4 things you should know before buying an Ink Cartridge.

Here are some things we believe you should know before buying your first Cartridges:

  1. Are you interested in an Original (OEM) Cartridge OR a compatible cartridge (Non Original)?

Before buying a cartridge, it is important to understand all of the cartridge types available in the market for your printer. Some printers may accept a compatible cartridge, whilst others may not. Nevertheless, they are both as reliable as one another are; it is still good to know before buying. To clarify the difference, an Original is manufactured by the same brand as your printer.

E.g. if you own a Canon printer, you will find that Canon has already manufactured a specific cartridge for this printer. A compatible cartridge is when a cartridge is manufactured by a third-party for your printer.

E.g. a Canon cartridge that is not manufactured by Canon. Some may argue that buying a compatible is much better if bought from the right place, as it is the most common and most affordable option for many.

2. Will using an InknToner UK non-genuine original cartridge affect my printer’s warranty?

No, using non-genuine original cartridges will not void your printer’s warranty. All of our cartridges will match or exceed the performance of OEM cartridges. In addition, they will be at a significantly lower price, giving you the best value possible.

3. Are page yields important to look into before buying a cartridge?

What are page yields?

Page yields are an estimate of how many pages can be printed with your printer cartridge. These page yields will always vary depending on the ink or toner coverage of the documents you are trying to print.

The page yield will be determined by how often you replace your cartridges. The higher the page yields the less replacements you will need. This makes it more cost efficient for you in the end and will help your printer running smoothly.

4. Should I buy standard or high capacity?

The difference between High Capacity and standard capacity is that a standard capacity contains less ink and is less expensive than the high yielded cartridge (high capacity). This is because a high yielded cartridge contains more ink and will usually print more pages at a better value.