting for with 3D masks you can just as well do it with paper hats! They are simple, cool looking and cheap to make. All you really need is a printer and some ink.

Image result for paper masks avengers

If you need any printers or ink for any of these items do not hesitate to find us on our site at we have a wide array of great products for sale at great prices! Have a great movie viewing! We know we will.

Summer has come early at Ink N Toner UK!


Summer image

After a shockingly cold winter, the sun has finally reared its head over the UK and we at Ink N Toner UK are living for it! Whilst we are cooped up here at work, we want to help everyone make the most of this sweet (and most likely short) streak of hot weather!

With temperatures approaching 28 degrees on Thursday the 19th, it means that it has been the warmest day in this month in almost 70 years. The reason for the sudden increase in temperature is due to warm air rising off the coast of Portugal. (Thanks Portugal!)

This is a great opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the summer weather so we want to help you out a bit, in case you do not have any good ideas to be going with. Do bear in mind some of these ideas will be mainly for printables, meaning that if you do not have it, you will need to purchase ink. Luckily, for you we have that in abundance so you need not worry!

ice lollies

Frozen foods

During this mini heatwave, it is always a good idea that you stay hydrated and that you keep cool and refreshed. We recommend you stock up on cool beverages and many ice-lollies. If you are a D.I.Y kind of person, you may want to consider making your own ice-lollies. If you need to know how to do this, we have instructions on how to make your own ice-lollies.

barbecue grill


If you really have the time and you want to make the most out of the summer vibe we are getting. Having a barbecue is a great way to achieve this all you need is family, friends, and a grill to cook the meat on!



Picnics are a great way to relax and pass the time, all the while catching the rays just grab some food, drink and a large cloth step out into the great outdoors!

origami fansPrintable Fans

Why buy fans when you can design your own and print it out! Keep yourself and others cool in this heat!

From us at Ink N Toner UK enjoy what is left of the summery weather and have fun with it!



Friday the 13th!


Friday the 13th Today is Friday the 13th. If you are not in the least bit superstitious, this day probably does not mean anything to you and you are only excited about the fact that it’s Friday and you do not have to work on the weekend (I know I am!)

If you do have a superstitious leaning, you have probably just looked at your calendar, clocked its Friday the 13th and thought no more about it.

 black cat friday the 13thIf however you are like everyone else, and are very superstitious I’m sure you will be on high alert employing every trick you know so you don’t incur the universe’s wrath. There are many different ideas about where this spooky date came from; some believe it dates back to the last supper, where 13 people were there the night before Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. (Which also happened to have apparently fell on Friday the 13th) Whilst others suggest that, it was born from the disappearance of a navy ship called HMS Friday, which set sail on Friday the 13th, never to be seen again.

At Ink N Toner UK, we know how people get on this particular day so we want to reassure that no matter how spooky your days get, we will always be here to provide you with the inks you need to get through them! We are pretty sure after you hear that you’ll be feeling lucky in no time!


Happy New Tax Year!


Happy new tax year!Happy New Tax Year everyone! Today marks the start of the new tax season. Along with that comes changes to categories like the Personal allowance, Income tax, National insurance and a few others. Here are some of the changes coming to some of the taxes.

Personal allowance

The amount you can earn without paying income taxes has risen from £11,500 to £11,850, which works out as a tax cut of £70 for most people.

National Insurance

Will be charged 12% of income on earnings above £8,424, up from £8,164 until you earning more than £46,350, after which the rate drops to 2%.

Income tax

The starting point for paying 20% basic rate tax will be £11,850, while tax will start on earnings above £46,350 (up from £45,00)

Nevertheless, do not fret! At Ink N toner UK, we will not be making any changes to our prices for the new tax year so you won’t need to worry about through the roof we pride ourselves on keeping our prices as low as possible so you can get great value for money!

The Ink Cartridge scam.


Ink Scam A YouTube video from Gregory Austin McConnell has surfaced and recently gone viral. He highlights how original Ink Cartridges are so expensive when compared to the printers you buy. He first clocked onto this while working in a technical support role, when replacement cartridges with a manufacture cost of 0.23 cents end up retailing for a whopping price of $59.95.

McConnell describes printer ink as one of the most expensive liquids in the world per gallon. He then goes on to use the various tactics OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) use to prevent competitor branded or compatible cartridges from being used instead of their products.

As well as the methods used by the OEM’s to force people into buying more ink despite them not actually needing to, he talks about the fact that most printers now stop working when only one colour cartridge expires even if you only wanted to print in black. The reason for that is that even if you only want to print in black, the printer will use a little bit of cyan ink for a different shade of black. Why they do that we have no clue!

Towards the end of the 12-minute video he takes his printer and destroys it with a sledgehammer all the while calling for a revolution against the OEM’s that charge you exorbitant prices for inks.

 inkntoneruk compatible inksAt InkNTonerUK we have our own high quality compatible inks, which are not only cheaper and better value for money, but they work just as well as the Original products. If you want to see for yourself how good our inks are check them out on our website

Sport Relief at Ink N Toner UK!


What is Sports Relief?

As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, sport relief helps to bring all of us together to get active, raise cash and change lives. The money raised during comic relief is spent to support some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and worldwide. Sport relief had already started on the 17th of March- and it finishes tonight on the 23rd of March after the television show airs on BBC 1 tonight at 7pm.

Getting involved.

Sport relief is encouraging the public to get active and get fundraising for sport relief in whatever way they want you can even download the sport relief app to compete against people you know in a league, join a celebrity challenge or even take on the Nation’s Billion Steps Challenge. You can find out more about this on their site here.

sports relief custom card

You could also use the inks you buy from us at Ink n Toner UK to print out our simple custom card with the sport relief logo and one of their many slogans you can stick it anywhere. In addition, even if you are not donating you can at least spread awareness to those who do not know that sport relief is even happening.

Have a great Friday and an even better time having fun and raising money for sport relief.

Stephen Hawking, a brilliant cosmologist.


Born on the 8th of January 1942. Stephen Hawking, a brilliant mind and a great scientist who overcame a debilitating disease to pursue his goals, probing into the mysteries of the universe, had sadly died on the 14th of March 2018.

Hawking suffered from ALS a neurodegenerative disease, which is usually fatal within a few years. To put that into perspective, Stephen was diagnosed with the disease in 1963, when he was just 21! The disease left him wheelchair-bound and paralyzed. He remained very optimistic in his life and despite his shortcomings, he said this. “I try to lead as normal a life as possible, and not think about my condition, or regret the things it prevents me from doing, which are not that many.” This clearly shows the drive he had and that even something like the ALS disease did not keep him from his goals of discovering the secrets of our universe.

We at Ink N Toner UK and the rest of the world are sad to see him pass. However, he will remain a key figure in the world of science for the rest of time.

Mother’s Day at Ink N Toner UK!


Mother’s day is around the corner and we at Ink N Toner UK hope you have gone out and bought everything you need to show your appreciation to the maternal figures in your life. (If you haven’t already, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!) Mothering Sunday, or mother’s day, is a Christian celebration that has now become a worldwide event where we show our mums how much we appreciate them. We typically do this by giving them cards, gifts, flowers, breakfast in bed, and just generally being extra nice to them.

If by this time, you are still struggling to think of mother’s day ideas do not fret, we are here to help you get over that arduous task by giving you some great ideas to get you started!

Mothers day custom cards

  • Cards and flowers

Let us start with the obvious, the simplest way to show your appreciation to the maternal person in your life. A simple cared with the right words can really make all the difference between a regular gift and a special one. And of course, adding flowers into the mix elevates that to new heights!

Mothers day chocolate

  • Chocolates

Chocolates are a staple for many gift combinations. Just make sure you do not use them as the only gift. Combine them paper boxes or other printables with the ink you buy from us to make them really stand out.


We at Ink N Toner UK have helped you get that perfect gift for mother’s day and to all the mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

Chinese Lantern Festival, Get Creative!


Lantern Festival

Today marks the last day of the Chinese New Year festival, which also means that today is the Chinese lantern festival. The lantern festival falls on the first full moon night in the Chinese calendar symbolizing the return of spring (which cannot come fast enough we’ve had enough of this winter chill!) and the reunion of families. The Lantern festival can be traced back 2,000 years ago which means it is a very old and sacred part of Chinese culture.

During the festival people get together on the night to celebrate with many activities. These include, enjoying the sight of lanterns in all their glory, flying drones, and guessing riddles written on lanterns, eating tang yuan (sweet dumplings), lion and dragon dances, and walking on stilts!

With all these activities to do us at Ink n Toner UK would definitely advise you get involved to celebrate such a colourful celebration. As well as that, we have some great ideas to get you flexing those creative muscles to make the most of this occasion!

Chinese new year E-Card


Use the ink you purchase from us to design your own or print out our template for an E-Card! They can really help to brighten up someone’s day and you can get them sent to loved ones if you are not able to be with them.


Chinese New Year 2018


If you want to make a bigger spectacle of things try designing your own poster to put up on your wall at home or at your place of work to brighten up the place!


Origami Lanterns

Lantern design

For those who are really daring, try making your own Chinese lanterns through origami here are a few ideas for those who need some inspiration

From us at Ink N Toner UK have a great rest of Chinese New Year and bring on the Lantern Festival!

Lexmark and their new universal printer driver update!


Lexmark LogoAre you fed up of the constant driver updates that come along with owning a printer? At Ink N Toner UK we definitely are. If you own a Lexmark printer or are thinking of buying one then now would be a great time to own one. Lexmark are coming out with their own Universal Printing Drivers. This will allow for user-friendly access across all Lexmark printer systems and will make it easier to help fix your printer whenever it does come across any issues.

Lexmark printers

It does this by updating its interface to reflect the features of the printer’s configuration showing only the corresponding printers settings and features. This will limit a ton of confusion for the customer, as the updates will not change how they use their printer or how the settings they are comfortable with.

With only one package to manage, Lexmark themselves will be able help their customers across the board as everyone will be on the same driver settings and updates/fixes can be made and distributed across the board which will help promote a swift and uncomplicated service. For Lexmark this works out to be cheaper too. Time spent on installations, as well as a reduction in cost for IT Support to help make any changes.

We at Ink N Toner UK think it is important to keep you in the know about any and all upcoming changes in the world of printing. We hope we’ve helped! And if you want to check out any Lexmark printers feel free to visit our website at

Valentine’s Day at Ink N Toner UK!


With Valentine’s Day just over the horizon (tomorrow to those who are not with it!) We are sure that all of you are running around thinking of gifts for your significant other. Or, stressing about if your valentines crush likes you back. That being said, we at Ink N Toner UK are looking forward to valentines this year. And being the helpful bunch we are, we are here to help you out this year!

custom card

First, up we have the generic but timeless idea of cards! These things are a staple on Valentine’s Day, for the simple reason of being able to write your thoughts on paper and giving it to your partner to cherish forever. You cannot go wrong with a nice well thought out card. However, that can never be the only gift you get for Valentine’s Day. On its own, it will be seen as lazy. Its best appreciated with a bunch of flowers or some chocolate. Here is a few ideas to get you thinking.

valentines flowers

Origami flower

Going off from what we just said Flowers are another great gift idea and depending on your style, you can choose to be subtle with a simple rose or go the whole distance and gather a massive bouquet it is all up to you. As well as that for those creatives out there, you could make your own printed origami flowers to put some thought into it!


valentines coupons

Love coupons are also a nice touch. Maybe your partner really wants something but could not get it immediately. Get them a gift card and disguise as a love coupon to really brighten up their day.

If you need any inks for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we have your back! Moreover, for those of you who spend £20 pounds or more between now and Friday will receive some lovely Belgian chocolate hearts!

Happy Valentines from us at Ink N Toner UK!

The Winter Olympics, show your support!


Winter Olympics Mascot and Poster

The 2018 Winter Olympics is kicking off today in Pyeongchang, South Korea and it is looking to be a spectacular year for the realm of winter sports Ink N Toner UK will definitely be watching! For those of you not in the know. The winter Olympics takes place two years after the regular Olympics (the last one being 2016’s Rio Olympics in Brazil) and will include many well-known winter sports including Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice hockey and Figure skating. In addition, it will host some not widely followed sports like the Luge, Bobsleighing and Curling.

We are sure that if you follow the Winter Olympics, you will want to support Team GB in any way you can, as we are not all able to go to South Korea. Therefore, we at Ink N Toner UK would like to help you do just that! We have made a little poster for you to print at your leisure and if you want to make your own. Just make sure you have all your inks in good working order. You could make cards, posters, and mini flags. The possibilities are endless!

Winter Olympics Custom Poster

The winter Olympics will be amazing this year so show your support and cheer on Team GB, We know we will be!

The EU GDPR and what you should know.



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into effect from 25th of May 2018. It means to expand the rights of individuals, and to control how their personal information is collected. It overall places a range of new obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection.

At Ink n Toner UK, we already adhere to most these rules, as we believe in this day and age our customers’ data should be protected and we are always mindful of this fact. Which is also the reason why we tweaking the way you opt-in to our alerts and offers when you sign up with us.

Currently, when you confirm you want to buy a product from us, you agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions meaning you will automatically receive emails from us regarding any deals or products we have to offer. While an effective way to keep customers informed, some customers may not find it helpful or simply do not want this feature. We are making changes to this, meaning ultimately you will be able to provide consent if you want to receive these emails or not. And if you even if you do, you can opt-out at any time.


Signup to newsletter

This is one of the ways our customers are our number one priority. We hope this gives you peace of mind in terms of your data protection. For more information on our privacy and cookies policies look to our websites where they can be found.


Starting up a 3D Printing Business.


THINKER BOT 3d printer3D printing is a fast growing industry, with many people discovering its benefits. Last week we gave you pointers on how to accrue money within the 2D printing industry. So this week we will let you know on how to do that with 3D printing, what you need to learn to get started and the different avenues you can go down with this currently lucrative area.

  • What is 3D printing?

For those of you not aware, 3D printing is when you take a digital design (blueprint) and you essentially make a 3D copy of it. These models are normally made of a plastic filament, which is melted and then guided along by a nozzle in the printer. This allows you to make very complicated designs in a shorter time without the need for expensive parts. The images below show you the different variations you can design and make. Now that you know what 3D, printing is we are going to let you know how to get started!

Thors hammer 3d printed


  • Create your own designs

Start by learning from free CAD (computer-aided designs) tools like Trimble, sketchup or TinkerCAD. Many beginners are surprised by how quickly they are able to create a complex looking design after a few tutorials. Sophisticated and innovative designs can be made with these tools. Just make sure you use the various tutorials provided online when/if you need to.

Buy a 3D Printer

The first step is to select a printer that has the right balance of cost, quality, versatility and ease of use. At Ink N Toner UK, we have a wide range of 3D printers for you to buy. For example, we have the XYZPrinting da Vinci 2.0A Duo 3D Printer for only £426.66! It’s designed with ease of use and affordability in mind.Original XYZPrinting da Vinci 2.0A Duo 3D Printer (3F20AXEU00D)

Come up with a novel product/service that has 3D printing in mind.

The key to coming up with a good service comes back to the versatility 3D printing gives. For example, the ability to modify designs allows for wide customization options. Users are able to self-create on their own websites and let the 3D printer do all the work.

We hope we helped you get started on the way to 3D printer stardom! For anymore on Printers or 3D printers, visit us at our website at!

4 Great ways to make money with printing.


PrinterPrinting is still a growing industry and with more people discovering its unique uses maybe you have wondered to yourself. How can I get started and how can I use printing to start up my own business? We at Ink n Toner UK are here to give you a few pointers to get yourself started. After reading this, you will have the knowledge necessary to be able to use printing to your advantage.

Card design

  • Create and sell designs

Printing is versatile in the way that it allows you think up and make your own designed cards, posters and a plethora of many other things without spending too much money or taking too much time. If you have that creative flair, take advantage of it and sell your own custom made cards and other printables.

Image result for self publishing

  • Self-Publishing

Self-publishing allows anyone to write a book and put it into print. With this, you can create or acquire content that you format into book form. Once formatted you can complete a small press run with the printer. Many online services that have a print-on-demand feature, which allows you to order and print books after you have sold them.

Image result for business branding

  • Business branding

Businesses everywhere are in a constantly trying to separate themselves from the rest of their competitors. One particular way they work to achieve this is through their business branding. Many starting businesses know they need to put a brand on themselves through logos and methods. However, they lack the artistic prowess needed to make their brand stand out. This is where you come in. If you have that skill and are able to use a desktop publishing software, you can create branding designs for clients and send them to a print shop.

Image result for training manuals

  • Training manuals

Lastly, many business owners cannot be bothered to make training manuals. This creates a good opportunity to create the training manuals that allow employees to get the information they need to work safely and efficiently. You will not need many skills to do this. Except patience and the ability to sift through boring technical material.

Whatever your printing needs or aspirations InknTonerUK are here to help provide you with the materials or printers you need. Hope we helped!


Canon EU and their PIXMA G Series Expansion


Canon PIXMA G SeriesLast year Epson introduced refillable ink tank printers into the market, And Canon have confirmed they are to release their own range later in the year. The PIXMA G series will be designed with ease of use in mind, making them especially good for customers who want high volume as well as low cost per page for use at home or in small businesses.

