Happy St David’s Day



On March 1st every year falls St David’s Day. Happy St David’s Day!

St David’s Day is the feast day of St David, who is the patron saint of Wales. St David’s Day falls on the 1st March, marking the death of the saint.

So who was Saint David? It is said that he performed numerous miracles, such as restoring the sight of Saint Paulinus. It is also said that he made the Earth rise beneath him whilst preaching to a crowd so his sermon could be heard better. It is also said that during a battle against the Saxons he advised soldiers to wear leeks in their hats to avoid friendly fire (this is the reason why one of the emblems of Wales is the leek).

It is typical to dress in traditional Welsh attire on St David’s Day, with women wearing petticoats, overcoats, tall hats and frilled bonnets, and men wearing white shirts, Welsh flannel waistcoats, black trousers, long wool socks and black shoes. These outfits originated during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also traditional for children to sing Welsh folk songs, recite Welsh poems and enjoy traditional Welsh dancing.

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Happy St David’s Day from Ink N Toner UK!

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