Deadpool Out Now!



This weekend, Deadpool was released and here at Ink N Toner UK, we’re over the moon.

Before I get started with what I thought of the film, the film smashed box office sales, making a whopping $260 million worldwide just over this weekend. It’s the first R-rated movie to top $100 million on the opening weekend.

Now onto what I thought:

Deadpool is an incredible character on it’s own. Combine that with Ryan Reynolds and you get something special. There were loads of inside jokes and references such as a couple picking on the Green Lantern film Reynolds was involved in: “Don’t make the super-suit green… Or animated,” and having a Green Lantern playing card on-screen. There was also a joke where Deadpool asks whether Professor X was going to appear as “MxAvoy or Stewart.”

Fox also pulled some jokes that they possibly weren’t allowed to pull. If you’re a hardcore Marvel fan like we are here at Ink N Toner UK, you would’ve realised who the henchman toward the end of the film was. The man I’m talking about is the one who Deadpool stops fighting with to have a conversation. “Bob!” – One of Deadpool’s sidekicks in the comic books was called Bob, who was an Agent of Hydra. Fox don’t own the rights to Hydra but it will never be confirmed whether it was him on not, it’s just a little joke for the hardcore fans so technically it doesn’t break any ownership laws.

The self-aware hero proved his worth on the big-screen. The film was incredible, making my sides hurt from laughing. It really and truthfully was one of the best superhero films I’ve ever seen.

Go see it! It’s worth it!

Why not celebrate Deadpool with us here at Ink N Toner UK by printing out the official poster and plastering it up on your wall!

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