The Key features of these new devices include.

  • High Page Yield, which allows printing of up to 6000 pages (In Black) or 7000 pages in colour.
  • An Auto Power ON/OFF function. Which is great for those who like to conserve energy.
  • High quality prints, with genuine black pigment ink and dye colour inks, allowing them to produce borderless photos of up to A4 in size.
  • Wi-Fi Technology (exclusive to the G4510 and G3510 variants) allowing users to print wirelessly through a Laptop/PC or other smart devices.
  • Canon PRINT App. Users will be able to scan copy and print using this app. As well as accessing the PIXMA Cloud Link, so photos and other documents can be printed remotely from apps like Facebook, GoogleDrive, Dropbox and many more.

For more information go to for more information on their specifications on this range of printers. Additionally, you can buy each of the inks for the PIXMA G variants online from us at We will also let you know which group of inks correspond to the printer. All of the new PIXMA G Series printers (PIXMA G1510, 2510, 3510 and 4510) use the ink bottle for the Original Canon GI-590 CMYK Multipack.

For more information on any other Ink or Printer related products visit us at

China’s new environmental audit. Is it as good as it sounds?


Companies that manufacture products in china are now in hot water thanks to the country’s environmental rules that aim to tackle heavy polluters. Many factories countrywide have been penalized and are either being shut down or are in the process of being shut down in the wake of these new developments.

After China’s huge industrial and manufacturing surge over the last few decades it is now unfortunately home to some of the world’s most polluted cities, with its main issues surrounding its groundwater, and more so the effects it will end up having on drinking water.

China has had environmental laws in place since 2013 but they were not as strict with punishments for those who did not follow those rules. Now factories are being forced to follow suit or face their production being shut down completely.

According to global Sources plastic, printing, textiles, chemicals and a plethora of other industries have been affected by these changes.

For many factories though these environmental audits are not very helpful in letting them know what constitutes as compliance. This means they are not even aware if they are at risk of being shut down or not. In addition, even if a factory is closed, there is no clear timeline of when, or if, they can start production again.

caring for kids logo

At InknTonerUK we pride ourselves on the fact that we find ways to recycle previously used ink cartridges. Those empty cartridges will also help raise funds for our partner charity Caring 4 Kids because cartridges that can be used again have a value.

By recycling your inkjet cartridges with us, as well as doing your bit for the environment, you will also be helping the charity and therefore making a difference to the lives of thousands of children.

Top five printed Xmas Ads of 2017


Chistmas draws ever closer at InknTonerUK. We’ve given all of you advice on how to make this Christmas a good one and we hope we have helped a lot in that regard. Wed like to show you examples of printed adverts we thought were really great this year in the run up to to the 25th of December.

Starbucks xmas ad

  1. Starbucks

A popular coffee shop for many Christmas shoppers all over the world, Starbucks uses this time of year to celebrate with their warm festive cups. Along with that, they get even more creative by topping each of the coffee cups with a cream swirl that ultimately takes the shape of a Christmas tree! This overall design is great due to the simple yet effective way this advert uses colour. The warm earthen background and cups along with the white cream helps bring out the Christmas feeling that much more.Quality street Quality Street

There’s no other snack filler on Christmas day like a box or tin of chocolates. Quality Street is one of the more popular choccy choices, in this Advert they have gone for the simple yet effective trick of spreading the chocolate around in the shape of a reindeers head.Harvey nichs

  1. Harvey Nichols

This one is quite funny as it is very relatable, there is nothing more awkward on Christmas day( and many other special occasions) of trying to act like you are happy with a rubbish present you have received. Harvey Nichols have used this to urge customers to not make the “gift face” by telling you to shop with them to find the perfect gift this Christmas.

  1. Greenpeace

While everyone around the world will be looking forward to presents food and parties. Greenpeace has used the occasion to reminds us about the dangers of global warming and the effect it will have on us at Christmas season. A snow globe disturbingly shows a completely melted snowman left with nothing but hat buttons and a carrot. Really thought provoking. pedigree

  1. Pedigree

And lastly Dog food brand Pedigree have warned santa claus that he may meet a four legged friend or two during his annual trip down chimneys around the world.

Seen as this is our last blog for this year. From us at InknTonerUK, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Christmas is fast approaching, ideas from us!


christmas party At InknTonerUK we are preparing for our Christmas party and we are pretty sure that many of our customers are too! We want to give more ideas on things you can do to prepare yourselves for the festivities. All you need is a printer and a bit of imagination!

DIY Christmas crackers

Creating Christmas CrackersAll you would need for this is a template and some artistic flair and you can have yourself some very fun and stylish looking crackers. Personalize it with family photos, remind everyone of the great time they had in the year prior. Or just draw faces and other goofy images on them. And don’t forget to put that corny joke inside too. If you need any inspiration we have been posting many godawful cheesy jokes on our twitter page.

Christmas party hats

Christmas elf hatsSet the tone of Christmas by making your very own Christmas hats. From elf ones and  all the way across to Santa Claus. There are an endless assortment of ideas for you to try out! Just make sure you measure the heads of those you will be giving the hat to(seen as you actually want it to fit!).

If by any chance you require Inks or printers feel free to take a look at our site.

Be creative this Christmas and you will feel a lot more accomplished when the big day arrives. We do have other ideas on our previous Christmas blog entitled D.I.Y this christmas. And we hope we gave you some more good ideas to get yourself started. Merry Christmas from us at InknTonerUK!

The HP AMP 125 Printer, Our review.


Hp AMP 125 Printer The new HP AMP 125 printer is a unique take on the idea of making the most out of your space. With style and innovation in mind. Anyone looking for great Bluetooth speaker and printer will definitely kill two birds with one stone with this one.

All-in-one features

The HP AMP 125 has an array of features that expand when you download the HP smart app. With this app you are able to access and print photos straight from your social media(Facebook, twitter etc….) the cloud and your regular camera roll.

High quality speakers

You can easily connect to the speaker portion of the printer via Bluetooth and stream music from all of your favourite apps like Spotify, sound cloud and many more! With Smart Amp Technology, enjoy crystal clear quality and exceptional bass. You can even accept phone calls with its built in mic feature.


You can connect your phone or other devices to this printer in a variety of different ways, if you are in another room but you need to print you can! This printer comes with wireless connectivity as well as a USB cable for direct connectivity so you are never short of ways to get connected. And yes, for those apple users this printer is compatible with Apple’s Airprint feature. Note that you can also use this printer to charge your hand held devices.

We recommend this printer to students who need to print but without compromising on style and space. This is also a great Christmas gift, no one wants to get a printer for Christmas. But a printer with speakers would definitely fit the bill for a cool present idea. If you already have this printer or you need to look for cheaper inks for it we sell them here at InknTonerUK.

Secret Santa with us at InknTonerUK


Secret Santa Christmas hatAs your all aware, at InkntonerUK we are gearing up for Christmas 2017, going off of all of that we are also thinking about gift ideas for Secret Santa this year. We have quite a few funny and devious ideas and we’d like to graciously impart our wisdom to you!

Firstly we would like to say we are not responsible for any physical harm you may end up on the receiving end of should you chose to take our advice! For those not up to the challenge you can go on our website and for that forgetful co-worker buy our memory sticks with 4GB’s of memory for only £6.43. As well as that you could consider getting a 3D printing pen for those super creative co-workers. We have the 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen. Versatile safe and non-toxic, its capabilities allow you to personally make your own Secret Santa gifts and gags freely with the only thing you are paying for is the pen and its filaments, which can be bought at InknTonerUK.Original 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen (3DOOD-CRE-UK)

Now, for the good stuff. Have you got that person at work with a huge beard? (we know we have) Well now you can add your own personal touch this Christmas with an assortment of mini Christmas baubles not only is it funny but it’s a tease that will put a smile on anyone’s face!Beard Bauble image

For that lazy mug out there who you know isn’t doing anything when he comes to work. Let him know you are on to him by buying this mug. Watch the shock on his face when he reads it!Procrastination mug

Good luck with your Secret Santa shopping!


D.I.Y this Christmas!


christmas printer

At InknTonerUK we are getting ready for Christmas (We really are! We have a snowman with a hat and everything!) and for the last few years we like to think we are very knowledgeable when it comes to what you can do with paper and a printer in this festive season. So, here we are bequeathing that wisdom to you, the customer. Here is a list of various printables that can get you started in the run up to Christmas!

  1. Gift boxes: Yes gift boxes, if you have any small gifts like jewellery, or maybe you need a place to stash those mini cholates in consider making a foldable Christmas themed gift box. They don’t cost much to make but at the same time it comes across as very thoughtful and gives that personal touch to gift giving!
  2. Xmas Envelopes: Using those plain old white envelopes to put your card in really makes the card itself that much more underwhelming. Add some xmas flair to it, really make it your own and see for yourself how much of a difference it makes to people’s faces.

Customization envelopes

  1. Tags: Wrappers in themselves always look very good. They are supposed to look fun and exciting. So why not print out your own tags to not only personalise yourprezzies but to make your gift look that much more enticing!customizable tags
  1. Origami: If you really want to test your creativity how about using the origami technique to make flowers, hats, reindeer and much much more! This is a great activity so bring the whole family into it. Christmas day will seem that much better when the whole family has been a part of the preparation.Image result for christmas origami

We hope we have helped you with more ideas this Christmas. From us at InknTonerUK have a great one!

Affordable Printers and accessories you can buy with us this Christmas!


Canon Pixma MX495With Christmas just over the horizon, start your Christmas shopping early and get the best deals before the festive sales rush begins! At Ink n Toner UK we have a wide range of ideas and an even wider range of great products to help get you started!

A great printer we have in stock is the Canon Pixma MX495. Not only does it have printing, copying, scanning and faxing in mind. It also has great wireless capabilities. All for the low price of £57.92! if you need the cartridges to go with it, our black and colour combo ink cartridges only cost £28.33.

You planning on creating a Christmas photo reel? We have some amazing Kodak photo paper for only £5.33.  Not only that we have our deal on (ends December 1st) where you will get 2 free packs of A6 Photo Paper as a reward when you spend 15 pounds or more. Just use the Code: PHOTO1217 with your purchase!

Lastly, as we are sure you will be taking many pictures with loved ones this Christmas season you’re going to need some extra memory right? At Ink n Toner UK we have SD cards, Flash Drives and Portable Hard Drives up for purchase too! We have an Intenso SD card that comes with 4GB memory for only £5.78.

We hope we eased your printing related troubles! Good luck with the rest of your festive endeavors!

Black Friday at InknTonerUK


Black Friday Sales bannerBlack Friday sale now on at InknTonerUK!

At InknTonerUK we have a fantastic range of deals and offers to save you money on this Black Friday weekend. Firstly, we have a code for 10% off of any non-original products. That includes all compatible inks and toner cartridges, all you need to do is put in the code: DISC1117 on your next purchase to redeem this offer.

As well as that we have free delivery, we also have a price promise guarantee that means you pay a price that can’t be beaten. If you have already bought products from us and then bought the same product elsewhere at a cheaper price elsewhere, we can action a price match promise by refunding the difference so you are always guaranteed to pay the lowest price. If you want to claim that follow these steps.

1. Your order ID, full name and email address
2. The product code of the item you found cheaper on a competitor’s website
3. The website address of the competitor’s website where you bought the product cheaper
4. Proof of your purchase from the competitor

We also have reward points that can be redeemed when we give you a discount code that can be seen on our website at Or, on our social media platforms, like twitter and google+.

Good luck with your Black Friday and Cyber Monday endeavors.

Microsoft’s new update and how its effecting Epson printers


Microsoft affecting epson printers with latest updateIt has been reported that the November update for Microsoft has affected the overall functionality of some Epson models. Users have mostly reported issues with the Epson LX-310, Epson FX890 and the Epson LQ680. A bug in the update is causing Epson SIDM and Dot matrix computers to be unable to print on x86 and x64-based systems. At InknTonerUK we understand that this may end up affecting some of our customers so we’d like to offer what we know on this issue and how you may want to go about resolving it.

Microsoft themselves have confirmed the issue but have yet to release a fix for it. The issue also isn’t caused by printer drivers, meaning installing different drivers for the Epson printers will not rectify the issue.

You will know if you have this error when your print jobs are terminated with the error message “Win32 error code returned by the processor. 2147500037”.

Microsoft and Epson have determined the cause of the issue and are working on a solution so if you want to be able to use your printer there is a solutions that can help, windows users and admins fix the issue on afflicted machines.

The first option is to go into your control panel and Uninstall the following updates. Be aware that they may have patched security issues on windows machines.

  • KB4048955 for Windows 10 version 1709
  • KB4048954 for Windows 10 Version 1703
  • KB4048958 for Windows 8.1
  • KB4048960 for Windows 7 SP1
  • KB4048953 for Windows 10 Version 1607
  • KB4048957 for Windows Server 2012 R2


Apart from that you may just end up having to wait until the next update rolls round to be able to use your printer again. If you have any other issues regarding inks or printers you have bought from us don’t hesitate to contact us on our website where we have a chat feature you can use to get in touch with us. Safe Printing!


Print your own christmas cards with us!


With Christmas coming up next month, we at InknTonerUK think that we should give a little back to our customers. We know that this time of year can be especially stressful so we’d like to lighten the load a bit. If you don’t have any ideas for cards, or simply not having the time to buy them we are offering a great range of card designs that you can customize, fill in and print at your leisure. Here you can download the Christmas card template and print them out on to photo paper using your colour inkjet printer. Some are ready for you to insert your own photos in and some are ready to print and go!


And if want to add your own creative and personal touch to your card. perhaps you want to have fun with your kids too then this card is great for that, you can colour and fill it in yourself!

merry christmas If you want a bit of movie humor the grinch is happy to help! xmas3

From InknTonerUK we wish you all the best in your preparations for the festivities to come.

Extending the life of your printer.


Extending your printer life

Here at InknTonerUK we are passionate about printers and inks. We are also very keen to help our customers keep up their printers longevity and to help avoid common problems. So in this blog we’ll give you a few tips to help you do just that.

  1. A) Cleaning your printers interior

Keeping your printer clear of debris and excess paper and dust is important to keep your printer functioning the best that it can. To do this you should open up the printer, look for the excess and gently wipe it away from the interior. You could also use a can of compressed air to blow the dust from the printer. You need only do this once a month or so.

  1. B) Keeping your printer in standby mode

Finally, turning your printer on and off at the mains can have a negative impact so keep it on standby mode to prevent cartridges from becoming dry and the print head becoming clogged.

If you follow these steps you will drastically extend the lifespan of your printer.

  1. C) Keep the manual feed tray closed when not in use

Make sure when you aren’t using your printer, to keep the feed tray closed. This is to prevent you from knocking over the printer and any other breakages.

  1. D) Replace cartridges before they dry up

Make sure not to wait until the print cartridge is completely dried up before replacing them as a completely dry ink cartridge can lead to wear and tear on your print head (if your printer has one that is separate to the cartridge that is!).

  1. E) Take care when replacing a cartridge

Cartridges need to be replaced quite frequently, but you must be very careful when doing so. Pay careful attention to the instructions and avoid touching the bottom of the cartridge, as doing so can reduce the quality of the print, while also lowering your printers overall longevity.

See more of our blogs at

Epson announces their 3D printing expansion plan


Epson announces their 3D printing planEpson has announced that they would be expanding their operations globally, along with plans to increase their global revenue “by more than 50 percent” across the next seven years. A new industrial printer will be one of the main products releases they are eager to push into production over the next few years. Epson are very keen in wanting to capitalize of the interesting growth of this market.

The company itself has a very strong grasp over the manufacturing of 2D printers, with both laser and inkjet models having great success with consumers  as well as businesses. Their latest industrial model (the WF-C20590) can deliver printing speeds upwards of 100 pages per minute (ppm) and the company still plans to double this speed with their next iteration.

Five years prior, Epson’s president Usui initially stated that Epson would be heading towards the 3d printing market, but at that time the consumer market for these devices were too niche and wasn’t worth much investment. However the tables have turned, the technology has grown, and 3D printing is becoming a norm for a wide range of professional and industrial applications.

Other avenues Epson are looking to consider include robotics and smart wearables. The company plans to introduce smart glasses with an augmented reality display for commercial and industrial use in Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter. they have also recently acquired Orient watch as part of its high valued watch segment for sensor-based watches for healthcare, sport and fashion.

At InknTonerUK we have a wide range of Epson Printers and inks that are of high quality, as well as being great value for money.

Remember Remember…. Bonfire night, safety and having fun!


Bonfire night is fast approaching and as you scramble around trying to buy those last minute fireworks, there are crucial things you must remind yourself about in order to keep accidents to a minimum. The main thing being the firework code. At Inkntoneruk we want to keep our customers safe so In this blog, we will go through 5 rules in this code that if followed, will make your night go off without a hitch.

  1. Plan your firework display ahead of time to make it safe and enjoyable.

You must make sure that everything is properly organised before you start your display. For example you will need to make sure the location you will be lighting the fireworks is a wide open space where you are able to stand far enough back and when there wouldn’t be any flammable object nearby that could pose a risk.

