Back To School!



It’s back to school!

Kids across the country have been sent back to school today after a lovely, sunny Easter half term.

Now everyone’s back at school, you’re going to need supplies. But don’t worry, here at Ink N Toner UK, we’ve got your back! Here at Ink N Toner UK, we stock a range of items that you’re going to need for the school term. We sell ink cartridges, toner cartridges, as well as USB flash drives.

Looking for ink or toner cartridges but not sure what cartridges your printer takes? Use our 1 2 3 Quickfinder!


Simply choose your printer manufacturer (Canon, Epson, Brother, HP etc), then choose the series/family of your printer, and then choose the model number! Then, by magic, the cartridges your printer takes will load up and you’ll be able to select which cartridges you need for the school term!

On top of this, we have a huge range of USB flash drives with memories up to 128GB.

Need USB flash drivesink or toner cartridges for the new school term? Well here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re dedicated to providing you with the ink and toner products you need for the most affordable price. Click here for ink cartridges and click here for toner cartridges.

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