Colossal Savings on HP toners

Following the recent InknTonerUK website improvements, we are continuing our goal to save YOU money, whenever possible on ink and toner cartridges. If, you have read the last post, you may already know that the new budget and premium feature on the website gives you more choice, all you have to do is take advantage of that and choose the most suitable option to you.

Have you been spending more than you should on your toner cartridges? To answer that question, we have decided that it would be a good idea to inform our customers of unbelievable savings that can be made, if they choose to go for budget compatible or premium compatible, instead of the original toner cartridge.

If, you own one of the following printers, you might be in for a pleasant surprise, when you find out how much cheaper the budget and premium toner cartridges actually are.

HP Laserjet P2030 Printer, HP Laserjet P2035 Printer, HP Laserjet P2035N Printer, HP Laserjet P2050 Printer, HP Laserjet P2055 Printer, HP Laserjet P2055D Printer, HP Laserjet P2055DN Printer, HP Laserjet P2055N Printer, HP Laserjet P2055X Printer.

We start with with HP LaserJet (lucky printer owners) and look what we have here. Original HP 05A Black toner cartridge costs £69.44, a cheap price indeed, but if you look at the compatible that we offer, it is only £19.15. You save £50.29!!! But that is not all if you choose to buy the HP 05X High Capacity Black Cartridge 3-Pack you save even more with original costing £325.37 and Budget only £57.36 your savings would add up to gigantic £268!!! You could actually go on holiday for that type of money, just by choosing the budget toner cartridge instead of the original.

HP Laserjet P4014 Printer, HP Laserjet P4014DN Printer, HP Laserjet P4014N Printer, HP Laserjet P4015DN Printer, HP Laserjet P4015N Printer, HP Laserjet P4015TN Printer, HP Laserjet P4015X Printer, HP Laserjet P4015XM Printer, HP Laserjet P4510 Printer, HP Laserjet P4515N Printer, HP Laserjet P4515TN Printer, HP Laserjet P4515X Printer, HP Laserjet P4515XM Printer.

If you own any of the printers above you are in for a real treat, just take a look at the prices. Hp 64A standard capacity original toner cartridge price is £133.35 not bad at all, but the budget toner cartridge will cost you only £43.71. Now, take a good look at the price of the Hp 64X high capacity black toner cartridge 3-Pack. It’s £605.19 and it is a reasonable price, as you are getting 72,000 pages altogether. The budget toner cartridge on the other hand, costs almost 5 times less £126, meaning that total saving for you would add up to astrological 479.19!!!! I think, someone is flying to Hawaii soon!!

Even, if you don’t own any of the HP Laserjet printers, that we talked about it is always highly advisable to check and consider budget or premium compatible toner cartridge alternatives as they are most of the time at least twice as cheap. No need to thank us – just don’t forget to bring back a souvenir from that holiday.

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written by Donatas Ivaskevicius