  1. Keep fireworks in a box and use them one at a time.

Don’t take all the fireworks out of the boxes at once. If you light one sparks will come out and if there are exposed fireworks around they could ignite and cause a fire hazard. Keep the unused fireworks in their respective packaging and well away from when you will light them.

  1. Keep naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks

This may be the most obvious, but it’s extremely important to remember. Both of these things are very dangerous in this situation. And if you want to keep the risk of accidents low you must remember this.

  1. When using sparklers, place them into a bucket of water when you have finished

Avoid any potential risks with the sparklers you use by placing them in water once you have finished with them. Even if they appear to be finished placing them on a surface could result in an accident.

  1. Have Fun!

Yes you need to be super careful during bonfire night but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun! Get into the spirit of things by making posters and other decorations with your children or siblings. And at Inkntoneruk we can help you with all your printing needs during bonfire night. And whether you need ink or any other printing related services we have your back. So from us, have fun, stay safe and enjoy the festivities!

Free Printable Halloween Mask Templates


If you are looking for a spooky idea for a Halloween party or a Halloween parade then choose from these crazy Monster Masks for this year’s Halloween party from Ink N Toner UK. These are simple printable Halloween masks for anyone to print, cut out and wear on their face! Halloween is the best time of the year to wear these printable Halloween masks and wear them for fun. Both kids and adults will love our Halloween masks, so get printing now.

These free printable Halloween Mask templates are ready to be used straight away. Just click the image to download them and print them out using your inkjet printer.

halloween 2017 mask 1 halloween 2017 mask 2 halloween 2017 mask 3

ETIRA responds to HP’s misleading info about remanufactured cartridges!


The European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association responds to Hewlett Packard after they released a leaflet with misleading information about remanufactured cartridges

ETIRA responds to recent HP flyer on cartridges
HP has issued a new leaflet entitled “The truth about clone cartridges” where it warns of the use of clones, remanufactured and counterfeit cartridges. In the leaflet it states “used HP toner cartridges that are emptied, refilled and resold by other manufacturers do not adhere to quality, safety or environmental standards”.

While the leaflet has some merit, the comments regarding remanufactured cartridges are misleading and inaccurate.

Businesses working in the remanufacturing industry are required to comply with regulations and standards and the WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a perfect example. The WEEE directive sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods. Another fine example is ETIRA (European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) which has set out a clear code of conduct for its members to “guarantee clients a high quality competitive and environmentally friendly product and service”.

ETIRA’s response to HP’s leaflet is as follows:

“General marketing speak is OK, but you cannot say things that are not true. ETIRA regrets that HP’s new product marketing material is again lowering the bar. Their September 2017 flyer on printer cartridges may be generally correct on clones and counterfeits, but speaks nonsense on remanufactured cartridges: it has a baseless generalization which gets it wrong on all three counts: quality, safety and environment.”
“ETIRA will reach out to HP management to stress that the flyer is misleading and constitutes false advertising, and must be reworded.”

Do you want to create your own scary T-Rex illusion!


T-rex illusion

Do you want to be imaginative and have fun with illusions? How about you print off your own T-Rex today by going through the instructions and be creative. All you have to do is watch the video below to make a scary dinosaur which will always be around wherever you go! Ready to blow your minds with an illusion check the video out by watching it below.

This is how the illusion works:

This is the instructions you should follow to create the T-rex dinosaur:

What you will need to make your own frightening T-Rex illusion:

  1. You can use any printer to print out the cut-out. If you have ran out of cartridges you can order them from Ink N Toner UK where you get the best quality ink and at the same time you save money…what a bargain hey!
  2. 1 x Piece Of Paper
  3. 1 x Scissor
  4. 1 x Cello-tape or if you prefer glue

To make your T-Rex illusion all you have to do is print off the images in this page and create the T-Rex chosen from your liking. From a click of a button you can start creating your T-Rex illusion by cutting it out and building it up with your stationary which is required (from above). As soon as you finish you can leave it anywhere you want to fool your friends and family. When you move, it will create an illusion that the T-Rex’s head is moving and is following you. This is awesome to play with. It is very fun you can go back or fourth side to side and it will follow you around. It is like looking at an object and the head is turning, looking straight back at you. This T-Rex illusion is suitable for any age as it brings fun to your family and friends.

When making it you can also try out different designs, however if you are willing to try out your own designs (which will be a  lot fun) please be careful and follow the steps properly otherwise the illusion may not work. The fun part is you can create your own creature for example a giraffe, lion, tiger or elephant. To make your scary creatures stand out, we recommend you use cartridges from Ink N Toner UK as they provide you with best quality inks. If you want to make it as a kid toy for your kids to play, don’t scare them with a T-Rex you might want to go for something more friendly and suitable for a child. You can use the illusion for anything such as placing it on a window so when people look past the T-Rex, it make scare them as the T-Rex head is moving with you. The T-Rex illusion can also be used for pranks on YouTube e.g. Get a life size T-Rex or a different design and frighten the life out of the people. This will be an amazing prank to play on your friends and entertain your viewers.

Halloween is coming up, so this T-REX illusion can be the perfect gift to put on your window or outside your house even at parties to give a good scare. You can use any design you want such as a zombie, Frankenstein, mummy and other scary monsters to give you the creeps. All illusion goes great with Halloween.

If you are not keen on the normal green colour T-Rex maybe go for the red colour or purple colour as it looks more exciting , but if you are scared and you are a lover of pets create your own illusions with cut-outs of cats, dogs, rabbits or even your favourite animal.

scary t-rex illusion




Donald Trump is surely the most outspoken, outrageous and downright politically incorrect United States of America president that the world has ever seen.

It’s fair to say that he divides opinion all over the world as well as all over the United States, but surely the one word he cannot be described as is “dull”.

So we decided here at to poke some fun at The D by listing our favourite 10 most outrageous Trump quotes. We are totally sure that there will be many many more to come, but these are our favourites so far:

1. “We are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars. All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

Well that didn’t happen did it Donald?

2. “Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”

That’s a particularly low blow we think.

3. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

No racist abuse here then Mr President!

4. “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.”

You certainly need self confidence to be President but this is a bit too far isn’t it?

5. “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

This is just wrong on any and every level!

6. “Look at those hands, are they small hands? And, Rubio referred to my hands: ‘If they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee.”

Presidents are not meant to make innuendo comments about their penis. Once he’s gone they never will again.

7. “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

Ever the feminist Donald, ever the feminist.

8. “40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan and now it’s the tallest.”

Yes Donald, that’s because of 9/11 isn’t it?

9. “The point is, you can never be too greedy.”

Errm …….. you can Donald!
10. “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”

Wrong again!

What is the circular economy and why does it matter?


circular economy

The circular economy is defined as an alternative to a traditional linear economy where a product is made then used then disposed of. In the circular economy, which is proudly a part of, we try to keep essential resources in use for as long as possible by re using materials to extract the maximum value from them without compromising on quality.

There are many household names that use circular economy principles, like Tesco and Philips, but the question is do they truly believe in the circular economy? In these times of low oil and carbon prices, which have fed through to low commodity prices, the incentives to replace virgin resources with recycled alternative materials has dwindled somewhat.

The problem is very simple: It is often cheaper to use new virgin materials rather than use recycled materials or existing products. That cost driver is the biggest threat to the circular economy.

Statistics recently issued by the European commission have shown that businesses becoming more ecologically sustainable could reduce global greenhouse emissions by 2-4%.

Younger people are particularly interested in what’s known as zero waste markets, which makes it clear that as these younger people are the parents of the future, the big corporations are going to have to take notice or else!

Governments must act and enforce these principles either via punitive measures or via incentives but act they must and is ready to take up the challenge.



Hp new cartridge problem error

This time last year Hewlett Packard (HP) released what they called a “security update” which locked out a widespread number of printers for people who were using non-original cartridges. This caused an outcry throughout the industry and from many HP customers, which resulted in an apology from HP and a statement that they would reverse the update within a matter of weeks, which they did do.

They did however warn that they would endeavour to block the use of non-HP cartridges in the future.

Well now exactly 1 year on they’re at it again with a new firmware update for it’s range of Officejet printers resulting in “cartridge problem” error messages. No doubt uproar will ensue but it looks like HP are willing to take the flack.

As a consequence the following message may show for some customers using non-original cartridges in their Officejet printers:

“One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace with new cartridges.”

This years security update however is a little different from last years and not quite so nasty, because HP are offering a way to resolve the issue by downloading new firmware from their support page, which you can access HERE.

Learn How To Save More Money When Buying Ink & Toner Cartridges


saving money on cartridges

Are you paying more for printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges? Some people pay more for an inkjet/toner cartridge than an entire printer.

As you may know most printer manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) and Canon have adopted the same marketing model as razor blade companies. For example, they will sell the razor at a very cheap price and even at a loss but then make money of the blades with a bigger margin. The same applies to printer manufacturers as they will sell their inkjet printers or laser printers at a loss, and make their money back from when you buy their genuine original (OEM) cartridges. However, you do not have to fall into that trap and buy the OEM cartridges as here at we can show you various ways of reducing printing cost quickly and therefore having a bigger saving for when you do printing.

Printer manufacturers will do all they can to convince consumers that third party cartridges e.g. compatible cartridges or re-manufactured cartridges are inferior and not reliable as their branded cartridges. They will go as far as saying that the compatible cartridges will “break” the printer if you use them. They will throw at you all the scare tactics they can as they need to recover the cost of the printer that they sold to you by getting you to purchase the cartridges supplies.

At inkntoneruk we give you more options for buying cartridges for your printer. That is why we prefer our consumers to use our search function on the site and search by printer name and model and thereby they can see all the options for their printer. We recommend our consumers to go for compatibles where it is available to save more money on their printer supplies. With , you have plenty of choices for printer supplies, and we can proudly say that you will save a huge amount of money with us compared to purchasing elsewhere. We offer a money back guarantee and will deliver for free to your doorstep. Here are few tips for saving money on printer ink and toner cartridges:

Buy Premium Compatible Ink Cartridges | InknTonerUK offers two types of compatible ink cartridge. They can either be a brand new copy made by a third party or a remanufactured cartridge depending on what type of printer you have. You will generally have good luck with compatible cartridges as the quality is very good and they generally last longer than the original ink cartridges.

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Buy Premium Remanufactured Toner Cartridges | If you are looking for the highest quality compatible that you can get then the remanufactured cartridges is your best bet. These premium remanufactured cartridges are tested to verify that they perform exceedingly well and they frequently cost a fraction of price you pay for new original cartridges.

Buy Multipacks or Twin Packs (Value Packs) | Combine the savings by buying more than one cartridge e.g. a whole set of cartridges or a dual pack in order to save more money. That is one of the best way to save on printing costs.

Replace the Toner Cartridge Drum | If the toner cartridge does not make good quality prints, then replacing just the drum can be less expensive than replacing the whole cartridge.

Buy in Bulk Quantity | If you use a substantial amount of ink or toner; buy it in quantity. The more you buy with us of the same cartridge the more you save as we offer quantity discounts on all cartridges.

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What is a counterfeit cartridge and can the issue be stopped?


spot the fake counterfeit cartridges

spot the fake counterfeit cartridges

Cartridge counterfeiting is when a cartridge is sold as if it’s an original product that’s been made by the manufacturer of your printer when in actual fact it’s nothing of the sort. A counterfeit cartridge is a copy that is inferior to an original and damages their reputation as well as potentially your printer! believes that this is a wretched industry that needs to be stamped out.

In June 2017 a new anti-counterfeiting tech firm said that it could “kill the fake markets instantly” by simply using QR codes.

World Trademark Review reported on Validactor, a technology company based in Italy, which launched new technology that adds “unique QR Codes to products so consumers can obtain information about them, including whether an item is authentic, expired, stolen or recalled.”

The company told World Trademark Review that by giving free access to its technology the company has the ability to “kill the fake markets instantly”.

The article describes that Validactor’s founder and head of development Dino Sergiano said at the launch event in June this year: “The biggest innovation we are implementing is the empowering of the biggest army in the world: customers. Each one, with their smartphones, may today be the biggest weapon available.”

According to the article, “the company’s social media presence is strong, with nearly 70,000 followers on Twitter at the time of publication and 14,000 on Facebook.”

Sergiano told World Trademark Review “We all have to move on a more social standpoint: fake products kill people, fake market revenues destroy economies, and we all have to fight this; therefore, we are taking a more social approach through the involvement of smaller companies and granting any of them free access to any Validactor feature.

“It is totally free, since we think that in order to ‘kill the fake markets instantly’ we need to have this technology present worldwide. Our vision is to provide free codes to as many companies as possible.”

Sergiano also said: “Anti-counterfeiting measures must employ the customer base, that is the only way to fight fakes. The main error that brands are making has been, and still is, the distance that they put between themselves and the final customer. My wife, just as an example, tried to verify the authenticity of a major Italian brand garment: it has been nearly impossible and is tricky and time consuming.”

Riot Games, Brother, 3M, Giuseppe Zanotti and Sennheiser are only a few of the brands the article names that already have an authentication service available via their websites.

An effective solution to end a problem as significant as counterfeiting requires entrepreneurs with pioneering ambitions. Additionally, rights holders would embrace any tool that looks likely to succeed in this battle. However, the fight against fakes is a multi-dimensional one and it remains to be seen whether there is the consumer will to shun counterfeits on the required scale, or a single solution that can succeed where others have not. For now, the end of counterfeiting remains a holy grail.

Today is National Colouring Book Day


Colouring in and colouring books have always been popular with children and over the years adults have got more and more involved with their kids activities and even started colouring on their own for pleasure. Adult colouring is now a great pastime and many adults are finding that it is not only great fun but also a good way to reduce stress and spend time with friends.

This National Colouring Day we invite you to spend some time colouring with your friends, children or grandchildren or just by yourself. Enjoy the creativity of making a picture come to life!

Print out the colouring sheets below and start your fun time of colouring in right now.



Canon Continues to Grow In The Printing Industry



The outlook for Canon is good for an expected 40 percent increase in operating profit for the year ending December due to extremely strong printer sales.

Nikkei Asian Review reported that the “consolidated operating profit for the year ending in December is expected to jump 40% to 330 billion yen ($2.94 billion) thanks to strong printer sales in emerging countries, successful acquisitions and automation.” has certainly seen a huge increase in Canon’s market share over the last few years especially.

Canon updated the profit outlook in April but Nikkei reports another update is likely to be made soon “since its current performance is ahead of its 270 billion yen ($243 million/ €209 million) estimate. Sales are also expected to top the company’s 4.02 trillion yen forecast, climbing 20% to nearly 4.1 trillion yen ($3.7 billion/ €3.2 billion).“

The article reports that growth of laser printer sales was seen in China and Southeast Asian emerging countries. Popular models reportedly are the new high-speed models. This increase in printer sales consequentially meant an increase in toner and other highly profitable consumables.

That’s where comes in of course because our mission is to reduce your printing costs and to fight against the ever-increasing cost of living.

Other changes made by Canon include the purchase of the medical division from Toshiba in 2016 and Axis Communications in the previous year, which also increased profits.

Another new area boosting profits is the cost cutting exercise through automation. Nikkei reports: “ The introduction of robots to the company’s single-lens reflex camera factory in Oita Prefecture has helped reduce the number of necessary workers for certain tasks from some 40 to just three or four. Automation at printer and other factories has also contributed to earnings growth by improving productivity.”

Quality is the key when buying third party cartridges


third party cartridges

The results of a survey done by Consumer Reports suggest that it pays to be cautious and to search for quality and not just price when buying third party cartridges.

The article stated that consumers turn to third party cartridges mainly because of lower prices but that they should be cautious because quality can be inconsistent.

That’s why shopping at pays dividends in both the short and long term.

According to Consumer Reports survey, 37 percent of people had bought third party cartridges because they were cheaper and pointed out that OEM cartridges can cost the best part of $700 (€613) (£542) over five years.

Third party cartridges come as re-manufactured, refilled (not that refills!) or compatible and are sold at a lot less than OEM printer inks. The article noted that the outcome of the Lexmark v. Impressions case where the judge ruled that third party businesses could refill and reuse toner cartridges originally made by Lexmark or any other OEM meant that smaller businesses now had more freedom from the restriction of patents.

This outcome was praised by consumer groups and Jessica Rich, Vice President for Consumer Policy and Mobilisation, Consumer Reports, commented: “We believe this is a positive step for competition, innovation, and consumer choice. It’s a win for consumers and small businesses.”

Even so, the article warns that these products have their set backs and do not always operate as well as the originals and that some can void the printers guarantee. Consumer Reports survey said 63 percent found that third party cartridges were just as good as OEMs while 36 said they were not as good.

Consumer Reports testers found inconsistencies with third party cartridges and Rich Sulin, Leader of Printer Testing Programme said that some samples worked without problems while others set off “warning messages from their printer or failed to print a test page” while others clogged printer heads.

Sulin and advises customers to use cartridges as soon as possible after purchase to test them out and to make sure there is a money back guarantee, which of course there is with us!

The article stated that: “Consumer Reports doesn’t rate third-party inks because the marketplace is so fractured—a large number of manufacturers offer a rapidly changing line up of products for different printer models, making comparisons difficult.”

