New 3D Printer Cartridges Launches at InknTonerUK

3d printer cartridges inkntoneruk

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new 3D printer cartridges at presents the world’s most affordable 3D Printer cartridges for the new generation personal 3D Printers!

Cubify brings the world’s most affordable 3D Printer Cartridges range for your personal Cubify 3D printer to market with and they are;

Cube 3 (Generation 3)

Experience 3D printing with the Cube 3 Gen3 printers as these powerful and fast 3D printers in this range is simple and real easy to use making it child-friendly for everyone to enjoy printing 3D items and objects that you will love. It’s your own personal 3D printer beautifully designed for home use and we can assure you that you would love and appreciate what you make with it when using the 3D printer cartridges from

Cube 3D Printer in Grey Colour (Gen3)
Cube 3D Printer in White Colour (Gen3)

Cube Pro

The Cube Pro range of 3D printers takes 3D printing to a different level as they are powerfully designed and long lasting so you can experience the full power of 3D printing and create multi-material and triple colour printing with super high-resolution with ease with the Cube Pro range. This premium range of 3D printers lets you print big and precise due to its size and ultra high-resolution. Get more fun out of 3D printing by using the 3D printer cartridges from for your Cube Pro 3D printers.

Cube Pro 3D Printer
Cube Pro 3D Duo Printer
Cube Pro 3D Trio Printer

To view the full range of 3D Cartridges for the Cubify Cube 3 and Cube Pro 3D Printers Click the link below;

There are a whole range of vibrant colours to choose from for the 3D cartridges at like red, green, neon orange, teal, purple, glow in the dark green, gold, bronze, pale yellow, navy blue, tan, magenta and many more…

There are two types of materials to choose from for the cartridges and they are Plastic ABS filament and Plastic PLA filament. The differences are show below:

3d printers filaments

To launch this exciting range of 3D products is offering free fast delivery on all 3D printer cartridges. In addition to this offer, are promoting every 3D printer cartridges with Reward Points to get money off your next order and 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products.

Order online now or if you would like to speak to one of our team, please call us on 020 8216 55711. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact our dedicated customer services team by emailing us at Alternatively, please feel free to return to our website and browse through our 3D product range. We appreciate your interest on 3D Cartridges and always look forward to welcoming you back to our site soon.