The article reiterated the OEM warranty warning about using non-OEM cartridges and said as an example Lexmark states “that its warranty does not cover failures from “refilling or remanufacture by a third party of products, supplies or parts.” Consumer Reports also warned that smart printers could tell which cartridges were being used and could alert the manufacturer.

Consumer Reports suggested buying supertank printers to save money on ink or using an ink subscription service which according to HP Inc could cut costs in half.

We are of course highly sceptical of this report’s conclusion because our mission is to provide quality whilst saving our customers money and we are certain that our many long standing customers would agree!

China’s new e-waste reforms


e-waste reforms

China’s e-waste industry is ready for an upgrade. thinks it’s well overdue.

In the China dialogue website it has been reported that e-waste is a challenge because of the toxic substances and with the world producing 41.8 million tonnes in 2014 of that 6 million was produced in China.

China released a new policy in January of 2017 called Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and by the end of the year the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other government bodies “must put forward a proposal for recycling electronic[s]” and that they want to see the EPR system in place for 2025 for “key product types” and advances in “environmental product design”.

The article also noted that China had shipped 560 million mobile phones in 2016 of which 400 – 500 million will be discarded as users update their phones and there are already one billion dumped in China.

The EPR system recommends four areas of manufacturer responsibility which are “producing environmentally-friendly designs, using recycled materials, standardising waste management and recycling processes, and disclosing data on recycling” to reduce carbon footprints and to make manufacturers track and re-use products during their life cycles”.

The reform will begin with targeting four products; electric and electronic, cars, lead batteries and drinks packaging which means increased costs for businesses in these segments and the recycling costs are “expected to be passed on to consumers through increased prices” the article suggested.

According to a survey by CHEARI (China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute) the informal recycling sector handles 86 percent of e-waste in China and the government wants to promote “formal recycling” because of incorrectly discarded materials during informal recycling which lead to pollution and environmental “damage”. The workforce toiling away on these informal sites have neither health and safety protection nor any union support.

Li Boyang, Deputy Head, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Research Centre, said that “licensed disposal firms require production lines that meet national environmental standards, and which use suitable technology to dismantle, discard and re-use waste, all whilst providing basic protections for employees” and this costs millions for a “single production line” leaving these firms unable to compete with the smaller traders. E-waste formal recyclers are subsidised by the government but the payment can be as late as one year, which may cripple smaller businesses.

Boyang said that it was “difficult to regulate and manage the informal recycling sector” and that the government wants to direct more E-waste to the formal sector as soon as possible but that the EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is not addressing the fact that the smaller, informal segments are
important in keeping cities clean.

In the formal sector there are “strict licensing and limits on the number of waste firms” and there are only 109 at present but the China Dialogue was told that “large quantities of discarded products are snapped up by small scale workshops and traders, leaving nothing left for larger firms, meaning such facilities lie idle”.

In conclusion the article noted that by ignoring the informal sector and targeting manufacturers the former will be left without jobs and that this could cause other problems.

Today (July 7) is World Chocolate Day!


world chocolate day

Whether you prefer white or milk chocolate, or even dark chocolate, now’s the time and the perfect excuse.

So go on, pull out that bar of Toblerone, stock up on Kit Kats or demolish a block of Fruit & Nut.

What’s your preference?

One of the great things about chocolate is just how versatile it is, as well of course how just plain yummy it is too!

You can drink it, eat it, you can have it by itself, as an ingredient or even as a topping. It’s fair to say that at we simply love chocolate.

It’s the perfect summer snack (as long as it’s cold) and in winter-time nothings better than a cup of hot chocolate by the fire.

A little bit about how chocolate is made. You may know that Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans. This comes from the dried and partially fermented seeds of the cacao tree, which can be found in the deep tropical region of the Americas.

But where can you get cocoa from? If you want a lifetime supply of chocolate you can find them in West Africa as two-thirds of the entire world’s chocolate is produced there. Reports from the World Cocoa Foundation state that approximately 50 million people around the world depend on cocoa as a source of livelihood.

As you may know there are various types of chocolate but the most pure, unsweetened chocolate contains primarily cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions. Much of the chocolate consumed in today’s society is in the form of sweet chocolate which is cocoa and sugar combined. Milk chocolate is very common as well and it is also a sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk.

chocolate bouquet

Majority of University graduates will never pay off student loan!



A report has found that three quarters of graduates will never pay off their student loans.

The Institute of fiscal studies show that most of those will still be paying it back when they’re into their 50s.

Reforms that have been brought in by the coalition government has seen the lowest earning third of graduates better off by £1500. Replacing maintenance grants with loans sent debt rates sky high.

The IFS (institute for fiscal studies) probe has revealed that any gains that have been made by poorer students during the controversial 2012 tuition fees system shake up have been wiped out more.

The result of this has proven that students from low income families are graduating with debt levels that reach as high as £57,000.

Interest rates were also extremely high at up to 3% above inflation. This means that your average student who borrows £45,000 will end up paying another £5,800 in interest.

The IFS have found that higher earners may have to fork out £40,000 in interest repayments.

Reports indicate that reducing maintenance grants would have the advantage of allowing the government to target specific students or courses which have wider benefits to society. The government have inputted that ‘This would, however significantly increase deficit spending and lead to a smaller but still considerable increase in the long run government contribution.’

Since 2011 university funding has increased by roughly 25% per student, originally funded by richer graduates. Institutions now receive on average £28,000 per student per degree.

If you would like to print this page of using your printer ink cartridges or toner cartridges you can click file and print to print it off. To re-order printer supplies please visit our shop to order your printer ink cartridges and supplies.

Andy Murray will open centre court play for Wimbledon 2017


wimbledon 2017

The first round which will take place at 1pm BST will be Andy Murray against 30 year old 2016 champion will face Kazakhstan’s Alexander Bublik.

Women’s champion Serena Williams will be absent during this tournament as she prepares to give birth to her first child.

The Scotsman who is now recovered from a bad hip injury hopes to match against fellow Briton Fred Perry as a three time champion in the competition.

British number one Johanna Konta is also in full action on the first day of the 131st championships, alongside with Venus Williams and Rafael Nadal.

The weather forecast for the early days of the tournament suggests rain throughout but due do the centre court roof, play is guanteed to take place thanks to the roof which has been put in force since 2009.

Court one has already begun work on installing a roof which will be available in time for the 2019 championships. This will cause the court to be more open to the elements than usual this year.

After the 647 matches that are about to take place, the two singles champions will walk away with a record prize money of 2.2m. This amount doubles the winner’s cheques from six years ago where the price taken home was just 35,000.

The earliest places in the famous queue for tickets were taken just 48 hours before play starts, this if for those who are prepared to camp out.

Roughly around half a million spectators will pass through the gates of all England club across the 13 days of play. 28,000kg of strawberries and 10,000 litres of cream are set to be consumed along the way!

To celebrate the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, print out the poster below:

wimbledon 2017 poster

What Do The Letters Mean At The End Of Your Printer Model Numbers?


Looking to buy a printer at Ink N Toner UK? You may get confused with so many model numbers as they all look quite similar with additional letters in the end. for example: M3825DW, M4075FW, M2625D etc. But what do these letters at the end of model number mean? These letters usually stand for a feature or function that the printer has. So a combination of multiple letters indicates that it comes with a few number of features.

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What do printer model suffixes mean?

B: Battery Your printer can be powered by battery
BT: Bluetooth Your printer can print via bluetooth connectivity
C: Colour Your printer can print in colour
D: Duplex Your printer can print on both sides of the page automatically
F: Fax Your printer can fax
H: Hard Disk Your printer has a built in hard drive for additional features such as saving documents to your print jobs
i: Imaging (Memory Card Slots) Your printer has memory card slots
MFP: Multifunction Printer Your printer is an all-in-one printer which means your printer can print, copy, scan and also could include fax
N: Network Your printer has some sort of network features such as an Ethernet port or wi-fi connectivity. If your printer has NW, this could just be wireless networking and may not include an Ethernet port.
S: Stacker or Stapler Your printer either has a built-in stacker (a section of paper will be stacked for high volume printing) or a stapler
SK: Stacker and Stapler Your printer has both a stacker and a stapler
T: Extra Tray Your printer has an additional paper tray included
W: Wireless Your printer has wireless capability and can connect to your wireless network
X: Duplex, Extra Tray and Network Your printer contains a number of extra features. Please refer to your printer spec list to see what they are.

When these letters are combined together in your printer model number, it usually means that it your printer includes a combination of those features. For instance DN means your printer comes with duplex and networking capability. Another example is DTW which means that your printer comes with duplex, extra tray and wireless capability. If you want to ensure that you are 100% getting these features, do check the full specification of the printer you want to buy to confirm the features you need.

The Best Fidget Spinner In The World!


Fidget Spinners are the hot trend of 2017 and is the perfect toy for relieving ADHD, anxiety and boredom while it spins for up to 3 minutes. Here is the list of the top coolest fidget spinners you won’t believe exists in the world. They are truly unique and amazing, so take a look below.

Top Coolest Fidget Spinners YOU Wont Believe Exist

Make your own GCSE Flash Cards here!


Download your free GCSE flash cards here. These GCSE revision cards are all empty so you can write in your questions and answers to help you revise for your GCSE. These easy to use GCSE flash cards can provide you with what you need to enhance your learning experience and ace your GCSE’s. Just print out the GCSE flash cards using your printer and then cut each card out. You can use the left cards to write in your questions and the right cards to right in the answers to the questions. Simple!

GCSE flashcards

May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day!


“May the 4th be with you.” What started as a pun for May the Force be with you warmly shared by fans has become a Star Wars holiday or Star Wars Day for them.

So as you know today is Star Wars Day, so fans across the world will be saying ‘May the 4th be with you’.

Check out these funny pictures posted on today!

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

That Friday Feeling!



It’s Friday and we are all looking forward to the bank holiday weekend.

I’m guessing today you have that Friday feeling so enjoy these e-card by sending them to your friends and colleagues to have a laugh. Happy Friday!

Why not grab yourself a bargain this bank holiday weekend at with our low prices on ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Just click here to visit our site and save money today on your printer cartridges.

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday!

Free Printable Easter Cards


Check out these free printable Easter cards by Ink N Toner UK. These Easter cards are a great way to spread some Easter fun to the loved ones, especially the ones you won’t get to see during the Easter bank holiday weekend. Wish your friends and family with these fun print-friendly Easter cards. We hope you do love them as we think they are great! To print out these Easter cards, just click on any of the images to view a high quality jpg file. Right click on the image, and save it and then you can print it from your saved folder in your computer.

Free Printable Easter Cards by Ink N Toner UK

easter card 1

easter card 3easter card 2


Thank your mum for all she does with our Personalised Mother’s Day Cards!


Look no further than here for the best personalised Mother’s day card. These are unique special mother’s day card created by Ink N Toner UK to give a personalised touch to the cards. These Mother’s day cards are perfect for printing or you can also send it as an e-card via email to your mother. Ink n Toner UK’s personalised Mother’s Day cards will make your mum feel like one in a million. With these special designed print-friendly cards, you can show your thoughtful side as the cards is bound to make your mum smile. All you need to do is print them out and fold it in half and write your personalised message inside. It’s that simple.

Download or print the Personalised Mother’s Day Cards here:

personalised mothers day card 1

personalised mothers day card 2

personalised mother's day card 3

How to disable HP Cartridge Protection


HP cartridge protection

HP is back at it again with their mission to stop letting consumers choose what type of cartridges they want to install and use in their printer. Hewlett-Packard have introduced this ‘cartridge protection’ system on their original ink cartridges to lock the genuine inks to a specific printer so that you cannot use that cartridge in any other printer.

Customers may want to use compatible ink cartridges or re-manufactured ink cartridges in their HP printer instead of the original genuine HP ink cartridges as they just cost too much.

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

Genuine ink cartridges may come with cartridge protection embedded in their chip. Once an ink cartridge is installed, your printer will mark it as protected, so that the cartridge can only be used with that printer as it is locked to it. If you was to buy a new printer that takes the same inks, you will not be able to use those cartridges in your new printer as it is locked to your old printer. This means that the ink cartridges cannot be refilled, recycled or remanufactured to use in another printer, and it will just end up in landfill.

If you are installing protected original ink cartridges that have been remanufactured to be re-used, you might see the message “HP Protected Cartridges installed Replace Cartridges”. This will mean that they will not work with your printer and will only work with 1 printer that is locked to.

HP protected cartridge error

Why would you want to stop this from happening?

It is obvious why you would want to stop this from happening:

  • You will not be able to use refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges
  • If you buy a new printer to replace your old printer, the cartridges will not work if it has already been installed in your old printer.
  • Cartridges cannot be recycled and will go into landfill.
  • There have been reports that some customers get the ‘protected’ error message even though they are using brand new original or starter cartridges.

How to turn off HP Cartridge Protection Setting!

You can turn off the HP cartridge protection setting in a few simple steps.

If your Hewlett-Packard printer does not have any internet features you can simply go into your printer settings which can be located on your printer menu and you will see the option to disable the HP cartridge protection. Just select the disable option and click Apply and Save if necessary.

If your printer has internet features:

  1. Open up a web browser and enter your printer’s IP address on the web address. Your printer’s IP address can be found on your printer settings by navigating your way to network setup options.
  2. This will open up the printer’s Embedded Web Server, click on the Settings option and to the left hand side select HP Cartridge Protection.
  3. Make sure you select Disable HP Cartridge Protection and click Apply or Save.

HP Protected Cartridge

Happy Pancake Day – Celebrate Shrove Tuesday!


Celebrate Shrove Tuesday by turning out perfect pancakes using InkNTonerUK’s quick and simple guide. This is a really easy step-by-step guide to making the perfect pancakes with measures included. The pancakes are delicious that they can be enjoyed any time and not just during pancake days.

Try Ink N Toner UK’s delicious ideas for pancake day as we have you covered to make Shrove Tuesday a success.

Simply print out the guide below and take it to your kitchen to start making the perfect pancakes.


pancake recipe

Xerox Launches The Brand New VersaLink Range!


Xerox has launched the brand new VersaLink range of printers to the market as well as toner cartridges available for the VersaLink printers.

The New VersaLink printers are the new benchmark for revolutionary productivity in multi-function printers. They have been specifically designed to be highly versatile in any workplace no matter the size of your office.


The VersaLink C400, C405, B400 and B405 will revolutionise workplace productivity with top of the range features and easy, instant cloud and mobile connectivity to allow you to connect and print in various ways. These printers have been built from the ground up, analysing the way you work today, and ready for where you grow tomorrow. Xerox has thought way ahead, as this printer gives you the flexibility and versatility your business needs to work better with minimal IT support and maximum security for your business.

Multifunctional printers included in this VersaLink range includes;
Xerox VersaLink B400 Printer

Xerox VersaLink B400DN Printer

Xerox VersaLink B400N Printer

Xerox VersaLink B405 Printer

Xerox VersaLink B405DN Printer

Xerox VersaLink C400 Printer

Xerox VersaLink C400DN Printer

Xerox VersaLink C400N Printer

Xerox VersaLink C405 Printer

Xerox VersaLink C405DN Printer

Xerox VersaLink C405N Printer

Watch the video of the Xerox VersaLink C405 Colour Multifunction Printer below:

Best Ways To Use NFC Tags


Here are the best ways to use those NFC tags that you can buy for a couple of pounds from Amazon or Ebay. If you have an android Smartphone with NFC, you can purchase NFC tags and do the following. Once you have your trigger task set up on the NFC tag, you can simply tap your Smartphone on the NFC tag to execute the task.

  • Make a personal hotspot for your laptop and tablet so you can easily connect your Smartphone internet.
  • Auto start your computer when you get home. Simply have an NFC tag on your door so as soon as you get home you can tap it to turn your PC on.
  • Connect to Bluetooth and enter driving mode when you dock your phone in your car.
  • Turn your alarm off by tapping the NFC tag, place the NFC tag in the bathroom so that you are forced to get up and tap it to turn your alarm off.
  • Silence your phone and turn Wi-Fi off when you are at work and do the vice-versa when you are at home.
  • Set timers for lunch breaks when you are at work, by tapping your phone as soon as you go on lunch.
  • Put your phone on power-saving mode or night mode when you are in bed and reverse the action when you wake up.
  • Print pictures from your photo gallery by simply tapping your smart phone to your printer to print the selected photo.

nfc tags

nfc tags

Kim Kardashian Guide To Taking The Perfect Selfie!


Kim Kardashian Guide To Taking The Perfect Selfie!

With Ink N Toner UK’s best tips to take a good selfie every single time, you will never have to retake a photo again. Check out the Kim Kardashian Guide to taking a good selfie:

Consider the background of your selfie. – have a decent background will always make your selfie look good. Try to stay away from dark and depressing background.

Do not use a mirror unless there is no other way to get the photo you want. – it is always better to take a selfie without a mirror as it will look clear and stand out.

Edit your selfies. – there are loads of apps available on your android or Apple iOS devices to tweak your selfies by adding filters and cropping them.

Grab a few more people to be in your selfie. – Grabbing a few of your friends to be part of your selfie makes your photo as a whole stand out, rather than just yourself.

Have an interesting expression on your face in your photo. – pull a silly face or even smile to make your selfies more interesting.

Pay attention to good lighting. – Don’t take a selfie in poor lighting, always have a decent lighting to take your pictures. Try to turn off flash when take photos.

Show off something new. – if you decide to take a selfie for a particular reason e.g. for a new haircut or clothes, make sure to include this feature in your selfie shot.

Strike a pose. – Strike a good pose when take a selfie. Start by looking in the mirror to see what pose suits you and then take a shot.

Use your phone’s back camera. – You will get a higher resolution when taking pictures from your back camera rather than the front camera.

Watch out for photo-bombers. – Don’t you hate it when a random stranger is in your background of a good selfie?

If you follow the above guide, you are guaranteed to take a good selfie. So good, that you will want to print out your selfies using your ink cartridges and your inkjet printer.

Merry Christmas From Ink N Toner UK!


This holiday season, we are looking back with appreciation for your loyalty and looking forward to moving into the New Year together. We’re so glad to have you as a customer throughout 2016 and look forward to serving you in the future. Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2017! Merry Christmas from everyone at Ink N Toner UK.

Merry Christmas

Affordable Xmas Gift Ideas – 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set


Check out the 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen at Ink N Toner UK. This 3D pen is from the makers of the world’s first 3D Printing Pen. You can rely on 3Doodler to provide you with high quality products.


What is included in this complete set:

  • 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen
  • 2 Packs of 3Doodler Start Eco-Plastic Strands (48 strands in 8 colours)
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 3Doodler Start Projects & Guide Book


You can doodle anything in 3D with this safe and easy to use 3Doodler Start 3D Pen which has been designed for young creators. You can have unlimited fun as you can create anything from landmarks, animals to everyday objects with this 3Doodler Start 3D Pen. The fun is limited only by your imagination. The 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. So it’s perfect as an educational tool.

Using the 3Doodler Start 3D Pen is very easy. All you need to do is pick a colour and then insert a plastic strand into the 3D pen. Slide the on/off switch to turn it on. Allow 1 minute for the pen to warm out. If you are out of power you can charge it up quickly and easily by plugging in the cable in the micro USB port. The red indicator tells you that the 3D pen is warming up. The flashing yellow means it is charging up and the Green indicator means that you are ready to doodle. To start doodling simply click on the large orange button to start and click to stop. You can also double click to reverse. It will take around 10-15 seconds for a new strand to feed through the pen, then you can start doodling in 3D. The plastic hardens after a few seconds, giving you time to shape your doodles to perfection. What’s great about this 3D pen is that it lets you draw in the air or an any surface and hardens within seconds. What’s more, this set comes with all the essentials for you to use this 3D pen straight away, as it comes with the 3Doodler Start Idea Booklet to get you started on some cool projects.

This 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen is safe and clean to use as it uses specially developed plastic made just for this pen. There are no hot parts, no messy resins or glue. The 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen lets you doodle anywhere as it is wireless as you can charge it up and operate wirelessly. It even works plugged in too.

This 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set will make an ideal gift for anyone this Christmas. Get yours now before Christmas by clicking here. The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set at Ink N Toner UK, is in stock and ready to be dispatched immediately.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bargains


Find great daily deals on all ink cartridges, toner cartridges, printers and 3d filaments over at

There is no need to get caught up in the chaos on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when you can shop from the comfort of your own home by visiting Ink N Toner UK and still get the best deals.

We have slashed over 1000’s of product lines for you to save money this Black Friday and Cyber Monday when your shopping for your printer consumables at

On top of that we have created more multi-packs and twin packs of ink cartridges and toner cartridges to give you a much better deal when buying printer supplies for your printer.


Still want more saving? Claim 12% Off while you can on any order for compatible (non-original) ink or toner cartridges. use code: BKCM16 in the checkout at Hurry as this offer will expire on 28th November 2016.


Funniest Donald Trump Memes!


The whole world is in a shock after waking to the news on last Wednesday 9th November that the infamous Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. It’s funny how social media has exploded with people reacting to the Presidential Election 2016, with a series of hilarious memes and pictures poking fun of Mr Trump. It’s fair to say Donald Trump has inspired quite a number of comic materials.

Check the funniest memes of Donald Trump’s victory here. If you like them feel free to share this blog to your friends by emailing it over or printing it out.

trump-memes_01 trump-memes_02 trump-memes_03 trump-memes_04 trump-memes_05 trump-memes_06 trump-memes_07 trump-memes_08 trump-memes_09 trump-memes_10 trump-memes_11 trump-memes_12 trump-memes_13 trump-memes_14 trump-memes_15 trump-memes_16 trump-memes_17 trump-memes_18

Fireworks Printables for Bonfire Night


Fireworks are fun and very pretty. If you are waiting around for an organised fireworks event on Saturday 5th November, get your creative side out and colour in these printable fireworks pictures.

Here you will find some simple fireworks pictures for your kids to print out and colour in. This is very useful for Bonfire Night, New Year’s Day and Diwali Festival!

Happy Bonfire Night, Celebrate it with us here at Ink N Toner UK with these free printable.

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Fireworks Night printable? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Fireworks printable:



The Killer Clown Craze – Print Paper Masks


Its almost HALLOWEEN !!!

The ‘Killer Clown’ craze is seriously creepy and has been spreading across the UK which first started in the United States, where pranksters dress up as clown and frightens the hell out of people.

The killer clown dates back to as far as 2013, with more sightings in October as it’s the Halloween month. But this year has seen the killer clown craze intensify greatly.

Here is a short timeline of the killer clown craze sightings 2016.

  • 10 August

    Two teenagers arrested for frightening children in a local park in Ottawa, Canada with a 2-metre long chain.

  • 30 August

    New York Post writes an article of creepy clowns trying to lure children into the cluster of trees.

  • End of September

    Dozens of videos shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter of the Killer Clown Prank. This led to dozens of arrests, school warnings and police investigations.

  • 29 September

    Stephen King tells everyone to cool the clown hysteria and denies that this is a publicity stunt for the remake of Stephen King’s It – the main antagonist is a killer clown.

  • 4 October

    After a number of encounters in the UK, a Newcastle teenager suffering from coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) wrote online that she had been chased down the street by a creepy clown. Megan Bell, a College student who lives in Fenham, said: “The ‘clown’ chased me for about 20 seconds. I felt very scared and vulnerable as I was a girl on my own.”

  • 5 October

    Local police in Eastbourne are increasing the patrols to catch people dressing up as clowns, after an incident where a clown jumped from a bush holding a weapon scaring a cyclist.

  • 5–8 October

    Sightings of the killer clown has been reported in Essex, County Durham Cheshire, North Wales, Dundee, Norwich, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. Police have so far made at least six arrests.

  • 9 October

    The Thames Valley Police has dealt with 14 reports in 24 hours and still counting.

  • 11 October

    McDonald’s decided to limit public appearances of their clown mascot, as you all know by the name of Ronald McDonald.

  • 13 October

    A man in Cumbria dressed as Batman ( maybe Bruce Wayne) has reportedly vowed to deal with any clowns taking part in the killer clown prank.

  • 14 October

    The Metropolitan Police advises people especially children to dial 999 if they spot a scary clown, due to potentially how dangerous it can be.

  • 15 October

    The killer clown craze has gone too far with men armed with a machete and dressed as a creepy clown threatens schoolgirls in Bury St Edmunds.

    The killer clown craze has shown no sign of slowing down and continues all the way through to the date of Halloween.

    At Ink N Toner UK, we advise those who wants to dress up as a clown, to stay away from it and perhaps try some other alternative Halloween masks. You can download some of the scary masks here:




HP to Buy Samsung’s Printing Business



HP + Samsung Printing = HP Inc.

HP Inc (Hewlett Packard) has just got a lot bigger!!

It is a good news for HP customers, as the US computer giant HP has struck a deal to acquire Samsung’s Printer Business. The OEM’s have agreed on the deal, which is confirmed that HP will acquire Samsung printing business for $1.05 billion, the largest print acquisition in its history.

HP expects this acquisition of Samsung’s printing business will help the company to replace its existing HP printers & copiers with superior multifunction printer (MFP) technology and more advanced Wi-Fi technology.

Samsung’s multifunction printers like the MultiXpress series and ProXpress series will join HP’s portfolio of laser printers which it shares with Canon, to provide customers with better technology advanced printers. The good news for HP is that it doesn’t have to rely on Canon engine printers as it can begin to replace them with Samsung laser and inkjet technology. These changes will see a significant dent on Canon’s printer and consumable sales.

This deal will really improve HP’s revenue and their growth as it includes over 6,500 patents and a workforce of about 1,300 researchers and engineers. The acquisition is intended to provide Hewlett Packard with some wriggle room in maximising their revenue out of partners in the managed print services market.

HP Inc said “the acquisition of Samsung’s printer business allows us to deliver print innovation and create entirely new business opportunities with far better efficiency, security, and economics for customers.”

The deal is expected to close within a year, so you may see new HP printers and consumables that uses Samsung technology offered at Ink N Toner UK to buy as we will start to sell the new supplies as soon as it is available in the market.


Print Friendly Morse Code


Morse code is a method of sending messages over long distances using alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short light or sound signals. Morse code can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment. However you can learn the basic of Morse code here. Just print out the print-friendly visual image below and you can start communicating in Morse code. You can print out the Morse code image in an A5 photo paper and laminate it and keep it with you at all times to send messages in Morse code.

Remember Morse code works like this:

  1. 1 dash = 3 dots
  2. The space between parts of the same letter = 1 dot
  3. The space between letters = 3 dots
  4. The space between words = 7 dots 

Below is an example of Morse code:

..  -.  -.-      -.     –  —  -.  .  .-.     ..-  -.-

I  N  K       N     T  O  N  E  R    U  K


What Is Cost Per Page?


When you are looking at ink cartridges or toner cartridges offered at Ink N Toner UK, you will see a ‘Cost Per Page’ section. This Cost Per Page gives you information of the cartridge cost per print. Therefore you can compare prices across each cartridges and find out how much you are saving.

For your convenience, the Cost Per Page information can be found on the list view of your printer (showing all the supplies for your machine) or the product view.

Please note the Cost Per Page information should be only used as a guide as the figure is based on the manufacturer’s estimates of how many pages a cartridge prints.

The page yields (below the cost per page information) tells you how many pages a cartridge can print before it runs out. For the vast majority of cartridges this is tested at a 5% coverage printed onto plain A4 paper.


The cost per page for an individual ink or toner cartridge is calculated using the page yield of that cartridge. For instance: the price of the cartridge divided by the page yield and this will give you an average cost per page of that cartridge.

The best value multi-packs’ cost per page is calculated using the total yield of the cartridges in the pack. The same principle applies; the price of the best value multi-pack divided by the total page yields and this will give you an average cost per page of this value pack.

If there are no Cost per Page displayed for a specific product, it just means that the page yield of the cartridge has not been tested according to the International Standard or InkNTonerUK are unable to source the page yield for that cartridge.

Have a look at the cost per page for the HP 302 cartridges in list view:


Here is the product view of a HP 302XL Black & Colour Combo Pack:


Make Your Own Paper Kite


Making a paper kite is very simple once you know how to and there isn’t much materials you need to make a kite. Make a fast kite with one sheet of paper, just download the template below and print it off using your inkjet printer or laser printer. Then all you need to do is follow the simple steps below to create your kite.

Download Template here:




Get all the required materials ready. Here is a list of things you need to make and fly your kite:

  • Print template
    on A4 paper
  • Lightweight string
  • Stapler
  1. Begin folding your paper in half from vertical position, so that the fold seam is at the back.
  2. Create the wings of the kite, by folding to the top end of the paper down and secure it with staples. Do not crease this fold.
  3. Make a hole beneath the staples to attach a string next to it.

20161014_143817 (Copy)

20161014_143838 (Copy)

20161014_143904 (Copy)

20161014_144015 (Copy)

20161014_144046 (Copy)

20161014_143941 (Copy)

Print Your Very Own Batman Mask


Love Batman? Have not got a 3d printer yet? No worries Ink N Toner UK is here to help! You can still make a Batman mask with just a piece of paper.

Become the Dark Knight with this print-friendly Batman Mask. Whatever you know him as, wherever you know him from – The Batman Trilogy films, Gotham Series, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham Video Games or the Batman comic books, Batman is proof you don’t need super powers to be a superhero. So put the Mask on and become Batman….but maybe you need to be a billionaire, if you want to become the Caped Crusader and have all of his gadgets.

Print the below to make your very own Batman Mask:

batman mask

Watch Batman in the new Justice League trailer here:

Snakes and Ladders Printable Board Game


Be the king of Snakes and Ladders by playing this board game.

Just print out this snakes & ladders board game printable and put it on a cardboard. All you need is a dice and and the winner is the first one to reach 100 steps.

This Snakes and Ladders game is fun for children of all ages, so put away your phone and your iPad and it’s time to go back ‘old school’.


HP Apologies and Announces Firmware Reversal to Get Compatibles Working Again!



HP has promised to reverse a software update which left thousands of customers unable to use compatible ink cartridges (aftermarket copy cartridges) in their HP printer.

If your HP printer’s software have been updated in September, then the compatible ink cartridges that does not contain chips made by HP, will not work with your machine, even if your printer had previously accepted the ink cartridges and printed perfectly. This means that ink cartridges that are original, refilled or re-manufactured cartridges with an original HP security chip will continue to work with your printer but a brand new copy will cease to work.

Without any warning to the customers, thousands of printers suddenly stopped working, leaving users frustrated.

HP tried to be clever by doing this as they only want you to buy their genuine original inks and not the compatible ink cartridges, as they cannot make any money if you buy our compatible ink cartridges.

The good news is that customers will be able to continue using compatible ink cartridges as HP will allow users to undo the software update that made printers reject third-party ink cartridges.

HP has stated that it “should have done a better job of communicating” the update, and will “issue an optional firmware update” to remove the initial feature.

So please do go ahead with reversing what they have done, by updating the firmware update when it is available IF compatibles do not work with your printer as you have updated your software during the period of March and September.


Find Your Cartridges Fast!


We have improved our website Ink N Toner UK to make it efficient and easy to use when finding cartridges for your machine. We have presented the information out to you in a clear and concise way so that you can select the right type of cartridges you require for your printer.

InknTonerUK features a user-centred design, so it makes it very easy to use and to select the right product that you want.

Here we will cover 2 main tools that you should use when trying to find out what machine you have, and what cartridges you need for your printer.

Use our Printer Finder (on the top of our homepage) to find your printer first. Then use our Easy Finder (on all list view of your printer) to find the type of supplies you want.

Printer Finder

  1. Choose your manufacturer (the maker of my machine) e.g. HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, Dell etc
  2. Choose the Series of your Printer
  3. Choose the actual model number of your printer. This will take you to the list view of your printer showing all the cartridges you can buy for that printer.


Then Use Easy Finder

  1. Select the type of cartridges you want and the page will scroll to the relevant section. E.g. You can choose from;
    • Best Value Multi-Packs
    • Originals
    • Budget Compatibles
    • Premium Compatibles
    • Ultimate Compatibles
    • Maintenance Items
  2. You can always scroll up or down to see the other options for your printer.


Watch the video:

New £5 Notes Could Be Worth Hundreds Of Pounds!


Have you hit the jackpot?

Did you know your new fivers could be worth hundreds of pounds? Collectors want their hand on the first polymer fivers that were printed out. Collectors are splashing out around £300 a time on some of the first 5 pound bills to leave the presses.

If you have the new polymer fivers, check it out now and if the serial numbers starts with AA01 followed by numbers, then your £5 note could be worth a small fortune.

To locate the serial number, it is shown on the reverse side of the 5 pound note, which features a portrait of Sir Winston Churchill. It is printed down the left hand side of the note.

The first note – with a AA01 000001 number was presented to The Queen leaving up to 999,998 other fivers with the AA01 prefix to some lucky people!

Auction sites like eBay have seen a decent spike in sales of the new fivers since its release last week with prices going up to £300.

So if you have got a few new fivers, quickly check the numbers now before its too late.



International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Hello mateys!!!

If you’ve noticed some of your friends and colleagues at work speaking like a pirate today, don’t be confused, you’re not losing your marbles!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day which started as an inside joke between two friends but became a global playful holiday.

This doesn’t mean that you should drink rum or anything like that. Today just means you can annoy people by using common pirate phrases, such as ‘Ahoy, me Hearties!’ or ‘Savvy?’.


Not sure what pirate things to say? This Pirate Hat and Eye Patch may get you in to the spirit, and soon you will be speaking all piratey.



Sept 16, 1959 The First Successful Copier!


Can you guess which company introduced the first successful commercial photocopier? It was Xerox.

Xerox has been around for a very long time and they marked their spot in photocopying history when they introduced the first photocopier to the world.

The first successful commercial photocopier which was roughly the size of a desk was introduced by Haloid Xerox on September 16th 1959. Xerox called it the Xerox 914 Photocopier which was broadcast on live television to demonstrate this new machine, first of its kind. It took the Xerox 914 machine around 25 seconds to make one copy which is very impressive at that time considering it was the first ever photo copier in the world.

The launch of the Xerox 914 was a success even though if too many copies were printed during one period of time, it would overheat. This could lead to the machine catching fire if used over a period of time. But Xerox had a solution to this. They attached a small fire extinguisher with every photocopier sold. I know this won’t be acceptable in today’s era. Imagine your brand new iPhone 7 Plus was shipped with a small USB fan, because it was overheating?? How ridiculous would that be.

Take a look below at how the first Xerox photocopier looked compared to today’s newer models.




Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Poster



The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games which started on 7th September is a major international multi sport event involving athletes with a range of disabilities. It ends on 18th September so you only have this week to catch up and watch the remaining events. To support the Paralympic Games, have created this poster for you to display on your shop window. Simply download the poster and print it out. You can find full details of the Paralympic schedule and results for the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics by visiting the official website.


Amazing Paper Trick To Impress Your Friends!


Are you searching for some fresh tricks to impress your friends with? Then you have come to the right place as in this video we will show you how create a paper noise maker to annoy your friends and work colleagues with.

You can try this trick anywhere, all you need is an ordinary piece of paper to make this simple noise maker. This paper trick is useful to get someone’s attention or simply just to annoy them. Being silly is fun, and what a great way to start your Monday morning at work with this annoying noise maker.

Please do not try this at school as we don’t want you to get into trouble for annoying your teacher.

Have fun being noisy!! Simply follow the instructions in this video to create your own annoying noise maker.

Back To School Checklist!


If you’re heading to college, or heading back to school, chances are that you will need ink cartridges and other accessories to keep you equipped for the rest of the term. Here at we have created a ‘Back To School’ Checklist so that you can use it to remind yourself of what to get before you start going back to school or college.

Remember at Ink N Toner UK we offer a wide range of ink cartridge supplies at discount prices, as well as school essentials like USB flash drives, portable hard drives, photo paper and inkjet printers if you don’t have one already.BACTOSCHOOL

The Joker Mask – Free Printable


We know how much our blog readers enjoy free printables at Ink N Toner UK, so we have this great printable for this weekend. Put your printer to work and create something amazing today.

With the recent release of DC’s Suicide Squad, fans finally got to feast their eyes on the new portrayal of the Joker played by Jared Leto, even though The Joker had about 10 minutes of screen time. 10 minutes of the Joker was not enough. Do you want to see more of the Joker? Then print out this Joker mask!

You can print out this free printable on your inkjet or laser printer by downloading the file below.


Wide selection of label makers at Ink N Toner UK


Find the perfect label printer for your home or office at Ink N Toner UK.

You can keep your office supplies organised and have it easy to locate by using the label printer’s that we have to offer to produce convenient labels. Here you can choose from a variety of label printers to suit your styles from trusted brands such as Brother, Dymo, and Leitz. These label printers uses various colours and widths of label maker tapes for various office applications.

All of the label printers offered at InkNTonerUK are ready for same day dispatch and the prices shown includes VAT and Free SuperSaver Delivery. (prices are subject to change).

Brother Label Tapes

Dymo Label Tapes


Leitz Label Tapes


Watermelon Paper Fan!


Folded Paper Fans are one of the simplest origami creations, yet their usefulness makes them perfect for the hot days, Especially today as it is 20 degrees right now in Barnet, Ink N Toner UK. Print of this watermelon template paper fan to cool off in the summer. It’s simple to make, just print the template and fold as per the instructions below.

Print off template here:

watermelon fan




2 3 4 5 6 7 8

3D Shape Angry Birds Printable Display


To celebrate the new release of The Angry Birds Movie, we have this fantastic paper craft 3D Shape of the red Angry Bird. Get creative by printing this paper and simply cut and fold to create the red Angry Bird character. This is perfect for your children to make and get creative with!


Watch the trailer here!

Free Printable Hangman


This printable has everything you need to play Hangman. All you need to do is print of the free printable and have a pen or pencil to hand. It’s a 2 player game. One player needs to think of a word and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters, within a certain number of guesses until the man gets hanged.

Click on the image below and print it off. Enjoy playing 🙂



Pikachu Paper Craft


Ink N Toner UK

With the Pikachu movie coming out everyone will be catching the Pikachu fever soon. But have you caught a Pikachu yet in the popular Pokemon Go game? If you missed your chance to catch a Pikachu as your starter in the Pokemon Go game, don’t worry just print out this Pikachu Paper Craft and cut it out to create your own Pikachu.


For money-saving printer ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges for your personal, home and business use, check out our low-cost ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

Funniest Pokemon Go Moments


The Next Big Thing, Pokemon Go, is taking over the world. Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that combines virtual reality with the real world, by challenging people to go out in the real world and search for Pokemon’s in places like your garden or the park.

Like any other craze, Pokemon Go is also leading to some funny memes, videos and pictures.

Here at InkNTonerUK we have gathered some of the funniest Pokemon pictures we have found on the web. Take a look below;


We caught a Rattata at Ink N Toner UK


Free Crossword Puzzle



Try your hand at our crossword puzzle created by Ink N Toner UK. This crossword puzzle is not too difficult, it’s just right for solving in your coffee break. All you need to do is print out the below crossword and get your thinking hats on. If you like this crossword, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Have fun!

Free Crossword Puzzle – Print Out Below:

2. give something to someone for buying from us
4. Convert waste into reusable material
7. A brand new genuine product
8. A GUI operating system for personal computers.
9. A feature in Apple's OSX and iOS for printing via a Wi-Fi
1. A machine for printing text or pictures
3. Having no wires
5. Another word for re-manufactured
6. A container holding a quantity of ink
10. Our company name

Free England Euro Cup 2016 Word Search



Today’s match kicks off at 8pm UK time, where England takes on Iceland. Its good to know that England beat Iceland 6-1 back in Euro 2004 so lets hope we can get a repeat result like this.

Try this free word search created by Ink N Toner UK for you to have some fun before the England game starts.

Plus, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try to finish this word search before the match kicks off at 8pm on ITV 1 and share this link with your friends and see who completes it first.

To get started playing, just print of the word search and cross out the words that you find. Best of luck!



InkNTonerUK’s Free England Euro Cup 2016 Word Search





You can print of the word search by clicking the icon below:


Guess The Euro 2016 Flags


This is a fun activity to play with your friends and family. 24 nations are competing for the chance to win the Euro 2016 contest. Can you guess all the 24 flags that are taking part in the Euro 2016? Test your friends and families by printing out the below using your printer and don’t forget to print out the black stripes and cover up the answers so that the person writing the name of the country are not cheating.


Make an Origami Football for the Euro 2016



Bored waiting for the match to kick-off? In these simple steps you can create you own origami football by using just a piece of paper. Use our template design to print of the football template and fold the paper (make sure the pattern is facing downwards) to turn it into a ball that you can actually pump up by blowing into it.

What you will need is an inkjet or laser printer to print out this football. If you need to purchase one you can click here. We also provide affordable ink cartridges for all printers so do check out our website for more details. Have fun with this origami football and start flicking it around at your home before the next match kicks-off.

Click here for detailed instructions to create your own origami football

Many thanks to in showing us how to fold a piece of paper to create an Origami football.

Download Template: Click on the image and print it off.


This is what it looks like:


Free Euro 2016 Wall Chart – Download or Print



Are you football mad? Print out or download this free Euro 2016 guide to France finals.

Download or print this Euro 2016 wallchart today as the European Championship tournament kicks off today!

How far do you reckon England will go this time? They did exceptionally well in the qualifying group stage. Chart their fixtures and results by printing off this free wallchart by

Simply open the file by clicking on it and right click to save file to your desktop or print off a copy to track every fixture and results of the Euro Cup 2016.


Free Printable Paper Fortune Teller!!


Are you in the mood for printing? Then print out this free paper fortune teller from inkntoneruk.

Ink N Toner UK have got some great ideas for printing with kids. We have experimented this morning with creating this paper fortune teller for everyone to enjoy.

To make this free paper fortune teller at the comfort of your home, all you need to do is print out this fortune teller template and with a little bit of practice and the guidelines set out below you would be ready to tell people’s fortune. Just write down the ‘fortune’ on each light blue coloured sections of the paper and you are ready to go.

It’s almost the weekend so order your ink cartridges from to get your inkjet cartridges as quick as possible so that you can have loads of fun with this printable paper fortune teller.



Print Template


Best Inkjet Printers 2016




Looking for a home or office printer but not sure what you’re looking for?

Inkjet printers are much cheaper than the alternative laser printers. Whilst the toners for laser printers makes your prints more resilient and less prone to running, inkjet printers cost a lot less to buy and run. Inkjet printers also produce outstanding quality photographs and colour pages. If you’re looking for a home printer, an inkjet printer is probably your best option.

So you’ve decided you want an inkjet printer, but you have no idea what you’re looking for. Don’t fret! Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve just added a whole range of new printers available to buy on our website:

Canon Pixma MG2450 All-In-One Colour Inkjet Printer:

The Canon Pixma MG2450 is an excellent all in one inkjet printer. Whilst the printer takes both standard and high capacity cartridges, it will be cheap to both buy and run, without compromising the quality. The Canon Pixma MG2450 is a necessity your home simply cannot go without. Never worry about your prints again and this printer will never let you down, consistently producing the high quality documents and photographs you need. Discover for yourself how great this printer truly is.

Here at Ink N Toner UK, our price for the Canon Pixma MG2450 is unbeatable. Click here to check it out.

Check out the full specifications for the Canon Pixma MG2450 All-In-One Colour Inkjet Printer below:

Functions: Print, Copy, Scan
Print Resolution: Up to 4800 x 600 dpi
Print Technology: 2 FINE Cartridges (Black and Colour). Inkjet system
Mono Print Speed: Approx. 8.0 ipm
Colour Print Speed: Approx. 4.0 ipm
Standard Ink Cartridges: PG-545 (Black) / CL-546 (Colour)
Optional High Capacity Ink Cartridges: PG-545XL (Black) / CL-546XL (Colour)
Cartridge Yield: Black = 180 Pages / Black XL = 400 Pages / Colour = 180 Pages / Colour XL = 300 Pages
Paper Types: Plain Paper / Envelopes / Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201) / Photo Paper Glossy “Everyday Use” (GP-501)
Maximum Paper Input: Rear Tray = Max. 60 Sheets (Plain Paper)
Plain Paper Sizes: A4 / A5 / B5 / Letter / Legal
Photo Paper Sizes: 10x15cm / 13x18cm
Envelope Sizes: DL / COM10
Plain Paper Weight: 64 – 105 g/m
Canon Photo Paper Weight: up to 275 g/m
Scanner Type: CIS Flatbed Photo & Document Scanner
Scanner Resolution (Optical): 600 x 1200 dpi
A4 Scan Speed: Approx. 14 Seconds
Colour Scanning Depth (Input / Output): 48 bit / 24 bit
Greyscale Scanning Depth (Input / Output): 16 bit / 8 bit
Maximum Document Size: 216 x 297 mm
sFCOT Copy Speed: Approx. 31 Seconds
sESAT Copy Speed: Approx. 1.6 ipm
Multiple Copy: Max. 21 Copies
Copy Functions: Document Copying (Plain Paper)
PC / Mac Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB (B Port)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP SP3 (32 bit only) / Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Supported Mobile Systems: Windows RT
Minimum System Requirements (Windows): 3GB Disk Space / Internet Explorer 8
Minimum System Requirements (Mac): Internet Connection / 1.5GB Disk Space / Safari 5
Minimum System Requirements (Display): 1024 x 768 XGA
Software Included: MP Driver including Scanner Utility / My Image Garden with Full HD Movie Print / Quick Menu / Easy-WebPrint EX (Download)
Weight: Approx. 3.5kg
Dimensions (W x D x H): 426 x 306 x 145mm


HP Officejet Pro 8615 Colour e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer:

The HP Officejet Pro 8615 is a remarkable machine. This up-market, high-quality printer, although not the cheapest option, really is one of a kind. This printer will never let you down. This all-in-one printer can handle more tasks than other home and small office printers. Boost your productivity with this fast and impressive printer. The HP Officejet Pro 8615 Colour e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer is unbelievably impressive.

Looking for a fast, high quality and all round impressive all in one printer? Look no further than the HP Officejet Pro 8615. Click here to view our price for this ground-breaking printer.

Check out the full specifications for the HP Officejet Pro 8615 Colour e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer below:

Print Technology: HP Thermal Inkjet
Functions: Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, Web
Mono Print Speed: Up to 19 ppm (A4)
Colour Print Speed: Up to 14.5 ppm (A4) After First Page
Standard Connectivity: Hi-Speed USB 2.0 / Host USB / Ethernet / Wireless 802.11b/g/n / 2 x RJ-11 Modem Ports
Mobile Printing Capability: HP ePrint / Apple AirPrint / Andriod OS Enablement Printing / Mopria-Certified
Input Capacity: Up to 250 Sheets / Up to 80 Cards / Up to 100 Photo Paper Sheets
Duplex Printing: Automatic (Standard)
First Page Out Time (Mono): As Fast as 12 Sec.
Fist Page Out Time (Colour): As Fast as 13 Sec.
Monthly Duty Cycle: Up to 30000 Pages
Recommended Monthly Page Volume: 250 to 1500 Pages
Print Languages: HP PCL3 GUI / HP PCL 3 Enhanced
Print Capabilities Borderless Printing: Up to 210 x 297 mm
Direct Print Supported: Front-Facing USB Printing
Print Margins: Top = 3.3mm / Bottom = 3.3mm / Left = 3.3mm / Right = 3.3mm
Print Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 Optimised dpi On Plain Paper From 600 x 600 Input dpi Black / Up to 4800 x 1200 Optimised dpi on HP Advanced Photo Paper from 1200 x 1200 Input dpi Colour
Memory: 128MB
Orientation: Portrait / Landscape
Print On Both Sides: None / Flip on Long Edge / Flip on Short Edge
Pages Per Sheet: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 16 (i.e. N-up Printing)
Quality Settings: Draft / Normal / Best
Colour: Black & White / Colour
Printing Shortcuts
Print in Greyscale: Off / High Quality Greyscale / Black Ink Only
Pages Per Sheet Layout: Right then Down / Down then Right / Left then Down / DOwn then Left
Borderless Printing: Off / On
HP Real Life Technologies: Off / On
Preserve Layout: Yes / No
Booklet: None / Booklet-Left Binding / Booklet-Right Binding
Pages to Print: Print All Pages / Print Odd Pages Only / Print Even Pages Only
Print in Max. DPI: No / Yes
Pages Borders: Off / On
Auto Document Feeder Capacity: Standard / 35 Sheets
Copier Settings: Copies / Two-Sided / Lighter/Darker / HP Copy Fix / ID Copy / Resize / Quality / Paper Size / Paper Type / Collate / Margin Shift / Crop / Copy Preview / Tray Select / Enhancements
Maximum Number Of Copies: Up to 99
Copy Resolution: Up to 1200 x 600 dpi
Copy Speed (Mono): Up to 13 cpm
Copy Speed (Colour): Up to 11 cpm
Copier Smart Software Features: Easily make a one-sided copy of a two-sided ID with the ID Copy feature
Scanner Type: Flatbed / ADF
Scan Technology: Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
Scan Input Modes: Front-Panel Scan / Copy / Fax
Twain Version: Version 1.9
Scan Size Maximum (Flatbed, ADF): 216 x 280 mm
Optical Scan Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi
Scan Speed (Mono): Up to 5.5 ppm
Scan Speed (Colour): Up to 5.5 ppm
Bit depth / Greyscale levels: 24-bit / 256
Scannable Area (Maximum media size): 216 x 280 mm
Digital Sending: Standard (Send to email) / Fax Archive to email
Scan File Type supported by Software: Bitmap (.bmp) / JPEG (.jpg) / PDF (.pdf) / PNG (.png) / Rich Text (.rtf) / Searchable PDF (.pdf) / Text (.txt) / TIFF (.tif)
Fax: Yes / Colour
Fax Memory: Up to 100 Pages
Fax Resolution: Standard = 203 x 98 dpi / Fine = 203 x 196 dpi
Quick Dialing: Up to 99 numbers
Fax Smart Software Features: Digital Fax – Fax to Mac/Fax to PC available with Windows and Macintosh
Printer Management: HP Web Jetadmin / Embedded Web Server
Security Management: Device Firewall Configuration / Control Panel Lock / Password Protect EWS, SSL/TLS (HTTPS)
Control Panel: 3 Buttons (Home, Help, Back) / Active Control Light / WiFi Control Light
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SPC3 – 32bit only) or Higher / Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v.10.8 or v10.9 / Linux
Minimum System Requirements (Windows 7, 8, 8.1): 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor / 2GB Hard Disk Space / Internet Explorer / CD-ROM or DVD or Internet / USB
Minimum System Requirements (Windows Vista): 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor / 2GB Hard Disk Space / Internet Explorer / CD-ROM or DVD or Internet / USB
Minimum System Requirements (Windows XP SP3 32-bit only): Intel Pentium II or Celeron or 233 MHz compatible processor / 750MB available Hard Disk Space / Internet Explorer 6 / CD-ROM or DVD or Internet / USB
Minimum System Requirements (Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v.10.8 or v10.9): 1GB Hard Disk Space / CD-ROM or DVD or Internet / USB
What’s In The Box: D7Z36A HP Officejet Pro 8615 e-All-in-One / HP Automatic Duplexer / HP 950 Setup Black Officejet Ink Cartridge (1000 pages) / HP 951 Setup Officejet Ink Cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) (700 pages each) / Printer Software and User’s Guide on CD-ROM / Getting Started Guide / Setup Poster / Power Cable / Readris Pro 14 – OCR Software CD
Accessories: A8Z70A HP Officejet Pro 250 Paper Tray
Software Included: HP Printer Software / Google Toolbar / HP Update / Shop For Supplies Online / Readris Pro 14 – OCR Software CD
Media Weight (Tray 1): 60 to 105 g/m (Plain Paper) / 220 to 280 g/m (Photo Paper) / 75 to 90 g/m (Envelope) / 163 to 200 g/m (Card)
Media Types: Plain Paper / HP Bright White Paper / HP Premium Presentation Paper / Matte / HP Premium Plus Photo Papers / HP Advanced Photo Papers / HP Everyday Photo Paper Glossy / Other Photo Papers / Other Greeting Cards / HP Professional Inkjet Paper 180g Glossy and Matte / Other Brochure Papers
Media Sizes: A4 / A5 / A6 / B5 (JIS) / Envelope (DL, C5, C6)
Printer Dimensions (W x D x H): 499.3 x 468.9 x 300.5 mm
Package Dimensions (W x D x H): 569 x 377 x 492 mm
Printer Weight: 11.9kg
Package Weight: 15.17kg

Brand New 3D Printers!




Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve listed a bunch of new 3D printer, which you can buy and own yourself.

Ever wanted a 3D printer but thought “hey, I don’t know how these things work,” or “I can’t afford a 3D printer, they’re too expensive.”
Well we have the perfect solution to both those problems:

The XYZPrinting da Vinci Junior 3D Printer! (3F1J0XEU00E)

Whilst being one of our most affordable models, the XYZPrinting da Vinci Junior is perfect for first time 3D printing. It’s incredibly easy to use and it’s completely child safe whith an enclosed design for hours of child-safe 3D printing fun!

We’ve also added a bundle which includes the XYZPrinting da Vinci Junior as well as the XYZPrinting Handheld 3D Scanner (3SH10XEU00B) for even more 3D printing fun.

Learn while you print!


If you’re looking for something more advanced, we have the perfect 3D printer for you:

The Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus 3D Printer! (2EXTPLUS)

The Ultimaker 2 Extended Plus 3D printer is the best and most recommended 3D printer in the world. It’s everything you have ever wanted when it comes to 3D printing. It can take whichever plastic you prefer: PLA, ABS or TPE. Whichever is your favourite. You won’t even have to assemble it as it comes already assembled! Featuring swappable nozzles, a powerful 35W heater, a heated build plate and a large build volume, what more could you want?

Need ink cartridges, toner cartridges or 3D filaments? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges, click here for toner cartridges, and click here for 3D filaments.

Captain America: Civil War Review




Are you Team Cap? Or Team Iron Man?

This weekend I went to see the new Captain America: Civil War film.

I had very high expectations. The comic is probably my favourite Marvel comic, and that being said I didn’t expect it to be similar to the comic in any aspect due to the involvement of Bucky and it being a continuation from the second Captain America film. Although it was very dissimilar to the comic I love, it is my new favourite MCU film.

The fight scenes were awesome, the story was interesting, and all in all, it made an excellent film.

Whose side am I on? Definitely Team Iron Man.

Go see it and decide for yourself!

Here at Ink N Toner UK, we absolutely loved Civil War and to celebrate, we’re printing out the official poster for the film. Why not do the same?!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Captain America: Civil War poster? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your official Captain America: Civil War poster!


Bank Holiday Weekend!



This weekend is a Bank Holiday Weekend!

That means an extra day off school and an extra day off work (for some of us, at least).

Although it’s almost May, the weather this month has been tricky to say the least. One minute it’s warm and sunny, the next it’s hailing, the next it’s snowing… It’s a nightmare!

The weather this weekend is looking a little bit frightful with barely any sun and mostly rain.

Not sure what to do with your kids this Bank Holiday? The weather being too cold to take them out and do stuff with?

Why not stay in and print out some colouring pages from Google to keep your kids entertained whilst you sit back and relax with a cup of tea in front of the telly.

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your colouring pages? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Back To School!




It’s back to school!

Kids across the country have been sent back to school today after a lovely, sunny Easter half term.

Now everyone’s back at school, you’re going to need supplies. But don’t worry, here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back! Here at Ink N Toner UK, we stock a range of items that you’re going to need for the school term. We sell ink cartridges, toner cartridges, as well as USB flash drives.

Looking for ink or toner cartridges but not sure what cartridges your printer takes? Use our 1 2 3 Quickfinder!


Simply choose your printer manufacturer (Canon, Epson, Brother, HP etc), then choose the series/family of your printer, and then choose the model number! Then, by magic, the cartridges your printer takes will load up and you’ll be able to select which cartridges you need for the school term!

On top of this, we have a huge range of USB flash drives with memories up to 128GB.

Need USB flash drivesink or toner cartridges for the new school term? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy Friday!



It’s Friday!

Have you got that Friday feeling? Here at Ink N Toner UK, we most certainly do!

Check out some of our favourite Friday themed meme’s down below!

573a957ee708b835cb47d8f5c38e9108 61100333 friday-i-thought-you-would-never-come Friday-Meme-Images-03 funny-friday-memes-13 Weekend

So chin up, it’s almost the weekend where you can sit back and relax, and not have to worry about work until Monday!

Need plans for the weekend but not sure what to do? Why not catch up on your favourite shows, or go see a film, such as the new Batman V Superman!

Or if you’re really stuck for plans, why not print out some of your favourite memories onto some photo paper and make a scrapbook! There’s no time like the present! So why not start a photo book now!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your precious memories? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr!




Today, Robert Downey Jr turns 51! Happy Birthday RDJ from Ink N Toner UK!

Robert Downey Jr is one of the best actors of his time. Whilst being most famous for playing the Marvel’s infamous Iron Man in the Iron Man trilogy as well as the two Avengers films and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.

On top of that, RDJ has voiced for shows such as Family Guy, and has starred in films such as Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes.

To celebrate the birth of this wonderful man, here at Ink N Toner UK we’ve collected together some of RDJ’s funniest moments to share with you. Check it out:

Robert-Downey-Jr.-Very-Funny robert-downey-jr-funny-pictures (1) robert-downey-jr-funny-pictures robert-downey-jr-funny-quotes robert-downey-jr-quotes robert-downey-jr-speech-funny-pictures tumblr_m2bwr0jj0o1r14kvso1_500 tumblr_m3phm8YsOx1r14kvso1_500 tumblr_m56ayqVPHK1r14kvso1_500

Want to celebrate Robert Downey Jr’s birthday but don’t personally know him? Why not celebrate his work with us here at Ink N Toner UK and sit down and watch Iron Man, or The Avengers.

Why not also print out this Avengers movie poster, featuring our favourite Iron hero!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Robert Downey Jr. poster? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges

Click the image below to print out your Robert Downey Jr. poster!


April Fools Day!




It’s April 1st! Happy April Fools Day from Ink N Toner UK!

Ever wondered why April Fools Day exists? Well whilst sitting and work dreading what is to come from family, friends and co-workers, I found myself wondering “why?” Why does this dreadful and horrific day exist?

The answer is: no one actually really knows.

Some speculate that April Fools Day originated in the 18th century.

Whilst no one really knows why this so-called ‘holiday’ exists, it can be fun, but only if you’re the one pulling the prank, really.

So happy April Fools Day!

Want to celebrate April Fools Day but don’t want to pull a nasty, horrible prank on someone you love? Why not be lazy, print out the awesome poster we’ve made here at Ink N Toner UK instead to show your friends, family or co-workers that you wanted to prank them but didn’t want to hurt them emotionally or physically.

Alternatively, you could just print out photos of spiders and leave them in your mum’s cupboard to freak her out at some point and then shout “APRIL FOOLS” at her, but that may come with some consequences.

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your April Fools Day printable? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your April Fools Day printable!


Happy Half Term!




It’s Easter half term!

Kids across the country rejoice as they have the next couple weeks off to relax and play and do whatever they want!

Although the weather maybe slightly on the awful side (after coming back from an Easter weekend away in Spain I’m complaining about the cold), kids up and down the country are relaxing and just being thankful they don’t have to be at school.

Not sure what to do with your kids this half term? The weather being too cold to take them out and do stuff with?

Well don’t worry because here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back. Print out this awesome puzzle game we’ve created here at Ink N Toner UK to celebrate the half term!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your half term puzzle printable? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your free half term puzzle printable!


Print Your Own eCards!




It’s a Tuesday, everyone hates Tuesdays. They’re like Monday’s but worse. It’s just after Monday but after a whole day of work yesterday, the weekend feels equally as far away.

On this bleak Tuesday why not print out some funny eCards to send to your co-workers and brighten up your day! Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve hand picked our favourites for you to print out and give to your co-workers!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your eCards? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the images below to print out your eCards!

2391 2393 coworker-aging-younger-work-office-birthday-ecards-someecards coworker-work-office-hurricane-sandy-home-workplace-ecards-someecards coworker-workplace-retire-fired-quit-funny-ecard-VfC favorite-coworker-hate-funny-ecard-OaT name-comes-whenever-something-workplace-ecard-someecards office-internet-down-workplace-ecards-someecards office-lunch-work-coworkers-funny-ecard-2qs

Happy Pi Day!




Happy Pi Day!

Celebrate Pi Day in style by baking your own pie and scoffing it down!

Don’t know how to make pie? Well it’s a good thing that us here at Ink N Toner UK do! We’ve come up with an awesome pie recipe for you to print out and use to bake your own pie at home!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your pie recipe? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your pie recipe!


Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2!




Yesterday, a new trailer for the upcoming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, was released.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

Okay first things first… Spidey?!

I’m so hyped for this film and after getting this first glimpse of Spiderman, the hype has been tripled.

Many people have complained about the new look of Spiderman, but comic book fanatics like myself are over the moon. It seems as though Marvel have returned Spiderman back to his roots, giving him the same look from the original comics.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about this film.

Why not celebrate the release of the new Captain America: Civil War trailer here with us at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the official poster and plastering it up on your wall!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Captain America: Civil War poster? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges

Click the image below to print out your Captain America: Civil War poster!

Civil War Poster 1

New Hitman Out Tomorrow!




The new Hitman game gets released tomorrow.

Become the ultimate assassin and delve deeper into the world of Hitman with the brand new game coming out tomorrow.

Discover a world beyond ours in Hitman on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

There has been massive hype for the new game. Check out the trailer below:

Why not celebrate the release of the new Hitman game here with us at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the official poster and plastering it up on your wall!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Hitman poster? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges

Click the image below to print out your Hitman poster!


New 3D Printers!




Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve stocked a range of 3D printers!

Looking for a 3D printer but not sure what you’re looking for?

Take a look at the fantastic offers we have on these 3D printers and what features they have!

XYZPrinting 3F1J0XWU00E da Vinci Junior SD Printer

  • perfect for home and school printing
  • child safe
  • enclosed design
  • non-heated print tray
  • print directly from an SD card
  • auto-calibration system
  • multi-language

XZYPrinting 3F11XXEU00A da Vinci 1.1 Plus 3D Printer

  • simple to use
  • affordable
  • print objects up to 7.8 inches
  • wireless
  • perfect for both home and classroom use
  • child safe
  • touch screen controls
  • built-in camera
  • resolutions up to 400 macrons

XYZPrinting 3SH10XEU00B Handheld 3D Scanner

  • light and compact design
  • scan objects with ease
  • Intel RealSense camera
  • scan range of up to 70cm
  • wide scanning distance of 25cm

Check out the rest of our 3D printers here:

  • Robox RBX01-BK 3D Printer Micro-Manufacturing Platform
  • Cubify 383000 2nd Generation Cube 3D Printer Magenta

Need ink or toner cartridges? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Guide To Memory Products




Looking for memory products but not sure what you’re actually looking for?

Fret not! For here at Ink N Toner UK we have come up with a guide to memory products!

SD Cards / MicroSD Cards
SD (secure digital) cards are memory cards for use in portable devices such as cameras. There are different types of SD cards, such as SDSC (standard capacity) cards, SDHC (high capacity) cards and SDXC (extended capacity) cards.

USB Memory Sticks / Flash Drives
USB flash drives are data storage devices used mainly to store and transfer data. These small, compact devices are perfect for storing and transferring files for work, home and school.

Need ink or toner cartridges? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy Mother’s Day!




This Sunday, 6th March, is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day!

On Sunday, spend time with your Mum, tell her how much you love her and spoil her, because she 100% deserves it!

Your Mum gives you unconditional love and acceptance. She loves you for who you are so show her how much she means to you!

This being said, you should show your Mum you love her the rest of the year, but Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to your Mum!

Forgotten a card? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back. We’ve designed a simple yet cute card for you to print out and give to your Mum on Sunday!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Mother’s Day card? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your Mothers Day card!


Looking For A New Printer?




Are you looking for a new printer but not sure what to look for or where to start? The answer is right here at Ink N Toner UK.

We’ve devised a list of our top two business and home printers so you don’t have to.

Business Printers:

  1. Samsung ML-2165W
    – Affordable
    – Optional High Capacity Toners
    – Wireless
    – Print Speed = 20 ppm
    – Standard Capacity Toner = MLT-D101X, 700 pages
    – High Capacity Toner = MLT-D101S, 1,500 pages
    – High Quality Output
    – Direct Mobile Printing
    – Easy-To-Use Software
  2. Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4535DWF
    – Print Speed = 16 ppm
    – Duplex Printing Speed = 8.5 sides per minute
    – Optional High Capacity Toners
    – 250-Sheet Main Tray
    – 30-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder (Duplex)
    – Standard Capacity Ink = T7031 (Black), 1,200 pages + T7032 (Cyan) T7033 (Magenta) T7034 (Yellow), 3 x 800 pages
    – High Capacity Ink = T7021XL (Black), 2,400 pages + T7022XL (Cyan) T7023XL (Magenta) T7024XL (Yellow), 3 x 2,000 pages

Home Printers:

  1. HP Envy 5532
    – Print, Scan, Copy Functions
    – Affordable
    – Optional High Capacity Cartridges
    – Excellent Photo Quality
    – Duplex Printing
    – Wireless
    – Direct Mobile Printing
    – Standard Capacity Ink = 301 (Black), 190 pages + 301 (Colour), 165 pages
    – High Capacity Ink = 301XL (Black), 480 pages + 301XL (Colour), 330 pages
  2. Canon Pixma MG5550
    – 5 Single Ink Cartridges
    – Affordable
    – Print Speed = 12.2 ipm
    – Optional High Capacity Cartridges
    – Automatic Double-Sided Printing
    – Wireless
    – Direct Mobile / Tablet Printing
    – Cloud Printing
    – Standard Capacity Ink = CLI-551BK (Black) PGI-550PGBK (Black), 2 x 300 pages + CLI-551C (Cyan), 332 pages + CLI-551M (Magenta), 319 pages + CLI-551Y (Yellow), 344 pages
    – High Capacity Ink = CLI-551BKXL (Black) PGI-551PGBKXL (Black), 2 x 500 pages + CLI-551CXL (Cyan) CLI-551YXL (Yellow), 2 x 695 pages + CLI-551MXL (Magenta), 680 pages

Need ink or toner cartridges? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy St David’s Day




On March 1st every year falls St David’s Day. Happy St David’s Day!

St David’s Day is the feast day of St David, who is the patron saint of Wales. St David’s Day falls on the 1st March, marking the death of the saint.

So who was Saint David? It is said that he performed numerous miracles, such as restoring the sight of Saint Paulinus. It is also said that he made the Earth rise beneath him whilst preaching to a crowd so his sermon could be heard better. It is also said that during a battle against the Saxons he advised soldiers to wear leeks in their hats to avoid friendly fire (this is the reason why one of the emblems of Wales is the leek).

It is typical to dress in traditional Welsh attire on St David’s Day, with women wearing petticoats, overcoats, tall hats and frilled bonnets, and men wearing white shirts, Welsh flannel waistcoats, black trousers, long wool socks and black shoes. These outfits originated during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also traditional for children to sing Welsh folk songs, recite Welsh poems and enjoy traditional Welsh dancing.

So celebrate with us here at Ink N Toner UK by printing out our St David’s Day printable!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your St David’s Day printable? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy St David’s Day from Ink N Toner UK!

Click the image below to print out your St David’s Day printable!


Leo Finally Wins an Oscar!




After years and years of acting, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally done it. He’s won an Oscar.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation and it has become a bit of an internet joke (meme) regarding him missing out on Oscars countless times.

Check out our favourites here at Ink N Toner UK below:

15 094 4673ab85e6b8525264082087a420ec94 124336_story__leo7 anigif_enhanced-8032-1393847933-1_preview leo-dicaprio-oscar-one leonardo-dicaprio-golden-globe-memes-07-640x689

Congratulations Leo!

To celebrate this brilliant moment in history, why not join us at Ink N Toner UK in printing out the poster for the film that won Leo his Oscar, The Revenant!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Revenant poster? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your Revenant poster!


Guide To Buying External Hard Drives




Need an external hard drive but don’t really know what you’re looking for?

Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back.

There are two types of external hard drives: desktop hard drives and pocket hard drives.

Desktop hard drives require a power adaptor and are designed to stay in one place (i.e. on your desktop). If you’re looking for a desktop hard drive, we suggest looking for one with a built-in fan as it will prolong the life of the hard drive. Desktop hard drives can come in sizes ranging from 500GB to 5TB

Pocket hard drives are hard drives designed to be transported are and do not need a power adaptor. These kinds of hard drives usually top out at 2TB, but 500GB and 1TB capacities are most common.

In short, what you’ll need to look out for is as follows:

  • Capacity: What do you need the hard drive for? Need it for photos and videos? You’ll need a higher capacity.
  • Brand: Reputable brands are better, such as Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba
  • Wireless or wired? Desktop hard drives are almost always wired.
  • Physical size: If you want a desktop hard drive, these are usually on the larger side physically, and pocket hard drives are a lot smaller
  • Drive Speed: a good speed is 7,200rpm

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Lantern Festival 2016




Today is the Lantern Festival! Celebrate with us here at Ink N Toner UK by printing out your free Lantern Festival printable!

Not sure what that is? Well the Lantern Festival is the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the Chinese New Year, marking the first full moon of the Chinese New Year and the coming of Spring. The festival is over 2,000 years old and is celebrated around the world with light displays and the launching of thousands of sky lanterns. The lanterns represent the longer daylight hours as well as the light from a full moon. This year, the Lantern Festival falls today.

Today, the lanterns mean a lot more to people. Nowadays, the lanterns symbolise people letting go of their past selves, as well as good luck.

The Magical Lantern Festival is taking place at Chiswick House and Gardens until Sunday 6th March! Go get your tickets!

Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve created a Lantern Festival printable for you to plaster up on your wall or even give to someone!

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Click the image below to print out your Lantern Festival printable!


New 3D Products!



Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve launched a whole new bunch of 3D products!

We’ve added a whole new range of products including the cartridges for XYZ printing, Ultimaker and Leapfrog!

We’ve also added compatible Verbatim and Ninjaflex filaments for even more savings.

We’ve added a huge range of TPE, PLA and ABS filaments. Check it out:


Have a look at our range of 3D printers here!

Differences between TPE, PLA and ABS filaments:

PLA (Polyatic Acid) is one of the most commonly used 3D printing materials. It’s odorless and low-warp, as well as not needing a heated bed. PLA plastic is also relatively eco-friendly as it’s made from corn-starch which is a renewable source. Check out one of our PLA filaments here!

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the other commonly used 3D printing material. It’s able to withstand higher temperatures than PLA and is considered less brittle. Some ABS filaments can be viewed here!

TPE is more flexible than PLA and ABS and acts a lot like rubber. TPE filaments are mostly used for parts that need to flex to fit something, for example a mobile phone case. Have a look at some of our TPE filaments here!

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Deadpool Out Now!




This weekend, Deadpool was released and here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re over the moon.

Before I get started with what I thought of the film, the film smashed box office sales, making a whopping $260 million worldwide just over this weekend. It’s the first R-rated movie to top $100 million on the opening weekend.

Now onto what I thought:

Deadpool is an incredible character on it’s own. Combine that with Ryan Reynolds and you get something special. There were loads of inside jokes and references such as a couple picking on the Green Lantern film Reynolds was involved in: “Don’t make the super-suit green… Or animated,” and having a Green Lantern playing card on-screen. There was also a joke where Deadpool asks whether Professor X was going to appear as “MxAvoy or Stewart.”

Fox also pulled some jokes that they possibly weren’t allowed to pull. If you’re a hardcore Marvel fan like we are here at Ink N Toner UK, you would’ve realised who the henchman toward the end of the film was. The man I’m talking about is the one who Deadpool stops fighting with to have a conversation. “Bob!” – One of Deadpool’s sidekicks in the comic books was called Bob, who was an Agent of Hydra. Fox don’t own the rights to Hydra but it will never be confirmed whether it was him on not, it’s just a little joke for the hardcore fans so technically it doesn’t break any ownership laws.

The self-aware hero proved his worth on the big-screen. The film was incredible, making my sides hurt from laughing. It really and truthfully was one of the best superhero films I’ve ever seen.

Go see it! It’s worth it!

Why not celebrate Deadpool with us here at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the official poster and plastering it up on your wall!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Deadpool poster? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your Deadpool poster!


Valentine’s Day!




Sunday is February 14th, and you know what that means? It’s Valentine’s Day!

Now of course you should show you love your partner everyday of the year, not just Valentine’s Day, but Valentine’s Day is always so lovely.

What have you got planned? Romantic meal? Nice day out in the park? How about going to see Deadpool, after all, it’s the perfect film for Valentine’s Day… No it’s not violent, it’s a lovely film… Right? No? Well you should go see it anyway.

Forgot to get your partner something? It happens to the best of us, but don’t worry! Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back! We’ve collected some of our favourite Valentine’s cards from Tumblr which you can print out and humour your date!

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Click the images below to print out your Valentine’s Day cards!

b80c589c34704941f57c72b259e53e21Valentines-Day-Cards-Memes1tumblr_n0rj6qMJrR1rockylo1_500Valentines-Meme-Obama344569-funny-valentine-s-day-memes123622_story__tumblrmi0r2uPwa71qh3qvro1500   tumblr_mi2ggweo0k1qhpmngo1_400

Happy Pancake Day!




Happy Pancake Day!

Celebrate this pancake day… by making pancakes!

Don’t know how? Don’t worry, here at Ink N Toner UK, we have your back and we’ve conveniently created an awesome pancake recipe for you to print out and try out at home!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your pancake recipe? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your pancake recipe!


New Captain America: Civil War Teaser!




A new teaser for Captain America: Civil War premiered at the Super Bowl yesterday… and it’s epic. Here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re extremely excited.

Take a look at it here:

“Divided… we… stand, divided… we… fall”

This is the most intense trailer I’ve ever seen in my entire life on this Earth.

Previous to this trailer, I was feeling a bit /not sure/ about Civil War, because of it hinting the movie to be fairly different to the comic, which is my favourite Marvel comic.

However, this trailer has sparked an excitement in me which I can’t comprehend.

This trailer gives us the first look at both sides:
Cap’s team = Bucky (The Winter Soldier), Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, Falcon
Iron Man’s team = Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine, Vision

Ant Man! A first look at Ant Man! Although we haven’t had a single glimpse of the new SpiderMan, it’s really awesome to see Ant Man among other Marvel heroes.

The only dialogue we hear in this trailer apart from the chanting (which adds to the intensity), is from Iron Man: “you chose the wrong side.”

The hype for this movie is truly remarkable and my personal stance has changed significantly – here at Ink N Toner UK, we can’t wait.

Can’t wait either? Why not celebrate this new trailer with us here at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the official poster and plastering it up on your wall whilst you await the film?

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Click the image below to print out your Captain America: Civil War poster!


Matt LeBlanc Joins Top Gear




Matt LeBlanc has been revealed to be presenting Top Gear.

Today, it has been announced that the Friends actor will be co-hosting alongside Chris Evans.

The new show is due to air in May this year on BBC Two. Chris Evans confirmed the news when he tweeted a promotional poster with him alongside Matt LeBlanc and The Stig.

Matt LeBlanc will be the first non-Brit to host the show in its 39-year long history.

Celebrate this announcement here with us at Ink N Toner UK, by printing out the new promotional poster featuring the Friends star alongside his new co-host!

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Click the image below to print out your Top Gear poster!


Happy Birthday Warwick Davis!




Today, legendary actor Warwick Davis turns 46! Happy Birthday Warwick Davis from Ink N Toner UK!

Warwick Davis is most commonly known for his roles in the Star Wars and Harry Potter films. His role as Wicket in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi is where he began his acting career. After that he went onto roles in Labyrinth alongside David Bowie, as well as roles in Leprechaun and Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. He then landed the roles in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone of Professor Flitwick and the Goblin Bank Teller. He then went onto playing Flitwick throughout the series as well as other minor roles. He also played Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 2005. He was also in the Daniel Radcliffe episode of Ricky Gervais’ Extras and Doctor Who.

Happy Birthday to this great British actor!

Why not celebrate Warwick Davis’ birthday here with us at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II poster featuring Warwick as Griphook!

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Click the image below to print out your Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II poster!


Charity Tuesday!



It’s #CharityTuesday!

Do your bit for Charity Tuesday!

Here at Ink N Toner UK, we do our bit for charity! We’re in partnership with Caring for Kids.

Caring For Kids is a registered charity (Number 1117432) dedicated to providing a better chance in life for less fortunate children throughout Great Britain. Your empty cartridges will help raise funds for the charity because cartridges which can be used again have a value.

When you send us your empty ink cartridges, we recycle them! So by recycling your ink cartridges with us, as well as doing your bit for the environment, you will also be helping the charity and therefore making a difference to the lives of thousands of children!

When you buy from Ink N Toner UK you will receive a freepost envelope for you to send your empty cartridges!

So send us your empties and do your bit for charity!

Need ink or toner cartridges? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

February 1st – What’s Happening in London?



Today is February 1st!

A lot of things are happening this February so here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve conveniently listed some of the awesome things we’re excited for in this coming month!

2nd – The End of Longing (starring Matthew Perry from Friends) opening night as the Playhouse Theatre
3rd – Magical Lantern Festival begins at Chiswick House (until 6th March)
4th – House of Vans London Presents: Polyphonic Playground (until 21st February)
5th – Dad’s Army film release, Goosebumps film release, Life on Mars? A David Bowie Night at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink
8th – Chinese New Year, War of the Worlds opening night at the Dominion Theatre, Fashion Week at Madame Tussauds begins (until 21st February)
9th – Pancake Day
10th – Deadpool film release, Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the Science museum opens (until 4th September)
11th – London Bike Show, All Time Low play the O2 Arena (Support = Good Charlotte)
12th – Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip film release, Zoolander 2 film release
13th – The Who play at Wembley SSE Arena
14th – Valentines Day, Chinese New Year London celebrations
17th – The Tempest opening night at the Globe Theatre
18th – The London Classic Car Show opens at the ExCel Centre (until 21st February)
19th – London Fashion Week starts (until 23rd February)
20th – London Super Comic Con at the ExCel Centre (until 21st February)
22nd – London Beer Week (until 28th February)
24th – BRIT Awards 2016
26th – Michael McIntyre’s Charity Show at the Hammersmith Apollo
Go see Enter at the National Theatre, South Bank (throughout February)

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out any of your tickets? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Happy Birthday Elijah Wood!




Elijah Jordan Wood was born 35 years ago today! Happy Birthday Elijah Wood from Ink n Toner UK!

Elijah Wood is best known for his role as Frodo in Peter Jacksons Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as his small role in the Hobbit. He began his career as a teenager, working on roles in The Ice Storm, Deep Impact and The Faculty, but his career boosted when he landed the role as Frodo. Since then he has had roles in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City and Green Street, and well as some voice acting. He voiced the lead role in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two, voiced Spyro in the Legend of Spyro trilogy, as well as Sigma in the Rooster Teeth online series of Red vs Blue.

To celebrate the birthday of this incredible actor, why not join us here at Ink n Toner UK in printing out the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie poster!

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Click the image below to print out your Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring poster!


Chocolate Cake Day! Print Off Your Chocolate Cake Recipe!




It’s Chocolate Cake Day! Hooray!

There’s nothing more that we like here at Ink N Toner UK, than chocolate cake (except for ink and toner cartridges of course), so today, we’re super happy to be sitting back and munching on some chocolate cake!

Why not do the same? Here at Ink N Toner UK, we have conveniently come up with a sweet chocolate cake recipe that you can print off, bake and eat at home for yourself!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your chocolate cake recipe? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your free chocolate cake recipe to celebrate chocolate cake day!


Travel Tuesday!




It’s #TravelTuesday!

After returning from travelling just yesterday, this hashtag manages to find its way onto my twitter feed! So celebrate with us here at Ink n Toner UK and join me in printing out the fantastic photos you took during your travels!

If you haven’t recently traveled, what are you doing? Get out there and go on a short city break! All you’ll need is your passport and your boarding passes, so get printing!

Happy #TravelTuesday from Ink n Toner UK! Print out your precious memories and plaster them up on your wall for everyone to see!

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Deadpool Out February 10th




One of the most anticipated films for comic book lovers, like myself, is the Deadpool movie, coming to cinemas on February 10th, and here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re DEAD excited (get it… dead, like Deadpool *ba dum tss*).

If you don’t know, or have never heard of Deadpool, I’ll take the time to explain:
Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, is a Marvel anti-hero who is most commonly known for breaking the fourth wall. Many comic fans love Deadpool for his dark humour and mental instability. He has accelerated healing, making him essentially immortal. Deadpool is aware that he is a fictional character in a comic book, allowing him to break the fourth wall regularly, adding a comedic factor you don’t get with most comics and films. Deadpool is also known for talking too much and just being hilarious in general. So in essence, make sure you head down to the cinema on February 10th to see this film, it’s going to be a good one.

To celebrate the near release of this highly-anticipated film, why not join us here at Ink n Toner UK and print out the official movie poster, because let’s be honest, it’s hilarious.

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Deadpool poster? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your Deadpool poster!


Monday Blues…



Got a severe case of Monday blues? Fret no more, as here at Ink n Toner UK we have some solutions to cure that feeling you get when the week starts afresh!

After the very short break more commonly known as the weekend, it’s hard to get up for work or school at 6.30am, but think of it this way… Without a Monday to start the week, followed by a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and finally Friday, the weekend will not seem as sweet.

So just remember, Monday’s are essential to the build up of the weekend and to have that sweet rest you desire!

Although the weekend seems far just remember, that well deserved weekend is only a short 4 days away!

To pass the time on this dull Monday, why not print out that extremely late Christmas card you forgot to send your Grandma? Or why not print out and solve some Sudoku puzzles? How about printing out some sheet music so you can learn the songs you’ve being dreaming of playing? The possibilities are endless.

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Potter Fans Pay Tribute to Alan Rickman



Yesterday, Potter fans around the world, as well as us here at Ink n Toner UK, paid tribute to Alan Rickman, who sadly passed away yesterday.

This terrible news came as a shock to all, following the passing of David Bowie only a few days ago. The world has lost two great men this last week. Many Bowie fans gathered in Brixton the night he passed and had a street party to celebrate his life. In response to Alan Rickman’s death, Potter fans across the globe took their wands and raised them to the sky in memory of the late Professor:

At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studio in Orlando, fans left a single Lily outside the potions classroom as tribute:

J.K. Rowling herself also had something to say:

And lastly, fans in London left flowers and messages at Platform 9 3/4:

Here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re devastated to find out about this amazing actors passing. We’re now through the stage of being sad and instead celebrating his life by watching films like Harry Potter, Die Hard and Love Actually.

Why not join us in printing off this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I poster with Snape featured?

As someone who grew up reading Harry Potter books, I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank Alan Rickman for bringing one of my favourite characters to life.

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Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage and Jeremy Renner!


Nicolas Cage Jeremy Renner Banner


Happy Birthday to two great actors: Nicolas Cage and Jeremy Renner from Ink n Toner UK!

If you’ve never heard of either of these two actors, have you been living under a rock for the last decade?

Nicolas Cage, known for his roles in Leaving Las Vegas (1995), National Treasure (2004), Moonstruck (1987) and Kick Ass (2010), is turning 52 today, whilst Jeremy Renner, who is known for his roles in The Hurt Locker (2008), Avengers Assemble (2012), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), American Hustle (2013) and The Bourne Legacy (2012), is turning 45 today!

If you’ve never been on the internet, you might not know that Nicolas Cage will always have a special place on the internet, as he has been an internet sensations since the beginning of the age of the meme. Check out some funny Nick Cage meme’s below:

6eb25e48da1727d86c6f81bf2f5be0d5 23e 47fcedec1ed6aa23be70aa83768c24b7 199f1e6d275496a2e508438840e069645592983717266468a43b031fcfbb44c8 Nick01 Nicolas-Cage-Cats e3e35d91faf5f14b0508867a7e8d117ea45b87faca266cd0fac683a22008098b

Jeremy Renner, even though he hasn’t been turned into an internet meme, is still widely loved across the internet, specifically for his portrayal of the beloved Marvel hero of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the new Captain America: Civil War film on it’s way, here at Ink n Toner UK we can’t wait to see what Renner has in store for us.

So to celebrate these two incredible actors birthdays, here at Ink n Toner UK we’re printing out some movie posters featuring these two greats, why not do the same?

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Nicolas Cage and Jeremy Renner posters? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the images below to print out your Nicolas Cage and Jeremy Renner posters!

the_bourne_legacy_movie_poster_by_photoshoptrainingch-d5cv08n MPW-29011





Despite it being 9 months after I left, I had my Sixth Form graduation ceremony last night.

A short 9 months ago, I walked out of the school gates on my last official day for the last time with my head held high desperately wanting the months of May and June to be over, and after spending 7 years of my life at this school, last night was really pleasant.

So to celebrate my official graduation from my old school, here at Ink n Toner UK, we have created a graduation card that you can give to those you know who are graduating!

Need ink or toner cartridges to print out your Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster? Well here at Ink n Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

Click the image below to print out your free graduation card.